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Before you read this fic. You should know that this is a side fic to my main fic "Fox in the leaf". If you haven't read that yet, check it out so you can understand some things that might pop up here.

For those who have read that fic, welcome.

If you don't plan on reading Fox in the leaf, here is a list of important info to help better understand

-Naruto, Ino, and Hinata are in a relationship.

-Naruto was turned into a Bijuu. A fox with at the moment six tails. He looks like a miniature Kurama, a better description in this chapter. He can shift between both human and fox form, I call the change shifting or shift

-Ino and Hinata are stronger than in the anime due to training with Naruto using weight seals and extreme chakra control exercises

-Naruto's skills: seal maker and user, complete mastery of the Kawarimi and henge, sealless shadow clones, three elements being fire, water, and wind with some self-made jutsu, recently discovered chakra chains, single-handed Rasengan with both demonic chakra and normal chakra. Safe to say e is far stronger than

-Kurama is complete with both halves

-Mindscape is a moonlit forest.

-Ino and Hinata have some small amount of training in medical jutsu

-Naruto, Ino, and Hinata have immense skill in stealth

-Naruto is smarter and a bit more mature

-Kurama is a father figure to Naruto

-Asa is an OC I own and is the adoptive daughter of Anko. there is a story behind that

-Naruto, Ino, and Hinata are 12

also for those who have read Fox in the leaf, you will recognize the start, yes I used the omake but it helps newcomers understand the how and who

Prologue: where is Kyoto?

Ino and Hinata were walking through Naruto's compound trying to find the blonde as they were in a rush and needed his help



"In here!"

Ino and Hinata went to where they heard the voice and found themselves in a large room that had what looked like empty scrolls and ink bottles. This was the Seals room, a room that Naruto used to practice or make seals. The room itself was reinforced with solid concrete behind the wooden walls in case one of his seals accidentally exploded.

They saw Naruto standing in the center with a massive unrolled scroll in front of him. He looked to be concentrating on the seal in front of him. The two females walked closer to him and looked at what he was looking at. It was a circle of writing with a smaller simple line circle inside and six lines of writing that connected the two circles, three lines on the lower section, and three at the top.

Hinata asked the boy "Naruto-Kun, what is that?"

Naruto knelt down and grabbed a brush that was laying off the paper and dipped it into the ink bottle next to it. "It's something that I have been working on for a while now. But forget that, did you girls need something?"

Ino nodded. "Yeah Team 8 and 10 are going on a joint mission and we were hoping you had a couple of storage scrolls we could use for it."

Naruto nodded as he pointed to his right "sure. There are some storage scrolls of different sizes on the shelves over there."

Ino and Hinata nodded as they moved over to the wall of scrolls. On the lowest shelf were the storage scrolls varying from the size of a hand, normal size, and summon contract sizes for larger loads. Hinata and Ino grabbed a normal size scroll and one of the larger scrolls as they were going to store all of their supplies and deliveries in it and the smaller scroll is to hold the larger one.

Once they were sure they had the ones they needed they moved back to Naruto who was slowly writing on the seal he was working on.

"Ok, now to test it."

The girls got close to Naruto as Ino put the large scroll down and leaned on it as she asked "ok Naruto what exactly is that seal?"

Naruto looked up at Ino and in an honest voice said "I don't know."

Both girls tilted their heads as Hinata repeated "you don't know?"

Ino looked incredulous at the boy "how can you not know when you're working on it?"

Naruto put the brush down as he looked it over "well Ero-sennin showed this seal to me a while ago and told me that it was part of a jutsu that was unrivaled by any other jutsu."

"Then how can you not know what it is?"

Naruto sighed as he spoke "because when he told me that, a woman walked by us just a bit away. Once he saw her he ran after her, with the paper that had the drawing of the seal on it. He didn't come back until the end of the day and when he did he told me that he used the paper to wipe his face of the drink that was thrown into his face. The writing was all smudged and unreadable. He just gave me a sheepish smile and said 'oops'. He then told me that even if I saw it completely, it was an incomplete drawing of the original seal."

Ino put her hands on her hips as she couldn't believe what she heard "so he shows you an incomplete seal for an amazing jutsu for a split second before going after some woman and comes back with it ruined?"


"Oh, sweet kami." Ino could not help but facepalm at the stupid turn of events that led Naruto to try this

Naruto brought his finger up "I actually was able to get a good view of it and I have been trying to recreate it as best I could for months. This is actually the first time I finished it and I'm about to test it to see what it does."

Hinata felt worried about this "Naruto-Kun, are you sure you should be testing it if you don't know what might happen?"

Naruto pointed to the larger circle of script "from what I can see, this part here looks like it's part of a summoning circle. So I'm guessing that it might be a summoning of sorts. If I get it wrong then nothing should really happen and if something does happen then the worst would be that it blows up in my face."

Ino shook her head "that doesn't really instill confidence Naruto. Are you sure you want to do this."

"Well like I said, I'm going to test it out to see if I got it right."

Hinata had a bad feeling about this as she looked to Ino with worry in her eyes "maybe we should stay to make sure that nothing bad happens."

Ino sighed as she looked at a clock on the wall "well we don't need to meet with the others for another hour so we can stay here to make sure he doesn't do anything to get hurt."

Both girls chose to stand right behind Naruto as he prepared to activate the seal

Naruto channeled chakra into his hand and took a deep breath

"I've got a bad feeling about this kit. Be careful."

'Got it Tou-chan.' Naruto lifted his hand and slammed it in the middle of the seal as if he was summoning something.

All three watched as the seal began to brighten in a brilliant blue light. What they didn't expect was the light becoming even brighter. In fact, it became so bright that they used their hands to cover their eyes.




The light became so bright that it was impossible to keep their eyes open. This kept going until


The light died down to show that the three were no longer in the room. In fact, there was no trace of them anywhere in the compound.

In a flash, the three reappeared somewhere they never thought they would ever be…. hundreds of feet in the air.


The three panicked as they opened their eyes to see that they were much higher than any of them have ever been and they knew for a fact that they would not survive the fall.

Naruto noticed that he wasn't in his human form anymore as he felt his tails flail in the air but at the moment he needed to save the two girls. Extending his tails, he wrapped them around their waists and brought them to him. Once he had them, he wrapped them in his arms and tails, creating a sort of protective ball around them using his body.

Hinata saw what he was doing and grew more worried now "Naruto! What are you doing?"

"Saving you two."

Ino also realized this and shouted "Naruto!"

The now ball of fur was falling fast enough that he could feel his back heating up. Soon he made impact with the ground fast and hard.


The ground shattered, sending a shockwave that could be felt for miles.

Hinata and Ino were clutching the fur as they felt the impact through were still covered by the tails so it gave the little pocket they were in, an orange light. Opening their eyes and trying to regain their bearings they both grew worried as there was no movement from their third member

Hinata began to shake Naruto's chest "Naruto?" she continued to shake hoping for any sign of movement.

Ino brought her hands up to his muzzle "Naruto? Open your eyes!" she shook his muzzle but he still did nothing. "Naruto! This isn't funny!"

Hinata had tears in her eyes as she was afraid that they could have just lost the one they love. She buried her face in his fur as she began to cry.

Ino would not accept this as she kept shaking him but she also began to tear up. "Naruto… Naruto!..." she slammed her fist in his chest as she was at her breaking point "NARUTO!"


Both girls looked at Naruto's face and felt sheer relief as he opened his eyes.

Naruto could only groan in pain "ow…"

Hinata moved closer to his muzzle "Naruto, what hurts?"

"...everything." he slowly began to uncurl himself and let his tails fall to the ground "my healing is already working on my ...shattered body but it's going to take a while."

Before either of the two females could say anything they heard voices around them. They noticed that they were in a cloud of dust that was clearing up. They saw that they were in a crater which made sense based on the impact they made. But they saw some unfamiliar people wearing odd clothing. What they did know was that based on said clothing, they weren't in Konoha since absolutely no one wore what these people were wearing.

Suddenly Naruto's eyes shot open "...we...need to leave."

Hinata looked to Naruto as he began to slowly get up. She and Ino moved off him "why?"

Naruto flopped to his side as he tried to get up but found it extremely painful "I …..sense …...ow chakra signatures coming ….and they feel weird." he turned to look at the two and if he wasn't covered in fur, they would have noticed his face turning crimson in a blush. He turned his head away, which caused him to wince in pain but kept his gaze away.

The two girls were confused about what he was doing but they felt a breeze pass through them and they felt chills where they shouldn't. Looking down they saw that most of their clothes were gone…..well actually all of them were gone except for a few small things such as their headband, kunai holster, and sandals. Both shrieked in embarrassment and covered themselves as best they could.

Naruto winced again at the shriek but he didn't have time to think of what to do since the two girls then used his tails to cover themselves. The issue? He can still feel through his tails. He had to shake these thoughts out of his head since he could feel the unfamiliar chakra getting closer. Using the tails around the girls he picked them up and placed them on his back while still using the tails to cover them, and began to slowly move out of the crater. As painful as it was he did not want to risk what could potentially be an enemy when he was at the moment wounded heavily. He didn't pay attention to the people since their chakra was so low that he would almost think that they didn't have any, but he brushed it off since all living things had chakra in order to live. Once at the edge of the crater he pushed himself as much as he could and ran away in a random direction, entering an alley and using the shadows to keep them hidden

A few men and women, all wearing Miko clothing, ran into the area and were surprised to see a massive crater in the middle of the street. They looked around to see that many citizens were injured due to what could have impacted here and some of them went to aid the injured by moving them further away from the hole. A priest began to examine the crater to see if he could get any clue as to who did this. An attack like this is not tolerated by any of them, especially Yasaka. They all felt the power that suddenly appeared out of nowhere and they were all worried that one of the other factions had sent out an attack and this damage could very well confirm that fear. Thought the amount of damage does not match the amount of power they felt. Something else that was concerning was the fact that it felt like chakra. This brought more worry since it could mean one of their own could have done this


The priest turned around to see one of the females walk up to him "what is it, Miho?"

"I heard something...concerning." seeing him nod for her to continue she began "as we were helping the injured to locations so they may be retrieved by medics, many of us overheard that a large multi-tailed ...fox came out of the crater with two bare females before it ran away." she pointed in the direction the people said it went.

Soji grew some concern when he heard of the two females that were spoken of but the sound of a multi-tailed fox here brought panic to him. He could only think of the only two multi-tailed foxes that exist. He looked at Miho again "was there anything about it that was of note?"

Miho shook her head "apart from how they had said it was an odd sight, nothing more of note was said."

Soji nodded "Miho, head to the temple and request a meeting with Lady Yasaka. Ask if either she or Kunou were here. If it was one of them, then there must be a reason. It might be that Kunou has gained a fox form and did not know how to control the power she had. Also, inform the others to begin to erase their memory of the fox. No one is to remember about this."

Miho bowed as she walked away.

Shoji went off to begin the erasure of the human's memories. He could not help but think to himself 'what exactly happened here?' as he felt that there was something more to this.

Miho was kneeling to the ever beautiful leader of the Yokai faction.

Yasaka, an extremely busty woman that had beauty that could rival Gabriel from the Angel faction, was concerned with the information that she had heard from the young woman in front of her. "I can assure you that neither me nor my daughter…." she gestured to her eight-year-old daughter that sat next to her "were out of the temple today. I have also felt that sudden surge of chakra and am concerned greatly with the information you have given me. Kunou and I are the only remaining fox yokai that possess multiple tails. The fact that the humans are speaking of seeing another one, could potentially mean that either that there was one out there in hiding or one of the other factions is plotting something that could create discord within our faction."

Miho lifted her head with a questioning look "what do you mean, Lady Yasaka?"

"The power I felt from that surge was not only immensely powerful, but it was also different from our own chakra. The fallen Angels or devils could have attempted to create their own Kyuubi as a means to attack us and usurp my title." she stood up and gave an order to all that were in the room "seek out this intruder and bring it to me. If it proves too much then retreat and inform me so that I will handle it myself. I will not allow anything to disrupt the fragile peace we have here.

Everyone nodded as most of them left, with a few remaining to continue to guard their leader.

Yasaka is usually a very kind woman but this situation requires her to take action. A threat to her people must be dealt with.


Yasaka looked at her daughter as the said girl was giving her a quizzical look. "Kunou, I want you to remain here on the temple grounds as we go find this unknown intruder. Do you understand?"

Kunou nodded her head as she could tell how serious her mother was.

Yasaka smiled as she hugged Kunou before she got to her feet and went to her guards and led them out to join the search. She knew that as long as her daughter remained in view of the guards, she would be relatively safe.

~Naruto, Ino, and Hinata~

Naruto had left the odd village they found themselves in and was now running through a heavy forest. He didn't know why but he felt the need to get both Ino and Hinata away from the populated area. The main problem right now was the fact that at the moment he was in pain. The fall had done some damage to his body since he had not braced his body enough. He had felt worse pain before, heck his shifting back when he was somewhat human was far more painful than this but he felt the need to take a nap. 'Tou-chan? Can you help out my healing?'

"Already on it. It's not anything major but a nap would help you heal faster."

Naruto came to a stop as he began to try and catch his breath.

"Hey, you ok Naruto?"

Naruto looked to his passengers before he answered Ino's question "yeah, but I'm going to need some time to heal as that fall really hurt my back."

Ino smirked at Naruto before saying "you're not old enough to have back problems."

Hinata however felt more concerned about him "are you sure you're ok Naruto?"

Naruto answered by collapsing to the ground and lay on the ground, causing the two girls to yelp in surprise "yeah I just need a nap. So give me some time and …" whatever he was about to say stopped in his throat when he felt a few chakra signatures close by. 'Crap!'

Hinata was greatly worried since it seemed that he noticed something "Naruto? What is it?"

Naruto shifted his eyes to Hinata and Ino as he began to think of what to do. Sure he could probably put up a fight but with how the girls were right now, he would need to protect them as well…..despite the fact that the chakra levels of the girls were vastly stronger than the other signatures he felt. But he didn't want to risk them so he came up with a quick lie. "Nothing, Hinata. But do you girls mind going out and scouting the area?" seeing the questioning look coming from the two he chose to push the lie "we don't know where we are and it would be bad if we are captured by an enemy we don't know about. While you're gone, I will stay here and regain my strength."

Ino gave Naruto an incredulous look "why would we leave you alone in a possibly hostile area?"

"Ino, I'm a sensor. I am also stronger than both of you…...even if I feel like a doll that was given to a hyperactive kid. If anything is coming my way, I can hide or fight back but I really need to rest."

Ino did not let up her look but she got off Naruto's back with Hinata doing the same, while they still tried to cover themselves. "Fine but you better not be do something stupid while we are gone."

Naruto rolled his eyes as he gave a sigh of relief "ah that is so much better."

A tick mark appeared on Ino's head "that better not be a jab at our weight."

Naruto chuckled sheepishly as he looked anywhere but at her. He winced when he felt her give his side a somewhat hard kick "hey! Injured here!"

"You'll live."

"Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt."

Hinata knelt down and began to rub his side with one hand as she used her other hand to hide her breasts and her legs to hide her lower region. She felt extremely embarrassed at the fact that she was naked but she was still worried about what happened just thirty minutes ago

Naruto gave an appreciative smile at Hinata but he grew serious after a second "don't worry you two. I'll be safe but we really need to know where we are and at the moment, stealth is not in my arsenal."

Ino rolled her eyes "says the stealthiest ninja in Konoha."

Naruto looked at her "Ino…"

"Oh fine!" she was about to remove her hands that were covering what they could to do the handsign to henge some clothes on but she stopped when she noticed that he was still looking at her "turn around!"

Naruto was glad that his fur hid his blush as he turned his head to look the other way until he heard two poofs. Looking back he saw that both Ino and Hinata were now wearing their normal attire.

Hinata was still blushing heavily as she whimpered out "i-it still feels odd."

Naruto nodded his head as he could figure that it would since they are only henged clothing, which meant that although it looked like they were wearing something, they were still naked with illusional clothing on. "Ok, don't forget to stay in the shadows and remember what I taught you about stealth."

Ino rolled her eyes again "you mean what we learned in the academy and the few tips you gave us to improve our stealth? yeah, we remember."

Naruto nodded as he could feel the other chakra signatures still a ways away from the but getting slowly closer. "Just be careful you two."

Ino smiled at Naruto "you be careful."

Hinata placed a kiss on his forehead as she whispered "stay safe." before she moved to stand with Ino and the two disappeared into the forest in the direction of where they came from but more to the side as to not end up in the same area they landed.

Naruto kept his senses on them until he knew that they were a good distance away. Once he knew that they were far enough, he got to his feet and began to move in another direction, and pulsed his chakra to get their chasers' attention. Once he knew that the pursuers were not going in the direction of Ino and Hinata, he hid his chakra signature and moved in a completely different direction.

Naruto had made his way into a clearing within the forest before he collapsed onto the ground in pain. "Ok not the worst pain ever but damn do my muscles hurt." he couldn't sense any of his chasers heading in his direction. He relaxed a bit as he felt that he was in the clear for now. He decided to take a nap to speed up his healing but he would wake up if he detected anything negative close by. 'Nap time.' he closed his eyes and immediately went to sleep.

*poke poke*

Naruto grumbled when he felt something poke his face

*poke poke*

"Five more minutes Ino."

"Who's Ino?"

It only took Naruto a split second to realize that the voice not only did not belong to Ino or Hinata but it sounded younger than him and was not Asa. his eyes shot open and he turned his gaze to a girl in a shrine maiden outfit. She had golden blond hair tied into a ponytail and eyes that were just as gold. But the thing that caught his attention the most were the fox ears on top of her head and the nine tails that swayed behind her. He stared at the girl dumbly as he was trying to figure out what he was looking at. It was only when she poked his nose, causing him to go cross-eyed that he was brought out of his confusion. "Uh….."

"Good afternoon. Who are you and what are you doing in our backyard?"

Naruto blinked a few times before asking "Backyard?"

The girl nodded "yep. You are in my home's backyard. I come here with my mother sometimes to play."

Naruto looked around to see if he could see any house nearby but all he saw was more forest. 'How big is her backyard if I can't even see her house?!' he looked back at the girl and could not help but stare again at the extra features she had 'tou-chan, am I crazy or does this girl have fox ears and tailS?'

"No. You haven't gone crazy. I see them too and I am just as confused as you are. I don't sense any of my chakra in her so it can't be because she absorbed some of it."

Naruto looked the girl over before he decided to get up. Unfortunately, he did not count on the fact that he wasn't fully healed yet and fell back down. 'How long have I been out?'

"Couple minutes."

'...no wonder I don't feel any better. I barely closed my eyes to nap before she woke me up!'

The little girl noticed the wince of pain on this other fox yokai and grew worried. "Oh no, you're injured! Wait here, I'll go get some help!"

Naruto's eyes grew wide as he saw the girl run off "hey wait!" His call went unheard as she made it to the tree line before disappearing into the forest. He plopped his head onto the ground and groaned "damn it. She could be with the ones chasing us and here I am feeling like I pulled every muscle in my body." it didn't take long for him to feel chakra signatures coming towards him. "Great. She was with them." getting to his feet he began to slowly walk in the opposite direction that the signatures were coming from. Unfortunately, he was not fast enough as a group of birdmen and fox people surrounded him. He could not help but stare at them as he couldn't wrap his head around the fact that he was surrounded by these odd people. His keen hearing did pick up whispers coming from some of them

"This must be the one that we were sent out to find."

"He had gotten so close to the shrine and very few were here to protect Lady Kunou."

"He must not be allowed to escape."

During all this the little girl who he assumed was Kunou walked up to him

"You are injured, why are you trying to run away?"

Naruto looked down at the girl and gave her a toothy grin "because I like playing hide and seek."

Kunou puffed out her cheeks in a pout "Mother always told me that I should rest if I am hurt so you should too! You can play later."

Out of the many things that he expected he did not expect to get scolded by a girl just a few years younger than him. It was so ridiculous that he ended up laughing "pfft hahahahaha hahahahaha"

Everyone there was a little stunned at the sight in front of them. Their leader's daughter was at the moment pouting at a larger six tailed fox, albeit an odd-looking one. They shook their heads out of their shock in time to See Kunou stomping her feet on the ground reprimanding the still laughing yokai. They closed in on the two with one fox woman gently pulling Kunou away with a group of tengu raising their weapons at the red fox

"You are to come with us peacefully."

Naruto stopped laughing as he looked at the bird people around him. He could sense the chakra levels they had and knew for a fact that based on that he could beat them all easily if he went all out. But right now he was still worn out and was still in the process of healing. He still tried his luck though. "And if I say no?"

"I would very much like it if you said 'yes' as I wish to speak with you since you had not harmed my daughter when you had the chance."

Everyone looked to where the voice came from to see Yasaka walking towards the group.

The ones that were with Kunou bowed to her while the ones surrounding Naruto kept their gazes and weapons on him.

Naruto could not help but be in awe of the voluptuously beautiful woman that was coming closer. Though it wasn't just her beauty that caused him to be this way. It was also the fact that she was just like Kunou. A nine-tailed fox woman. 'Did you have family that I didn't know about Tou-chan?'

"Besides you and my fellow bijuu….no." he was also confused about this woman as there should not be another nine tails since he is the only one

Naruto heard the others there call the woman Lady Yasaka. He figured that she was someone of great importance if everyone was bowing to her. He watched as she stopped right in front of him and looked him over. He felt a little self-conscious as he was never looked at with intrigue before much less in his fox form. Deciding to be the first to talk, he lifted his paw, which caused the bird people to tense up. "Yo" he gave Kakashi's signature hellos, which caused some of the tengu to face fault while the rest sweatdropped.

Yasaka however just smiled. Based on the tone of the voice, she concluded that this yokai was young. Extremely young and she could not feel any ill intent coming from him (kind of a gut feeling, instead of an actual sense). "Greetings. My name is Yasaka, leader of the yokai faction and protector of Kyoto. May I ask who you might be and what your intentions are?"

Naruto paused as several things about what she said confused him. He didn't feel any malice coming from the woman but the guards around him were not helping him relax "my name ow is Naruto ow Uzumaki ow. And ow what do you mean ow you are ow the protector of ow Kyoto? Where even is ow that? And what ow is the ow Yokai faction ow?"

Yasaka would have taken this seriously if it wasn't for the fact that her daughter was at the moment tugging on one of his ears. Her smile grew at the fact that Kunou seemed so interested in this newcomer. "Kunou."

Kunou stopped what she was doing and looked to her mother. Seeing the slight reprimanding look her mother had, she let go of Naruto's ear and moved to stand by Yasaka

Naruto was glad that the tugging stopped. Despite it not hurting, it was still somewhat of an irritation. However, he could not help but smile at the Kunou that now stood with Yasaka.

"Well, now I am curious about you, young Naruto. How are you not aware of the yokai faction when you yourself are a yokai, albeit an interesting one. Are you perhaps ignorant of what you are ...or you are playing ignorant to get on my good side?"

Naruto tilted his head in confusion as he could not think of a reason why it would be a bad thing. Sure she said she was the leader of a group but he didn't know anything about them or what village he was in. If he wasn't so sure that he wasn't in Konoha, he might have guessed he was based on the abundance of forest around him. He didn't like the fact that he was surrounded but he couldn't make a move just yet. "I know what I am but I still don't know what this 'yokai faction' is. I just did some crazy jutsu and found myself falling before crash landing in this weird place with weirdly dress people around me. Then I go to take a nap to rest and then Kunou there pokes me and wakes me up. She goes to get me some help and now I am surrounded but bird people and some fox people." he made sure not to mention Ino or Hinata as at the moment he wanted to get some info about where he was. Anko made sure to pound a lesson on info gather into his head

One of the tengus sneered at him "a likely story."

Naruto looked at the crow person with irritation evident in his eyes "and what does that mean?"

"You obviously came here for something. You most likely attacked a public place to get us to begin a search for you and while the shrine was empty, you come here and kidnap Lady Kunou."

Naruto glared at the Tengu "keep talking like that and I'm going to have some fried bird for lunch!"

"Why you!"

"ENOUGH!" Yasaka flared her power to get them all to become silent

Naruto was in awe by the show of power but he was unaffected by it. He sighed as he mentally asked 'well, how am I?'

"You won't be able to fight at your fullest but your good to go with what you want."

'Good.' as Yasaka was looking at her subjects, Naruto got back onto his feet and stretched out his back legs one at a time. The movement caused them all to tense as he popped a joint in his leg.

Yasaka finally noticed his size. Standing up he was a little under her hight. She examined his body more and if she had to say anything about him, she would have to say that he was rugged compared to her fox form and the tails seemed to be in constant motion. She also took note of the black marking that went from his eyes to his, what she assumed to be the main tail. She also noticed the small bit of blonde fur that bordered between his black-furred paws and the red fur that took over most of him.

Naruto looked Yasaka in the eye and smiled "well as much fun as it was to be held prisoner sort of. It's time for me to go."

The tengu surrounding Naruto tensed up and held their weapons firm with one of them saying "what makes you think you can just leave?"

Naruto smiled at the tengu that spoke as his tails stopped moving. "What makes you think you can stop me?" At that moment he spread his tails to be in a fan formation. Suddenly smoke bombs fell around him causing everyone to jump in surprise

Everyone covered their faces as they all began to cough

Yasaka and Kunou kept their gaze at the spot Naruto should be at. They both heard a poof and soon saw a silhouette in the smoke that did not resemble the fox they just spoke to. It was human-shaped and looked only to be a little taller than Kunou

"Thanks for trying to help me Kunou and it was nice to meet you Yasaka. Maybe we will meet again."

Yasaka and Kunou tried to see through the smoke but the only thing they could barely see were a brilliant set of blue eyes and a cheeky smile with cheeks that had whisker marks. They then saw that he disappeared from within the smoke. Once the smoke cleared, Naruto wasn't anywhere to be seen. Yasaka could not help but smile as this was an interesting meeting she had with a boy that appeared from nowhere. "What an interesting boy."

Everyone there began to call out that they should go find the fox as fast as possible.

Naruto was running through the forest henged into his normal shinobi attire "thanks for the save you two."

Ino and Hinata were looking at Naruto with the latter looking relieve that he was ok and the former looking irritated

"Did you have to do that Naruto? We could have just left and figured out stuff later when you were fully healed."

Naruto sheepishly rubbed the back of his head "yeah but I didn't expect to run into these weird people when I went to go take a nap. And I wanted to get them off your tail too."

Ino shook her head "fine. Did you get anything useful?"

"Not much. Just that that woman was the leader of the yokai faction, whatever that is, and that this is someplace called Kyoto."

Hinata and Ino looked at him in confusion as neither of them had heard of such a place.

Hinata then thought to say something "Naruto there is something you should see."

Naruto tilted his head before nodding and slowed down a tad so he could follow the girls to where they wanted to take him.

The three soon ran up a building and stood on top of it and looked out onto the area.

Naruto was even more confused now, seeing bright moving carriages, people wearing weird clothes and buildings unlike any he had ever seen before. As he looked at the scene, all he could think of asking was

"Where the hell are we?"

End of chapter

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