You are one of the select few chosen to inherit the power of The Gamer!

What. No really, what. I… Seriously? The Gamer? That… That's insane. I'm dreaming, aren't I? That must be it. I guess I'll just go along with the dream, and enjoy it while I can? Yeah. Let's do that.

Please enter your name:

Well, I'm certainly not going to choose my real name. My real name is boring. I'm going to choose the best name in the history of names: Hector. As in the super awesome axe unit from Fire Emblem Blazing Blade.

Your name is Hector? Y/N


Normally, you would get the normal stat system with STR, VIT, DEX, INT, WIS, and LCK. However, because of the sheer amount of time you spent playing Fire Emblem and Pokemon in your previous life, you get to choose between their respective stat systems. Please note, as it will affect your choice, that the world you will be entering is the Naruto world.

Huh. Well, uh, I think I'm just going to go for the Fire Emblem system, but lemme check.

Fire Emblem System:

Class: The class you are currently in. Your starting class determines your personal skill, and all classes have skills that you earn as you progress through them. In this system, you promote at level 21, like in the Tellius Fire Emblem games, the reclass system is from Fire Emblem Awakening. You can also get eternal seals from Fire Emblem Fates.

HP: Your health. When it reaches 0, you are dead.

STR: Your physical strength. It boosts the damage you do with a physical attack.

MAG: Your magical might. It boosts the damage you do with magical attacks, or, in this game, elemental jutsu.

SKL: Your skill at hitting your target. It boosts your accuracy and critical rate.

SPD: Your physical and mental speed. It boosts your attack rate and your avoid rate.

LCK: How lucky you are. It boosts your critical avoid, your accuracy and your avoid rate.

DEF: Your physical defense. It decreases the amount of damage you take from physical attacks.

RES: Your magical resistance. It decreases the amount of damage you take from magical attacks, or in this game, elemental jutsu.

CHA: Your charm. It increases the morale of your allies in battle, and affects your diplomacy skills.

Skills: You can equip up to 6 skills, though you will always have your personal skill equipped.

Pokemon System:

Type(s): What type(s) you are affects how much damage you take from certain attacks, and increases the damage you do when using attacks of your type(s).

HP: Your health. When it reaches 0, you are dead.

ATK: Your physical attack. Increases the amount of damage you do with physical attacks.

DEF: Your physical defense. Decreases the amount of damage you take from physical attacks.

SP. ATK: Your special attack. Increases the amount of damage you do with special attacks.

SP. DEF: Your special defense. Decreases the amount of damage you take from special attacks.

SPD: Your physical and mental speed. Increases how often you can attack.

Abilities: You may only have 1 ability, and you cannot change it. However, you will be able to catch Pokemon to offset this disadvantage.

Yeah, the Fire Emblem system is simply better. While it would be cool to have a team of Pokemon, how will I explain where they come from? Also, the Fire Emblem system gives me 3 big advantages: Non-static accuracy, the Aptitude skill, and the Discipline skill. Aptitude because increases my level up gains by 20%, and Discipline doubles the rate at which my weapon ranks grow.

Would you like to choose the Fire Emblem stat system? Y/N

When I selected yes, another prompt came up describing the class options I had.

What class would you like to start in?

Uzumaki Orphan:

You gain the personal skill Fuinjutsu Proficiency which doubles the rate at which your Fuinjutsu weapon rank grows, and your chakra capacity is doubled. You have a 25% chance of getting access to the Chakra Chains weapon.

Uchiha Orphan:

You gain the personal skill Locked Sharingan Which will eventually evolve into the personal skill Sharingan and the rate at which your fire element rank grows is doubled.

Nara Child:

You gain the personal skill Lazy Genius which gives access to a lot of new shadow jutsu, and doubles the rate at which the weapon rank grows, but gives you a permanent -3 SPD debuff.

Inuzuka Child:

You gain the personal skill Brothers In All But Blood Which doubles the rate at which the Taijutsu weapon rank grows, and also gives access to a partner ninken.

Akimichi Child:

You gain the personal skill Pleasingly Plump which gives a permanent +3 STR +2 DEF buff, but also a permanent -5 SPD.

Yamanaka Child:

You gain the personal skill Mind Walker which gives access to the Mind jutsu weapon rank.

Clanless Orphan:

You gain a random personal skill not mentioned above.

Yeah… Uzumaki Orphan is just the best in terms of battle prowess. I mean, doubled chakra and quicker access to the Hiraishin? With the added benefit of potential Chakra Chains? Sign me up!

You have chosen the class Uzumaki Orphan? Y/N

Yes. A million times yes.

You also have the option of choosing another perk. Which would you like?

Sensor: You are a chakra sensor. You start with the Sensor Ninja skill, which allows you to detect and locate any chakra signature within 1 mile of you with pinpoint accuracy.

Jinchuuriki: You are a Jinchuuriki. You have twice as much chakra, but half as much chakra control. You have access to your Bijuu's chakra.

Special Kekkei Genkai Affinity: You get to choose an elemental Kekkei Genkai affinity, unlocking that weapon rank from the start.

*snort* Is that even a question? I'm obviously going to choose the Kekkei Genkai. Dude, magnet release is quite possibly the coolest release ever. I would be able to crush my enemies with pure elemental manipulation alone. If that isn't cool, I don't know what is.

You have chosen the Magnet Release Kekkei Genkai? Y/N

I have always thought of manipulation of metals as being the coolest power, ever since I read Mistborn. You can take out armies with that. You can fly with that.

Generating Stat Points…



Name: Hector Uzumaki

Class: Uzumaki Orphan

HP: 5

STR: 0

MAG: 0

SKL: 0

SPD: 0

LCK: 0

DEF: 0

RES: 0

CHA: 0

Points: 20

Please allocate your points.

Well, I guess I want to focus mostly on jutsu, because jutsu are great. So, focus mainly on magic and speed, with a bit of everything else added in there.


Name: Hector Uzumaki

Class: Uzumaki Orphan

HP: 5

STR: 2

MAG: 4

SKL: 2

SPD: 3

LCK: 3

DEF: 1

RES: 3

CHA: 2

Generating Chakra…

Generating Chakra Control…


Chakra: 80

Chakra Control: 30%

Good Luck and Have Fun!

And with that, I suddenly felt a yanking sensation, and everything went really, really bright.


"Here he is! Isn't he adorable dear?" Asked a tall, white skinned man with red hair, talking to a woman laying on a bed with equally red hair.

"He is… I just wish we could keep him. But with the bounties on our heads from Iwa, it won't be safe for him. He'll be happier at the orphanage." Said the woman sadly. "I hope he doesn't hate us for this."

"Well, there's nothing we can do for it now. We'll drop him off in about 3 months, and then we'll see him again hopefully in around 15 years."

It was at this point that I realized that my class name wasn't Uzumaki Child, it was Uzumaki Orphan, meaning that my parents were going to leave me and probably never come back. So, I did what any child would do in my situation.


I started to cry. After about an hour of my new parents trying to calm me down, I was tired, and something popped up in front of me.

Would you like to equip the new skill Instant Sleep? Y/N

Me, being an exhausted child, selected yes. Another prompt popped up.

Would you like to activate Instant Sleep? Y/N

Yes. Jeez, just let me… sle…


My parents sucked. Like, I get it, I really do, they were being hunted by Iwa. But come on, really? Having a kid, then just leaving them at an orphanage? I mean, they didn't even bother checking on me afterwards.

But the worst part? The absolute worst part? It was when I figured out where I was.


I was lying in my crib, just being a kid, or, in other words, abusing my Instant Sleep skill to not annoy the workers to death. That was when I felt it. A wave of horror and dread slammed into me. It was suffocating, it was choking, it was the worst feeling I had ever felt in my life. It was here that I realized that this was no dream. This was real, this was actually happening, this was… this was the Kyuubi attack. I was in Konoha, my parents left me in Konoha. I bet they wouldn't even come to check on me when they found out. Man, this sucked. Everything hates me here, why am I even doing this? No one likes me. I'm just the baby that sits in the corner, eats, and sleeps. I… This kind of depressed thinking goes on for hours, with all of us babies crying all the while.

Then the feeling stops. My mind clears up. The reality of what just happened hits me. And I keep crying, this time not because of the Kyuubi's chakra, but because I thought I left the depression behind. It was supposed to be GONE. But it was still here.


Yeah. So, that sucked. Now, though, I was in the prime position to help Naruto. I could be his friend. Hopefully. You never know, someone like Danzou could've gone and done something on purpose to separate Naruto from the rest of the children. That sounds like something he'd do. Also, yay, depression. That's a thing I'll have to deal with. Hopefully, no one close to me dies, because I'm pretty sure they don't have depression meds here.

A/N: This is my first fic ever. At all. As in, I haven't written any other piece of fanfiction, even just personally. However, I've been reading for a few years now so hopefully this isn't a complete garbage fire? Anyway, I'm sure that this isn't even going to get a single hit, let alone review, for a few months, but I'll do my best to update regularly.