As they opened the doors for the Rave, Sophie cannot help but acknowledge that Teddy is truly the real deal as the endless stream of bodies work their way into the venue. The sense of excitement is palatable as the crowd jockeys for positions near the stage. Hardison had explained to Sophie, that for most, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Sun and Garrix in an intimate setting. With the size of the room, Sophie would not exactly call this an intimate gathering. Hardison answered the roll of Sophie's eyes with, "You know 400 thousand people go to Tomorrowland, this will be a few thousand tops, that is intimate."

Right on cue as their combined tags illuminate on the stage, Teddy and Martin appear setting the room into a sea of motion and flashing lights. The flashes from the cell phones are almost as bright as the light shows. Teddy and Martin decided to do the whole show as a pair to the absolute delight of the audience. Normally you would not see a pairing of DJs of this caliber together outside of a tier-one festival or a top-tier nightclub as Brianna tried to explain to Sophie over the com why the crowd was in an instant frenzy.

It is hard not to notice the bright smile on Teddy's face as they spin. This brings back happy memories for Teddy. She had Martin on stage with her when he was just starting out and cannot help but be thrilled with how far he has come. She has lost too many friends in the last few years, way too many. This life is a rabbit hole. You fall down into wonderland, a wonderland where people will indulge your every vice, every whim, as long as you pack the venue. The price to Wonderland is high and some do not make it out alive. The thought in Teddy's head is first-world problems, dramatic, and unfortunately, also true and quite real. Teddy and Tijs made a promise to Martin's mother when they took him on tour, they would protect him like he was their own, and they did. The glamour of this life is an inch deep and an ocean wide and Martin's parents knew it. Fortunately, Martin has seen the underbelly and learned young that this life requires a bit of moderation.

The team's plan was executed flawlessly, well about as flawless as the odds would allow. Every con comes preloaded with the need for a pivot or two. They all played their parts and completed the job just as Teddy and Martin wrapped their performance to save the spider monkeys. The impending schedule required an immediate departure, as Teddy and Martin headed back to Vegas with their security teams rushing them to the exits and into the convoy. On the rush out the doors, all Teddy could offer as a departing greeting to Sophie was a nod and a tap to the forehead as she was ducked into the SUV. Sophie watched the SUVs pull away as Eliot walks up leaning on her shoulder. With an exchanged smile, Eliot walks Sophie to the truck as they make their own exit. With Hardison's help, Sophie managed to keep the reality of the situation far from their blissfully unaware guests of honor. They managed to completely dismantle Fletcher Maxwell's life, leaving it in ruins with a built-in clean-up of their own mess. All in all, Nate would have been proud.

Sophie settles into her seat next to Harry to enjoy the flight back to Nola, pulling her ipad and headphones on the premise of enjoying a book as she mindlessly sips a glass of wine. Unbeknownst to the others, Sophie is actually watching YouTube performances of Teddy. Something struck her tonight, something she could never place though she had noticed it before. In a moment of searching for her charger, Sophie's hand comes across a tattered old notebook that she has almost forgotten that she threw in her bag before they left Chatsworth House. She pulls the notebook out with care required for a remnant from her childhood. She flips through the ruffled pages, stopping on a poem from long ago. The date on the page trigger's Sophie's memory with a glance up in Eliot's direction.

Here we come again, like a message in the pouring rain, and every now and then I still call your name.

Like partners in crime, every once & a while, like the fishes at sea, it's just the life we lead.

We're going up, we're going down again.

Watch us fall

As time stood, still in a distant town I know you, I know you much too well.

Last year you said, it's time to settle down

The last time I saw you, you were still running around

We're going up, we're going down again

Watch us fall

Eliot had always been intrigued as to how easily Sophie was able to let go and decompress. He had wanted to see Teddy but the situation did not warrant a moment of self-indulgence, he had a job to do, duty, as always, has come first. Eliot gets lost in his own head as he stares out the window, perhaps he needs a bit of time away from the grind.

Hardison watches Eliot's expressions change as he stares out the window. The warmth of Parker radiates through him as she leans against his shoulder to take a well-deserved nap. Hardison has grown quite content in his life with Parker and it has felt even more like family since Brianna showed up on their doorstep. He could get used to this, so very used it this.

Brianna is lost in her ipad on the flight, she watches the streams of footage from the rave with a triumphant smile and the music flowing through Anna Sun's headphones that were left in a swag bag for her. Brianna cannot hide the pride, she actually did this, she brought this together. she scrolls through the hashtags, footage, and endless selfies. Manifesting a rave is not exactly saving the world but for a moment, it sucked much less on her watch. She wonders if Hardison would notice if she snuck off to Ultra.

A sentimental smile crosses Harvey's face as he watches Teddy and Martin working on the flight sliding a laptop back and forth. The night inspired a rash of creativity that the pair plan to add to the upcoming show. The musings of the DJs have now displaced Raffy from his seat as he moves to occupy the seat across from Harvey. After settling in and an offer of whiskey from Harvey, Raffy broaches the subject that has been on his mind. "Did that bother you as much as it bothered me?" Raffy knows that Harvey is perceptive enough to pick up on the nuance of the whole situation, plus they have known each other for years. This would have tripped Harvey's spidey senses but there was no sense arguing with their Theodora when it involves her sisters. Teddy would move heaven and earth for any one of her siblings.

"It did." Harvey casts a glance in Teddy's direction. "What the hell was going on next door?" Raffy pauses for a moment before answering Harvey. "I am not sure but those goons, they were all former operatives." Harvey smiles knowing the answer but he is going to ask the question anyway since it is so damn amusing. With an exchanged smile Harvey adds, "Haircuts, weapons, or walk?" Raffy laughs as he adds, "Very distinctive... haircuts." He winks as he takes a sip from his glass of whiskey. "So I wonder what Sophie Devereaux got us into." Harvey raises his own whiskey glass in a toast. Under his breath and with a glance back towards Teddy, Raffy finishes with, "which one." Harvey cannot help but agree.