The festival in Vegas is the expected circus though Harvey enjoys shaking off the Tom Ford three-piece suit to dip into the fray. His life is generally quite structured and rather proper. Lady Theodora's world is a lovely distraction from his own world. He has to return to New York very soon but he needed this more than Teddy could have realized. They spend their final "night" enjoying their time-tested ritual of "until next time". Harvey truly appreciates that the lifestyle of the elite DJ set comes with the best of accommodations as they lounge side by side watching the sunrise by the pool, passing a champagne bottle and clove cigarette between them.

Harvey and Teddy exchange alcohol-inspired musings on everything from politics to their views on their equally dysfunctional romantic lives. A smile crosses Harvey's face at the pure pleasure of the moment. With the soft breeze, the rising sun, and the company, it is a perfect night. Raffy gazes down from the balcony to make sure Teddy is where he expects her to be. He smiles knowing the ritual he is stumbled upon with the acknowledgment of the place that Harvey holds in Teddy's world. The penthouse means that he has no concerns for her safety and he can get some well-deserved sleep, they have a wild stretch of US shows coming up before they head back to Europe, and he will have his hands full.

Sophie has picked up her phone nearly a dozen times, she has even pulled up Teddy's cell in her contacts. Without Nate, her world is very quiet and rather small. The cons fuel her days and she loves being around Eliot, Hardison, and Parker again even Harry Wilson is pleasant company but there is are still missing pieces. The holidays spent at Chatsworth House truly triggered a longing in Sophie that she has tried without success to suppress. In a moment of nostalgia, she pulls out her Ipad, digging deep into the digital picture files. Sophie did not do idle well when Nate was sick, to pass the time she digitized her life. With an internal smile, she laughs at her age of the geek moments that would have made Hardison proud. Sophie pulls up the youthful pictures of her adventures with her sisters. Given the differences in age, her partner in crime was usually Teddy. The photos were from a time before, really before everything, when she was simply Alex Cavendish. It seems like a century ago. When she became Sophie Devereaux, she locked Alex Cavendish away from the world.

She has wondered from time to time about the what-ifs, what if William did not die, what if she had children, what if she lived the life that was expected of her. She and Teddy rebelled against every expectation of their station. Teddy just started much earlier and quite honestly never stopped, with a laugh, Sophie acknowledges that Teddy was a born rebel. Sophie is sitting at the bar obviously distracted as Eliot enters the room. The universe seems to have an uncanny sense of timing. Lost in the pictures of her lost Ibiza summers, Sophie sees it. She never even realized she had scanned some of Teddy's pictures. These were the days before the insta world of now, these were the days of cameras, actual cameras, and film. Candids were rare, very rare, yet there he is... Sophie spins around in the chair staring at Eliot. Sophie never realized that Eliot went that far back into her history. She was so involved in her own life and pursuits that it simply never clicked. She spent most of that summer squiring around with David. Ahhh... David. Sophie releases an audible sigh. The life of her younger sister would have been on the fringes.

Sophie has an expression that Eliot cannot place. It is a truly strange expression that he has ever seen on Sophie and he has seen her act. "What's with the look?" Eliot walks behind the bar to grab himself a beer. "Ibiza, say about '99?" Eliot's expression softens as he is confronted with a pretty specific time in his life. "I did a lot of traveling in '99, it was a good year." Eliot offers a sly smile in response to the usual memories that a mention of that period of time sparks. Sophie slides her Ipad across the bar. Eliot gazes down at a candid shot of himself among Teddy's friends at a yacht party. The memory instantly triggered is sweet for a thousand reasons which he will never discuss with Sophie. "Where did you get that?" Eliot looks up with a veiled attempt to hide any conscious tells. "Get it... I took that picture, Eliot." Eliot stares down again at the image before him laughing in acknowledgment of this being a very small world indeed. Eliot, himself, never connected Sophie to that time in his life either, even as another Cavendish. He is quite sure he would have met Sophie but it never clicked. In that period of time, there truly was only one woman who captivated his attention.

Sophie watches Eliot's expression intensely as he surveys the photo in his view. She remembers the picture. She remembers taking it. It was a spectacular summer day. One of the club owners had arranged for a private party on board his yacht for his investors. He invited Tijs, David, and Teddy along with a bevy of the heirs and heiresses as a demonstration of what he could bring to the table. The party was lavish, sultry, and fun. She had gone as David's plus one. She was Teddy's sister, not her mother. There was no need to track her comings and goings. The party was winding down as the sun was setting. In a moment of pure irony, Sophie had a camera in her bag. With the spectacular backdrop of an Ibiza sunset, Sophie captured the candid shot of her friends new and old to capture the spirit of the day before the yacht headed back to port. Eliot smiles at Sophie. "That was quite a party." With a wink, he heads off to the kitchen. He still is not ready to share the details of his relationship with Teddy. He needs to find a way to talk with her again. He knows that he should have not let this much time pass, the holidays were an extraordinary stroke of luck that he has since squandered.

Teddy and Harvey head inside to pack their bags and head to the airport. Harvey is quite thankful and amazed that Teddy got him a seat on Martin's jet since Martin was heading to the East Coast. A Gulfstream is always preferred even over first class. Teddy is headed to do some shows in Texas and a few in New Orleans. Martin and Teddy party with the knowledge that they will sync up in Europe soon for a series of festivals. For once, everyone is looking forward to the season since it will be like a family reunion and it has been a while since they were all together.

Something about the jaunt to Panama still twitters Harvey's spidey senses, as he and Teddy exchange a final hug and kiss in parting, Harvey asks Teddy to be on her guard with an old line from a long-ago movie from the 80s. "Be careful out among the English." Harvey taps Teddy on the chin before heading up the stairs of the jet.