Porpentina Goldstein or Tina was sat at the cafeteria of MACUSA staring at her boss, Percival Graves.

Following the revelation that Gellert Grindelwald was impersonating Percival Graves for some time, a formal investigation went underway for the location of the real Auros Percival Graves. It seems that no one suspected anything was different with Graves while he was being impersonated, due to the fact that his behavior and icy demeanor was exactly the same. Graves was found trapped within his personal pensive reliving his worst memories. It seems Grindelwald had found a way to trap him in a never-ending loop of some of his worst experiences.

How Grindelwald managed to fool Graves into the trap in the first place was something Graves would take to his...grave. Anyway, Graves had a reputation to uphold and opted to say that he was chasing Grindelwald and 'happened' to fall into the pensive, on accident. It was Tina who had found him, as she herself had fallen into the pensive while searching Grave's apartment—a combination of clumsiness, and Grave's decision to put his pensive on his closet floor next to a pile of clothes, just waiting to be tripped on.

In it, she gained a better understanding for who Graves was, and then found Graves and got him out. No one should have to relive their worst memories for that long, and Grindelwald had been impersonating Graves for well over three months. Grindelwald had not planned for a second person to be in the pensive and all Graves had to do was take Tina's hand and follow her out. At first, Graves was angry at Tina for doing the job of an Auros, but when he found out about her involvement in capturing Grindelwald, handling the Obscurial situation, and her reinstatement into the Auror division, he was both impressed and happy that she was the one to find him, though he didn't show it.

What followed was a mutual understanding between the two Aurors. Graves even started working with Tina from time to time, building a friendship. While Graves was already working again like nothing had ever happened and hadn't even mentioned his long capture, the Senior Aurors had been unable to move on. They were ashamed that Grindelwald, the evilest wizard of their time, had been able to capture their boss from right under their nose and none of them had noticed – that would have been enough to make the most prideful of wizards and witches humble and ashamed.

Next to her boss was Newt, who was reading a book about poisonous plants as time Richards with Lopez and some else Auros played with a niffler and a gold coin but the eyes of Tina were over to Newt was absorbed in the book to give her attention. Then the woman sighs as she could not find ways to draw his attention, her sister told her she could seduce him but it will not be so low. Sometimes Tina was thinking if there was another woman in his life or met one of the many trips he had made but Queenie could not find anything in his mind.

The President decided to get out of his office and found Newt to ask him if he has discovered anything to case but Fontaine cut him off saying. 'Newt, you have visitor''

Newt threw the book on the floor and jumped from his chair running out of the cafeteria with the Auros, Tina and Graves after him as no one could understand what it was that made him run so fast and after one minute they found Newt stood in the middle of the reception room with a big smile over his face.

She stood at the entrance of the MACUSA, tall and lanky, with long white hair and a striking face. Who would ever believe someone as small as she could lead men to their possible deaths?

Τhey saw a woman standing on the stairs with crossed arms. The woman had luscious curls that looked like it was spun from the snow. The beauty's skin was a flawless pearl white that if you looked close enough, it glittered like diamonds. She stood at 5'8 with an hourglass figure, a nicely rounded shaped ass encased in tight fitted jeans that looked like it was painted on like a second skin. The woman's toned arms showed through the lightweight sleeves of her shirt, and the swords hanging from her belt made her appear deadly. She looked like an Amazon. A true warrior, the kind Tina wished could be. Oh, she was a good fighter, a soldier, she knew that but this woman could send troops into battle, and no one would blink. Her breasts were perfectly proportioned, not too big and not too small.

"She looks so sexy and fit!" squealed Fontaine when he saw the stranger, to which most of MACUSA's male population agreed to.

"Hey, Newt." She said. A huge smile spread out on Newt's face while the head of Tina was about to explode from jealousy.

Newt hates hungs or comfortable with another person. Usually, New refrained from physical contact with, he was clinging tightly to this woman. She wondered if Newt liked her as more than a friend. There was also the fact that the woman was clinging to Newt as tightly as Newt was clinging to her. She would have to keep her eye on them.

Before anyone could blink, the woman whipped her gun from the waistband of her pants and pointed it at Queenie Goldstein. Tina raised her wand.

Newt lifted his arms, gesturing for everyone to lower their wands. But it was her he spoke to directly. "Alright, Tina, hold up. ."

The woman just smiled at her, lifting her chin with a dare on her lips.

"Look, guys, come on. Just...relax. Okay." He looked back and forth between the two women. "Tina put the wand down. Now. Now!"

Did he just choose this woman? Over her? Some part of her broke at the thought; he'd been the one on her side. Always her side... Emotional, she was being emotional. So much so that the rational part of her failed to realize she was the one holding the gun. Compartmentalize, put the feelings away. She lowered the wand, and everyone else followed suit.

'If you ever tried to read my mind again, I will rip your eyes from your head the woman growled.

Quinine was terrified and could not speak, Tina was right to say that she must stop to reads the thought of someone but the woman it was a mystery for her and everyone since they did not know about the personal life of Newt and about the fact that the arrival of the woman had a huge smile on his face but brought a huge wave of jealousy from her sister with some frightening thoughts to kill the unknown woman. But who believed that this woman had a gun with her and did not step down even when there are so many wands to direct the neck of.

''I became clear? She asks again but more intense this time.

''Yes' 'replied the blonde witch with a little voice and a smile appeared in the face of the woman.

''Good' 'She said and put her weapon away and turned at Newt. ''My dear Fido, can you explain why yesterday evening an owl came through my window and sat on the bed and staring at me while I had sex?''


''What is happening here?''

Everyone turned to sees Seraphine standing at the top of the stairs and look towards them as if it was a child who broke her favorite vase mom and for that, all the Auros went to their offices leaving Newt and the Goldstein's sister and the unknown woman alone deal with the President.

''Madam President, I'm sorry for the upset, but I've had an important guest' 'said Newt as look at the woman with a smile.

The Madam President look at the woman standing beside him, she was hard features and an aura of chaos and destruction with her eyes not having any emotion in them but what made her great impression was that Newt knew such a person as this woman with weapons and was ready to shoot some in front of all the people.

''Madam President, I would like you to meet...''Newt said.

"I can introduce myself, Fido," She interrupted. 'Medea Ace, Bounty Hunter and a good friend of Fido''

''Madam President and thank you that you accepted to help us' 'said President as they shake their hands and Newt looked at the floor to avoid the hunter's eye.

''What? 'She growled, pulling away from her as she glared at Newt.

''Now' 'said Medea as look at Newt. 'Can you explain why I'm here?''

''Miss Ace why do not we go to my office for some explain' 'said the President and the hunter followed her to her office when they heard the door to shut everyone the Auros run to Newt for some information.

''She's beauty, she's grace, she's will punch you in the face' '

''Who she is?''

''Is she single ?''

''Can I have the address of her house?''

''QUIET' 'said Percival Graves and no one dared to speak after this as they know the temper of the man.''You can do some questions but do not drown the poor boy''

But the truth was that Graves wanted to learn about this woman as he did not know her and he would shoot her with her own weapon as Graves cannot believe the words and behavior of the woman. A woman of their time would never speak this way to a man or she would have a gun with her but Graves realized that she would cause him trouble in his calm life and he does not want anything else.

'" I met her while I was travailing around Asia and Romania...''Newt said and a wave of jealousy passed through the stomach of Tina, seeing how much he loved talking about the woman and no one he has heard him talk so passionately about something except his animals...

'ΒUT she is rates, menacing, downright evil, beautiful, passionate, fierce, dangerous and for that, all of you must be away from her or you will miss an important part of our anatomy' 'said Newt, and everyone they laughed at the words of the man as they thought he was over, but the laughter disappeared when they saw the seriousness in his eyes.

''Guys this is not a joke because I have seen her torture a man or to kill someone without hesitation and one time someone lost his eye because he gripped her ass.''He said and laughing as he remembers the trip he had been to Romania to visit her and he had been at a bar for drinks with the result Medea get involved in a fight and she kicked their ass.

As Newt continued to explain a woman came out of a desk hitting the door behind her with anger, everyone saw the woman approaching had to run back to their offices leaving Newt alone to deal with her wrath.

''Medea...''Newt trailed off when he saw her face.

''Why you looking at me like you want to rip my head off? 'Newt questioned warily.

''You better start talking or will kill you in your sleep' 'She said voice dripping with venom, stepping aside.

"Gellert escaped and we want you to find him!"

Graves noticed the woman's nervousness and tried to understand why she was acting this way but when he heard her voice there was no trace of nervousness. 'You know what that sounds like? Not my problem''

Newt sighed and hit his head on the table as well he knows how stubborn is this woman and no one or everything he would not change her mind unless the woman has something to gain and for this case it is revenge. The magicology was ready to try to convince her to help but the president speak.

''You said that you're a Bounty Hunter and I want to hire you' 'The president was offered as he knew that a people of the shadow like her would not deny the money but her answer surprised her.

''It's not about money, it's about to denude a massage' 'said the hunter as she knows what chaos will be created if they learn that she works with MACUSA and many clients they will be removed from her because it will have to do according to the law and she hated rules.

''What kind of massage? 'Asked Graves with curiosity as has met people like her and never heard anyone deny the money about a massage.

''Your mouth. Close that shit'' said Medea and if the looks can kill the man would be dead.'' And now I have to go''

''Not a people person are you Medea? 'Asked Newt as Medea smiled to him with a real smile.

''Nonsense, I love people' 'the hunter replied.

Newt looked around and then at the hunter as wanted to go along with his friend to win the time they had lost but he fell on the floor by saying.'' Medea what-''

The hunter turned when she heard a noise from her back to see the red-haired man falling on the floor.

''Ah gravity, thou art a heartless, bitch''

Ηer laughter echoed inside the building as she shook her hips to get out of the building.

On the other side of America, she walks out of the bedroom with two buttons of her shirt undone and a familiar piece of material clutched in her neck, a questioning look in her face.


"Can—" She interrupts him, stopping her pacing and catching his eyes for a moment. "Can I have a drink?"

Newt nods and fixes them both a glass of scotch while Nemesis continues to pace through Newt's living room, from the front end of the kitchen isle to the sofa and back. Newt can hear how Medea takes a shuddering breath every now and then and from the corners of his eyes, he can see that she runs her fingers through her already pretty disheveled hair time and time again. He sets the decanter down, takes a deep breath, and turns around, a glass in each hand.

"Here," he says as he places one glass onto the coffee table in front of the leather chair. "Drink."

She stops dead in her tracks and watches Newt walk around the coffee table and sit down onto the couch. Her eyes are as wide as saucers and her mouth is slightly open. "Yeah," she murmurs when Newt is settled and leans back against the backrest. "Yeah."

"Tell me what's wrong," he asked quietly, taking her hand in his.

"I am a monster."

There it was. Newt sighed, holding on tight to his friend.

"M'sorry Medea, that's just- that's not true ."

"Am I just like my brother?"

Medea squirmed again and Newt let her readjust to lean against the couch. Newt reached for a blanket and wrapped it around his friend's shoulders.

"Get it out Medea."

"I was in France ... there- there- there was a kid... I kid I kill..."

"Oh Medea, I don't-"

"It is my job but they were just kids..."

Newt sat back, not touching Medea. When she got like this sometimes it was best to just let her decompress and sort out where her mind was at.

"I'm trying to convince my self that I am not my brother but... but am I just as bad as him? Newt, I murdered a ten-year-old boy."

Newt remained silent and Medea slammed her fist into the table, tears beginning to stream down her face.

"I'm just as bad as him. That poor kid had no way to defend himself, and these kids we're finding... they're completely defenseless."

Medea shoved herself back against the coffee table, head falling back when she burst into sobs. Hard, heaving sobs that made Newt want to go back in time and stop Medea from ever enlisting. He reached out a hand and was surprised when Medea turned to bury his head into Newt's chest. He held the back of Medea's neck, using his thumb to draw soothing circles and making gentle hushing noises.

"I'm a monster, Fido. I'm a child-murdering monster."

"No, Medea, you're not."

Newt pulled Nemesis to meet his eyes but Medea focused on her lap, tears falling. Newt sighed and pulled her into a hug again.

"You are not a monster Medea. You're a human being. You were medically discharged woman; that happens sometimes. You're a survivor and I'm sorry that by being a survivor you're also suffering from things you'll probably never tell me about."

Medea sniffed, and after a minute she got up from the sofa. She swiped away the tears nodding awkwardly.

"You are amazing, "Medea said putting a hand on his cheek.

Do you like somebody?" Nemesis asked next.

"Uhhh..." Newt looked away.

Medea sighed and smirked. " It is her, isn't it?"

"Who?" Newt asked quickly.

"Goldstein"She she replied.

"What!? No... no... There is no way I am having a crush on her." He said trying not to be guilty.

Medea made a weird face like 'Oh Yeah, right'.

Newt sighed. "Fine...you're right. I like her."

He replied and Medea giggled. Newt exhales and rubs his eyes with one hand."She's just... beautiful, first of all, tall glass of water and all that. But she's confident, she's damn smart, she's sweet and I just... I don't know what the Merlin to do with myself,"

Medea was livid."Roses are red, violets are blue. Guess what, my bed has room for two."

"Medea" Newt cries.

"Twinkle twinkle little star, we can do it in my car."

" Shut up"He murmured.

"Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, I can make you scream."

Newt gave Medea a half-amused half insulted look and threw a pillow at her.

The next day found Tina, Graves with Newt and some another Aurors were around a table watching the new photos from today's corpses as Graves was trying to hold back his wrath because somebody makes his job worse because he cannot catch him and every time he was ready to catch him, he disappears with the result the anger of Percival Graves to grow up day by day and everyone they were hoping that Newt would have managed to change the opinion of his friend to help them or they should start looking for another job.

''Mr. Scamander' 'said the president as entered the hall wishing to see a hunter but she was faced with some scary Auros and Tina with Newt staring at the floor and a very angry Percival Graves. ''Where is Miss Ace?''

Newt sighed and did not know how to say that the woman who could help was gone because this morning when he got up and went to the hunter's room to wake her up the room was empty and it seemed like no one had ever slept in the room. Newt was ready to say something when the room door opened and Medea walked in saying.

''Sorry for being late. I got caught up enjoying my last few minutes of not being here''

The hunter walked into the room wearing black leather clothes and her white hair was on a ponytail with no trace of make-up, she sat in a chair and put her legs on the desk grabbing the envelope by Graves's hand ignoring the other presentations.

''Where have you been? 'Asked Newt with relief as he thought she was gone after the conversation he had taken last night in his living room.

''What the fuck are birds so excited about at 5 AM?''Growls Medea throwing the envelope on the table as Newt laughing as he knows that the hunter is mourning the morning wake up. ''I miss Romania's cold and the wake after 12 noon''

Newt quickly gave her a cup of coffee as he knows a lot of bad and even more sarcastic can be without coffee, the others watched the interaction between them and it is very weird about Newt to see him talking to someone and looking at him at the same time but the weirdest at all is that Newt touched his hand on the woman's shoulder and vice versa without Newt to be disturbed as everyone knows he did not like physical contact.

"Newt says that you were skilled at discreetly burying dead bodies' 'said Tina trying to draw the magicology's attention away from the woman and to hide jealousy from her voice with great success but why the hunter keeps staring at her as if she knew something Tina did not know.

''You say that like it's a bad thing' 'said Mesea as if it were the most normal thing in the world. 'I want all the details of Gellert's plan''

''Gellert escaped six days ago without help. People of MACUSA inform us that he hid in Asia and no one of his followers has been near to him. We think that he prepares a new plan."Tina says.

"Or to hidden," said Medea and Graves at the same time as they looked at each other and then at the file because there is also red in their cheeks and they try to hide it but it did not go unnoticed by the President and Newt.

Medea with Seraphine and Graves talked about possible moves of Gellert, for the strategy and followers of the man but they had to go for lunch and Medea will not leave without creating chaos.

''I'm returning your nose. I found it in my business'' said the woman trowing a blue file over the desk


They all watched is a shock as their boss stumbling over his own words but he cannot say anything as the woman left the room with Percival Graves after her.

''Oh,'' Newt thought.