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Chapter 2

Over the next few days Harry had been thinking about the two strangers who'd visited him at Privet Drive, he told nothing of this to Ron; he wasn't sure if Ron would exactly be helpful in this situation, but he definitely knew something was on Harry's mind and he kept bugging Harry about it until Harry made up a fake excuse. Finally, the day had come to head over to Diagon Alley, they gathered by the Weasleys fireplace and used the floo powder, there was just one problem; Harry didn't appear in Diagon Alley!

Harry found himself in a dark shop and inside there were dark and strange objects. He was about to head out of the exit when he noticed a large cabinet and two people were currently bidding on it. One was a tall man with long well-kept blonde hair and the other bidder was Hazel! Harry quietly got closer to listen in on the bidding war taking place. "Do I here 50,000 galleons? 50,000 thank you Mr. Malfoy, do I hear 60,000? Ah thank you Ms. Tempestade do I hear 70,000?" Mr. Malfoy sneered while Hazel just smirked, and the pureblood wizard exited in a huff. Suddenly she turned and saw Harry and raised an eyebrow saying "Well, we were going to rendezvous with you but I didn't think it would be quite this fast" and she smiled saying "Come on" and the two of them exited the shop. Harry then saw Victor waiting outside. "Harry wasn't expecting you" he greeted, and Harry replied, "That seems to be a running theme today" and he explained how Ron and his brothers rescued him from the Dursleys last night. Victor nodded and apologetically said, "We would have taken you with us but unfortunately your friend's brothers interrupted us"

They had left the shop now and were making their way back to Diagon Alley. "But why are you concerned with Ron and his brothers knowing about you?" asked Harry with caution in his voice. Victor answered first "I am afraid that we aren't very, likable in a community like yours, they'd mistake us for…" "Death Eaters" finished Hazel, "strictly because we use the dark side of the force". "The Force?" asked Harry, "Don't you mean magic?", but before Hazel could respond their path was blocked by some of the inhabitants of Knockturn Alley. Victor raised an eyebrow and asked, "Can we help you"? The ragged criminals all grinned with yellow rotting teeth showing, "Are you lost?" sneered one of them with a scratchy voice. Victor shook his head, "No, we were just leaving" he replied, and his hand wet to something in his black robes. Another grimy one cackled and said, "We can show you a better way my dearies, come with us!" Harry was getting concerned and before any of the criminals could stir up more trouble a gruff voice rumbled "NOW You back away from them!" and Harry smiled as Hagrid quickly rushed to their side, the small decrepit thieves backed away and Hagrid said "Now you best all run along now" then he leaned to the three teens and said "Come on!" and they retreated from the seedy place.

"He seems a nice fellow" thought Victor to himself, he was glad somebody was keeping an eye on Harry when they weren't around, but he wondered exactly just how safe their master's son was in this community. "I hope that this "school" he goes to, actually prepares him for what lies ahead" suddenly he was disturbed from his thoughts by Hagrid who asked "So, yer friends of Harry?" Victor wasn't sure what the appropriate response was but Hazel who had no compunctions with lying said "That's right, we met him over the summer" Hagrid nodded and said "Well if yer a friend of Harry's you can count me one to". Later Hagrid bid them goodbye as he had something to attend to.

Harry Potter waited until Hagrid had completely left, then he turned on the two of them and said "Okay, so do you actually have magic? Because if you two do, you are going to need wands" the two nodded and Victor said, "We were just on our way to Ollivander's, we'll meet at The Leaky Cauldron Harry" and the two were off.

"Well they seem okay" thought Harry, "I believe they really do mean the best for me but I'll make sure to keep a close eye on them, I can't shake off this nagging feeling, something about them is… off". Harry was interrupted from his thoughts as he heard Hermione call his name and she led him back to the others.

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