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Sage laid in front of the fireplace, watching the flames dance and crackle. His whole body pined for Macy. After making the mistake of hiding his identity as Street Wolf, Macy had left him. True, it had only been a night and a day, but it felt like forever for Sage.

"I've lost my path, my love," Sage whimpered to himself.

Just then, the young boy came in with a few of the other Grant Mansion residents. They were all looking at Sage with complete worry and remorse for him.

"He's still brooding. Should we do something?" Tommy asked, hoping that his alien friends can help in some way.

"Unless Macy is willing to talk to Sage, we're unsure of how to help," Big Chill replied worriedly.

"I tried to get him to eat, earlier, but he refused," Vamps said concerned.

Well, can anyone explain to me why my sister is mad at Sage? No one told me what caused this problem," Tommy said.

The black-haired boy had little information on the situation. All he got was that Macy was angry at Sage and immediately broke up with him before leaving. And, as the young brother, he wanted to help in some way.

"Tommy, Macy found out I was the Street Wolf. She said I was mocking her...teasing her...I just don't know what she was talking about," Sage said, getting up.

"Hang on. The reason Macy was angry at you is because you were going as some other alter ego and she didn't know until now? Is that what this is all about?" Tommy questioned the Skinwalker, trying to get this clear and right.

Sage nodded. "I was going to tell her, everyone but I needed to make sure that I was right. I wasn't mocking her, I was testing myself. I would never hurt her," he said, his ears laying back in sadness as he whined.

"Sounds like you pulled a Crimson Gambit on her," Tommy elaborated.

"Crimson Gambit? ...Who's that?" Sage asked, his ears perking up a little.

"Just some guy Macy had a crush on, but didn't realize until later that he was the same thief that was being a total jerk to her since their first encounter," Tommy explained. "My friends and I once made fun of her for having a crush on him, after knowing that story, and she threw a thick science book at us. Totally worth it," he snickered on that memory.

Sage looked down and started pacing. "That's why she was so on me...Oh, man, I screwed up! Tommy, where is Macy now?"

"She should be on her way home, I believe. But I would just give her some time to cool off, first, before going there," Tommy recommended. "Until then, I can show you the file on Crimson Gambit," the young boy offered, grabbing his backpack and brought out a memory stick while waving it in his hand.

Sage whined. "But...But I have to apologize to Macy..." he said, getting up and going to the door.

"Sage, in order to understand Macy's trouble, you need to know the background behind it," Tommy reasoned. "And that's only if you check what I have to share with you."

Sage growled. "Is it just me or am I losing a lot of arguments with your family, lately?" Sage said, a little annoyed that, once again, he couldn't win an argument with a Monroe.

Tommy chuckled with a proud smile. "Guess I picked it up from you and Macy."

"Don't be proud of that," Sage said, growling before sitting down with a thump. "Fine. Show me what you got."

Smiling, Tommy brought out a portable laptop and plugged in his memory stick. Sage, Big Chill, and Vamps came closer to check what Tommy had. Inside, it revealed different documented files of every known arch enemy Macy had made. Some were ones that they recognized; like Catsandra, Zs'Skayr, Fistrick, and Lord Transyl.

"The Mystery Crusaders and I have been working on this digital case file, ever since we learned about Macy as Black Rebel. We thought it would be useful to know our enemies better on what their motives, strengths, and weaknesses are," Tommy explained. "Every now and then, we add and change it."

Vamps leaned forward to get a better look. "Tommy, remind me again how old you and your friends are? Because this is some high-level stuff," Vamps admired, looking at the data files.

Big Chill nodded. "This is near the level of the Plumbers files on our enemies."

Sage growled a little. "So, what about this Crimson Gambit? From the way you and Macy talked, he sounds like old news, but how old?"

"One, we're ten years old. And, technically, Andy was the one who helped out, since he's our tech guy of the group. Two, thank you, Big Chill. And three, to answer my Wolf Brother's question, you're about to find out," Tommy replied, scrolling down until he found the file. "Here we go."

Once opening a file labeled 'CRIMSON GAMBIT', it revealed a photo of a teen boy with black spiky hair and red visor shades giving a sly smirk.

Name: Crimson Gambit

Real Name: Carlos Spade

Crime Skills & Motives: -Mad Staff skills

-Steals anything that can help benefit him; money to survive, weapons/devices for heists, etc.

-Knows mixed martial arts and street fighting smarts/skills

-Very manipulative (especially to Macy/Black Rebel)

-Likes to leave his calling card at the scene of the crime: a red spade playing card

Alias: -The Wild Card

-Smooth Talking Criminal

-Two-Timing Backstabber

Weaknesses: - Over Confident

First/Last Encounter: Robbed a jewelry store that was weeks after the Incursean Invasion was over. Despite getting the slip on Black Rebel for nearly a week, she managed to apprehend him and was taken to New York Police custody.

"The Mystery Crusaders and I barely have the exact details on what happened between Black Rebel and Spade on their first meet," Tommy admitted. "We tried asking, but Macy was so upset about the event that she couldn't talk. We were lucky to even get this kind of info from her."

Sage slowly went through the data before noticing a detail. "...met weeks after Incursean Invasion. Dang it! This guy played the massive jerk card," Sage snarled, as he got to his feet starting to pace.

"I know. I heard that he once played the charm card on Macy as Black Rebel and just as she was distracted from all the flattery from him, he made his move, tripped her and got away. Talk about a devious move, am I right?" Tommy commented.

Sage rolled his eyes, giving Tommy the look. "Yeah, and now she thinks of me as being in the same butt dragging hole as this black blood," he growled, his ears going back in anger.

"Sage, the difference between Crimson Gambit and you is that you actually care about Macy. And seeing the error of why she was upset. You don't see her as some prize or make her into something she's not," Tommy reasoned, turning around to face the Shapeshifter. "Besides, Macy is smart enough to figure out this misunderstanding. The problem is, her weakness is not letting go of her troubles in the past that make her not forgive herself. Which also reflects on her insanely bad temper. And because of that, she fails to tell others about it which are only making her feel worse inside. You've seen her do it before."

Sage growled but nodded, as he stopped pacing.

"Okay. Tommy, call your sister and find out where she is. Please," Sage asked worriedly.

Tommy nodded and picked up the phone to call his sister, walking out of the room so he can chat somewhere quiet.

Vamps walked over to his nephew, resting his hand on the nape of Sage's furry neck.

"Sage, Tommy is right. For now, give Macy some time alone. She will come around. You've helped her see the light in so many other situations. Bullfrag, the Incursean War, her uncle's death. You'll help with this, as well. But you're going to have to be patient. Rome wasn't built in a day," Vamps advised, running his claws through Sage's fur.

Big Chill stood and stroked the Sage's flank. "Vamps is correct. Relationships are rocky things and repairing them can be just as difficult. However, as long as you are patient and take things slowly, then nothing will stand in your way.

Sage sighed but nodded. "Okay. I just want to make sure she's alright. Then, I'll see if I can talk to her tonight. I usually wait to make sure she's safe at home before coming back. So, I'll do it again tonight and if she comes looking for me, then we'll talk. If she doesn't, then I'll wait." Sage replied, as Tommy came back looking concerned. "What's wrong?"

Tommy looked up from his phone. "I tried Macy's cellphone and it went to voicemail. Then, I tried our folks and they said that Macy hadn't been home yet."

Sage grew stiff and rigid. "Then, where is she?" Something was wrong. Very wrong.

"I honestly don't know," Tommy answered, getting worried, as well. "There's a few possibilities. Either Macy was so upset, that she decided to sulk in town or around the forest, went somewhere to listen to music on a rooftop so she can relax, or she ran into some trouble and ended up captured by some villains."

Sage growled, shifting to human form, and grabbing his jacket. "I'm going to go find her."

"Wait! I think I know a way how to find her!" Tommy exclaimed, going to the laptop and connected his phone to it. "If we can pinpoint the signal on Macy's phone when I tried to call her, we might be able to trace it and figure out where she is,"

Big Chill stepped up behind Tommy, as he watched the boy go to work. "Tommy, you'll make a fine police officer someday. First, the files, now this? You'd probably make a great Plumber, as well."

Tommy smiled. "Not my first rodeo. You be surprised how often the Crusaders and I track cellphones. Especially if we lose them somewhere in the sewer tunnels."

Sage sighed, as he zipped up his brown leather jacket.

"Okay. Macy's last signal occurred in..." Tommy started, about to get the results. "Some place called the 'Abandoned Girls home'?" he answered, very confused on the result. "What is that?"

Sage's eyes narrowed. "It was a girl's home back in the 1950's, but a fire consumed it. The place has been abandoned since. You guys stay here. I'm going."

Meanwhile, Macy slowly woke up feeling a slight pain on her head. She kept hearing tiny ringing inside her brain.

One minute, she was running away in tears from finding out Sage was Street Wolf. The next, she was confronted by Catsandra Feline and before she could react, something hit her from behind and blacked out.

Just then, Macy found herself shackled to a bed where she laid down but cannot get up farther than that.

A creaking of a metal door drew her attention.

"Ah, good. You're awake." a familiar voice said, as lights were flicked on.

Macy turned and gasped, her blood running cold and heart beating loudly. A face and voice she hoped to never see or hear again. There, standing from a distance, was her ex-crush: Crimson Gambit. The sight of him brought another flashback in the Brunette's mind...

Last year…

The next day, after the night when Black Rebel got defeated by a new thief in the most humiliating way possible, Macy was getting her books from her locker in high school. She was really upset about how much she was failing. It's like the universe was telling her that Macy should stop the heroine business for good. And although her friends kept trying to comfort and cheer her up after hearing about the loss of her uncle, Macy kept shutting them out.

"Maybe I'm not cut out for this business," Macy said to herself quietly before closing her locker and walking down the crowded hallways.

"Will Macy Monroe come to the office, please? Macy Monroe to the office," the secretary's voice came over the loud speaker.

Macy groaned. "What did I do or get blamed for this time? This day keeps getting better and better," she sarcastically said, now making her way to the Principal's office.

"Ah, good morning, Macy. Thank you for coming so quickly," Mr. O'Connell said with a big smile.

"Morning, Mr. O'Connell. You wanted to see me, so might as well come as soon as possible, I guess," Macy replied, giving a small smile that didn't last long. "Look, I don't know why I'm here, but I can assure that whatever one of the students said bad about me isn't true. Was it something I did wrong or have something to do with my grades or anything like that?"

Despite being a rebel, Macy does strive her best to do well at high school and behave properly.

"No, don't worry, Macy, it's nothing of that nature. Since you have such high marks with your classes, we decided you were the best fit to chaperone a new student around. His schedule has many of the same classes as you, except Physical Education and you having a band class. He should be here soon. So, if you would show him around, encourage him, and help him with things for today, that would be fantastic." Mr. O'Connell said, handing a printed-out schedule to Macy.

"Oh...Well, I think I can do that," Macy replied while checking over the schedule. "Where do I meet him?"

"When I spoke to him yesterday, I told him that another student would meet him here. He should arrive soon. Thank you, again, Macy. I need to go check that we have everything for Pep Week next week. Go Eagles!" Mr. O'Connell said, before leaving for his office.

"Yeah...Go Wilcox High Eagles," Macy cheered with less enthusiasm.

It's not like the Brunette was against her assignment, but she wasn't sure if she was the right person for the job. Especially when she's already going through some hard stuff. Not even a School Pep Rally Week seemed to help turn her mood around. Even so, Macy didn't want to let her principal and school down. Plus, this tour thing could help keep her mind off her bad night.

"Excuse me. I'm supposed to be meeting a student here this morning. I'm new," a cool collected voice spoke from behind her.

"Huh?" Macy turned around to spot a black spiky haired teen with light pale skin, a classy smirk and striking silver eyes. Along with a grey fedora, purple long sleeved casual shirt, white tie around his neck and black V-neck sleeveless waistcoat vest above his shirt, brown pants, and brown boots. In her opinion, he looked kind of handsome.

"Oh. Hi. I'm the student you're supposed to meet," she replied, mustering the best friendly smile.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Carlos Spade. And who are you, cutie?" Carlos asked.

"I'm Macy Monroe...And I'm not a cutie," Macy politely said, trying to get over the bad reminder on how she let a bunch of pet names distract her and not let out her irritated tone show.

"I'd disagree on that, but let's wait till we get to know each other better. So, does this place have good teachers or am I going to be falling asleep most of the time?" Carlos asked with a chuckle after shaking Macy's hand.

Macy smiled and chuckled back. "Well, all depends on how you see them. But I'd say they're all good teachers. And I should know because nearly your entire schedule has the same classes as mine,"

"Good. So, you can give me the ends of out of the classes," Carlos replied with a smile.

"Except for P.E. and Band class, but yeah, I can help you out," Macy agreed, smiling back and started walking. "Come on. I'll show you to your first class."

"Cool. Mind showing me where I can find this locker? 223B. I need to drop some stuff off, first," Carlos asked.

"No Problem at all. It's not far from where my locker is located," Macy said.

Carlos smiled. "I think I'm going to like it here," He said giving a wink.

Macy turned away while blushing lightly. "Yeah...I think so, too."

End of Flashback

"Crimson Gambit. The Poker Playing Poser. You're supposed to be in New York Prison," Macy retorted, glaring at the sly guy.

"Oh, my Black Angel, didn't you hear? I got early parole for good behavior…Well, that, and a recommendation from a very high and mighty authority," Crimson Gambit said, running a finger down her cheek. "I've missed you."

"That makes one of us!" Macy exclaimed, moving her face away from his finger. "You've got some nerve showing your face again, after breaking my heart and telling me lies from the start!"

"Who said I was lying? Maybe I was helping to free you from your despair...letting your wings spread so you wouldn't be a bird in a cage anymore," Gambit said with a smile, reaching over and bringing a glass of water with a straw. "You must be thirsty."

"I'm good. And hardly, this is not the first time I ended up chained against my will and being offered with refreshments like this," Macy retorted.

Crimson Gambit huffed, as he set the glass down. "Let me guess, this Saber character or that unrefined Street Wolf? Tell me, what do those mongrels have that I don't? They are cages to you while I am freedom."

"Actually, it was an evil vampire alien that wanted me as his queen. And for one, neither of them tried to pull a fast one on me on the first meet by getting thrown into a trash can," the Brunette made a harsh argument while trying to get these shackles off, looking down with saddened eyes. "Besides, I thought the one I cared for was different. Someone that wasn't as sneaky and backstabbing as you, but I found out that I was wrong. All you boys just see me as some prize and worry about yourselves. You never cared about what I would think or felt about anything."

"But I do care. And soon, we will be alone and I'll treat you better than a Queen. Now, I must go, my Black Angel. But I'll return soon with food," Crimson Gambit said, giving a bow before leaving the room.

'Macy? Macy, can you hear me?' Sage's voice called out to Macy.

The Rebel Teen gasped, never thought she would hear the Skinwalker again. 'Sage?! Is that you? W-where-?' she telepathically said, while looking around.

Sage sighed. 'I'm still a few miles out. I've been straining myself to find you. I'm sorry about before, but I truly love you and I was a massive Ultimate Way Big sized jerk. Are you alright? Are you hurt?' Sage asked worriedly.

Macy couldn't believe what she was hearing. The Wolf she really thought was the same as her ex-crush was actually concerned about her and admitting his mistake. Even after everything she said to him. Letting a small tear run down her cheek, she revealed a smile. 'Other than the slight bang on the back of my head and my arms and legs restrained, I'd say fine-ish. You'll never guess who I ran into and has me hostage.'

'Let me guess. An old flame that turns out to be Transyl junior?' Sage said, a little acidic in his tone.

'You can say that. It's a boy thief named Crimson Gambit. And it's not just him. I think he's teamed up with Catsandra Feline,' Macy explained.

Sage growled. 'Why did I have a feeling that Alley Cat was in on this? Is there anyone else there, besides Feline and Gambit? Have they said anything that says what their big scheme is?' he asked, as his wolf grew tenser.

'Just those two. And no. After waking up, it was only Gambit that I saw and talked to. Mentioned how we'll be together alone and treating me better than a Queen,' Macy replied. 'I don't think Catsandra is here. Gambit cares about me a lot while that dumb cat doesn't. Which means...she must be out on another tech or diamond heist.'

Sage growled. 'We'll worry about that later. My family has Uncles and Aunts stashed around town, so no worries. I know where you are and am on my way. Just hang tight and I'll be there soon. My Moon, I truly am sorry for my mistake. I should have talked to you before becoming Street Wolf. However, I ask that you let me use Street Wolf to deal with Crimson Gambit. My wolf form has too many loop holes in it.'

'To be honest, I was hoping you would go as Street Wolf for this mission in getting me out. But please be careful, Sage. Crimson Gambit is someone you don't know as much as I do. His skills and defenses are nearly as deceptive and high leveled as mine. Only he might play dirtier,' Macy warned.

Sage chuckled. 'He may play dirty, but he doesn't have my instincts. Besides, I have a trick or two up my sleeve. I'll get you out soon. Then, you and I can have a date and talk. How does that little burger place on 9th street sound?'

Macy couldn't help but chuckle. 'If we get out of this alive together, you got yourself a deal. And I'm sorry for how I acted to you earlier. If anything, I was the major jerk in this situation. You had no clue on why I was so upset. I should have told you about Gambit, but...I was too embarrassed and ashamed to tell the truth,' she replied, looking at the ceiling.

Sage gave a soft smile, but sent extra warmth to the pendant on Macy's neck.

'We were both at fault, Mace. Sisi ni Sawa…we are the same. But as long as we move forward, we will be fine. Now, regain your strength as fast as you can. I'll be there soon. Then, we can talk,' Sage said calmly but with a loving tone.

'Ok. I will. And Sage, when you come and take on Gambit...give him everything you got for me,' she requested with a smirk in her face.

Sage smiled. 'Don't worry, he'll regret ever touching you after I'm done with him,' Sage said, before leaving the connection. However, he did leave it open in case trouble brewed ahead.

Keeping his eyes on the road, Sage tapped out commands on his motorcycle as he called Tommy, whom was at the Mansion with Vamps and Big Chill.

"Hello? Sage, is that you? I put you on speaker phone just in case so Vamps and Big Chill can hear you," Tommy said.

"Yeah, Tommy, it's me. I made contact with Macy through our bond with the necklaces. Other than a bump on the head and being restrained, She's uninjured. However, we were right on her being captured. Apparently, Crimson Gambit has come back for her and Catsandra Feline is in on this scheme, as well." Sage replied, as he parked his bike a couple of miles from the girl home, hiding it in the brush. "I'm going to be making entry in about ten to fifteen minutes. I'm only two miles out from her location."

"Do you want your uncles to come and give you some assistance? How can I help?" Tommy asked.

Sage shook his head. "No, I've got this one. Just have HQ and the family ready. Macy said that she'd only seen Crimson Gambit. So that either means that, the alley cat was in another part of the house or was on a heist job. Have everyone on alert...Oh, and let your parents know that I found Macy and that she's alright. Don't give any big details, though. Just let them know that she'll be home for dinner," Sage said smiling.

"Okay, we will. Did you at least read and remember on the file on Crimson Gambit about what he's capable of? His skills, strengths and weaknesses?" Tommy questioned.

Sage smiled. "Photographic memory, little brother. Just need to see something once and I'm set. Don't worry, I have a plan and, soon, we'll see you at your house."

"Got it. You're the wolf boss. We'll be sure to keep our eyes out for Catsandra in town. Unfortunately for her, I happen to have a file on her weaknesses. And know just the right aliens for the job," Tommy replied, having some mischief in his tone.

Sage smirked. "All right. Just don't give the girl a heart attack, okay?"

"Relax, I know my limits when it comes to pranks. Especially when it involves aliens giving certain people a scare," Tommy assured.

"Okay. I'm going to be out of radio contact for a while. I'll let you know when we're good," Sage replied.

"And if we do find Catsandra, we'll let you know how it all goes down. Maybe even record it with some hidden cameras. I came prepared for that, too. Good luck, Big Brother," Tommy replied.

"You too. Stay safe. Street Wolf out," Sage said, as he went dark.

After making sure his bike was set, Sage began trekking to the girls home his wolf on edge as he moved forward.

'Just like a hunt. Track, pin, bite,' Sage thought to himself.

It took fifteen minutes for Sage to make it to just outside the girls home. Kneeling down, Sage spotted heavy wheel tracks closer to a tank than a truck.

"Wonder if the Knights are in on this?" Sage wondered to himself, as he climbed up the front porch railing and made entry through a broken window.

Glancing around, Sage soon found voids in the heavy dust. Moving stealthily through the house, Sage sent more warmth through to Macy, letting her know he was here. Using his ears, he could hear muffled conversation coming from behind a partially closed door.

"I'll get your bloody ruby once its dark. I can't go and do it now. It's too light out," a male voice said, sounding annoyed. A feline-like hiss soon sounded after.

"Well, we could have gotten that gorgeous ruby, if you hadn't wasted your time waiting and flirting with that she-nobody to wake up all night! Even after whacking her with that staff of yours! Those monster, dog-loving creatures will find us any moment, if we stay here any longer," a female voice argued.

"I don't work for you or your employers! Now get off my case! I'm heading down to feed my Sweet Angel. Tonight, I'll get your ruby and we can all have tea and cookies," the male voice said.

Sage edged back into the darkness, as a person about his age walked by carrying a tray of peanut butter and jelly finger sandwiches with a sliced-up banana.

"Crimson Gambit," Sage growled to himself, as he followed after setting up a little device by the door.

Somewhere in a different room, Macy could feel Sage's energy close by.

'He's here! Yes! But I have to help him. No way am I gonna let Sage have all the fun,' Macy thought, thinking how she can get out of these shackles. 'Hmmm...Oh! I know!'

The Brunette reached for her hair to grab a bobby pin to help unlock the shackle locks.

Footsteps were soon heard, giving Macy a chance to stash the hairpin in her bracelet. Soon, Crimson Gambit saunters in with a large smile.

"I brought you lunch, my love. Nothing as fancy as when we get home but filling enough," Crimson Gambit says, as he picks up a finger sandwich.

"Uh, how do you expect me to grab a finger sandwich with my hands occupied? Also, where did you even get that? Stole it from a kid's lunchbox or some old ladies having a tea party?" Macy questioned.

"I'll feed my Black Angel until we arrive home. As for where it came from, I made it for you. Favorite jelly and everything," Crimson Gambit replied, holding the sandwich in front of Macy's mouth.

Sage stood on the other side the door and listened.

Okay, time for some play, Sage thought to himself, as he focused towards the Brunette girl. Macy, accept the food. Then, ask what kind of prison you're heading for.

Sighing, Macy went along with Sage's plan, opened her mouth to take a bite out of the sandwich, and began chewing. "Hm... not bad. So, what's your game, Spade? Where are you taking me as your prisoner? Some rotten cell?"

Crimson Gambit smiled, using his other hand to remove his mask/visors.

"No prison or cell for you, love. Only the finest room with silk sheets, good food, and love every day of the week," Carlos said, smiling as he watched Macy take another bite.

Sage smirked as he reached into his pocket, brought out steel-like marbles, and carefully rolled them under the door and into the room.

"Oh, really? And how do you plan on getting me a room that belongs to a fancy palace?" Macy asked, raising a curious eyebrow.

"Oh, let's just say I've gained a few new allies. And seeing as they have made it possible for me to have you, I will soon sign a contract with them. Now, you won't have to be Black Rebel. You can be Macy Monroe, the woman I love," Crimson Gambit said, leaning closer for a kiss.

"Not on my watch," Sage growled, as he pressed the side of his helmet.

Very quickly, smoke filled the room. Then, the snarling figures of large wolves filled the room.

"WHAT'S GOING ON?!" Carlos yelled, getting to his feet and placing his mask back on.

Seeing the distraction, Macy took this time as her opportunity to get out. She got the hairpin out again and continued picking the locks from her shackles.

Sage dramatically kicked the door open, revealing himself.

"Well, well, well. Looks like I found my thief," Sage growled, as he stalked forward, emphasizing the sound of his steps.

"So, the infamous Street Wolf, the barbarian," Crimson Gambit said, as he picked up his staff.

Sage smiled as he took out his bowie knifes. "Crimson Gambit, the prick,"

Crimson Gambit launched forward, skillfully moving his staff to attack Sage while Sage blocked and slashed at the foe.

'Come on...just a few more clicks...' Macy said in thought, nearly close to unlocking her lock.

Sage soon back flipped, launching off the wall and smashing his shoulder into Crimson Gambit, slamming him into the wall. Crimson Gambit grumbled and stumbled as he got to his feet.

"So, you do have some finesse after all," Crimson Gambit stated acidly.

"A wolf works well alone, but better as a pack. Especially the Alpha pair," Sage stated, as he heard the final click of a lock. Actin fast, brought up a sai from his jacket and flew it through the air. "Catch!"

Reacting fast, Macy caught her sai and twirled it in defense.

"Nice job, Street Wolf," Macy complimented. She then looked at her ex-crush, glaring yet smirking. "Looks like you have a losing hand in this battle now, Gambit."

Sage stepped forward with the wolves following him.

"Wolf Pack beats Puma every time," Sage said. "Surrender. Now."

Crimson Gambit chuckled. "So, I lose and, yet, I win."

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Macy remarked, not liking what her enemy just said.

"Besides finding you...I also know now that the rumors are true. Which means my late associate will be happy to hear, as well," Crimson Gambit smiled.

Sage edged forward, his hands shaking as he clutched his bowie knives.

"What rumors? What are you talking about?!" Macy demanded.

"Well, right before I was let free, I met a gentleman looking for his property. Said that it was stolen. Looks like I can tell him where he can find it," Crimson Gambit smirked.

Macy's eyes grew in horror. The man Crimson Gambit met had to be Sage's biological father! And he must have asked or hired the Card Criminal to find his son with a big price on Sage's head. Now realizing what Gambit was talking about, she tightened her grip on her sai.

"I don't know how much this goon paid you to be some random bounty hunter, but you are not gonna get him!" Macy yelled, now lunging forward to take Gambit down.

Sage stopped her, placing his arm in front of her.

"No. Don't lower yourself to his level," Sage said sternly, before looking at Crimson Gambit. "Whoever your buyer is, you better tell him that if thinks he can tame a wolf, then he had better watch out that he is not in its den."

"Same goes for yourself, Gambit!" Macy warned.

"Oh, I'm sure we'll meet again, Black Angel," Crimson Gambit said with a wry smile.

Sage launched forward, placing his knife to the edge of Gambit's throat. "Watch yourself."

Suddenly, a pinging sound came from his helmet. Growling, he stepped back, watching as Gambit sagged back scared out of his mind.

"Go, for Street Wolf," Sage said, touching his helmet.

"Son, we have Feline. She just tried to steal a large ruby that was going on display in the museum," Whampire said.

"10-4. Crimson Gambit has been neutralized waiting for pick up. Street Wolf out," Sage said, looking down at Crimson Gambit. "Seems you need to start looking into a different friend. Feline was just caught."

"Now that's music to my ears," Macy smiled, placing a foot on Gambit's chest while pointing her sai at him. She smirked dangerously. "As you can see, I've come a long way since our last meet. I learned that things work best with a pack team than a solo wolf, and my responsibilities of protecting this town and innocent people are what make me who I am today. Along with the new friends and allies that keep inspiring me as a better heroine."

"Of that, I have no doubt, my Black Angel. However, I still have another hand to play," Gambit said with a smirk.

Sage gave a growl, shutting Gambit up.

About ten minutes passed before Plumber agents stepped in and arrested Crimson Gambit. Standing near his bike, Sage watched as Macy watched Gambit as he was loaded into the transport, shackled and tied with his facemask removed to show Carlos Spade. Soon, the jet took off, leaving Sage and Macy alone in the evening air.

Macy sighed, looking troubled. "Sage, I'm really sorry. About what happened on discovering your new alter ego and not telling you about my ex-crush."

Sage shook his head, removing his helmet.

"Macy, I don't blame you. In fact, I should be the one apologizing. I took my test too far. I thought of only myself and that was wrong. I should have been honest with you. I... I know it will take time to forgive me and I understand if you need time away...from me..." Sage continued, trying to find his words"...I just want you to know that this was Street Wolf's last go. He's hanging up his it's only Sage."

Macy looked at him thoughtfully. "Sage, you wanted to see how far your human abilities can take you, instead of being stuck as a Wolf all the time. If anyone is gonna understand being out in the field to fight with no powers, it's me. And sure, it really shocked me, at first, but I started to realize that you were no Crimson Gambit. I mean, you came all this way to save me, even after I was being cruel," she admitted, placing a caring hand on his cheek. "Guess what I'm trying to say is...that I forgive you, and I don't want you to hang up your helmet as Street Wolf. It's like me saying that I should quit being Black Rebel. And believe me, I've been in that situation before."

Sage hesitantly rested his hand on top of hers, before sliding down her arm, to her shoulder, and then her cheek.

" still want me?" Sage asked, tears in his eyes.

"Of course. There's only one true guy that makes me happy, and I would be a complete idiot if I pushed him away again," Macy reasoned, giving a smile. "Besides, who else would be my Wolf as much as I am in being his Moon?"

Sage smiled, as tears rolled down from his eyes. Swiftly, he pulled Macy in and kissed her, holding her close. He didn't want to let go. He didn't want to be unwanted again. Stopping, for a moment, Sage cried.

"I'm sorry. So, so sorry," Sage sobbed. "Please, don't leave...please."

"Dude, control yourself. I already told you that I forgave you. Don't make it more awkward as it already is," Macy remarked, folding her arms.

Sage shrunk back. "Sorry...guess it's my past coming back. The one that Gambit talked. He...he used to say I would never amount to anything. That I was unwanted except for him to make money. I guess knowing that you wanted me just broke the dam a little." Sage said, picking his helmet up. "Look, we should get you home. I promised your brother and parents I'd have you home by dinner."

Sage quickly put his helmet on and swung up onto his bike before offering his other helmet to Macy.

Macy smiled. "Wanna know the best part about you as Street Wolf? It's that you get to travel with a sweet ride all over town. It's almost as good as the Road Demon...Almost," she said, before putting on the helmet and hopping on.

Sage chuckled. "But you haven't rode how this wolf paces. White Fang is pretty fast," Sage said with a smile, as he stroked the gas tank.

"Sound fierce, wild, and dangerous...I like it," Macy said, smiling underneath her helmet.

Sage smiled. "It also has another meaning..." Sage said, as he started White Fang up. "It was the first book my mom read to me. And the first book I read when I was free."

Macy couldn't help but smile warmly. "Then it truly is a perfect name. Something that comes from your own good heart and memories,"

Sage smiled. "Let's go home, my Moon."

Macy nodded with agreement, wrapping her arms around the Shapeshifter's strong body to hold on tight with her head leaning against his back.

Soon, they were off in the night. Wind wisped past them quickly, as they went through the winding roads till, finally, they reached Staybrook. Sticking to the backstreets, Sage parked his bike a couple blocks away and took off his gear, stashing it in his carry bin. Offering Macy his jacket, he walked her home down the block to the front of the house where her parents were waiting with Tommy and Sage's parents.

"Macy!" Mrs. Monroe cried, running down the steps and sweeping Macy into a bear hug.

"Hey, mom and dad!" Macy cried, hugging back while relieved to be reunited with her family again.

"Sis! I knew you would survive!" Tommy exclaimed, getting in on the hug.

"Was there any doubt?" Macy playfully asked.

"Macy, what happened? Your brother said you were jumped," Mr. Monroe ask worriedly.

Sage swallowed and stepped forward. "It was my fault, sir. I...I made a foolish move and hurt Macy that will haunt me forever. Because of my arrogance, she was captured and I will understand if you wish to never see my face on your doorstep anymore," Sage said, his voice remaining as strong as he could muster as he looked at Mr. Monroe in the eye.

"Dad, no! This is my fault, too, as much as Sage," Macy came in, standing up for Sage. "He asked me what was troubling me and I kept shutting him out. If I had told him about my past mistake involving Crimson Gambit from the beginning, Sage could have then realized ahead of time to tell me what he was up to and prevented this disaster. But I didn't because I was too embarrassed and scared to look back and hid the truth, instead."

Mr. Monroe was quiet for a while. His eyes hard to read.

"Sage, come here," Mr. Monroe said sternly.

Sage stepped forward, without hesitation, resting a hand on Macy's shoulder for a moment before stepping to the front, standing right in front of Macy's father.

"I'll accept whatever your decision is, sir," Sage said, keeping his eyes locked on Macy's father's.

Everyone was still and quiet, as they watched the two men stare at each other before, to Sage's surprise, the Wolfblood was pulled into a bear hug by Mr. Monroe.

"Thank you...thank you for bringing my little girl home," Mr. Monroe said with a half sob and he held onto Sage.

Sage was caught off guard. He had expected to never see Macy again, but here he was being hugged warmly.

"So...I'm guessing they're cool, now?" Tommy asked.

Macy chuckled before ruffling her little brother's hair. "Yes, Tommy. I'd say we're cool."

Sage smiled as he and Mr. Monroe released the hug.

"All right, everyone, inside for dinner. That means you, too, Sage. You and your family are staying for dinner," Mrs. Monroe said firmly.

"I've learned not to argue with the Monroe family. Or I should say I could try, but it won't get me anywhere," Sage said with chuckle.

A while later, after dinner, Sage and Macy sat on the front porch, looking up at the night sky. Sage laid in his wolf form, snuggling close to Macy, as they watched the constellations above.

"I love you, Macy. More than all those stars," Sage said, looking up at her.

The Brunette giggled, while petting her wolf. "And I love you, too, Sage. Bigger than the entire known universe,"

After watching the stars, Macy let out an audible sigh. "'s time that I tell you about Crimson Gambit. You deserved a right to know," she started.

Sage looked up at Macy, for a moment, before sitting up and nuzzling under her chin.

"Macy, if you don't want to, you don't have to. I understand that Carlos is your past and you'd rather leave it there," Sage said, licking her hand.

"I know. But I feel that it's important to tell my Wolf what's bothering me in order to let this pain go away," Macy reasoned, petting Sage again. "Nearly a year ago, I was still overwhelmed about my uncle gone during the Incursean Invasion. Night patrols began to feel longer and time was moving slow. I barely ate, slept, not even exercising helped me out. Then, I came across this new thief that robbed a jewelry store. He kept complimenting me on how amazing and flawless I was when fighting crime. And I might have...sort of...fell for them," she admitted, blushing while rubbing her neck sheepishly.

Sage smiled, nuzzling her hand. "Well, he did have one thing right. You are an impressive fighter and woman," Sage replied. "Along with a great chin scratcher."

Macy chuckled. "Yeah, I guess so. He flattered me so much that I completely forgot about why I was so mad at him and, well...he helped remind me by tripping me with that leg sweep and I ended up stuck in a garbage can with him getting away with the stolen loot," she said, looking down in embarrassment.

Sage nuzzled her again. "Hey, we got him back by making him quiver in fear."

"True. And, to be honest, I was still getting use to this hero stuff back then. I learned from that experience to never fall for some evil flirty guy's words again," Macy replied. "Anyway, next day at school, I was called to give a new student a tour around the place. He appeared nice and seemed to understand what I was going through, even though I told him I was fine," Macy gave a sad smile. "For nearly a week at school, after getting to know each other, I thought for sure that I found a guy that was perfect for me...But looks can be deceiving, sometimes."

Sage looked at Macy, giving her hand a caring lick as he gave his comforting growl purr.

"Later on, at night, in that following week, I kept trying to catch Crimson Gambit. But every time I keep getting close, he was one step ahead of me. During one of these fights, we both sustained small noticeable injuries that made us recognize as our own work. When I figured out that Carlos Spade was the thief, I just couldn't believe it. Someone that was friendly turned out to be the opposite. A guy who lives a double life where he does crime. He knew my secret…just as I knew his. We then have this fight dragged out in which interrupts Carlos' theft of a jewelry store that ends up with him being caught. Around that fight, he tried to convince me to quit being a hero because the responsibilities of it kept weighing me down and only made me feel miserable. And I nearly accepted."

Sage looked at Macy. "What stopped you?"

Macy looked down at Sage before giving a small smile. "...My uncle's last words. How I promised him that no matter what happens, I continue being a hero and protect the people I cared for. It was his words that helped me snap out of Gambit's charm and take him down."

Sage smiled. "He was a great man. I wish I could have met him when he was alive."

"He was. You would have liked him when he was still around," Macy agreed. "After I got even with Crimson by throwing him in a dumpster and let the police take care of him, I started to feel a lot better than before. I was sure that I would never have to deal with anything involving boys again. But, by the time I arrived home, that's when everything started to change."

Sage looked up at Macy, for a moment, trying to figure out what could of happened when a thought came to mind.

"You found out you were now a sister. Right?" Sage offered.

The Skinwalker had known that Macy and Tommy hadn't been close when they had first met and, like himself, had struggled a little with the concept of having a large family when he was used to being alone.

"Yep," Macy deadpanned, placing a hand on her face while lowering her head a little. "Just when I thought I could get a break from boys and unexpected surprises, Tommy comes into my life and made things more...interesting. Turns out, that's what my dad was trying to tell me for the past week. But I was so busy and distracted lately as Black Rebel that I didn't pay attention nor got the hint. Needless to say, I was so irritated that I stormed into my room and began yelling at the universe on why it kept tormenting me after everything I've been through."

Sage nodded. "I can understand how that could be a surprise. It still is interesting for me to come downstairs and find not only my sister, but all the other kids in the house. Can be a bit overwhelming."

"Not as overwhelming as letting my secret shown in front of him, one night, and dealing with more members of my family being out in danger," Macy retorted. "I mean, I already lost Bishop. I couldn't bare going through with that situation again with Tommy. Even when he kept asking to help me out, I told him no. Partnerships didn't feel so opened to me, back then."

Sage leaned into Macy's chest, rubbing the side of his face into her as comfort.

"Times change and all we can do is grow. More often than not, we're thrown curve balls and all we can do is keep swinging," Sage said simply. "You've grown and learned from the past, just as I have. Size Ni Sawa; we're the same."

Macy smiled. "It looks that way. I'm glad to know we have a lot more in common than we realize. Even if it had to be in the most awkward and stressful moment."

Sage gave a huff but settled his head in Macy's lap, seeming a little conflicted for a moment before giving a hefty sigh.

"Macy...this situation has opened my eyes a little bit on the Black Hawk thing and I've come to a decision about it," Sage replied, not lifting his head, but pressing closer to Macy.

"And that would be...?" Macy started, kind of nervous about the answer.

"I've decided that I have to at least meet him. If he is my grandfather, then he could help me understand pieces of myself that I've been missing. Also, I can't keep running from my past. I have to face it. My biological father is not going to stop until he has me. I want and need to know that there could be a good side to my past and not just the darkness," Sage said. "I've planned on telling him that I don't want to leave. That I'm happy and loved and if he can't accept that, then...then I'll deal with that when it comes."

Macy placed a hand on his paw. "And hopefully, you won't be alone to do it," she assured with determination.

"I...I'd like you to come with me. I would have my dad or mom, but...I don't want there to be friction. Not until I get the answers I need to hear," Sage replied, leaning into Macy as he rolled to his side.

"Sage, you were there for me when things became rocky. Even when I didn't need it. The least I can do is be there for my Wolf and give some support, just as he has done for me. We're in this together," Macy reasoned.

Sage barked, getting up and giving Macy a slight push to end up on top of her, giving her face and neck thousands and thousands of puppy kisses as his tail wagged happily.

"Hehehehehehehe, Sahahahage stop! That tickles!" Macy giggled.

"Guys! You have to see this footage I got on-!" Tommy came out, only to witness his sister being dog slobbered by Sage's wolf form. "...Uh...Did I miss something and should bother to know?"

Sage looked up with a chuckle. "Just showing Macy how much I love her. So, what do you got?" Sage asked, as he helped Macy sit up before laying down behind, growing a little so Tommy could nestle into his furry side, as well.

"Well, I was able to record the whole event involving Catsandra getting caught and wanted to share it with my family," Tommy explained.

Sage smiled. "Let's see how the cat got caught this time," Sage replied, as he leaned forward.

Tommy giggled while getting out his camera and placed a memory card in it. "Oh, you guys are gonna love it."

"If it involves my cat enemy getting her tail handed to her, then I already know that I will," Macy smirked.

As the footage came to life, Sage instantly new they were watching things from a security camera. Feline was shown trying to break into a security case where a large ruby was displayed. Sage smiled as he noticed Feline's breath beginning to show, before seeing the case freeze up. Then, he saw ice begin to encase her feet.

"Looks like Uncle Chill is putting Feline into the hot seat," Sage said, chuckling.

"Oh, it gets better," Tommy assured.

Sage smiled as he watched his uncles, Blitzwolfer and Vamps, come into the room. Sage watched as Vamps began using his hypnotism on Feline with her eyes taking on the trademark spiral pattern. He continued watching Catsandra Feline begin to bark and howl, trapped in the ice. Soon, the ice incased her entire body except her head. Blitz then moved forward cutting the ice till a sculpture of a puppy was wrapped around her while Feline kept barking.

"Talk about a switch of rolls," Sage smirked.

Macy couldn't contain her laughter from watching the whole scene. She laughed so hard that she fell backwards while holding her stomach. "Sweet Vladat, that is too funny!" Macy said, still laughing.

Sage laughed, too. "Now that is A-Class Grant Mansion laughs and style right there."

Tommy smiled. "I knew you two would like it. The 'hypnotizing Catsandra to make her a dog' part was a little idea I gave to Vamps. Mentioned how much she 'loved' dogs," he said, air-quoting on that part in a teasing way. "I even told the others to go creative on what happens next to make it a surprise for me...and for you guys, too."

Sage got up and pushed Tommy down, giving him the same torture he did with Macy moments ago.

"You little scamp," Sage laughed, as he wagged his tail.

"Hahahahahahaha! Sage, quit it!" Tommy laughed while trying to push the Skinwalker off him.

"Care to join me, my Moon?" Sage asked with a smile.

Macy chuckled. "Anything for my Wolf," she answered, making her way next to her boys and started wiggling her fingers all over his armpits, sides, and stomach.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! SIS, STOP!" Tommy pleaded, his laughter tripled.

Sage smiled, as he continued to tickle Tommy.

If he could remain in this warmth forever, he would be a peaceful young man.

I promise to keep this warmth alive and spread it to others as much as I can, Sage thought to himself, as he enjoyed the loving moment.

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