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Chapter 8: Run-in with a nun

"You gotta be kidding me." Was what Naruto mumbled to himself as he watched Issei and Asia converse with each other as they made their way to the church that Asia was supposed to be at. The first thing that happened was something you would see in manga, as the girl had fallen over, giving them a clear view of her panties and act as if it was just her clumsiness. But after she got up and Issei got out of his perverted gazing…..the two had begun to converse with each other. And Issei wasn't perving over her as he would normally any cute, sexy…...or breathing girl that exists.

Ok, he may be being a bit harsh on how Issei was but that was because he had caught Issei trying to peep on his girls a few times. Maybe not specifically them but Ino and Hinata were there so he can be a little petty against the brunette. Even if he was a little sorry for him being thrust into a war. 'Speaking of which, I'm going to have to ask her about this.' he looked back to Issei and Asia and couldn't help but find it interesting that Issei was acting like a normal person, asking her about why she moved her from the church she came from. Though there was a little sadness there that told Naruto there might have been a story behind it but he was more focused on the incoming negativity. It wasn't moving fast so he didn't need to rush but he was ready for anything

Issei was smiling as he was carrying Asia's luggage and talking to the girl. So you are here to become part of the church in town?"

Asia nodded as she brought her hands up in prayer. "Yes, I was transferred here as a way of expanding our teachings. I am thankful to our lord to have been blessed in coming to this beautiful city."

Issei brought up his free hand to his head as he winced at the mention of the almighty, though he didn't know about that yet.

Asia looked at him and grew worried at his distressed face "oh my god, are you alright?"

Issei nodded as he cracked open an eye "yeah, just a headache." he took a deep breath and was going to wait for the pain to subside but he saw Asia gesture for him to lower himself. Not seeing the harm he did as asked. After he saw her bring her arms up to his head he felt relief as the pain in his head subsided

Asia brought her hands up and began to use her ability to heal the pain Issei was feeling.

Naruto focused on Asia's hands as the green glow reminded him a bit of the medical jutsu Ino and Hinata used. 'I'm not sensing any chakra so maybe it's like the devil's magic.' he was now understanding why the fallen angels had invested much into this girl. Though he felt that he would need to pay the de-feathered fallen angel another visit since she had failed to mention this to him. Well more like she will be de-feathered again since he found out that they regrow after some time. Though he figured that it required magic since the regrowth was slow thanks to his chains and now seals.

Issei opened his eyes fully to see a green glow around Asai's hands "wow, thanks. The pain is gone."

Asia gave a bright smile to him "I'm glad you feel better."

Issei smiled back as he stood up straight. "That's some power you got there. Must be cool to be able to heal others."

She nodded before her smile dropped a bit. She was able to hide it well from Issei but Naruto saw right through the forced one.

Naruto hopped onto another branch and saw that they were now close to the church. Something else he thought was interesting was the one that was closing in on them had stopped and was just staying where they were. ' we got a watcher.'

Issei looked up towards the church and felt every fiber of his being telling him he should get as far away from it as he can but he needed to make sure that Asia made it. "Well there it is." he lifted his hand and pointed to the dilapidated building "you sure that this is the church you need to be at? It doesn't look like it's been in use for a while."

Asia nodded "yes, this is the place. Don't worry, I'm sure that we will be fixing it up soon."

Issei shrugged as he put the luggage down. "Well if you're sure. I gotta get going. I have something I gotta do. Maybe we can hang out again some time."

Asia beamed at this as she bounced on her feet "I would love that. It must be god's will that I meet such a kind person like you."

Issei once again felt like a knife pierced his head but he grit his teeth and did his best not to show it. Through his teeth he grunted "I hope we meet again, Asia" he waved at the girl as he turned and began walking away

Asia smiled as she watched Issei walk away

"Well, aren't you all buddy-buddy with him?"

Asia looked behind her to see the person she was supposed to meet "Good morning, Raynare."

Raynare walked up to Asia as she looked over to where Issei wnt. 'Little perv is still alive, huh.' She could figure out why he was still alive but at the moment, he wasn't that important since she can't bring attention to her group. She looked to Asia and nodded "well, we should get you settled in. let's go." she gestured for Asia to head over to the church which the young blonde girl complied. Raynare turned back to glare in the direction of Issei. 'If he tells his master about us, we are going to have to fast track the ceremony. She turned to follow Asia to the church while looking at the girl with a look of sadistic glee.

Naruto kept his gaze on the retreating two as his nose twitched 'so you're the one that killed him.' his gaze fell on Asia and couldn't see any reason she would join a group that felt like they could slit your throat at the drop of a hat. 'I can think about that later but for now….' he then looked at Raynare's back as a sadistic smile came upon his face. 'Time to have some fun.' he created four coles before they transformed into crows and flew off towards the church.

The original could feel his prankster side coming to the surface but he would have to hold off on it for now. He has some things he needs to do not only to mess with the flying black chickens and the devils that have their eye on him, but he also has a trip he feels he needs to make now.

~Kuoh academy~

"You must never go near the church again, Issei."

"But why?"

Issei told Rias about the odd feeling he had when he went over to the church while holding back on his encounter with Asia. Rias, Akeno, and himself were in an empty area of the old school building as they discussed these matters

Rais stood in front of a stained glass window as she spoke to her new Pawn. "if a devil is found close to a church it can cause problems for Angels and devils. Since we are still on strained terms with them, they can see a devil closing in on the church as a potential action against them. Not only that but the exorcists that are affiliated with the church use sacred gears. And they will use them against you if they have the chance."

Issei thought about Asia's power and couldn't help but think. 'Was that a sacred gear? Is she an exorcist?'

Akeno moved to stand next to Rias as she continued where her king left off "you were fortunate that we were able to bring you back as a devil but if you are to die again, there is no coming back. You will forever be gone."

Issei looked down as this all was starting to sound as if he would not be able to meet with Asia again.

"Geez, morbid aren't ya?"

The three devils jumped as they heard someone speak and looked around to try and find the voice since it was one they did not recognize

Rais narrowed her eyes as she flexed her hand ready to launch an attack. "Show yourself!"

Suddenly from the ceiling dropped a figure that landed in the middle of the three, getting them all to jump back. The figure stood up and they were all startled to see it was Naruto

Issei went wide-eyed as he pointed "where the hell did you come from?!"

Naruto turned to look at Issei as he smirked. He then spoke in a voice that sounded like a gruff man. "What are you talking about? I've been here the whole time."

Rias did not drop her guard as she lifted her hand and was ready to fire at him "who are you? You may have his appearance but you sound nothing like him!"

Naruto turned to look at Rias as he smiled and spoke in his normal voice "good to see that you are wary about obvious things but relax. It's actually me. I just felt like messing with you three."

Rias flared her power more with Akeno surging her lighting "you expect me to believe you after you come here with an obvious flaw in your disguise?!"

"I don't know?"

Rias froze as she heard Naruto's voice right behind her and hear him whisper in her ear

"Do you expect an enemy to not do something to you if he was able to get behind you?"

Rias then felt him pat her cheek, which caused her to flare her wings and jump away. She turned to see…..another Naruto? She landed and looked confused at what she was seeing "what…?"

The Naruto that was behind her shrugged as he spoke "one of my abilities." the other Naruto disappeared in a puff of smoke before Naruto moved to the railing and leaned on it "you can relax, I was just messing with you since you guys know that I am not a normal human."

Akeno pulled back her magic but kept her stare at him "and you just so happen to be spying on us?"

"Not really. I was spending the morning following up on something I was able to find out. As it turns out that the church is the base of the group of fallen angels and they have some sort of plan in the works. Something to do with a newcomer to their ranks." his eyes shifted to issei for a brief second before looking Rias in the eye "and from what you just said, you won't go there because it will cause issues for both sides. But you should know about where they are in case something happens."

Akeno and Rias looked at each other before the raven-haired beauty spoke up "yes, that is all true but why are you telling us this?"

Naruto smirked as he pushed off the railing "because I am going to be wrecking their plans."

The three looked shocked at his declaration as they were not expecting this

Rias stepped forward as she asked "do you know what you are saying. If you mess with the fallen angels…"

"Then they are going to have the biggest migraine any supernatural has ever had." was he being a bit cocky, yes. But he already started messing with them, they just don't know it yet. "You say that you won't go there because you are devils and it could cause problems for your side. But I am not sided with anyone so if things go wrong, no one will be to blame but me."

Rias could see his point in a way. He had said that he wasn't a yokai but there was still an issue. Not only that but she was slightly worried he was getting into something way over his head."Still, your chakra could be seen as the yokai moving into territory that isn't theirs. If you are caught, not only will the fallen angels deal with you but the devils will begin to go against the yokai."

Naruto didn't lose his confident smirk "I've been hiding here for four years with only you and Sona having a feeling about me. And yet you had nothing solid to go on. I'm sure that I can go about unnoticed." he hardened his gaze a bit as he looked to Rias "look, I'm still a little mad at you for getting Issei into this war and it will be a while till I don't want to hit you."

Akeno tensed up in preparation to defend her king while Issei shouted out "hey!"

Naruto ignored them as he continued "but I know you aren't a bad person. Just don't do it again."

The devils relaxed a bit since it didn't look like he was going to do anything as Rias still felt some guilt at what caused the tension between her group and his

Naruto looked to the side at a clock that was on the wall and smiled "he should be there soon.

This confused the group as they were not sure what he meant by that

Naruto then reached behind him and pulled something out before he tossed it to Akeno

She caught it and looked to see it was a feather duster. But there was something odd about it. The feathers looked familiar to her. She looked up to Naruto who smiled at her

"I said I learned a few things about the Fallen angels. The one I captured was… uncooperative so I had to make her talk. It was a simple thing but I was able to get a few items from our conversation. Pillow, feather dusters, and…." he pulled out another item and showed it to the group. "A few quill pens." he placed it on the rail before he walked away

The devils were stunned about what he just did but one of them had a different reaction

Akeno could imagine what Naruto had done to the Fallen angel and wicked her lips as she brought the present to her face and rubbed her cheek on it "Ara, a man after my own heart." she rubbed her legs as she tried her hardest not to let her sadistic side get to her. Not that she was trying so hard

Naruto shivered as he heard what she said and felt the emotion coming from her. He needed to get out before Akeno did something. He looked back to Rias and gave a foxy smile "ah before I go." he brought his hand up into a hand sign causing Rias's cheek to light up as kanji appeared on it. The light caused them to cover their eyes before it died down. Naruto held in his laughter as he saw his work done and then he went up in a puff of smoke

Akeno and Issei were surprised to see Naruto disappear like the last one but when they turned to look at Rias they were surprised at what they saw.

Akeno giggled at this as she was liking this side of Naruto. "Ara ara. He is just full of surprises."

Issei was mad at what Naruto had done as he thought it defiled a part of one of the boob goddesses of the school

Rias was confused at their reaction but saw Akeno bring up a mirror. What she saw brought a tick mark on her head. Her face, which was usually blemish-free and untouched by makeup, was now painted as if she was a clown with a big red nose to go with it. "Oh, I'm going to kill him for this."


Naruto laughed as he got the memories of his clone. "I'm sure she is going to be mad about that. Wonder if she is going to do anything about it?" he smiled as he leaned back as a sign flew over him before he sat back up with his arms crossed. He looked around to see the passing streets, buildings, and signs. "Well….." he stood up with his clothes and hair whipping in the wind "I can take the rest of the way on foot." he leaped to the side and landed on one of the passing buildings as he began to jump in the same direction the bullet train he was just on was heading. Putting a bit more speed he moved past the train and getting closer to where he wanted to be. He could have made it faster than the train but riding on top of the train allows him to just enjoy the ride. He made it to his destination and paused as another memory came to him and he winced at the angered look Ino gave his clone. "Great, Ino's going to kill me." he was at least thankful that she allowed his clone to make another one before she hit him. He didn't need the student council to get on his case.

He walked into a park and smiled as he was enjoying the full display of nature here. He continued deeper into the park before he paused. 'Looks like I've been caught.' he felt himself being watched and tensed his muscles, ready for the coming ambush. He continued walking ready to counter. As he walked past a tree, he reacted to the figure that came out of the tree. He spun around and pounced on them as they rolled on the grass.

"*squeal* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA stop Naruto-Nii!"

"Never!" he tickled his assailant until he saw she now had tears coming from her eyes. He let up and smiled as he moved back "I see you still have that alert tag if you were here before I walked in the park. You almost had me that time, Kuno."

Kuno panted for a bit before she caught her breath and gave a pouting glare "liar."

Naruto chuckled as he shrugged "how have you been Kuno? It's been a while since I've seen you."

Kuno strengthened her glare though it just looked cute on her "I've been well. But you haven't come to visit in a long time. I was starting to think you wouldn't come back."

Naruto rubbed the back of his head as he sat down cross-legged "sorry, I've been busy with something really important but some recent things have come up that make me really think about it." he then brought a hand up and rubbed her head "but I'm happy to see you again Kuno." he smiled as she swatted his hand away but he could tell that she was happy that he had done that. He then sighed and smiled as he closed his eyes. "And how have you been, Yasaka?" he felt a pair of arms wrapped around his neck as the female fox woman hugged him from behind and leaned her head on his shoulder.

"I'm happy to see you doing well, Naruto. We missed your company, you know."

Naruto chuckled for a second before he turned serious "Yasaka, I need to ask you something."

Yasaka turned her head to look at him "yes?"

"What can you tell me about the fallen angel faction."

Yasaka was a little stunned before she pulled away and moved around to be in front of Naruto "I imagine that you had a run-in with them?"

Naruto shrugged as Kunou jumped onto his lap and he wrapped his arms around her. "Not so much a run in, rather they are doing something in the town I'm staying at and I plan on messing with them."

Yasaka fixed her dress as she sat on her knees in front of him. "It is not wise to mess with such a faction as many of them tend to be vindictive. But, to put it in simple terms they are angels who have fallen from the grace of god due to them submitting to their wants and desires."

Naruto released three of his tails and picked Kunou up with one before tossing her in the air and catching her with the other two. This was something that he found Kunou enjoyed, despite her being old enough to find more mature forms of entertainment. "But they are still angels, aren't they? Shouldn't they still be accepted with the angels?"

Yasaka shook her head "no. In the eyes of the angels, they are no better than devils, and yet in the eyes of the devils, they are just as hated as the angels. So they are in the middle ground forming their own faction and warring both sides.

Kunou was now hanging upside down using her tails to hang off one of his.

Yasaka could not help but smile at the way her daughter interacted with Naruto. Normally, Kunou would act very mature, well beyond her years, yet when Naruto showed up, it was like a switch was flipped and the child in her bursts out. A key example is how, Kunou was jumping around four of his tails now in an attempt to grab the one with the black stripe going down it.

Naruto paused his tails' movement as his face turned into a glare "so the Fallen are victims of circumstances then?" he winced slightly as Kunou had grabbed onto his tail tightly. "But with the feeling I get from them, they aren't good people either."

Yasaka shook her head "in my experience, it is one's character that defines them. Though I cannot deny that many in the fallen angel faction are cruel and should not be trusted."

Naruto nodded as he agreed with what she said. He sighed as he felt Kunou was now on his shoulders and he retracted his tails. The info he just gained wasn't really something new or something difficult to figure out. He was sure he could have figured it out with a little digging or another torture session with his already captive Fallen angel. But this was also a chance for him to get away from the city that was at the moment festering with negative emotions. With how constant it was, he was getting a metaphorical headache. And with the abundant number of clones he has in the town, his metaphorical headache will become a real-life migraine with how long his clones have been out and how much memory and negativity they must feel. And there were a few things he was sure she knew that he wouldn't get from his captive. "What about the higher-ups. Is there a leader in the fallen angel faction?"

Yasaka nodded "yes. His name is Azazel. He is a fallen angel of twelve wings which shows his level of power. He is someone that you do not wish to battle. But he has a very laid back and…..eccentric, tendencies."

Naruto couldn't help but think 'sounds almost like a combo of Kakashi and pervy sage.' the way Azazel was described just sounded like it as Kakashi could be seen as laid back and the word "eccentric" was obvious. "So in terms of power?"

Yasak sighed "he is one of the strongest beings you could meet among the fallen Angels. It is best not to antagonize him in any way."

Naruto crossed his arms as he looked up at the sky and sarcastically said "sounds fun." He didn't have much to base this "Azazel's" strength since he has been keeping a low profile and avoiding conflict with any of these factions until now. his vision of the sky was then replaced by the smiling face of Kunou

"So how long are you staying? Will you stay all day?"

Naruto chuckled as he brought up a hand and poked her in the nose "I wish I could stay but you know that none of the other yokai like me and hate it when they see me with you two. Also with me messing with the burnt chickens back at Kuoh, I should be there when all their plans fall apart and I can laugh in their face." his face became sadistic for a second before schooling it as he saw the sad look Kunou gave him. "But I can stay here for a few hours until I have to go back…..or one of your worrying bodyguards finds you two."

Yasaka then brought up a hand to cup Naruto's face and bring his gaze back to her. "Since I have you here. Have you given my offer some thought? I would like to hear your answer to what I had asked you some time ago."

Naruto sighed as he looked into her eyes "when you brought it up before, I knew I couldn't because at the time I was still working on something for those close to me. But recently, they had brought up the idea that I should accept my circumstances and move forward. Though they said that I can still work on it, I don't need to spend all my time on it. Maybe I can take you up on the offer." he looked up to see Kunou beaming at him. "What do you think, Kunou?"

Kunou pouted as her answer was obvious "you know what I want!"

Naruto chuckled as he looked back to Yasaka who leaned forward and placed a kiss on his cheek

"Take your time. It is something you would really think about."

Naruto chuckled at this "given how I am right now, I shouldn't have to."


Ino huffed as she was sitting in her seat, listening to the lesson from her teacher. 'I'm going to hurt Naruto the second he comes back!'

'You know Naruto isn't doing this to make us mad. He just has a lot on his mind, especially since he has been trying to find a way for us to go back.'

Ino shifted her eyes to her left at Hinata who, although looking as if she was writing notes, was just writing a list of things that they need at their home while speaking to Ino using a mental link the female blonde had established with each other while keeping the clone out of it. Something the girls use when they want to keep something from him.

Ino groaned in her head as she thought back 'I still find it stupid how a guy that doesn't even like being in Konoha would want to go back there.'

'He doesn't want to. He wants us to, you know that. He is only willing to tolerate the village as long as we are there. He believes that we would want to go back there since we have family there. My mother, father, and sister. Your mother and father, not to mention our friends. And are we missing anything from the pantry?'

The Yamanaka sighed as she turned the page of the textbook that she wasn't paying attention to. She glared at the back of the Naruto clone's head, almost hoping to burst it by her stare alone. 'The stupid spiky-haired idiot needs to start thinking about being a little more selfish. Stop thinking about us and start thinking about himself. We even told him that he shouldn't spend so much time on that damn seal and just enjoy his time here…. And I think we are running out of rice and your stash of cinnamon buns. It really is your guilty pleasure.'

Although her face remained stoic, the blush on Hinata's face was a clear sign of her embarrassment. 'Well, with how things are starting to escalate, we now have new problems and despite how we have remained incognito from all the devils that are here, the way the fallen angels are messing around the town are forcing us to take action…..and it is not a guilty pleasure!'

Ino sighed again 'not to mention that there are girls after our man from so many sides. His fans, which are about 90% of the girls in this school. Like all of the girls in the Kendo club. Heck, Murayama and Katase won't stop talking about how handsome and nice he is. Then some of the devils, like Akeno who looks like she wants to tie him down and have her way with him, and Sona and Tsubaki, though they seem to be more interested in figuring out what he is rather than get with him. And let's not forget about who he is meeting right now. We haven't met but with how…'


Ino turned her head to Hinata to see that she had snapped the pen she had in her hand. She turned her head to see the class was looking at Hinata but her gaze fell on the clone who was giving her a look of concern. She shook her head ever so slightly, giving the message that everything was fine.

Despite feeling the rising jealousy coming from Hinata, the clone chose to accept Ino's reassurances but knew the original will be bringing this up later.

Ino handed Hinata another pen and spoke to the class "it was an old pen that she apparently gripped too hard." seeing the class accept her excuse she looked forward and continued to speak to Hinata through their mental link. 'You knew that he might attract others. We've seen it the very first week we started this school. It was only a matter of time before a few started to actually like him rather than be attracted to him.'

Hinata was doing her best not to snap the new pen in her hand as she spoke. 'But why should we even consider having someone else be with him!?'

'Hinata…..he is already with us. Two at the same time. As much as I want to keep it at just that, we would be hypocritical denying someone that actually cares about him to be denied being with him. The three of us got together because we almost lost each other and the thought of not having the chance to be with Naruto, hurt Hinata. It hurt so much as I told him how I felt the very second we almost died. And I know you felt the same.'

Hinata could not deny what Ino said was true. The very second Gaara's sand encased them and was about to crush them. The thought of never getting the chance to stand by Naruto, to love Naruto, to just be with Naruto, hurt more than anything else. It gave her the courage to confess as her face was covered in sand. Thanks to Naruto's clones, they had this chance but if the clones were just a second later, they never would have had the chance. If someone actually cared about Naruto, would she have the heart to put that pain on them? '...IF….there are any who want to be with him. WE will judge them ourselves. No floozies.'

Ino giggled at this 'plan on scaring any other ones, huh?'

Hinata just puffed her cheeks and moved on

After most of the day spent talking, playing, and just enjoying each other's company, Yasaka had to return to her duties which she knows piled up on her during this spontaneous free time.

As the three were about to part ways, Naruto looked to the woman and said "thank you for all the info you gave me and I swear I will have an answer for you soon."

Yasaka nodded as she smiled brightly at him. "And I look forward to hearing it."

Kunou was pouting at the fact that he was leaving and hugged his waist

Naruto looked down and laughed "I'll be back soon ok. And next time I'll bring you a treat."

Kunou looked up and smiled at him "you better."

Naruto heard the train depart and looked up to see the train starting to pass. He gently removed Kunou off of him before smiling and giving the two a two-fingered salute "I'll see you two soon." and with that, he leaped up and landed on the speeding train so he can enjoy the ride home.

Yasaka smiled as she watched the train leave and sighed blissfully. She looked down at her daughter who looked up at her with a massive smile "what do you think will be his answer."

Kunou bounced on her feet "I hope he says 'yes'."

Yasaka nodded as she gestured for them to go "so do I."

Naruto sat on the roof of the train as he thought about what he was told. During his time with Yasaka and Kunou, the elder of the two had told him much about the Fallen angels. He would have asked about the devils as well but he didn't want to spoil all of their time with serious talk. "yeah….I might take her up on it. Just gotta bring it up with Ino and Hinata. Just hope they don't try and kill me."

"I get the feeling that they will hang you by the tails. Especially the Hyuga."

Naruto was a little startled by his father's sudden statement "where the hell have you been?"

"You ask that as if you didn't already know I was inside you. Just woke up to tell you that it's about time you started looking at things other than getting them home."

Naruto glared as he spoke "hey! They have family there. I figured that they wanted to get back to them. I'm sure Hinata's mother and sister miss her and I don't even have to wonder about Inoichi and Noriko (ino's mother). And Anko said her daughter Asa wants me to come back."

"But you have a chance at something different in your life in this world. And as the Yamanaka and Hyuga said, you don't have to spend all your time on that damn seal. Remember time flows differently in this world so you haven't missed much on their side."

He sighed as he knew that Rama (naruto's name for Kurama) was right. "I know you're right. I guess I was just unsure about this world and….!" he stopped as he gained the memories of one of his clones. "Freed huh. That guy is just creepy." he got to his feet and jumped off the train before landing on the roof of a building and sped back home. He created a clone and dispelled it, sending a message to his other clones. "This gives me the opportunity to really mess with them. But I better move it." putting on some speed, he disappeared from sight.

Issei was biking to his client's house as he thought about what he learned about his placement in the peerage. "A fucking pawn. Could I be any more pathetic? Chicks will never dig pawns. I gotta work my ass off if I wanna rank up. Damn it." he stopped thinking about himself being a pawn as he thought about the turn his life took. He sighed as he ran through it. 'Got asked out by a fallen angel that ended up killing me, got resurrected into a devil, found out that many of my classmates are supernatural beings, and met a really cute girl that I might not meet again. What kind of shit storm did I get into?' he stopped in front of the house of the person that requested a devil as he chose to think about this later on. After setting up his bike to lean on a street post, he walked up to the door before knocking. After a minute of no response, he checked the door and found it unlocked. "It's unlocked, that doesn't seem safe. Hello! This is the devil you requested from Lady Gremory! Anyone home?" he took a step inside and immediately felt something tell him he shouldn't be here. 'What the hell?! It's that feeling again." At first, he wanted to cut tail and run as his instincts told him but he remembered how Rias had told him to come back with a pact from the client. He felt that he had been a bit of a disappointment to the one that had brought him back so he felt that it was his obligation to come back with a pact. Shaking his head he stepped inside the house "sorry for the intrusion but I'm coming in!"

Issei walked slowly into the house as he still felt the unnerving feeling run through him. He walked towards a doorway that had orange light coming from it and assumed that it was from the client trying to set the mood. As he entered the room, he stepped into something moist. With the dark lighting, he couldn't really tell what it was and bent down to see what it was. He dipped his fingers in it and brought it to his face. He ran his fingers over it and thought about the texture. "Is this….blood?" he looked back down to the liquid he stepped in and followed where it was coming from. Soon he saw the chopped-up pieces of a corpse. He stumbled back, with his back hitting the wall as he put his hand over his mouth to keep himself from vomiting from the sight "what the fuck?!"

"'Punish the wicked'. Words to live by. Yes, wise advice to heed from a holy man."

Issei looked to the one who was talking and saw a silver-haired man with a crazed look in his eyes and sticking his tongue out for no reason. 'What the hell?!'

The man got up from the couch he was sitting on before walking around it to face Issei. "Such a pity for you. You just walked into the wrong house, my friend. Freed sellzen here at your service." Freed then began to do a ridiculous dance by bringing his arms up and down in the air along with lifting a leg and with the corresponding leg as if his arms were pulling his legs up. "And you must be the scared little pussy whose devil ass this holy priest is going to exorcise."

Issei pushed off the wall and stepped back from the crazed man "a priest?"

Freed smiled widely at his prey "yes. I work for a certain devil purging organization, you may have heard of."

Issei kept stepping back as Freed stepped forward "so you're the one that did this!" he pointed at the pieces of the man he assumed was his original client."

"Summoning you was proof that he was no longer human." he then bent his head backward to look at the corpse "end of the line sinner!" he then turned to Issei as his eye widened as he stuck his tongue out "so I had to chop him up into little tiny pieces." he then reached into his coat to grasp on some items. "Putting down degenerate devils and the lost souls that cry out to them is my job. So why don't I do what I'm good at."He then pulled out a fancy designed handle in his right hand and a well-decorated hand cannon in his left. The handle then lit up as a blade of light came out "first I'm going to cut out your evil heart with my heavenly blade of light…...then with my righteous gun I'm going to blow a hole in your wicked demon face." he then gained a crazed look as he stuck his tongue out again. "HOW DOES THAT SOUND DEVIL?!" he then charged at Issei with his blade ready to cut the boy

Issei panicked as he began to back away from the charging man

Freed brought his blade down, smiling as he saw he was about to cut the boy. His arm came down and he eagerly waited for the spray of blood to coat him. But after a few seconds, he realized something was wrong

Issei had closed his eyes as he braced himself for the pain that he expected. That last time he was hit by one was when he was killed by Rayner and he was told that it would hurt more now that he was a devil. But after a second of feeling nothing, he peeked through his eyelids to see what happened.

"Wow, I think I saw something like this in a movie once. Though no matter how you decorate it, a gun is a gun."

Freed looked to the hand that was once holding his blade of light to see that his weapon was gone. He then flexed his other hand to feel that his gun was gone as well. Turning to the one that spoke he saw a spiky-haired kid holding his holy sword of light and looking at it as if it was something he picked up from the store. "Who the fuck is this pussy?"

Issei saw who it was and felt some relief "Naruto!"

Naruto was wearing black anbu style pants with steel grieves over his black boots that had steel clips. Around his waist was a burnt orange sash that functioned as a belt with the ends dangling on his right side. On his torso, he wore a short-sleeve form-fitting black shirt with his arms protected by steel bracers that had a few small seal tags on the bottom of his wrist. Around his neck was the Hokage necklace as he always wore it. And to finish it he wore a black short sleeve hooded long coat that had orange flames that come from the bottom hem and the tips of the flames circling around the Uzumaki swirl at the center of his back.

Freed looked between the two and regained his crazed grin. "Oh, another devil for me to handle. Oh god must really love me."

Naruto glared at Freed as the man just made him feel disgusted. The main reason was because….he didn't feel any negativity come from the man as he killed the man. Freed was so happy in killing that he no longer had any malice in it. The man thought it was nothing big like it was as simple as breathing. "Ok, first: I'm not a devil. And second:..."

Freed smiled wide as he was getting ready to charge at this new devil but as he blinked, the blonde was no longer standing where he was.

"How does it feel when you are being chopped up?"

Freed was stunned at the speed of the boy but he didn't have a chance to think about it as he fell over, as he lost his balance. He caught himself with his hands and was about to stand again but he then noticed that his right leg was missing. It was then the massive amount of pain shot up his leg and his blood began to spray from his upper thigh, where his leg was separated "AAAAAAHHHHHHH!" he gripped it as he could not believe what just happened

Issei was stunned at what just happened. He blinked and Naruto did something that severed the mad priest's leg. "How did…?"

Naruto walked up to him and patted him on the shoulder "you came a little faster than I had assumed but thankfully I was able to get here fast enough."

Issei looked to Naruto and asked as he shifted his gaze to the corpse on the side "but why couldn't….?"

Naruto smiled as he leaned in closer and whispered out "don't worry about it." he looked at the corpse as Issei was looking at it as well and they saw the corpse shimmer a bit. "It's not real. I'll explain later but right now." He looked at Freed who was still in shock at what happened that he didn't notice the shimmer. Naruto glared at the man as he walked closer "I'm going to deal with this piece of shit." he looked at the gun in his hand and grimaced at it before he sealed it away in a storage seal he had on his left wrist. He then picks the man up by his throat "for someone who calls himself a 'holy man' you have more evil than the very devils you say are the epitome of evil."

Freed gripped on the hand that was holding him as he glared at the new devil. His eyes shifted to the sword of light that was in the devil's right hand and then smiled manically. "Too bad for you, you shitty cunt!" he reached into his jacket and pulled out a vial, popped it open, and splashed its contents on the devil's face. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AAAAAAAARRRRGH!" Freed then felt the searing pain of losing the very hand he used to splash the devil with holy water. He usually used that to torment any devil he subdued but he used all of the vail's content to get the devil to scream in pain and he would have the chance to grab the sword and use it on the screaming devil. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

Naruto was a little irritated at being splashed by whatever was in the glass bottle. He licked his lips to see what it was and it didn't taste like anything. After a second he realized that he was splashed by water. "Did you expect something to happen?" he then felt Freed punch him in the face and then he sliced off that arm as well.


Naruto tilted his head to avoid a spray of blood that would have hit his face "well look at that. It seems you don't like it when you are chopped up into little pieces."

"You fucking devil shit!"

Naruto was getting sick of this man. And he let go of the man's throat before quickly moving and held him by the hair "I don't like killing." he brought the man higher as he pulled the sword back "but that doesn't mean I won't do it to scum like you."

Issei closed his eyes as he heard the cut and thump of what he assumed was the body dropping to the ground.


Issei's eyes shot open to see that Naruto's arm was held by someone else. Someone he knew "Asia?"

Naruto's arm was lowered as the girl had jumped on it to lower his aim. So the ling he cut off was the remaining leg. He looked at Asai who was looking at him pleadingly

"Don't hurt him anymore."

Naruto stared at her pleading and teary eyes before he sighed and tossed the limbless priest onto the couch where the man was panicking at the sight of his missing limbs. He pushed Asai off his arm before he looked at Issei who was stunned at the sight of the girl

"Asia? What are you here."

Naruto moved over to Issei as he spoke "she is here as a way to recruit her into their ranks. The limbless dick over there was supposed to be her supervisor." he pointed at the man who was close to bleeding out

Asia moved over to the man and began to heal him

Issei saw the green glow from Asia's hand before looking at Naruto "what do you mean?"

"He is working with the Fallen angels and she was brought here for something. I'd tell you more but right now…"

A read summoning symbol appeared in the room with Rias and her peerage coming through.

Akeno looked around the room and placed a hand on her face "oh my, what a mess."

Kiba lowered his sword as he saw that there was nothing to worry about "seems we used the party. A little rude don't you think, Naruto?"

Naruto shrugged as he moved over to where the priest's limbs were "well I did tell you to wait a certain amount of time before you come here and as you can see, Issei is fine and no wounds are on him."

Rias glared at Naruto as she was still a little peeved at him for what he did in the early morning. "I still don't understand why you had us wait instead of coming here first thing to handle the exorcist."

"Yes and although Issei was a few minutes early and almost threw off my plan, it still went off without a hitch." he had gathered all the limbs and piled them up on a spot in the room before he breathed out some fire and incinerated them. "Now to finish things up, I'd suggest you take your leave. Not much time left before the Fallen angels arrive."

Koneko felt the spark of the chakra he used and walked up to the blonde and stared up at him. "Why can't I feel your chakra right now?" she narrowed her eyes as he was still a mystery to them.

Naruto looked at her and sighed as he poked her in the forehead "still not going to tell you. But know that I will tell you…...at some point."

Koneko held her forehead as she glared at him. But suddenly he popped into existence a bag of sweets and handed it over. "...fine." she then walked away to stand by Rias

Rias glared at him as she folded her arms under her bust "you kept your promise in keeping Issei safe but…." she eyed the light sword in his hand "what do you plan to do with that?"

Naruto looked at the sword for a second until finding a switch to turn it off. He then sealed it away just like the gun. "For now, I'll hold onto it. Might store it somewhere or use it as a flashlight but better that it is away from you devils. These Fallen angels and exorcists seem more wicked than you, so I'll keep it out of their hands."

"And what's to stop you from using it on us?"

Naruto put his hands behind his head and gave a foxy grin "as long as you aren't evil, I don't have a reason to."

Rias didn't know why but the way he said this made her want to believe him. After a second she sighed and nodded "fine. We will trust you for now."

Naruto nodded "well you guys better get going."

Rias nodded as she called out to her peerage "we're leaving everyone."

Issei turned to Rias in shock "what about Asia"

It was Naruto who spoke up. "Issei, she is still part of the Fallen angel group. But I promise that no harm will come to her."

Issei looked to Naruto and saw the look of determination in those eyes. The look showed that he would make sure that the promise was fulfilled. He looked to Rias as if pleading for some backup but saw a look of sadness

"I'm sorry Issei but as she is affiliated with the fallen angels, I cannot bring her with us."

"But Rias…."

Rias shook her head, showing that this decision was final

Issei took a deep breath before giving a hard look to Naruto. "You better keep her safe!"

Naruto smiled at Issei as he nodded "of course."

Asia moved away from Freed who had passed out from the blood loss. She smiled at Issei before hugging him.

Issei hugged her back "I'll see you again, ok?"

Asai nodded as she pushed away. "Yes, I'm sure we will."

Rias smiled at this as her peerage came closer to her and she summoned a magic circle to take them away.

Issei gave one last look to Asai and waved "see ya around."

"Goodbye Issei."

And with that, Rias and her peerage disappeared, leaving Naruto, Asia, and Freed in the room.

Naruto nodded as he turned to the passed-out man "right. Time to finish up here. Ino!"

Ino appeared next to Naruto in her ninja attire. She had on a black sleeveless mock top and had the part over the top of her breasts and collar bone removed to make it look like she had a strapped tube top. Over it, she wore an open sleeveless purple jacket that stopped under her breasts with her midriff being shown off. a purple waist cape that was over an onyx skirt with a slit that showed off more of her thigh on her left side and under the skirt was black biker shorts that were missing the left leg. She had black Shinobi boots that had armored leather greaves similar to the bracers she had on. Though the right bracer was thicker with a senbon launcher in it (using an outfit from Fox Guardian. Image of it on my Deviant art page. head to profile for link to it)

Ino went through hand signs before entering Freed's mind. After a few seconds, she came back out and shivered "that guy's mind is twisted."

Naruto nodded as he felt some of the fallen angels approaching. "We better get out of here. They are coming."

Ino nodded as she made her way to the exit. She stopped and turned around to smirk at what she saw was about to happen

Asia walked up to Naruto and threw herself at him before kissing him on the lips.

Naruto returned the kiss as he cupped her cheek and breathed in deeply through his nose to take in her scent.


After a few seconds, they separated and Naruto smiled at her. "Better get into position."

Asia nodded before walking away and laying on the ground and closing her eyes as if she was knocked out.

Naruto smirked at the sight as he spoke "see you soon."

And with that, Ino and Naruto disappeared from the house in time for a beam of light to appear in the ceiling.

Ino and Naruto re-appeared in their home with the male sighing as he flopped into a seat

Ino though was not happy. She moved over to him and pulled on his ear, hard

"Ow. ow. Ow. owowowowowowow Ino! That's my ear!"

"Yes, and if you don't want to lose it you better start explaining!" she let go of his ear and saw him rub it to quell the pain

"I didn't really have time o fill you in on all the details but I am glad you got everything I needed set."

Ino put her hands on her hips as she tapped her foot "and you are going to tell me the whole plan right now!"

Naruto brought his hands up in surrender "ok, ok! I was going to anyway. But I recently learned the names of a few higher-ups in the fallen angel ranks. I need to have another hat with our guest to see who is running the show. After that, we can inform the devils since I'm sure they know more about it than we do."

Ino huffed as she was still waiting for the full run-through about his plan.

"Um….excuse me?"

Naruto and Ino paused in their discussion to look to their left

"I don't have much to tell you about who is leading the angels."

Naruto could feel the fear and see the confusion on her and he smiled as he got up from his seat "you don't have to worry about anything. We only took you here for your own protection. I promise that you will be free to go soon, Asia."

End of chapter

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