Sophie smiles as Teddy whispers "Geronimo" to Connie with a wink to Sophie as they proceed down the staircase to be announced as the host for the evening. The Dr Who reference harkens her back to Teddy's first ball when Sophie had whispered the same phrase to Teddy. She continues to be touched as to how many things from their youth that Teddy shares with the youngest. After the arrival of the Queen and the other royals, the ball settles into the festivities. Hardison is shocked to learn that the Duke's father and the queen were cousins. Despite his digging, that nugget did not surface.

Both Parker and Hardison are enjoying the flight of fancy. Even Eliot seems to be having a grand ole time. The ballroom and the surrounding rooms are breathtaking with the white decorations and crystal that transports you to a winter fantasy. The decorations remind Sophie of a fairytale. In a dance with her father, Sophie asks him about the decorations. With a sideways glance and a whisper, he confesses that all of this is the handiwork of her sister. Teddy sent him a team from New York who constructs sets for Broadway to plan the decorations when Threeski was having a positive meltdown during the planning. The lighting is her own crew and she hired a subset of the symphony which specializes in swing to play to spare him the ordeal of a tirade if this night was not perfect.

Sophie is stunned by the revelation. This is the second time that she has been surprised by Teddy's work within the shadows. Her father's prodigal child seems to be his foundation. Sophie is curious as to Teddy's motivations. She hated this life, did everything in her power to rebel against the expectations of this life. Yet, she made this happen, and she is here. Sophie's grifter senses tell her that there must be much more in motion. Her father's tell is on full display, he is not telling her something, it is more than simply that she is now his heir and Teddy knows what it is.

Sophie watches her sister chat and charm William and Catherine. Given the company, Sophie decides to join them. She finds them chatting about charity work mixed with the share of fond and risque memories of Teddy's gift of DJing their private reception for their wedding so very long ago. Sophie had almost forgotten that Teddy was a fixture in the London Club scene and that provided countless connections to the younger Royals. She even did sets for the Olympics when they were in London. Teddy's network never ceases to surprise her. Spying the current conversation, Threeski is upon them for the introductions as she is still a bit of an outsider to the inner circles of the monarchy. The Queen's visit was long enough to be a compliment but yet short enough for a woman of her age. With her departure, the party picks up the pace loosening the pomp and protocol required for the presence of the head of state. Even the Prime Minister is cutting a rug.

With a slower number played, Eliot takes the chance of asking Teddy to dance. Eliot loves the way that Teddy fits against him. She has always fit like she was made for him. With a tiptoe into the pool of their shared past, Eliot chats about the evening before whispering. "You look really beautiful tonight, Teddy, really beautiful." Teddy is touched by the comment. Eliot still has the bluest eyes that she has ever seen. Dressed in his tails with the shorter hair, Teddy sees the fit into her world that she always knew was there. Once upon a time, she had dreamed of moments like this with Eliot, that it would work but... Teddy quashes the rise of the tinges of heartache to enjoy this moment.

As Sophie dances with an old friend, prompted by a head nod from Parker, she takes in the sight of her Eliot and her little sister. There is no mistaking the exchanged looks between them. There is quite obviously a love story there, apparently a love story that did not have a happy ending. Sophie knows both of them on an intimate level. The unfinished story lingers in the space between them. They move with familiarity, the familiarity of intimacy, they dance as she and Nate danced with each other. She is quite determined to learn about this love story.

Eliot's attempts to speak of their past are met with a raise of Teddy's finger placed upon his lips. Eliot lets go of the need to tell her what in his head for the romance of the moment. As the music winds to a conclusion, Eliot offers an arm for a drink in order to continue spending time in some of the best of his past. Teddy accepts the offered arm quite aware of the eyes are upon them but Teddy has never been one to care about appearances. Eliot is wise enough to know that Teddy has likely had enough of the French soda water opting for two glasses of fine whiskey as they head to a quiet area outside of the hustle of the ballroom.

The Duke has noticed the chemistry between his Theodora and Alex's Eliot which has made him quite curious. He stands beside his eldest with a mutual curiosity that becomes the center of the conversation. "So it would appear that Teddy and your Eliot are familiar with each other, have they met before?" Sophie knows that her father saw what she saw. "Apparently long before I met my Eliot." Her father offers her a freshened drink as he whispers. "The world is indeed a very small place my dearest, Alexandra." Her father offers with a wink and a clink of glasses. "Care to dance, my dear one?" Sophie takes her father's offered arm as he escorts her to the dancefloor. She cannot remember the last time she danced with her father. So much of this evening has been a veritable time machine to some very fond parts of her past as she takes her father's hand falling into the gentle rhythm of a waltz.