Sophie is so lost in her phone that she does not notice Eliot's lingering presence in the chair next to her. A bump to the knee pulls her from the electronic vortex back to the reality of the moment. With a smile, Eliot asks her if she is okay. Sophie shakes of the tingles from being startled to acknowledge Eliot. She offers a feigned smile with a response that she is fine. Eliot tops her wine, offering the invitation that dinner is ready with Parker and Hardison waiting in the small dining area.

Sophie lays her phone on the desk before taking a sip of wine and rising to join the others. The feast that Eliot has prepared is truly delicious. Sophie has not eaten like this in a long time. The conversation becomes essentially a wake for Nate as stories and memories freely flow between them. Sophie acknowledges that this would have been exactly what Nate would have wanted. They linger at the table for hours with the lateness of the hour creeping in. The conversation continues as they clear and clean up from the meal. Hardison and Parker retire to their room as Eliot offers to make Sophie a cup of tea as a wind-down to bed. Sophie accepts the offer of care from Eliot. She knows that Eliot wants to talk and she just lubricated enough to allow for the conversation.

Eliot takes the time to brew a proper pot of Earl Grey as he brings the tea set to the hearth. He settles into the chair next to Sophie's. "So what had you so lost in your thoughts." Eliot offers Sophie a delicate china teacup. Sophie wraps her hands around the warmth for a moment before she answers. "It was an email from my father." Eliot is actually surprised by that statement. He was expecting an answer geared towards Nate. For whatever reason, Eliot had assumed that both of Sophie's parents were deceased. "So what drew you in so deep?" Eliot sips from his cup as he tries to pull answers from Sophie out of pure curiosity. "Eliot, I have been summoned home." Sophie knows she is coming across as coy but she is finding the words hard to form in her mind as memories of what home is flooded her mind. Home has been a foreign concept for so very "Is everything okay? You know we are here for you." Eliot offers up a sincere smile as he allows Sophie space in the conversation.

Within a moment of complete whimsey, the words leave Sophie's mouth without a thought or a proper filter. "My father has summoned me home for a bit, Eliot, and I don't know what to do about it." Eliot is a bit shocked at the reveal and unsure of what to say. Eliot offers the first words that pop into his head. "Do you want us to go with you?" Eliot can see the darkness falling over Sophie's features as her thoughts focus on home. Sophie remains quiet for more than a pause as Eliot offers again. "We will go with you." Sophie takes a sip from the cup before answering. "I would like that Eliot, I just hope that all of you will forgive me for everything that I have not told you over the years." Again Sophie's reveal intrigues Eliot. They know that Sophie Devereaux is not her name, once upon a time, Sophie did share her name with them but now Eliot realizes that the reveal was likely another lie. "Sophie, we are here for you no matter what. Weren't you the one who said we all have a past?" Eliot offers with a wink to lighten the darkness. Sophie returns his smile. "Indeed we do." Sophie finds a bit of amusement in the fact that she is about to shock the hell out of her friends. Sophie relaxes into the tea and company for a while before deciding to head to bed. She gently touches Eliot's face in parting to her room as Eliot has fallen fast asleep in the chair with his feet propped up on the ottoman.

After a restless night, Sophie rises to pack her things pondering what is to come. Sophie emerges from her room with her bag in hand to find Parker, Hardison, and Eliot surrounding the table quite obviously ready to head out whenever she says the word. Sophie is comforted and uneasy about what is going to be revealed. The flight to London will be short, but this is planes, trains, and automobiles and will be quite long with too much time to think. Eliot offers a smile as he relieves Sophie of her bag. "I brought the car around, we can head out whenever you are ready." Sophie realizes that Eliot must have spoken with Parker and Hardison since they are both unusually reserved.

From the airport the foursome head to the train, there is still nearly two hours in their journey through Sophie would have loved to have called it a day at the family's London home. Eliot smirks at Sophie stating that they are heading to the country house. He can only imagine what that means. As they exit the train, Sophie was quite surprised that her father sent the driver. She brushes it off to the others that she had arranged a driver to pick them up at the airport but her father did send the Bentley. Sophie counts the passing minutes to the reveal of her closest kept secret. Within the hour, they make the turn that passes through the gates towards the family holding, Chatsworth House.

As the house comes into view, Sophie watches as the eyes grow wide and noses are press against the glass. Eliot turns with another smirk. "A country house." His tone is appropriately exaggerated. Sophie turns with a coy smile. "A country house." Parker is in awe of the sheer size of the house. This is quite literally a scene out of a fairy tale as they cross the bridge. Parker turns towards Sophie. "What are you Cinderella?"

Sophie laughs perhaps she is, her family is about to meet her brothers and sisters... and this is a bit less fairytale and a bit more Downton Abby.