Earth: South America: South East Coastline.

A nervous man stands in front of a large monitor as he desperately tries to argue his case "But sir, if I could get just a little mor- ENOUGH!" the man jumped at the raised voice. The face of Admiral Nostromo looking down at him, his face a perpetual scowl and his eyes drilling holes into the man. "The last time you messed around with Arc porter tech we nearly lost Trans Hub! You will shut down your project and return to the Arclight for disciplinary action. AM I UNDERSTOOD!?" the man merely nodded before the video feed cut allowing him to slump into a nearby chair "What am I going to do now?"

After a few minutes of dejectedly sitting in his office, he slowly rose to his feet and walked out into the pristine white and gray main hallway of his lab. past maintenance teams and other personnel as he walked down the hall to the main chamber. walking up to the doors of the main chamber he takes a key card and swipes it over the reader. With a hiss of steam, the door cracks open before it splits in half retracting into the ceiling and floor allowing him to pass.

He stroud into the operation deck overlooking a massive hollowed-out cave. Mining equipment still dotted the lowest sections and there was lose machinery and wiring everywhere, as well as his fellow scientists hard at work trying to finish their less than legal experiment before the day was out. Leaning down he grabbed a small microphone, after pushing the button and getting everyone attention he began to speak.

"Can I have your attention, please? The Admiral has found out about our project and has ordered it shut-down, we will only have one more shot at this tonight to prove him wrong. If we cannot open a stable portal to Alpha Centauri by tonight, there is a good chance we will be spending the next 6 years in prison. I'd much rather we save the people of Earth tonight, so let's buckle down and get this finished. For mankind people."

He took a step back and watched as his team redoubled their efforts. "Please, don't let this go to waste."

Remnant: Central Sanus: Emerald forest: twenty hours later.

"Ugh, can't you just admit we're lost already?" A young woman wearing a white dress with red highlights, with white hair, pale skin, and light blue eyes, with a scar running over her left eye snaps at the young girl next to her "We aren't lost Weiss, Ozpin told us that energy signature was in this area, here look." The younger girl, dressed in a black and red corset, skirt, and a bright red cloak rolling off her shoulders, with black hair that fades into red and silver eyes handed her parter the device in her hands. the small phone-like device showing a compass-like icon that's bouncing around seemingly at random.

"Ruby's right." A tall woman wearing black leggings and shorts with a white shirt, and black jacket, with black hair, and amber eyes, and oddly enough a bow states as she jumps down from a tree into the small clearing, startling the two smaller girls. "The tracker is saying it's all around us, our Scrolls aren't going to be useful anymore."

Weiss and Ruby jumped back as their stealthier teammate dropped down in front of them "BLAKE! Don't scare us like that, we are in the middle of Grimm territory!" Weiss snaps. Blake just shrugs as the two recover "So, did you find anything" Ruby asks. "I mean whats causing this?" Blake shakes her head gently "Nothing, only place it could be was a cave, but we should wait for Yang to catch up before we go in, could be a nest."

Ruby and Weiss nod before moving to follow Blake to the cave, before a series of gunshots causes them all to freeze, a second burst of gunfire sets them into motion. They spin around bringing their weapons up as Ruby grabs her Scroll and quickly opens the team comm to her sister "Yang what's going on!?" The other's hold their breath for a moment before Yang's voice filters through "Big group of Ursa and Beo wolves came up behind- HAH AH! -Us, I'm coming to you!"

Ruby nods and puts her scroll away "Okay girls, cover Yang once she gets into the clearing." unfolding her beloved sniper scythe Crescent Rose, Ruby digs the blade into the ground aiming it at the tree line, to her right Weiss cycles the chamber on Myrtenaster to fire dust before taking a combat stance. To Ruby's left Blake pulls out the pistol half of Gabel shroud waiting for the first Grimm to break the tree line.

Less than a minute later the buxom blond Yang Xiao long breaks through the tree line with a roll, quickly recovering and using the momentum from whatever threw her to keep running towards her team, her usual brown coat and Kama covered in mud and torn up from her run/fight. hot on her tail is the first couple Beowolves, breaking from the tree line the younger creatures of Grimm are dispatched with practiced and precise shots from Ruby.

Yang skidded to stop next to Blake before turning and cocking her armed back to cycle her shotgun gauntlets Ember Cilicia "So what's the plan Rubes?" Ruby looked from Yang to the tree line where the first Ursa could be spotted about to break the tree line "Blake, where was that cave?" She looked to her left with a determined look in her eye "behind us, but what are yo-." She's cut off as Ruby pulls her scythe up from the ground and turns around. "Come on, we can use the cave as a choke point!" She dashes off with the rest of her team following shortly after her, turning around once she got to the edge of the small clearing to cover them.

Ruby stood there rapidly firing her weapon, the massive recoil only manageable thanks to her blade embedded in the earth, the large powerful rounds tearing the lesser Grimm in half. But with the sheer numbers of Beowolves and Ursa, it was only a matter of time before one managed to get close and jump at her. By the time she'd pulled her scythe from the ground, it was already too late as a Beowolf was already about to crash into her side. Holding her weapon between her self and the charging Grimm and closing her eyes, Ruby prepared to be thrown to the ground, only to not feel it bash her aside into the air.

Slowly opening her eyes Ruby is met with the sight of a Grimm slowly starting to fade, with Weiss' rapier through its neck. "Stop staring and get moving!" Weiss snaps before the two of them turn and run past Yang and Blake who are firing shoots past them into the oncoming horde, before turning and following them as soon as they are past the trees. "What were you thinking you oaf, you could have gotten killed!" Ruby looks down as Yang catches up with them as Blake takes the lead again "Yell at Ruby later. Run now!" Ruby looks at her sister and gives her a small smile before settling into an even pace with her partner and teammates. The horde of Grimm still right on their tail the whole way.

Earth: South America: South East Coastline: Secret lab, testing chamber.

The scientist walked down a flight of stairs, looking between a datapad and his team making final preparations for the test port of their interdimensional Arc-porter. It had taken his team more than a year to get this far, and he wasn't about to let it all be shut down by Nostromo and his single-minded drive to win an unwinnable war.

With a sigh, he turned and walked over to the main control panel, placing his datapad down before turning to his assistant "So, is it ready?" The younger man turned and looked at him "Ready as we're going to get in twenty-four hours Docter. You know... if this doesn't work we'll all be in prison until the supply ships arrive, right...?"

He sighed placing his face in his hands as he sits down in a rolling office chair "I know, but we don't have much choice, if we don't do this, its prison, if we do and fail, its prison, if we do and succeed, we're heroes and just saved every survivor on Earth... Start power-up sequence, bring it up to 20 percent, radio waves only." His assistant nodded before turning and starting the activation sequence. The large platform in the center of the cavern lights up as four arms descend from the ceiling. The large disks on the ends starting to glow a faint blue light, before with a sudden burst of light a small sphere of blue energy appears suspended above the platform.

The whole room stood in awed silence. They'd done it, they'd done the impossible. Standing up fast enough for the blood to rush to his feet, the scientist moved over to a terminal overlooking the gate "My god... Bring it up to 50 percent power, and get a probe ready incase it remains stable, hurry!" he yelled sending engineers and scientists around him into action to complete their tasks.

Remnant: Cental Sanus: Emerald forest: Cave entrance.

As team RWBY ran into the mouth of the cave, Weiss spun the chamber on her Rapier around to ice before thrusting her Rapier into the ground, throwing up an ice wall blocking access to the cave, a moment later a crack formed as an Ursa ran full speed into it "Greet, now what are we going to do you Oaf?! we're trapped in here now!" Weiss spun around looking at Ruby as she spoke, her head hanging limply as she kicks a stone around "it was the best idea I had..." Weiss goes to keep berating the girl but is stopped as Yang steps between them "Cut it out, Ruby did her best and bought us some time, lets make the most of it, okay Ice queen?" Weiss just rubs the bride of her nose and sighs "Fine, let's just call Ozpin to come get-" She cut off as Blake speaks up "That won't work, I don't have any signal."

the others all pull out their scrolls and pale as they all see the new service icon pop up "Great, the cave most be blocking the signal, so now we're trapped and can't even call for help, just great." Weiss huffed as Yang and Ruby share a nervous glance "Sooo, what now...?" Ruby sighs and looks down the cave. "Hey what's that?" she points down the cave causing everyone else to turn and follow where she was pointing. just around a bend in the cave, something is emitting a faint blue light "No idea, but it may be a way out" blake strode down the tunnel, the rest of her team following her. Letting her use her better eyesight to lead them around any tripping hazards.

As they roaded the corner they all froze in place just staring. In front of them was a ball of blue energy just floating in mid-air, with no source insight "Oookay is it just me, or is there a floating ball of energy?" Yang looked around seeing the shocked faces of her team "Right, well this is a Shocking discovery." Weiss and Ruby just groan, while Blake rolls her eyes "you haven't even touched it, how do you know it would shock you?" Yang pouts while looking at her partner. "Come on its ball of energy, it makes perfect sense!"

while her sister and her partner start debating the basis of her terrible puns. Ruby slowly approached the ball of energy, slowly reaching out to touch it in an almost trance-like state, she swears she could hear voices, whispers, and promise of power, before snapping out of it as she feels a hand on her shoulder "Ruby... are you okay, I was calling your name?" Ruby turns around to face Weiss, who surprisingly has a rare look of concern on her face "Wha- oh yeah I'm fine, it's just... never mind."

Weiss nodded before retracting her arm "Good, because we are still stuck in here and those Grimm aren't going to wait forever, you got a plan?" Ruby looked back down the tunnel, her brow furrowing for a moment before she snaps her fingers as an idea comes to her. "Okay, Blake and I can't move around in here, we'll stay back and cover you and Yang, oh and set up some time glyphs near the entrance to slow them down once they break in" Weiss nodded, so did Blake and Yang who stopped arguing to listen. Ruby smiled "Okay team lets go!"

The members of team RWBY jumped into action, taking up their positions just as the ice wall was about to break. Yang and Weiss took up combat stances, Weiss spreading a series of dark purple glyphs over the ground while Yang let out a breath as her hair started to glow, Ruby and Blake got their weapons ready and aimed past their partners ready to kill whatever came through.

The last few impacts reverberate through the cave before with a sudden blast the ice wall shatters and a wave of Beowolves pour into the cave. Only to be gunned down by Ruby and Blake before they can get close to Yang or Weiss. Following the lesser Grimm are the larger and stronger Ursa, their thicker hide allowing them to take several shots even from Ruby's powerful weapon, the time it takes to take one down allowing two more to slip into the cave before it dies. When the first Ursa manages to get close to Yang and Weiss, Beowolves and Ursa are pouring in through the hole, squashing any chance they had of keeping them at the choke point. The endless tide of young Grimm slowly pushing them back.

Ruby fired a shot past her sister, taking the head off an Ursa before it could hurt her "Weiss now!" Weiss finished off a Beowolf that had gotten too close before driving her Rapier into the ground. within seconds almost the whole horde was moving in slow motion as dark purple glyphs dotted the floor. It wouldn't last long, but it would give them a few seconds to thin the herd a bit.

As Ruby and Blake walked up and started firing into the horde Yang looks around, bent over, and taking deep breaths "okay, So... What now. I'm sure that took a lot of dust, and there are probably... more outside, and the cave just... dead ends around that corner. And even I'm starting to run out of... breath." Ruby looks back "we just have to keep fighting, hope that horde runs out..." she didn't sound too confident and the others could tell "Ruby, do you even have a plan?" Blake asked after finishing off the last of the Grimm still in the cave. Ruby looked at her and opened her mouth to respond before her stance slumps and her head falls "No..."

Weiss rubbed the bridge of her nose as she let out a sigh "Ruby I swear too... not that it matters. My glyphs are about to run out of Dust, so we better get ready." The others nod before heading back to their position, with Ruby trailing behind as she walks towards the back of the cave once again. True to Weiss' word moment after they all got back into position the Time Glyphs began to fail. The rounds fired by Ruby and Blake suddenly fly forward from their seemingly suspended state and take out almost the whole horde in the cave with clean headshots. Ruby lined her sites upon the entrance and waited for the next Grimm to come in.

And waited. And waited. Seconds seemed to drag on as they waited.

Yang and Weiss slowly lowered their guard in confusion, their Aura's laxing after dispatching the last few Grimm in the cave. Grimm wouldn't wait this long, had they gotten them all. Yang slowly turned around looking at her team "So oh, guess that's it. Guess we showed them a thing or tw-" Yangs cut off as the ice wall shatters and shes thrown to the back of the cave, leaving the remaining 3 huntresses-in-training to face the three elder Ursa and Ursa Major. As Yang hits the back wall Ruby rushes over yelling her name leaving Blake and Weiss to face the overwhelming force of Grimm in front of them "I don't suppose you have any experience with these types of Grimm" Weiss looked over to see Blake shaking her head "not enough for this" Weiss just looked back as the 4 Ursa slowly approached them "Fantastic-."

Both girls brought their weapons up and opened fire with a mix of bullets and fire Dust. but neither seem to have much effect on the think bone plates covering the Ursa's bodies. The Ursa keep advancing with lesser Grimm coming in behind them, waiting to strike, forcing Weiss and Blake back quickly towards Yang and Ruby, the former of the two just starting to get her senses back as Ruby stands up between her older sister and the approaching Grimm. with the Grimm still approaching her dazed sister Ruby began to grow scared, she didn't want to die here, she didn't want her friends to die here... without thinking she pulls out Crescent Rose again and extends it to its full size before charging in, firing a gravity Dust round behind her as she went she managed to decapitate one of the Ursa Elders before launching her self into a flurry of attacks, as her eyes started to faintly glow.

Weiss and Blake had tried to follow her in, but were kept back by the lesser Grimm suddenly charging forwards to cutting them off from their young leader, but that didn't stop them from trying to warn her as she made a fatal mistake. "Ruby look out!"

Ruby was in a haze, just flowing from motion to motion as she hacked at the older and smarter Grimm that had been giving the lighter hitters of her team trouble, she was feeling something when all the momentum in her overhead swing dies and a metal clang reverberates throughout the cave. she'd hit the ceiling and the moment that her guard was down one of the Ursa major moved to swat her aside.

Ruby was sent flying, the air knocked out of her longs and her precess weapon barely in her clothes as she tumbles to the ground rolling before in a flash she vanishes as she hits the ball of energy. The rest of her team is left to stare in a mix of horror and awe, being given a slight breather as the Alpha Grimm reorganize their lesser Grimm before moving in for the kill.

Still in her head trauma caused haze Yang stood up looking at the energy ball. "R-Ruby...!" Before she charges into it with a limp without thinking leaving the last two members of Team RWBY to watch on, not sure what to do. it didn't look like they'd died, it almost looked like they had been disassembled, maybe a portal, a Semblance maybe.

And with Grimm closing in it wasn't much choice in what the two would pick. A possible way out that could just be a faster death. Or a certain slow death at the hands of the Grimm. the two ran into it before disappearing the same as their teammates did. The ball of energy disappearing moments after in a small blast that wiped out the Grimm in the cave.

Earth: South America: South East Coastline: Secret lab, testing chamber.

"DOCTER, POWER SURGE!" Looking over just confirmed what the man said as the power in the Arc porter was spiking suddenly. And if he was reading it right it was transporting physical matter, oh this wasn't good at all "Everyone away from the Arck porter, we have no idea what it may do!" As the science team backed away and he stepped up behind a hard light wall he wasn't sure what was about to happen. This could be anything, it could be a repeat of sixteen years ago and the Melding, or thirteen years ago. He didn't know, and it was better to be safe. "I want a security team to the main testing chamber" he spoke into a microphone before sitting down to analyze the data.

Several men in blue BDU's and brown armored vests run into the room holding large black boxy firearms and set up around the room, they weren't ARES pilots, they weren't even Accord troops, just some PMC that didn't ask questions and was willing to do some illegal work. And they would have to do for the next four hours if this was anything bad.

As the team of soldiers get into cover there is an unmistakable sound like something falling into water, this causes them to tense before standing and training their weapons on the portal, before lowering them in stunned silence as they see what looks like a young girl in a dress and cape roll down the ramp leading up to the platform, and on the ground next to her is a massive scythe. Gun. THING! they were about to approach when three more glops follow in quick succession as a blond stumbles out of the portal before falling over, with a platinum blonde and black-haired girls running out shortly after, and from the looks of it, all of them are armed.

As Weiss and Blake dashed down the ramp after Ruby and Yang they come face to barrel with several armed men pointing rifles at them and yelling "ON THE GROUND! HEADS ON YOUR HEAD! DROP YOUR WEAPONS!" and several other common commands to surrender. Weiss bristled with annoyance, not noticing as Blake went ridged and wide-eyed at seeing soldiers surrounding them and ordering them to surrender.

After a few seconds with both parties staring each other down, the guard suddenly shift and shuffle back nervously. "What the hell is that?" The two Huntresses-in-training slowly turned just in time to see the form of a Beowolf finish piecing its self together, before looking down and growling as several more start to quickly form beside it. "OPEN FIRE!" Without waiting for the two to clear the ramp the guard immediately open fire on the Grimm, managing to break even with them as they port in.

Weiss and Blake jump down to the sides as the gunfire rips through the incoming Grimm, crawling over to where Ruby lays with a still hazy Yang over her "Come on Rubes, g-get up." Blake moves up next to her "Come on Yang, let's get her out of here" Yang nods before the two of them grab the unconscious form of Ruby and start heading for an exit while Weiss backs up behind them keeping an eye on the now occupied soldiers as they battle the Grimm coming through the strange machine. As it begins to glow dangerously hot. "Girls..." Yang and Blake turned to look before their eyes go wide before docking behind a console near the edge of the room.

As the glow grew in intensity and a dull hum rose in intensity the three of them huddled together keeping Ruby between them, before with a deafening BOOM the machine explodes sending a shock wave and shrapnel through the room before a wall of flames fills the room.

Quickly running down a flight of stairs and running his key card over a reader the man waited frantically for the door to open followed closely by any member of his team with any medical knowledge. As the door opens they enter the large cavernous space, red emergency lights flashed with machinery bent and twisted all over the lab, while his team rushed in to look for survivors he simply stood there "No... GOD DAMN IT NO! WE WERE SO CLOSE!" holding his head in his hands he sighs before looking over to one of the few remaining analytical terminals to survive, maybe he could still... Why were their four girls huddled together under the terminal? "Hey, there are some over here!" He walked over hoping it wasn't someones kids.

Kneeling down he reached over to check for a pulse before the oldest looking suddenly reaches out and grabs his arm before jumping up and spinning him around and holding... Something to his neck "Okay where the Dust are we!?" His team stopped frozen all looking at the young girl holding their boss hostage, as well as the three others standing up after her, two of them holding a Sword and the other a Pistol. While the last one just looked at them nervously.

"G-Guys, maybe we shouldn't... H-He was calling for help and-" shes cut off as a new Klaxon goes off and an artificial female voice fills the chamber "Warning: Outer doors breached: hostile wildlife has entered the facility. Repeat hostile wildlife has entered the facility. All security teams report to the main entrance" the unarmed scientists all stood in shock and fear, while the man looked back at his hostage takers "P-Please, I don't know if your bandits or mercenaries. Bull we'll give you what you want if you stop whatever just broke in here."

The four of them looked at each other before they nod to each other one at a time and the oldest let's him go "Okay we'll help you, I just need my-" the youngest red hooded girl stops as she sees the burnt and twisted remains of some kind of weapon "NO!" and at inhuman speed she rushes over picking it up "My baby what happened to you!?" While his team looked around in confusion the oldest walked just walked over "Its okay Ruby, we'll fix it when we get back to beacon, but we need to help these people" the youngest one, apparently named Ruby nods and stands up, the tallest of her friends hands her one of the boxy black rifles the security guards carried that had survived the blast.

After reluctantly taking the rifle the four of them quickly followed one of his senior researchers out of the main chamber. They were odd, and certainly felt familiar- "Wait a second!"

Coral forest: 4 hours later

Some large grab like creatures slowly circled a pool of water that held a dying fish, snapping at each other before pausing to look past a rock formation. Moments later a large four-wheeled RTV with a battling gun on the back, painted in a clean white comes around the bend and flattens them as it speeds past blaring some annoying music followed shortly after by a six-wheeled truck built similarly.

"man this is bullshit, why is it every time some Bandits or Insurgents cause issues out here High-com sends us when the Northern shores outpost is closer." A Soldier wearing full body armor with a helmet that covered his face with a large orange faceplate. All painted the same white as the truck with orange glowing highlights complains as he does a final check-up on his rifle

"I don't give a damn Private, now shut up and lock up, we're almost there." A soldier wearing the same armor that had forgone the helmet in favor of an OCP cap and has a triple chevron on his shoulder with deep red highlights barks as he finishes loading his shotgun and places a cigar in his mouth.

"Yes, sarge."

The truck follows the Mesa until they come up to a short bluff onto a grassy flat in front of a cliff. Quickly jumping out of their vehicles the eight-man squad secure the area before four of them turn and head towards the abandoned mine turned illegal research facility. As they approached they find the door to be powered down and pried open, with claw marks covering the edges "Looks like Aranha's boys. This just turned into a search and rescue, Call for a medivac. hopefully we won't need it" he turns and gives a hand signal for his team to move into the compound.

After two of them finished prying the door open the squad move in, clearing rooms and checking dead ends, the power is spotty causing them to miss some of the little buggers, but their heavy armor make the attacks bounce off allowing them to put the large crab-like creatures down "Gah, if there were pray on Alpha Centauri than what are the predators like" "Doesn't matter Corporal. we still haven't found any bodies, and the Admiral wants em alive, so move it like ya got a purpose!"

As they round a corner to the final chamber they stop in their tracks. A massive pile of dead Aranhas are filling the tunnel and blocking their path. The sergeant takes the cigar and taps it off "well, they must'of had somethin mean down here to do this. Clear the path!" Two of the men run up and start pulling the dead crabs down until they had a clear path over, the Sergeant being the first over with his shotgun.

As he slid down the pile and came to a stop he looked around for a moment, noticing the closed door without a scratch on it, the dead guards. Just some shitty PMC he didn't care about, and the four young girls barely conscious and all holding weapons of some kind and wearing the strangest outfits he'd ever seen, and he was based at a civilian city in a tropic zone. "Shit, Samual get the corpsman down here ASAP!"


But really this is the first REAL story I've uploaded, and its certainly an odd one, so ill give you a quick explanation for what you just saw.

This is set in the world of Firefall, set some time in the near future, 50 years before the game Earth was devastated by a meteor shower that killed millions. When the dust settled it was found that some of the larger Meteors had a strange blue crystal in them that could power a city for days, and opened the door to amazing technology, like space flight.

When it started to run out the new Accord Government (Basically Nato+ the Aussies) was attacked by the Russian Federation and the CCP, the Accord controlling more of the Crystite was able to win the war, but the supply of this miracle fuel was running low. So the Accord tracked were the meteors came from back to Alpha Centauri, but even humanities fastest ships took 10 years to get there and another 10 back.

So better allow the transport of Crystite the AMS Arclight was built, a massive cargo ship able to use Arc porter tech to bridge the gap between Earth and Alpha Centauri in a matter of minutes. But the jump failed causing the ship to crash into a town north of Reo where it lies in the ocean acting as the Accords HQ. this has lead to the use of long-range Arc porters being outlawed, especially after what came next.

The Melding.

No one knows what it is, some think it was a result of the drive failing, some think it came from another universe. Whatever it is it spread across Earth in hours. Earths population went from somewhere near 10 Billion to somewhere in the low millions in a couple days, the only safe place was the crash zone around the Arclight, the ruptured drive somehow was able to keep the Melding at bay.

Humanity now exists in a state of endless war against the melding and the mutants that live in the dangerous purple fog that collects just at the edge of human territory. and with the Captain of the Arclight Admiral Nostromo being the highest-ranking member of the government to survive on Earth, he has taken command and is doggedly trying to cling onto what's left while planning to re-take Earth, even with the supply ships from Alpha Centauri coming to evacuate them.

So I hope you enjoyed both the story and my (admittedly foggy) lore explanation, I'm going to try and post often but don't expect this to be regular for a while.

Wesley signing off...