Unexpected Allies by Mmars69

An attack outside Hogwarts gates after a Quidditch match and a Hogsmeade visit causes an unlikely alliance between Harry and Snape.

Rated: Fiction - T - Violence - Harry P. Severus S. - No obvious Pairings - No Slash - One Shot

I'd look ridicules in JK's clothes, so, unfortunately I don't own the Harry Potter franchise.

Snape was angry someone had been in his stores. He didn't know how they got in, or who it had been, but he knew exactly what he had at any given time. He knew when he needed to order more of any ingredient and he always planned ahead, sometimes months in advance, for the potions he was going to make.

The latest Slytherin - Hufflepuff Quidditch match had used up more of the healing potions, and bruise balm than expected. Oh how he wished he could punish his team for playing so dirty in their matches. There was nothing for it, he'd just have to go get more ingredients so he could replenish the potion stock.

The father of an injured Hufflepuff player was waiting for Snape. He didn't hold it against the Slytherin players, Snape was supposed to control them. No his child being seriously hurt was Snape's fault. The fact was the man was a drunk was somehow also Snape's fault, and somehow it was Snape's fault he was broke too.

Snape was evil. He was to blame, for, well, it was just Snape's fault, all of it. Snape had to be made to pay. Severus left the gates behind with his long quick pace. He pulled out his money bag to judge whether he had enough on him to buy what he needed. That just gave the angry drunk yet another reason to attack Snape. All that gold.

Harry was returning from his first ever Hogsmeade visit. Ron had made Hermione angry and had hurt her feelings badly. Hermione had cast a spell that drenched Ron in pink dye. She had run off to the castle crying, Ron had run off to the castle to change.

Snape almost opened his mouth to belittle Potter when he was hit in the back by a badly cast bludgeoning spell. The angry drunk was beginning to cast the Killing Curse when Harry snatched up Snape's dropped potions dagger. Snape had been knocked into him and fallen on top of him so he didn't have access to his wand. He did the only thing he could to save both their lives. He hurled the dagger. Harry's aim couldn't have been better if he had tried. The dagger sunk deep in the man's throat and passed between the fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae severing the spinal cord.

Harry didn't have time to think about what had just happened. Snape was unconscious and bleeding, soaking his shredded robes. He couldn't get the man off him and no one was around. He couldn't believe his minders had left him just when he actually needed them.

There were several cracks and suddenly he was surrounded by Death Eaters. Harry wondered if this could get any worse. It got worse. "Well well, itty, bitty, baby, Potter found himself a boyfriend. Really Potter, you should get a room. Shagging right out here in the open, you should be ashamed, and with a teacher no less." Bella taunted. "McNair, Crabb, drag Snape into the bushes and dispose of him. We'll tell the Dark Lord Potter killed him. Love, why don't you and my dear brother in law gather up Potter, we'll take him and give him to our master."

Harry was frightened, but he was more than that. He was, angry, and getting angrier. He didn't like Snape but they were going to treat him like a stray mutt that got hit by a car. Haul him off the side of the road and leave him, no way would he allow that.

The fact that it was Bellatrix Le Strange, the bitch that caused Neville to grow up without parents added petrol to the inferno. The men were moving to do as she had directed when Harry's body could not contain his rage. With the sound of an explosion, a ring of fire hurtled away from the boy. The Death Eaters just had time to gasp before the tsunami of flame swept over them. Harry could feel Snape's breath getting shallow and ragged on his cheek and neck. He had to get Snape to Madam Pomfrey NOW!

He felt like he was being crushed under the man's weight and darkness clawed at his vision. He had no idea what just happened, but he heard a startled gasp when a white form appeared over him. He thought for a second that he had died, but he heard, "Wingar...!" as he almost passed out. Snape's weight was gone and he was able to breathe again.

As Harry's head and vision cleared he realized he was in the hospital wing. He pulled himself to his feet and asked Poppy if there was anything he could do to help. "Blood Replenishing potions, hurry!" Harry had taken enough of them to know which they were and ran to the potions cabinet in her office, grabbed four bottles and ran back.

Dumbledore came running in at that moment. He saw what was happening and levitated Snape and turned him so Poppy could work on the man's back while Harry slowly, carefully trickled some potion down Snapes throat. After Snape reflexively swallowed Harry let him breathe before trickling some more potion down his throat. It took almost ten minutes to get the full dose into the man. Harry pulled the stopper on the second vile when Snape coughed and opened his eyes.

He was having trouble focusing on Harry. "Here drink this professor. You'll feel better." Harry encouraged. "Whassiit" Snape slurred. "It's Blood Replenishing potion sir. You lost a lot of blood." "Bellakritz" "No sir, it, it was, it was one of the Hufflepuff Quidditch player's fathers. He, he was, please sir drink this. You need it badly sir." "Heard Beltrizz." "Please sir, you are barely conscious, drink this potion. It's one of yours so you know it's safe sir." Snape tried to glare at Harry but his eyes refused to cooperate. He finally opened his mouth and let Harry give him the potion.

Half an hour later Snape was healed and he and Dumbledore were asking Harry what happened. "Um, could we, could we go to your office, I don't think this the best place for this sir." Harry tried to delay telling the details for as long as he could. Snape knew he would need more potion later and could handle them himself so Poppy reluctantly let him go. She had already told Dumbledore all she knew in her office.

The three made it to Dumbledore's office with a few rest stops for a still weakened Snape along the way. Harry tried to relay the information, but he broke down and started sobbing. Dumbledore pretended not to notice. He began doing some parchment work on his cluttered desk.

Snape couldn't stand to see the boy like this. 'You arse! Except for your stupid mouth insulting your best friend this could have been your son! Stop thinking of James bloody Potter and see Lily's son.' As soon as he told himself that he thought of all the times Lily's eyes looked out of the boy's face with hurt and shame.

Snape melted. He gathered the boy up and held him. He sat in the chair Harry had been in and cuddled the sobbing boy. 'He could have been my son. Hell, for all I know he is my son. Lily had been far more than my best friend before I shot off my bloody mouth. We were going to be married.'

Dumbledore sat there in a state of near shock. The hateful Potions professor was treating his mortal enemy's child like he would treat his own son. Being cuddled for the first time he could remember caused Harry to sob even harder. He couldn't help himself, it was all just poring out and there was no stopping it any more.

Remus was visiting what he thought was a friendly den. What he didn't know was that Voldemort had threatened the pack and frightened them so badly they were betraying Remus. He woke up in a dungeon. Remus couldn't fault the pack, he knew the kind of fear Voldemort could generate. He wished he could get a message to the Order though. Dumbledore would think that Grayback had turned the pack, but Remus had found out that Grayback had just died with Bella's party when they ran into Snape and Harry outside the gates of Hogwarts just less than an hour ago.

"Hello Remus, old friend. Don't worry, you'll soon be joining James and Lily. The Dark Lord just wants to play with you for a while first." "Peter? But, Sirius," "Ah yes, dear Sirius. He helped my lord more than he could have if he had accepted the Dark Lord's offer to join him. He had James and Lily make me their secret keeper.

"He hunted me down and I played my part in the show to perfection. I cast a numbing charm on my hand, cut off a finger, and blew up a Muggle, gas mine? That blew up the street. I turned into a rat and got away down the broken sewer line my spell and the explosion had damaged. I fooled you all!" Peter taunted.

Back at Hogwarts a panicked friend of Lupin's was trying to get to Dumbledore's office. McGonagall's nose told her what the man was a werewolf. "What is it you want here?" She asked cautiously. "A friend of mine was kidnapped. I'm hoping the headmaster will help me." "Who was kidnapped, may I ask?" "Remus Lupin." The man answered.

McGonagall gasped and clutched at her chest. "Come with me." she said and hurriedly gave the password to get to Dumbledore's office and hurried up the stairs, not waiting for them to carry her up. She burst into the office to see a sight she never in her life ever thought she would see. There sat Severus with a sobbing Harry Potter on his lap.

She forced herself to get over the shock and blurted out that Remus had been kidnapped. Harry sat up furiously wiping at his face with the sleeve of his robes. "Do you know where he has been taken?" Dumbledore asked. "No." the man answered. "Then I am afraid there is nothing we can do."

At those words Harry panicked, he suddenly found himself falling to the floor of a filthy cell with a shocked Remus standing over him. Peter started trying to stun them but Remus grabbed Harry and pressed them both against the wall beside the door. Harry was nearest the door and when Peter reached in to try to curse them, Harry grabbed the wand and quickly used it to stun Peter. Remus quickly took the wand and opened the cell door. They grabbed peter and began dragging him into the cell.

Just as Harry was wondering how he managed to get there and how they were going to get away, they heard others coming toward them. Again Harry panicked and once again there was the crushing blackness. Harry found himself back in Dumbledore's office with Remus still clutching his arm and both of them holding on to Peter.

Minerva screamed at seeing them return with a supposed dead man. Dumbledore looked shocked, Severus merely grinned. "Couldn't resist showing off again, eh Potter." Harry looked up at the man and was shocked to see that Snape was teasing him, not actually being critical.

"Showing off sir?" Harry asked. "If miss Granger were here she would tell you, you can't Apparate into or out of Hogwarts. It says so in Hogwarts: A History." Severus answered. "And yet you've just done both. Not only that, But you side-along Apparated two people in with you. Even more of an impossibility." Harry grinned nervously. "I'm sorry sir. I didn't know that I can't do that. I'll try to remind myself I can't do that next time sir." Snape laughed then "Yes, see that you do, Potter. Two points from Gryffindor for breaking the rules... and I think perhaps one hundred and two points for doing the impossible."

"You can't... Wait, did, did you just..." "Yes Potter, I took two points from you for breaking the rules. Then I awarded you points for doing the impossible." Minerva snatched out her wand and pointed it at Snape. "Alright, who are you and what have you done with Severus Snape?"

Snape's jaw dropped before he noticed the corners of Minerva's mouth twitching. "Okay, you caught me. I'm actually Lucius Malfoy masquerading as Snape to spy on you all because he doesn't think Snape is really on their side." "Not bad professor but, you said, he doesn't, and, their side. Instead of I don't, and, our side. Also I can smell Polyjuice on someone as close as you are to me and you aren't on the potion, so, what's going on Severus?" Minerva asked.

"It just occurred to me that Harry could be my son. I can go on hating James, but I can't hate Harry. He may well be my son. Or at least he could have been if James hadn't made me so angry that I took it out on the last person I ever wanted to hurt and I destroyed that friendship.

"Even if Harry is James son, he's still Lily's son too. Harry, I'm sorry it took me so long to grow up. If you can ever forgive me, I'd like to start over. As far as your grades, you have proven yourself second in the class behind Granger and you will receive points accordingly.

"Harry, what would you say if I told you I was thinking of making three person groups? For instance, you, Granger, and Longbottom. Between you and Granger, with me no longer picking on him or terrorizing him, I think Longbottom could well come in third in the class.

"His knowledge of plants would help him, and you, a great deal in potions. If you two help him in potions and he helps the two of you in Herbology, all three of you could benefit. Also I know for a fact your grand father was an Auror and he partnered with Longbottom's grand father, your father was an Auror and he partnered with Frank Longbottom.

"That was as much by choice as anything. Crouch didn't want James and Sirius teamed together so he let them choose their own partners as long as it wasn't those two together. James chose Frank because he said Potters and Longbottoms had been standing together since the days of the founders.

"I can tell you, they worked well together too. I'm saying, Longbottom is a much better choice as a friend than Weasley will ever be. Weasley is holding you back Harry. Neville would only help you reach your full potential. I know you like Weasley, but give Neville a chance." Severus told Harry.

"I like the three person group idea, but, you should break up the Slytherins. Team them with others in the class, that way there will be less accidents. They won't sabotage each other and if a Slytherin is working as a team with someone in another house, there will be a lot fewer sabotaged potions.

"I have been noticing some things about Ron and people trying to talk to me. Especially Neville and Hermione. I never thought I'd ask you for advice sir, but how do you know if you, er, love someone? I know I'm awfully young to be in love, but you have to start sometime. I'd like to spend a lot more time with Hermione, even studying, but Ron always seem to get in the way somehow." Severus nodded and was about to reply when Minerva cut him off.

"Mister Potter, it would do wonders for your schooling if you found a way to spend more time around both Miss Granger and Mister Longbottom. Also there several Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs, and yes, even a few Slytherin students you would well to befriend and spend time with."

Severus added, "Indeed. I might suggest Miss Greengrass, Miss Davis, Mister Zabini, and this is going to shock you, Mister Goyle. He acts thick but I think Mister Malfoy has a lot to do with that. I believe that Lucius Malfoy owns both the Crabb and Goyle families.

"If you could somehow befriend Mister Goyle, although you might have to spend some of the Potter money to pay off the Goyle debt to do it, you would be amazed at the quality of his friend ship. I have had some very enjoyable discussions with the boy. He is every bit as smart as you are mister Potter. Perhaps even more so.

Harry followed the good advice and by the time he had to face Voldemort for the last time, he had an army of friends to help him and an amazing arsenal of spells thanks to Hermione, Luna, and Daphne. They all formed an alliance and imported, grew, crafted, enchanted better and cheaper products than the Pure-blood bigots and so put them out of business.

They all lived happily after that, which is not to say that there weren't problems. There are always going to be problems. But with all the friends and family to help with those problems they all made it through the rough spots and they all shared the good times