Sophie stands on the cliff looking out over the turbulent sea below. The last traces of Nate's ashes waft into oblivion on the sea breeze. Sophie knows they are there, she suspected that she would not be alone though she tried to conceal the trip to Ireland to honor Nate's final wish. Sophie takes a final moment of solace before turning her back on the Cliffs of Moher. Time has taught her to never look back and now is the time to let go and face her future. Eliot, Parker and Hardison are waiting at the fence a few meters away. The three allowed Sophie her closure and her peace waiting for her in silence. As Sophie approaches, Eliot offers an arm to escort Sophie to the car. They walk in silence with none knowing what to say to Sophie. It has been years since they were all together.

Sophie takes them back to her cottage in Liscannor. She has been in the country for weeks. It took her weeks to muster the courage to take the walk on the cliffs with a scattering of the ashes as a final goodbye. In retrospect, she acknowledges that this has become her own gothic tale, how so very Victorian. The thought brings a sly smile to her face as she places the kettle on the stove for a proper cup of tea. Eliot, Parker, and Hardison make themselves comfortable as they scatter among the comfortable chairs of the sitting room.

With all feeling a bit famished and Sophie in no mood for another dinner in the local pub, Eliot offers to shop and prepare dinner. Sophie is glad to be surrounded by her family but she is still lost within the thoughts in her head. She and Nate had a good life together. His death was not a shock or sudden. With the diagnosis, they had time to plan, to live out a bucket list and she had time to process the anticipated loss. With William, it was sudden, unexpected and gut-wrenching. With Nate, it was peaceful for as much as it could be peaceful.

They have all grieved for Nate in their own ways. Sophie was surprised that the Parker had a rather profound reaction to Nate's passing, unfortunately, Parker faced a double sucker punch with the timing of Nate's passing falling right upon the heels of Archie's passing. Hardison has served as Parker's rock and anchor during the process of grief. Sophie is thrilled with how much Parker has grown in the last few years but she still worries for her Eliot. Eliot is still the odd man out, Sophie's only wish for Eliot is for him to find love. Real love that endures more than a few nights or a month at most. As of the last year or so, Eliot has seemingly had a turn-style installed at his front door for the women in his life.

Within a few hours, Sophie has settled into a much-needed nap in front of the fire as Eliot has begun to prepare dinner for his friends. He is surprised as to how much he is enjoying Ireland. The cottage is isolated and quiet. The town is sleepy and quaint. The pub is a good old-fashioned one with roughians and rogues alike which suits him perfectly. He loves the old-fashioned wood-fired stove in the kitchen of the cottage, this is a welcome challenge for his culinary skills as he whips up Shepherd's Pie for dinner. Eliot gets lost in memories as he breathes in the soothing smell of wood smoke wafting into the kitchen. In honor of Nate, Eliot sips from a glass of good Irish Whiskey as he prepares the meal. He is glad to be in the abyss of the kitchen so that he can enjoy the solace of his memories and thoughts.

As Hardison gets lost in his phone and computer, checking to see what the area has to offer other than a tragic death in the North Atlantic, Parker decides to take a stroll back towards the cliffs. Where Hardison calculates the thousand and one ways to die by falling off the cliffs, the cliffs offer her a thrill and excitement plus she wants some fresh air and a moment to clear her head. She knows how sad that Sophie has been and she contemplates a way to brighten Sophie's mood to return her to whatever normal will become now that they are all together again.

Sophie rises from a nap in front of the cozy fire to the delightful smells emanating from the kitchen. She stretches and heads to poke her head in on Eliot. She loves this little cottage. It reminds her of fairytales her Nanny told her as a child. It is almost magical. Eliot offers a glass of wine and a taste of the mashed potatoes. Sophie has missed Eliot's cooking as she licks the errant smudge of potatoes from her lips followed by a sip of red wine. This is good. This is what she needs now. She needs to focus on what has basically become her family and her "children". She laughs internally at the thought of having children this old but that is what it always felt like in their dysfunctional little family.

Sophie walks over to the small kitchen desk, pulling out her phone to read the emails and texts that she had put off until she had fulfilled Nate's final wish. She reads the summons, the summons back to the world she had long ago walked away from. She has exhausted every excuse, the time is upon her to return to that life. It is a summons that she cannot ignore, written in the way that her father knows will draw her back. She had shared her name with her beloved chosen family a long time ago but she was wise to leave out the details. The details that would reveal what the name actually meant. Sophie was careful not to leave a single crumb on the table for Hardison to unravel the web of lies that she had constructed with more care than Charlotte spinning her web. The web was her armor. It was her veil of protection or even cloak of invisibility. Her marriage to William offered enough diversion that made it quite easy to stitch together her life as Sophie Devereaux.