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Chapter 6: The encounter

Naruto, Ino, and Hinata made it home with Naruto stomping into the living room and plopping down on the couch. He glared at the wall as he tried to calm down.


Naruto shifted his eyes up so that his gaze fell on Hinata's face who stood in front of him. He couldn't keep his anger as he saw the concerned look Hinata had. He sighed as he leaned back on the couch "I'm fine Hinata. Just…. I …."

Ino moved behind Naruto and wrapped her arms around his neck "you don't like what happened."

He leaned back as he nodded "it's not just that. Issei may be a pervert but he wasn't a bad guy…..at least not as bad as his friends. Rias seemed to be remorseful about this but it seemed like she wasn't that broken about it. It was almost like a part of her was ok with it."

Hinata sat next to him as she thought of something "so what are we going to do about Rias?"

"We need to keep tabs on her. She isn't human, that much is certain but she wanted something from Issei and his corpse must still have it."

Ino leaned down so her head was next to his "why didn you leave a clone with her and tail her as you did for all those other people?"

Naruto's glare returned "because if I left a clone there, it would have attacked her straight away. We need intel and at that moment I was not in the mood for being patient."

The girls nodded as they were in a similar mindset albeit much more toned down.

Naruto got up and sighed as the day started out so well, until that event. "Come on girls, let's get some sleep. Tomorrow I will leave a clone to tail her and see what her plan is."

The girls followed Naruto to the bedroom ready to put this day behind them.

~next day, Monday~

They couldn't understand it. They were there, they saw the body, they knew he had lost all signs of life but there he was, walking through the halls as if nothing was wrong.

The three were outside with Naruto just staring at Issei through an open window as the brunette was talking animatedly with his friends. "Uh….wha?"

Ino and Hinata nodded as they agreed with his lack of speech. Ino looked to Hinata and asked, "We both came to the same conclusion when we checked him right?"

Hinata nodded "yes. All signs of life were fading so fast that there was no way we could save him."

Naruto sniffed the air to see if there was any scent of death but no, there was no sign of such a scent. But there was a slight change to his scent. It was small and almost unnoticeable but it was there, he just wasn't sure what it was. It was then that he focused on his hearing. He got a bunch of random chatter until he caught Issei's voice and focused on what he was saying.

"What do you mean that you don't remember about Yuuma?"

Matsuda shrugged his shoulders as he said "I'm telling you, you never told us about this girl."

Motohama adjust is glasses "perhaps you imagined this girl to the point that you believed she was real"

Issei felt angered at this as he rummaged through his pockets "are you kidding me. I know I told you about her. I even showed you a picture of her, here!" he pulled out his phone and began to go through it only to find that Yuuma's contact info and pictures of her were no longer saved on his phone "what the hell? It's gone." he thought about this as it just didn't make any sense to him. His eyes then suddenly went up to the top of the stairs to see the Red-haired beauty queen, Rias Gremory looking down at them.

Rias looked at Issei and could see that he was doing far better. She began to walk down the stairs while keeping her stoic visage but as she passed the three she shifted her gaze to Issei and smiled 'good it looks like he has gone back to a normal life. *sigh* I will have to meet up with him soon to tell him about what he has become.' she continued walking down the stairs and off towards the clubroom.

Naruto thought about the little interaction that just happened between Rias and Issei. Although it looked like Rias was acting her usual nonchalant persona, the regret he felt spike from her told him that she might have done something that she didn't want to do. Though this did help him in thinking that she had done something to bring him back from the dead. Hearing Issei's friend talk about going to his house to watch some porn before screaming out: Banzai to Ero, he lowered his hearing while sweatdropping about the pure perversion the perverts had. 'Who the hell would scream that out in school?' he looked to the two next to him and was about to say something until


Naruto looked to the side to see another rampaging mob lead by Aika that was after his whiskers. He whispered out "Shit! Hinata, Ino, meet me behind the school to start our mission!" and with that, he dropped his glare and began running with the mob of girls chasing after him.

Hinata puffed out her cheeks in jealousy before Ino placed a hand on her shoulder. She huffed a bit before staring at the direction they went "they never give up do they?"

Ino giggled at this before shaking her head "even when we told them that he was off-limits, they still tried their best to get to him. Even when we told some of them that he was dating us, most of the girls got even more enthusiastic in trying to catch him, especially Aika."

Hinata looked at Ino with a look of defeat "and the ones who were told about that didn't tell anyone else. It was like they didn't want to add to their competition. Even the ones that thought he was a pervert like Issei and his friend soon went back to chasing him after they confronted him and he apparently bashfully spoke to them. Aika on the other hand was not deterred when she found out. She just grew more determined."

Ino shrugged as she and Hinata began walking towards the building "you should know as well as I that when a girl wants something, she will do her best to get it. And Naruto has this charm to him that I doubt he even knows he has. I mean look at us."

Hinata sighed again "we didn't really try to resist that hard. We just decided and it all worked out."

"If you think about it, we did go through a lot for us to finally admit it though. I still remember how Naruto lost an arm trying to get to us before we were kil - mmm!."

Hinata looked around to see if anyone heard them as she pressed her hand over Ino's. "Ino, you know we can't talk about it here."

Ino huffed through her nose as she didn't like the idea that they had to hide here but she knew the importance of staying out of sight. Now more than ever. She nodded before they continued towards class so they could just wait for it to start.


Rias walked into the clubroom as she sighed tiredly.

"It's not like you to be this tired so early in the day. What's on your mind?"

Rias looked up to see Sona leaning next to the window smiling at her.

Rias shook her head as she moved to the couch and sat down "to be honest Sona, I don't know. I got Issei into my peerage, I saved his life and it seems he easily got back into his normal routine but why do I feel like I did something terrible?"

Sona's smile dropped as she figured that Rias might feel like this. Rias' peerage was made up of those who had troubled pasts and were brought in under specific circumstances. Issei however was brought in quite differently. "You might be feeling guilty for using him as bait and it backfired."

Rias steepled her fingers as she leaned on them "I brought him back though. I fixed my mistake but it still feels like something is going to happen."

"Maybe you're overthinking this."

"Maybe." Rias got up and began to undress so she could take a shower in the clubroom built-in bathroom.

Sona looked out the window as she asked "by the way….about Uzumaki."

Rias paused her unbuckling her bra for a second before continuing "once I test Issei for his capabilities, I will think about Naruto."

Sona nodded "when will you inform Hyoudo?"

Rias was now fully naked as she walked towards the shower room "tomorrow after school. Everyone will be in attendance for it and we can add him to the club during that time as well."

Sona nodded as she pushed herself off the window sill and made her way out of the room "I wish you luck with Issei, though I still haven't given up my opinion on Uzumaki."

Rias turned the shower on "I know. I most likely will allow you to have him as we found nothing about him in the years he has been here. Apart of that rumor that he is dating both Ino and Hinata."

Sona paused as she smiled good-naturedly "it's hard to believe based on his nature. He doesn't seem the type to try and gain a harem like Issei and his friends. But then again this just adds to the mystery of Naruto Uzumaki." she walked out of the room and off to the student councils office

~later that night~

"Can I at least rearrange their mind so they won't be perverts anymore?"

"No Ino. you can't kill them, make them braindead, cut off their balls, make them impotent or rearrange their minds."

Ino huffed as she layed back on the roof the three were using to keep an eye on Issei. So far, it was turning out to be a waste of time since the first thing the guy did was head over to his friend's place and started watching porn. And frankly, she was bored. "This is a complete waste of time. All they have been doing is watching that weird cosplay smut. How can they even find that stuff entertaining."

Hinata shook her head as she sat with her knees up "Everyone has their preferences Ino." although Hinata looked as calm and content as ever, she was also finding this stakeout to be quite tiresome.

Naruto would have been bored if it weren't for the fact that he was blushing in embarrassment since he could hear the moans and sexual sounds that came from the videos that the three perverts were watching. He may not be able to see if but he sure as hell can hear it. "Can't they watch something else?"

"Humans have a weird way of entertaining themselves. To watch such things when they could be doing something more entertaining."

'Oh, you mean like going on a rampage and destroying a few mountains?'

"...Maybe three or four….."

'You know we can't do that.'

"Kit, we haven't had any chance of fighting anything. And no! Your training doesn't count. Seeing you beat yourself and helping your mates become stronger can not be considered a fight."

'*sigh* yeah. We got much stronger but the three of us haven't been able to test out our full strength.' he was brought out of his thoughts when he felt Ino tapping him on the shoulder. He looked at her to see her pointing at the house. He saw that Issei was leaving and heading towards his house. "Finally. I was really getting tired of hearing all those 'oh's and 'ah's. Let's go."

The three followed in the shadows as Issei dazedly walked home. This was something the three noticed and grew confused about. It wasn't until Issei turned around to look towards a mother and daughter a good distance away from him

"How can I hear them all the way from here?!"

The three were stunned to hear that Issei had heard the little girl complaining to her mother about some candy she wanted. They knew for a fact that the people here can not hear that well. They could because they had the training to increase their hearing and channeling a minute amount of chakra into their ears helps as well but Issei was normal. Or at least he used to be.

Naruto narrowed his eyes as he noticed the boy change direction and was heading towards the fountain where he died. He was unsure how good Issei's hearing became but he gestured to his two companions to pull back a bit so there was a greater distance between them and him as he whispered out "Think he remembers he died there?"

Ino thought about it as they moved "possibly. During the day it didn't seem like he had any idea of what happened. It might be a suppressed memory that he has subconsciously forgotten but if he is going back to that fountain, he might have an inkling about it."

Naruto and Hinata nodded as they followed from a distance.


Issei walked slowly towards the fountain he remembered from his date with Yuuma. "This was where we had our date. I know it was real. I remember her hand intertwined with mine. Her smile when we went out for ice cream." he clutched his shirt as he remembered how it felt to have someone by his side, someone that didn't look down on him or think he was nothing more than a pervert. "It can't have been just a dream…..could it?"

The three shinobi were hidden in the trees too far away for the girls to hear what Issei was saying to himself but Naruto could.

Naruto shook his head "I don't know exactly what happened but looks like this girl really left an impression on him."

Hinata looked at him as she asked "what do you mean."

Naruto sighed "it almost sounds like he felt how I would feel when I'm with you two."

Ino and Hinata now understood that the girl Issei was with meant a lot to him.

Ino then gained an inquisitive look "then there is more to this than we realize. This girl shows up out of nowhere and then after Issei gets killed everyone forgets that he even said her name."

The other two nodded with Hinata speaking up "it would seem that someone erased the memory of Yuuma. But the question is why were we not affected?"

Naruto thought about it for a second before he mentally asked 'Tou-chan? You got any idea?'

Kurama opened one of his eyes since nothing of real interest was happening and he decided to take a nap. "There was that small tickle that happened last night when all of us were asleep but it was so small that it didn't even seem worth mentioning. Maybe that was a genjutsu that erased memories."

'You didn't say anything?'

"Like I said, kit. It was too small to even care about and it didn't even affect you three so it wasn't worth mentioning."

Naruto was brought out of his mental conversation when he felt one of the negative beings he felt throughout the city suddenly appear in the park and a weird sensation overtook him. He looked to the girls to see that they also felt it. He looked toward Issei to see that he wasn't alone anymore. "Not good. Ino, Hinata, circle around him in case he tries to flee. I'm going to…." he paused as he saw Issei make a leap that should not have been possible for him. "Ok, now I know something is up. Girls go!"

Ino and Hinata disappeared from his side as Naruto made his way closer

"So you are running away."

Issei panicked as every fiber of his being told him to run away from this trench coat wearing man. "What the hell is going on!?" and he turned and ran.

Naruto turned in the same direction of Issei as he followed from within the forest "ok he is slightly faster now." he then felt the malicious intent coming from the stranger and the interesting thing was that it was coming from above Issei. Looking up he saw the guy with black feathered wings and his mind immediately went back to the previous night.

Issei ran away as fast as he could to get away from the random guy 'what the hell is going on!? Who was that guy and why do I feel like I shouldn't even be near him!?' he saw black feathers begin to fall from above him and he remembered that Yuuma had the same kind of feathers. Looking up he expected to see her but instead, he saw the man looking down at him. He stopped in his tracks when the man landed in front of him

The man looked around to see if there were any other signs of devils nearby and was intrigued by the fact that there was no sign of anyone else "no master, no comrades, which means you are nothing more than a stray." he brought up his arm to the side and summoned a light spear "easy prey."

Issei turned and ran in fear 'if this is a dream then someone, wake me up!' in his haste however he tripped and fell to the ground. Turning his head he saw the man throw the spear at him aiming to kill him. 'Someone! Anyone! HELP' he shut his eyes as the light from the projectile grew closer. After a few seconds, expecting to feel some sort of pain and not feeling anything he thought to himself 'was….it a painless death or something?' He could still see the light shine through his eyelids and took a chance at opening his eye only to see the tip of the spear an inch from him. He screamed in shock and stumbled back from it before looking down at his body to see that he wasn't hurt. He looked back to the spear and saw that someone had grabbed it. Following the arm that held the spear, he saw who it was "NARUTO?"

Naruto sighed in relief that he caught the spear "that was close. Thankfully the spear was moving slow enough for me to catch it. Even at that close of a distance it was almost at a slugs pace….better not ever mention that to Baa-chan." he looked at the down boy and gave his foxy smile "hey you ok?"

Issei was dumbfounded "wha! How! When!"

The man was confused as well. 'How did I not sense him nearby?' "Who are you?"

Naruto turned and glared at the man "give your name first and then I will give you mine." 'damn, that sounded cool. I should watch more movies.'

The man smiled as he took off his hat and gave a gentleman's bow "I am Dohnaseek."

Naruto gave a smile as he answered back "I am Naruto Uzumaki. Now, why don't you tell me why the hell you are trying to kill this guy?"

Dohnaseek placed his hat back on his head "a stray devil does not deserve to live if it has abandoned its master. This is the common rule that we all follow."

Hearing what Dohnaseek said caused something to snap in Naruto. 'Devil? Master!?' he gripped the spear so hard that it shattered in his hand he glared hard at Dohnaseek before he said "Ino! Hinata!"

Before Dohnaseek could react he felt something impact hard into several pressure points in his body and several slashes on joints of his body. He fell hard onto the ground and looked up to see two females, wearing the same uniform, glaring down at him with both holding their hands up with two fingers extended although the bluenette had her thumb pressed with her two fingers as well. "How did I not sense any of you?"

Naruto moved closer to stand between the girls as he glared at the man "you should work on your sense better…..but I doubt you will have the chance." he brought his fist up, ready to knock the guy out until a bright red light began to shine behind all of them. The shinobi turned around to see what was going on until they saw three figures appear from a red circle on the ground

Dohnaseek saw who it was and knew now that he was out of his league. Not only were these three unknowns here and were the ones that crippled him but the red-haired girl that just appeared told him that the heir of the Gremory family had arrived. 'I must flee.' lucky or him, his wings were still functional and he used them to push himself off the ground and into the air.

The three shinobi turned back in time to see Dohnaseek fly into the air and disappear from sight

"damn it."

Dohnaseek's voice then rang through the air "you almost had me and I commend you for that. I hope we never meet again."

Naruto saw a feather fall from the air and swiped it into his hand. Taking a sniff he knew two things now. One: this was not the same winged figure that killed Issei before, and two: he had the man's scent and would not let him get away next time.

Rias knelt down to Issei and looked him over to see if he was ok are you alright Issei."

Issei was confused about what was going on. First, a weird man pops up out of nowhere to kill him, next, his classmate and one of the most popular guys in his school shows up and saves him, then two of the beauty queens appear and take the man down, and now the third and fourth beauty queens show up with the mascot of the school with the red-haired one looking him over, making sure he was ok. "What's going on here!?"

Rias sighed in relief that he was fine. She did not expect another attack from the Fallen angels so soon but she was glad that it didn't turn out to be another death. "I promise I will explain everything to you."

"Why not do it now!"

Rias, Akeno, Koneko, and Issei looked up to see the angry look of Hinata and Ino and the dark look coming from Naruto.

Naruto took a step forward and spoke with anger clear in his voice "why not explain what the hell you are and what you did to him?"

Rias was a little taken aback by the attitude the blonde had. Not once has anyone seen anger in the blonde's face and some even thought that he didn't even know how to be angry but the look he had now showed fury he was holding. She took a breath as she stood up and stared Naruto in the eye "so I was right that there was something about you."

"Do NOT try and get out of explaining…!" he paused for a second as something came to him. "So you can teleport."

Rias was stunned to hear such a declaration. Yes, she and the other two teleported here but to come straight to such a conclusion was of interest to her "how did you know that?"

Naruto did not grace her with an answer. He wasn't going to tell her that he had a clone watching her as she went about her business in the clubroom she uses and dispelled when the three disappeared in the same red light. He shifted his gaze to the other two that arrived with Rias and decided to push deeper into his advantage "so it was you that had Koneko tailing me all this time." he saw the shock on Rias and Akeno and the slight widening of Koneko's eyes. He looked at the petite girl and said "you're not as stealthy as you think." looking back at Rias he spoke with authority "now answer my question."

Rias knew that she had to explain everything not only to Issei but now to the three unknowns that had plagued both her and Sona's radar for so long. "I will explain everything to you and Issei tomorrow after school. It is late and I wish to discuss some things with you as well."

Naruto did not like the answer but sensing no lie he took a few steps back till he stood with Ino and Hinata "you better explain everything since I hate liars." and with that, the three shunshined away

Everyone that remained there were stunned at the sudden disappearance of the three and they looked around to see if they could get a glimpse of where they might have gone

Koneko was the most startled as she said "chakra. They used chakra."

Akeno and Rias looked at her in shock "so that time you said you sense chakra and he was in the area meant that it did come from him." she then gained a question "how have they remained hidden for so long?"

Koneko shook her head signifying that she had no idea

Rias could only sigh as things were becoming far more difficult. It turns out that her gut feeling was right when she thought that there was something about the three but now it seems like it will take some extreme convincing if she wants to add them to her peerage. She looked down at Issei who was still too stunned to say anything and she brought her hand up for him to take "Issei, I know you are confused right now but I promise to explain everything to you tomorrow. But right now, let's get you home."

Issei took the hand and got to his feet and they began to make their way towards his house. He was still so confused that it didn't even register in his head that he was being escorted by three beautiful girls.

End of chapter

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