Eliot allows for the warm water to envelope his head. A hangover is an unfamiliar state which amuses him, perhaps he was a bit more affected than he would care to directly admit. He is glad that last night ended as it did, the conversation that he wants to have is likely best had with a clear head. As he enjoys the soak of the warmth into his bones, memories of time spent with Teddy running on a loop in his head.

Teddy wanders down quite early for breakfast by intention and design to capture a few moments with her father. As she expects, her father is taking care of some details in his office with his first coffee. Teddy knocks on the heavy door as she enters. Before taking a seat, she tosses a familiar leather pouch onto the center of the desk. "You know you really should have Connie get this for you, Oxford has a much bigger selection." Teddy offers with a sly side-eye to her father. Her father smiles at the familiar sight as he picks it up and takes a gander at the contents. "I trust you more." The Duke slides the pouch into his vest pocket. Teddy takes on a more serious tone as she slouches into the comfort of the leather chair as she offers. "I take it that you have not told, Alex yet?" To enforce her point Teddy mimics her father's position by forming a pyramid with her fingertips. Teddy knows that she speaks the truth. "I will tell her soon. I promise." Teddy knows her father's tell well and it is appearing in spades. He is lying to her and Teddy knows that the Duke is trying to force her into the position of the reveal. "Dad, this has to come from you and only you."

The interaction is interrupted by the appearance of Threeski at the door beckoning them to join the others who are assembling. As they rise to approach the door, the Duke stops Teddy for a second. "Thank you, Teddy, you don't know how much this helps." Teddy smiles since she knows her father is being sincere. "Anytime, Dad, anytime." Teddy taps his arm as they exit the room. They enter to find that most of the family and guests have gathered. Sophie watches the entry with curiosity before beckoning her sister to the seat beside her. The ball is tomorrow and the Cavendish sisters and Threeski will have an obligation to attend this morning. Sophie knows this is an ill-conceived idea as she invites Parker to join them. The Duke has invited Eliot, Hardison, his son, and son-in-laws for a day of shooting.

Sophie knows she is going to have to quell every instinct that Parker has as they head to have their Tiaras fitted after they are retrieved from the vault. Sophie pulls Parker to the side with a rundown of what is on their agenda. Sophie leads with that she can feel free to canvas the vault, to assess the security, to evaluate and plan but DO NOT ACT. Much to her surprise, Parker counters with the sentiment that despite the jewels on display, this is her family and you never take from family. Parker's works are profound and the impact is as such on Sophie. Parker is being serious. "Sophie, you are my family." Sophie is stunned by the impact of that simple statement.

They head out in two cars with the rock paper scissors ritual that determined who would ride with Threeski. With a glance back at their sisters for knowing their tells a bit too well, Frankie and Georgie join Threeski in her car with the driver as Teddy pulls up in the second car to retrieve Sophie and Parker. Teddy was never one to like putting her fate in someone else's hands as she follows the limo. Teddy much prefers the height of the Range Rover anyway. They pull up to the rather substantial building as Teddy hands the keys to the valet.

Upon arrival, The party is escorted into a fortified and guarded room where the family jewels have been brought for review. The tiaras require polish, fitting and possibly minor repair, given their age, before they are to be worn for the ball. The tiaras are not often out of their well-guarded slumber but a formal ball is a perfect time for tradition. With the Queen, herself, expected, tradition prevails. In preparation, Parker had actually researched the history of the Cavendish tiaras. The family history is long and full with mothers, mothers-in-law, grandmothers, and daughters. Parker enjoys jewels with history and the jewels of the aristocracy usually have the most interesting histories. The collection of tiaras allows for one to suit each of the sisters and Threeski. To Sophie's surprise, the Cavendish tiara is presented to her with her black braid attached. "Your father asked for this to be prepared for you, Lady Alexandra." Sophie is visibly moved by the presentation.

Parker instantly grows concerned at the teary-eyed look of Sophie as she runs her fingers along the diamonds of the frame in remembrance. Her mother always looked so stunning and regal when she wore this piece. It was her very favorite. Teddy leans over to Parker with a reveal on a whisper. "It was the tiara that our mother wore." Parker can appreciate Sophie's gaze. She hopes the memories triggered on pleasant ones. Both Sophie and Teddy notice that their father had some other jewels commissioned into a tiara for Threeski since she did not "like" the hand-me-downs. The sense of history and tradition is quite obviously lost on Threeski.

On a whim, as her diamond and sapphire lotus-style tiara fitted with her red braid, Teddy asks for her debutante tiara to be prepared with a blond braid for Parker. Sophie stops for a moment as she hears the request leave Teddy's lips but then refrains from any negative response. Parker is like a sister, and she has promised so Sophie will trust Parker at her word. Parker has more than earned that trust.

Sophie watches the expression of pure delight as the small bandeau tiara is fitted to Parker's head. Parker suddenly gets it, she feels like a princess as Teddy tells her the history of the piece. The small tiara had quite a bawdy past which makes it all the more fun to wear in the tradition of the ladies who wore it when. Teddy and Parker chat as Parker comments as to how heavy even the small tiara is. Teddy and Sophie provide her with the basic rundown of how to wear a tiara. There is an art to the headwear and some tricks of the trade. Teddy explains how their hair will be done to accommodate the headpiece that she should plan to have more pins in her than a voodoo doll. As the event of the day winds down, Parker realizes that with the excitement of the day, she did not even notice what kind of vault they had which is a rather shocking revelation to Sophie's ears.

Sophie also realizes that Parker may require a bit of a "my fair lady transformation" given the headwear and the guest list of the event. With Parker in a tiara, there will be expectations. This was Teddy's idea so Sophie fully intends to rope her sister into providing assistance.