A few days later west and his daughter sat down in the court waiting to hear the verdict .

I hope you will be alright Riana told her dad.

I have a good feeling trust me he said giving her a kiss on the head.

Suddenly judge Murphy came into the room and sat down.

The jury has reached a verdict he told west. And ? West asked as Riana held crossed her fingers.

Jury decided that despite all the damage you caused over the years.
They believe that there is redemption for you mr west. Especially since we've seen how much you care for your daughter.

We decided to drop the charges.
So does that mean dad can go free ? Riana asked.

You bet it does young lady Murphy told her. Cases dismissed.

West hugged his daughter tightly.

This is great! he told her now you can live a normal life. Go to school and get a education! West told her.

Yay ! Riana shouted.
So what's next ? Dan asked as he and his wife and daughter walked over to him.

First I am going to find a house for us to live in west replied.

I think I can help you with that. Dan told them.

Thank you dan west said giving him a hug.

3 months later..…

Following dr west's name getting cleared. Dr west vowed to use his research properly this time.

He helped fixed all the damage he caused like doctor howard phillips who was in a Asylum after he was accused of killing laura.
He cleared his name and then he was released.

He even used his new reagent to help people who died of disease and injuries.

He finally got the respect he deserved. But he was more happy to have his daughter Riana who was his greatest creation.

Dr west got them a nice little house with a beautiful garden that Riana loved.

Riana even got to go to schoole with meg which they were happy about.
The other Students were skeptical of her at first but she was soon accepted by them. She was even top of the class. She finally got too have a normal life.

And finally west promised to create a sister for Riana so after gathering parts he began working on them and soon he assembled them on the table. His newly created daughter had the appearance of a 6 year old girl.

He then injected them with his reagent and then she was brought to life.

Daddy the created sister said. Welcome to the world laura Riana said excitedly hugging her new sister.

Welcome to the world west said as he joined in the hug.

The end….

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