Hill west said staring at his nemesis. In the flesh dr carl hill replied back.

Let my daughter go! West snapped at dr hill.

No I need her to improve my creations hill told him.
You see you have created amazing specimen here. Not only is she the first to retain traits from before she died she can heal from injuries much faster and is stronger too.
She is also as smart as you.

Most likely from when you gave her some of your blood when you brought her to life. Hill explained.

Just let us go please west said.
No hill replied. His zombies lunged at hill pinning him to the ground.

Leave him alone! Riana shouted.
She used her strength to RIP a metal pipe out of the wall and whacked the zombies off of her dad.

Are you alright daddy ? Riana asked. I am fine sweetheart west replied.

Suddenly Christopher lunged at them with a knife but Riana managed to disarm him.

You'll pay for that Christopher hill said as a bunch of zombies attacked them.

West grabbed a gun and repeatedly shot them.

He Then noticed Christopher pulling out a gun of his own so west shot him in the hand.

Christopher winched in pain clutching his injured hand failing to notice west kicking him.
Christopher fell backwards into a metal pipe sticking out of the wall.

No! Hill said charging at them along with the zombies.

Run! West told Riana as they ran upstairs where they were suddenly grabbed by the zombies.

Time to say goodbye to your daddy hill told riana.

No ! please leave him alone Riana begged hill.
Sorry hill said.
Your daddy has to pay for his crimes. Hill said pulling out a knife and about to stab him in the chest.

Nooo riana screamed.

Suddenly a gunshot was heard and the two zombies who were holding Riana and west collapsed to the ground.

Who did that ?! Hill demanded.
Suddenly someone kicked down the door revealing dan holding a shotgun.

Dan ? West asked.
What are you doing here? I am here to rescue you dan replied.

Besides I still owe him pay back for killing meg.

Kill him hill said.
The zombies lunged at him but dan shot them all dead. Dan pointed the shotgun at hill but when he pulled the trigger he realized that he was out of ammo. He was then knocked down by hill .

Goodbye dan be sure to tell meg I said hello he told him as he started to choke him.

Get off of him west shouted hitting hill with a fire poker.

Hill got up enraged and lunged at west. Suddenly west grabbed a bottle of lighter fluid from the fireplace and splashed it in his face. Ah my eyes ! Hill screamed failing to notice hill west hitting him into a fuse box.

West screamed as he was electrocuted and then burst into flames setting the whole house on fire.

Let's get out of here west said as the three of them ran out of the house and watched as the house burned.

Is it over? Riana asked.
Yes it is west said embracing his daughter.

They stayed there still the fire trucks arrived and they were checked out for injuries.

You okay young lady ? A firefighter asked Riana who was wrapped in a blanket.

I am fine Riana replied.
So did they find dr hill ? She asked the firefighter.

Yes and he didn't survive so you won't have to worry about him bothering you again.

Riana then noticed the firefighters carrying out a charred corpse. Though it was burned to a crisp Riana knew it was hill.

She then got up and walked over to her father.
Are things going to be alright daddy ? she asked him.

Yes I managed to reschedule a hearing so we can continue where we left off but Murphy thinks we can go back to a normal life.

I hope so daddy Riana replied.


Next chapter is the last chapter.