Harry settles into his computer to complete some work before meeting up with Sophie and Brianna. As he gazes upon an endless stream of emails inbound from the contact points for the team, a familiar name comes into view. To call him a law school chum would be accurate but far too simplistic. He hesitates for a moment before popping the contact open. It would seem that this big wide world is a whole hell of a lot smaller than he originally thought. It would seem that his world is suddenly six degrees of Sophie Devereaux.

Their last job had landed them in the South of France which, at this time of year, is quite lovely. None of them were ready to hurry home. This last job took a toll on Parker, Eliot, and Sophie. Sophie took this job particularly hard, she used a few nights at the seaside in the South of France to set her head straight or at least straighter. Hardison arranged for some downtime at a lovely resort for all of them. A moment during the break truly touched Sophie's soul. At a particularly dark moment, Eliot joined her with an offered glass of wine at a table with an incredible view of the sunset and sea. Eliot saw the pain and doubt rise to the surface during the con. Sophie had no way to hide that from those who know her so very well. His offered words were gentle and kind. "You know how much you meant to Nate and how much he loved you. Nothing should ever make you doubt that simple fact." Eliot said the words that she knew in her heart but, for whatever reason, still needed to hear. Sophie is well aware that she is beginning to see other sides of her Eliot. Sides of him that collide very close to her own truth.

For most of her career, if you can call it by that description, Sophie had kept a tight bubble around Alex Canvendish. The ven diagram has only recently begun to change. This was a man that her sister loved and lost. She had seen her sister's tells, Sophie wonders if she knew or if she was just so involved in her own life that it simply did not register Teddy's pain. Sophie knows her Eliot. He is a good man, he is a good man now but what was he then?

Sophie cannot believe that she would have missed something like that at a time when she and Teddy were so close. Eliot would have been out of the military. He has already shared that he was with Moreaux. Sophie tried to figure out the timeline between them, she has data points to work with yet she cannot completely work out how Eliot would have had enough time to fall in love.

As she pays a check at a cafe on the morning of their departure, Sophie comes across the ticket in her wallet. The date has not yet arrived but it is beginning to become sooner than later. The ticket turns the corners of her mouth as she glances up at companions. Harry smiles as he watches Sophie. "You know, you should just go." Sophie responds with a bit of shock that Harry can see through her. Her expression is apparently a giveaway. "How." Sophie's expression is quite quizzical. "Sophie, Anna Sun, Tiesto, and David Guetta have been switching places in the top 10 for over two decades. Their post-DJ mag top 100 ritual, is about the worst kept secret in the business." Sophie eyes him closely. "I thought that was not your thing, Mr Wilson?" Harry laughs, "it's not, Brianna has been trolling it for the last two weeks." Harry offers up a devilish smile. Sophie glances at Brianna across the way. She remembers what it was like to be that young and so full of hope and possibility.

Sophie is tempted by the lingering invitation from Teddy. She too is familiar with this ritual. The first one, that was an epic time, the first lineup was David, Tijs, and Anna Sun as 1, 2, 3. The trio celebrated their success, where it all started. The announcement is timed after the festival and club season in the best part of autumn. The crowds of tourists are gone, the island pace slows to an idyllic and cozy pace. There is still a runway to this event and plenty of time to decide.

As their time in France comes to an end, they board the trans-Atlantic flight back to the US. Eliot finds himself seated next to Brianna which he accepts with some hesitation. Brianna had actually gathered a bunch of magazines in an attempt to follow Sophie's advice to unplug from the digital world from time to time. Out of his own boredom, Eliot picks up the discarded copy of British Vogue from Brianna's pile. As he flipped through the random pages, he is met with a face that he has come to miss recently. An article centered on Taylor Swift and a fashion spread about something or other related to her music have a shot of her in a recording studio with a very familiar producer in the background.

Eliot pauses on the photo, this is a photo of Anna Sun in her element, her hair is elegantly pulled back, her glasses have slid down her nose with her signature black turtleneck is in view as she works at the control panel. The photo centers on the singer, you would miss the legend in the shot unless you were looking for her. Eliot takes in her features and Mona Lisa smile. He pauses on the page long enough to warrant a tease from Brianna about being a closet Swiftie to which Eliot counters with a wink and a smile that her work on "Lover" was a nice departure from her previous album.

As they disembark and head to the next leg of their journey, Sophie is rather stunned to hear her name, her actual name called out from behind. With a quick mention of she will catch up in a moment offered to her traveling companions, Sophie turns to greet Harry Sullivan.