West drove to the facility and went inside .
He used the key card he stole to sneak inside and when he was in there he attained a vial of the medicine and snuck out.

A security guard stopped him and but west used his I.d card to convince the guard that he worked there and let him go.

Back at the lab he conducted some experiments with the regeneration medicine at appeared when it was combined with the N.P.E and His reagent it would completely regenerate the cells.

When he combined the 3 elements together it changed the color of his reagent to gold.
That's got to be a good sign west said smiling.

He tested it on a rat and it quickly came back to life. He studied the rat for a week it was acting like a regular rat. Its wounds healed in only a few hours.

The rat was showing promise in results.
Now all I need is the body parts West said.

He started looking for the body parts needed to create his daughter. He removed the scalp of a 9 year old girl at a morgue named Regan who was butchered by a serial killer.

He also collected her eyes because the head of the girl at his lab was missing her eyes and scalp after the rapist cut out her eyes and removed her scalp after he finished raping her.

He then went to pine woods children hospital for more body parts.
He bribed a worker at the children's hospital to give him access to the bodies of the deceased kids.

He collected the feet of a girl who was a karate expert named Annie who died of leukemia.
Her body was going to be cremated so they wouldn't mind if he took parts from her.

He also collected the scalp of a girl named Maya.
She had beautiful blue eyes . So he collected those as well.

In a crematorium he removed the legs of a blonde He knew that she was scheduled to be cremated in a few minutes so they wouldn't notice.

He then collected the thighs of a swimmer named Polly. She drowned in a pool when she got stuck. On the ladder.

He also grabbed the heart of a girl named amy who committed suicide after being bullied by her friends.

He then removed the pelvis/womb of a 9 year old named Laura. He them grabbed the upper torso of a gymnast named Callie. She died in a car crash with her father.

Last but not least he grabbed the arms of a tennis player named Lucy. She was abused by her mother and was accidently killed by her.

West made sure they were a match so they wouldn't suffer from tissue rejection like the bride did.
Now time to bring them back to my lab and begin to create my daughter he said.