After a very tense battle, Gin Minowa suffered a significant amount of injuries. And this was fatal if she couldn't get enough support.

"At this rate … I have lost so much blood … But … if I could still go back, then … I'd be alive … The Vertexes are gone …"

Gin knew that she had very little choice but to go back immediately. She had yet to succumb to the fatality, after she defeated the Vertexes.

Unfortunately, something …


A mysterious, unknown blonde haired man, muscular and strong, threw knife into the chest, directly, of Gin Minowa. He walked slowly, looked even taller and, even with the armor Gin carried, was no match for him.

But it was the fatal knife stabbing had something related about. After all …

"You …"

Only by that moment, the man, with bloody eyes, smiled to them, and told.

"How does it go, little girl? Your … your power … is one of my desire for a revenge long ago."

Minowa was total astonished, but this stabbing proved to be too fatal. She was already weakened after the battle, and this man now appeared to do a dirty thing against her.

"Who … who are you?"

At this rate, her blood kept spilling out from her mouth, as she could not afford anymore. Only by then, the man represented to her.

"Hahahahaha, you think you're fighting Vertexes in your world … but this time, the opponent is me, DIO BRANDO!" Dio gave a bold laugh, cold and heartless and he held the knife stabbing to Gin's body.

"Di … Dio … Dio Brando …" Gin had never heard about Dio, so she didn't understand: "But … why did you stab me … why?"

"Hehehehehe … as I say, I want revenge, because of a family that sent me to this part of an unknown cycling world. Yes, I had died before, but I returned with full body in this world. No worry, I have taken care of the Vertexes, by making them succumb to me." Dio laughed: "It makes sense for me to kill you."

"If … if you revenge … why don't you go fight … instead, you stab me which have … had nothing to you?

"That's the problem. I, Dio, had been sent into another world because I was killed. But the enemy had yet to exterminate my soul, and I reincarnated, back to this world, full restoration of my body. Now, the only thing I want is to merge your world to my world. And so will be the other world I traveled. This would empower me. You fools carry the kind of power I want … to enhance me! ENHANCE DIO! ENHANCE THE WORLD!"

"You mean …" Gin might have seen what would happen, but her lung was slowly turning off.

"Yes, this world, and many other worlds offer me variety of powers that will make me invincible. Since the decisive battle against the Joestar family, I was sent here because I was killed, but my spirit stayed alive, and thanked for Enrico Pucci, I'd be glad to travel, to restore my power, before returning to take revenge on the Joestar family. You, and your Taisha girlfriends, are worth for my plan of vengeance. Killing you doesn't mean everything worthless. My body has the ability to steal power and incorporate into mine. It'll make me stronger, right … Gin Minowa?"

This time, Dio Brando even mentioned out the name of Gin, despite having not asked a single question. Gin realized that this opponent must be very dangerous, way more powerful than those Vertexes.

"Damn … I don't know … who you put trouble … but hope … you will be killed … and exterminated … forever … by them …" Gin cursed, and cursed: "Dio … Dio Brando … you'll die again …"

"Oh, you're approaching the last moment. How pathetic. But that's not important anymore. I know your two pathetic friends, Sumi Washio and Sonoko Nogi. They will soon be incorporated with the new powers, but that's not important, because you are everything I needed."

"You …" Gin wanted to warn, but she was about to succumb. Of course, Gin could not manage to see anything except Dio Brando himself. And? Dio carried to himself an exclusive power that Gin could not see.

His stand.

"By the way, there is a missing piece. You can't see my power ability called 'stand'. Stand gave me extra power, and made it the strongest and most powerful ability. Your Hero suit is nothing for the stand!"


"Yeah … it is draining all your remaining body's abilities, until you appear to be just a lone body with no soul, nothing else. And you can do nothing."

Just a bold explanation from Dio, Gin Minowa realized, Dio Brando carried an exclusive power called 'stand'. But she could not see it, and her severe injuries proved too fatal, because of Dio's mysterious stand. And Gin, she was about to die …

On the other hand, Dio, who had authority over his stand and his ability, knew how to do.

"Is it enough?"

The World, Dio's stand, nodded.

"Yes … farewell, Hero girl. Your power, your armor, it's mine. I will keep collecting, for the final revenge, and destroy the Joestars! By then, rest in peace. WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!"

Due to the fatal injuries and her blood, her ability being later drained by Dio Brando, Gin Minowa could only see out his face, but since her friends had not awakened up, she could not do anything, before finally succumbed to her wound …

Meanwhile, an old man was sleeping, but after seeing such thing, he woke up.

"Oh my God!"

This time, another man woke up as well.

"Grandpa. What the …"

Although the old man's health had largely declined, he still walked over with all the will to warn his companions about a new threat emerging.

"Mr. Joseph!" A scientist was surprised: "What's wrong?"

"I … I just receive a dream! Dio Brando may have not died completely!"

It was from Joseph's voice. Jotaro, who arrived with Joseph, found out the warning. Although Joseph was usually insane, his prediction and his ability of reading had never been wrong at all. Especially when it came with a type of dream that caused a lot of concerns.

"Dio had not died?"

"I found that … he has not yet died out all. Even though we had killed him in Egypt, but his spirit … it has yet to vanish. He has revived power in another world, and is determined … to return!" Joseph explained, as Jotaro startled to hear.

"Impossible. Grandfather, is it true?"

With no hesitation, Jotaro ordered it to start. The Speedwagon Foundation began immediate research to figure where was Dio, eventually detected a weird noise in elsewhere …


"Damn it, this scream …" Joseph, even though had been old, was still good enough to hear out: "This type of scream doesn't belong to Giorno Giovanna."

"No way! So …"

That's how it went. Jotaro, startled to hear, became determined to find out, and if he had, a must fight to finish Dio forever.