Copacabana, Military district, Exit checkpoint.

The girls of Team RWBY stood to the side. Watching as the man who had saved them from whatever fate awaited them with Lieutenant Petterson, talks with a Checkpoint guard to get them clearance to leave. It's over surprisingly quickly as he flashes some sort of hologram in the shape of an old helmet, it looked vaguely like a museum piece from Mistral that they'd seen in history class. But the four of them took little notice. Instead looking around the place they found themselves in.

After receiving new sets of clothes. Identical pairs of black cargo shorts and white T-shirts. They'd been taken out of the Hospital and through a vast underground complex. Emerging out of the side of a mountain that the base and the city beyond seemed to be built out from, although how far out they couldn't see, with the large white metal walls blocking their view.

Ruby looked around the base, hoping to distract herself by looking at the strange weapons. But the normal spark of excitement was gone. Instead, she felt like her stomach was in knots and that she may throw up at any second. Taking a deep breath and looking over at the rest of her team, hoping they could help get her mind off what she'd just been told almost half an hour ago. "H-hey girls… do any of you know where we actually are… I mean this place doesn't look like any of the kingdoms…"

The three of them looked at each other with questioning expressions, before Blake speaks up. "As strange as this may sound…. I don't think we're on Remnant anymore. No one here knows about Grimm, they kept going back to something called 'the Melding' and they didn't know about the four Kingdoms… or Faunus… they said it was some kind of 'gene mod' and looked at me like I'd gone crazy when I said I was born this way…"

They all look at her with expressions ranging from confusion to utter disbelief at her claims. "That's impossible. There's no way we just… left Remnant" Weiss said in a disbelieving tone. "I mean… not only would that require a working form of space travel. Which doesn't exist. It would also require people to have traveled to another planet and colonized it. Which is also impossible!"

They all shared another look before Yang sighs and leans back against the wall. "I dunno, Weiss… the way these people're acting… I wouldn't count the idea out quite yet. And is it just me or are your Auras acting up too?" The awkward looks she received at her latter point seemed to answer her question all on their own. "We don't know where we are, or who these people are… just that someone who… maybe Me and Ruby's mom sent for us… And if they don't even know about Faunus…"

Another pause where none of them had an answer to what had just been said, followed. Only broken by the sounds of the base around them. "That still doesn't mea-"

"Good news kids!" Weiss is cut off as their savior in silver armor walks back over "We're cleared to leave. We'll be headed down to the town square where the local Ares base is. We'll be staying there until the Major arrives, and your stuff should be sent over in a couple of hours… and… did I uh, did I walk in on something?"

The four of them were giving him various looks of surprise and annoyance at being interrupted. But Blake quickly pushed herself to her feet "No just… trying to remember what got us here, none of us remember how we got to the hospital."

He sighed and shook his head "Sorry to hear that kids. Truly I am, and I hope you remember. But we really need to get you lot back to base before Agent Petterson contacts HIS boss and comes after you. So come on, let's go and get you settled in"

The four of them sighed and slowly got up to follow the two heavily armored men out of the checkpoint into the city beyond. And the change couldn't be more extreme. While the base was built from clean metal and advanced technology. The city was built more traditionally. Built from stone, wood, and plaster, with narrow wooden and stone streets running through and around buildings.

The four of them stood still taking in the sudden change, feeling like they'd stepped into a different world once again. "W-wow…" Weiss said. Receiving nods of agreement from the others.

He turned around and looked at them and after looking over them for a moment he smirked "You kids never been to Copacabana before?"

The four of them shook their head, before slowly beginning to follow him once more, deeper into the city.

The two men led them through the tight winding streets of the tropical city for a few minutes, before they emerged into a large plaza. An open-air design allowed them to actually take in the size of the city. Going from the mountain they came from all the way out into the ocean. And the giant several-kilometer-long ship, resting just off the coast of where ever they are. It looked like someone had taken two Atlisan cruisers and welded their tops together, with large bulbous sections around the ship's midpoint before its tail end sunk below the waterline.

All four of them looked at the large ship in open-mouth shock. None of them had ever seen a ship that large. Only Weiss ever laying eyes on something that large that could actually fly, that being the City of Atlas.

Weiss slowly worked her mouth trying to come up with something coherent to say, but was beaten to it by Ruby. "I… I guess we aren't on Remnant after all… Unless that's some new Atlas dreadnought?" Ruby Blake and Yang looked at Weiss expectantly, only to drop their shoulder as she shook her head.

The Man in the ball cap looked back at them and rolled his eyes "What. You kids never seen the Arclight before? What are you from Shantytown or something?" Before he could continue to poke fun at them for gawking at such an alien sight, or they could retort and call him out for making fun of them, the larger armored man brushed past them and knock his comrade over the head with his armored fist.

"Is enough James, we still have mission to complete". The large man spoke in the oddest accent the four had heard today. The smaller man, apparently named James, rubbed the back of his head and hissed in pain before sighing and turning around to walk down into the square, Team RWBY following them quickly into the busy square and marketplace.

The Plaza itself was built around a large wooden tower with a metal bowl at the top holding a burning flame. With storefronts with white and blue holographic terminals, that seemed to be some sort of vending machines.

The two men lead Team RWBY across the busy Plaza and to two sets of stairs. One going up to some sort of large machine with Terminals surrounding it and more men and women dressed like them, as well as several other suits of armor they haven't seen yet. While the second set went down under the first set and into what looked like an opaque hard light wall contained inside a large doorway made of the same white metal as everything else military they have seen.

The four of them followed the two men down the stairs before coming to a stop as the larger armored man waved his arm over a scanner. The dark blue hard light fizzled out and collapsed allowing the six of them inside. Inside was a stark contrast to the military buildings they've seen before, the lights were dim and the metal walls were worn and scuffed, the White paint outright gone or not applied at all it seems. Instead, black and dark gray dominated the room. But it also felt lived in far more than what they'd seen before. Empty bottles and cardboard food boxes littered the large room. With several other people wearing the heavily armored suits standing around and talking or working over their gear. They are also all wildly different, with different paint schemes or weapons and armor, no two of them exactly alike and definitely not normal military.

The four of them looked around and took it in, looking at each other with obvious questions on their minds. Weiss turned to James and cleared her throat "Excuse me. Could you tell us exactly what you are? You clearly aren't normal Army, right?"

James turned and looked at them for a moment with a confused expression "Really? Well if ya really haven't heard of us… Welcome to ARES lass. Semi-independent operators working for the Accord to secure the borders of New Eden from anything from Bandits to Melding incursions. We're kinda like morally good mercenaries in a sense."

Weiss Blake and Yang nodded while Ruby raised her hand slightly. "Does that make you like Huntsmen?" she asked quietly, causing James to once again give her a confused look "Huntsmen? What the hell are Huntsmen? You mean like someone that goes out and Hunts animals?"

Ruby pointed slightly and backed off a little while Weiss huffed "Rude. Huntsmen and Huntresses are the defenders of Humanity. Not some common punchers."

James looked at her with the same cockeyed confused expression and went to snap off a retort to Weiss when his friend placed his hand on his shoulder. Stopping him halfway. "James. Get drink for our guests. Comrade Summer would not be pleased if they starved while they wait." James grumbled and stomped off leaving RWBY alone with this giant of a man. "Come. Time is short and there is much to discuss." He turned and lead them towards one of the back rooms where they could have some privacy, away from the other Ares Pilots.

Leading them into what looked like an underused Gym, he shut the door behind him and turned to look at the members of Team RWBY as they sat or stood around the room. Staying spread out in case something turns violent.

"Right. Shall we start with explanation then?" when he got nods back from the four of them he pointed at Ruby and Yang "You were right. Commander Summer is your Mother. She sent me to protect you."

Moscow ruins, 16 hours earlier

Summer crouched behind the ruined wall of a long-abandoned office building and slowly peeked around the corner, hefting her pulse rifle as she did. She's met by the ever-present purple fog of the Melding, completely obscuring her sight past ten or so feet.

The lenses in her helmet slowly adjusted before a thermal readout of the area replaces her vision. The thermal outline of a group of Carcasses appeared on her hud as they slowly made their way past her and deeper into the city. Thankfully missing her, and not drawing any more attention to her.

After waiting an extra ten minutes she carefully stood up and moved out into the street, rifle raised as she slowly panned it across the buildings around her in case any more Carcasses or Aranhas decide to jump out of a building or from out of the old sewers.

When Summer was confident she was alone she held her rifle tight before igniting the boosters on the soles of her armoire boots and jumping up to the building across from her hiding place.

Slinging her rifle she placed a hand on the side of her head to activate her comms. "This is Lieutenant Colonel Rose. Does anyone copy?" Nothing but static met her for several long moments. A twisted feeling rose in her gut at the prospect her whole team was wiped out before a voice filtered across the radio.

"Corporal Buck here. we're not dead yet ma'am. Rest of the teams waiting at Smol-ens-kaya station. But we haven't heard from Stacy in a while."

Summer sighed, this was Stacy's first time outside of New Eden, figures she'd be the one they lose out here. "Understood. Any signs of Chosen activity in the area?" If the Chosen had found their target first this whole mission would be pointless.

"No Ma'am. Skies are clear and we haven't even seen a Deviant. Much less any real Chosen forces yet."

"Good. I'll be right there. Don't move." Taking a step back Summer took a deep breath before breaking out into a sprint towards the edge of the building. Jumping off her jet boots ignited carrying her across the street to the next building, then the next, and the next until she landed outside the old Metro tunnel where the rest of her squad was waiting for her.

Touching down on the ground gently, she's approached by a man wearing a fully sealed assault battleframe. His armor was painted a dull silver, without any of the modifications that more experienced Ares pilots apply to their frames. "Corporal, good to see you in one piece. Now maybe we can wrap this up befor-" Summer paused mid-sentence as a sudden spike of confused, scared emotions welled up in the back of her mind. "No… no no NO NO NO GODS DAMN IT!"

Buck took a step back in shock at his commander's sudden outburst. Raising his hands in an attempt to placate her "Ma'am what's going o- AGK!"

Summer grabbed him by the chest rig, pulling him close to make absolutely sure he can understand exactly what she's saying. And even though her sealed helmet, he could see a faint silver glow "GET ME COLONEL ESMOND RIGHT NOW! REGULATIONS BE DAMNED!"

Nodding quickly Buck is dropped to the ground and allowed to quickly run off to get an operator on the line to radio back to New Eden. Summer turned and began pacing. Her anger quickly giving way to confusion and grief. "Ruby… you weren't supposed to follow me…"

After about a minute her comm crackled to life with a faint level of static from how far away she was from New Eden and how deep they are in the Melding. "Summer? What's going on, I just got contacted by an Ares operator saying something abou-" He was cut off as Summer begins yelling over the line.

"CAN IT ESMOND! RUBY JUST SHOWED UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CORAL FOREST! SEND VADIM TO GO FIND HER AND ANYONE ELSE SHE MAY BE WITH RIGHT NOW!" she paused and began taking deep breaths. Right now she didn't care who or what heard her, she just needed to know Ruby was going to be okay.

Esmond was silent on his end for several seconds as he processed the information dumped on him "Ruby… You mean Your Daughter? How the hell could she have ended up on Earth?"

Summer took a deep breath, struggling to contain the tears threatening to spill from her eyes. "I don't know… She just showed up… I can feel her, and she's scared… Please just make sure she's alright…"

Esmond sighed. This would take a lot of explaining if the Admiral ever found out. "Alright Summer. I'll send Vadim right away. I promise I'll do everything I can to get her to safety. You just finish your mission and get back here as fast as possible."

Summer smiled gently and let out a sigh of relief. "Thank you, Esmond… I'd be lost without you. You know that right?"

He laughed softly on his end before answering her "Oh I know. Hurry up and get back here understood?"

Summer sighed softly and rolled her eyes "Understood sir. Moving to secure the D6 bunker complex now." she terminated the transmission and looked over at the rest of the squad waiting for her to give the order to move out. "Well. Let's go secure some guns!" She forced a smile onto her face in an attempt to at least sound more upbeat than she was, as she led her team down into the Moscow metro system.

Copacabana, Ares Base, Present.

Ruby and Yang's eyes went wide at the news their Mother was alive Ruby's eyes became pricked with tears, her hands flying up to her mouth. While Yangs flashed a brilliant blood red and balled her fists. "What the hell do you mean she sent you to protect us, She's been de… Missing for years!"

Vadim nodded softly, his eyes closed. He hummed softly to confirm what she'd said. "Da, she has. From your world. Remnant. For the past twelve years, Comrade Summer has been here on Earth. Attempting to find way home to you."

Yang's eyes dulled and went back to their normal purple than to a cool blue. While Ruby continued to cry softly and process the information given to her.

Weiss scuffed "You can't seriously expect us to believe we are on some alien world. For Brother's sake Dust doesn't even work in space!" she stomped her foot, her face red from anger from having everyone repeating the same silly idea that they could be on another planet… despite the mounting evidence they were…

Vadim looked at Weiss and scowled "Like it or not Snow queen. You are no longer on Remnant. And I was not sent to get you or the cat girl. So shut up, and be happy you are here."

Weiss recoiled slightly at his sudden harsh tone. While Blakes ears folded back and her eyes narrowed to slits in anger at what he had just called her.

"Now. I am told to teach you about Earth. First lesson, do not reveal you are from Remnant. No one must know you are not from Earth. You would not like what would happen if Accord learned who you are. Second lesson, Your Aura does not work right in New Eden. Repulser towers suppress it and make it take weeks to come back. Third lesson. Do not go into Fog, You will not survive. Got that?"

Wiess Blake and Yang nodded dumbly. Ruby still too preoccupied with processing the information to respond.

Vadim nodded softly "Good. James shall return soon. You shall remain here until Comrade Summer has returned from Mother Russia. Do not cause trouble." With that, Vadim stepped out of the gym. Leaving Team RWBY alone to process everything, and figure out what to do next.

The four of them sat in silence. It felt like the world had been dropped on them. Other worlds. Dangers they couldn't understand. Nothing made sense to any of them. The silence was only broken by a quiet murmur. "She's alive… Mom's alive."

Yang looked over and sighed softly, a small smile creeping its way across her face. "Looks like it… I wonder what she's been doing… And why she didn't come back…" Her smile turns to a frown as she sits down next to Ruby, pulling her into a hug, resting her head against her chest.

Weiss and Blake looked at each other with a worried expression. The possibility this could all be a trap was still there and after the way Vadim treated them. Neither was exactly willing to take what he said at face value.

"How do we know he's telling the truth?" Blake said nervously. "He could be working for Adam, lying to us so we let our guard down."

Yang looked over at the two of them. Her eyes back to their normal violet hue. "Weren't you on our side about being in another world Blake?"

She sighed softly "I was. But… Your long dead, or missing mother just so happens to have been in that same world for years. Trying to get home to see you again… Adam's not beyond using family to get to people…"

Ruby shook her head softly. "N-No… She's alive, I know she is… I had a dream… It wasn't like any dream I'd had before, and it was so real, And she was there... She said I wasn't meant to follow her…" her voice broke by the end, not wanting to admit what she thought of that. That Summer may not have wanted her.

Yang held her tighter, while Blake and Weiss sighed. "Let's say Your Mother really is alive. How could your dream have anything to do with that. We'd all gone through that cave, maybe you just wanted to think about something pleasant?" Weiss said softly. Trying to keep some form of rationality in the conversation.

Ruby sniffed before turning to look at Weiss. "I don't know… It just felt so real. Like she was talking to me…"

"Well, I don't think it matters. If she's alive and coming here. That's all I need to know." Yang said sternly, glaring at Weiss and Blake, warning them to drop it.

The two of them back off, dropping the subject and allowing the two sisters to process everything.

After a few minutes, the door opened again. Vadim was still outside but James walked in holding a few things. In his right hand was a bottle of some kind of orange drink with some red plastic cups. While under his left arm was a large box that would have been impossible to carry without the armor he wore. "G'day girls. I got something for ya to drink. And the hospital sent your stuff over." he placed the box down on a bench and placed the bottle and cups down. "Hope ya like Mango juice, all they had for cheap in the minor section."

Weiss went over to check on their belongings, while Blake went to take a cup from James. "Hope Vadim didn't scare ya lot, he doesn't exactly play well with others." James said while pouring a glass for Blake.

Weiss looked up from inspecting Myrtenaster and scuffed "He insulted Blake and I, and said we were lucky he even brought us along. I'd say 'doesn't play well with others' is an understatement."

James looked over his shoulder at her and sighed "Sorry to hear that kid. He lost his family a couple years back when the Melding hit. Hasn't been the same since from what I gather. If it makes any difference I wouldn't of let him leave you there."

Weiss regarded the man for a moment before nodding and going back to inspecting her weapon and belongings while Blake nodded softly and went to sit down. Ruby sat up a little straighter and looked at him, a question obviously on her mind.

"Sir… When do you think mo… uh, Summer will be back?" Ruby caught herself. She didn't know who knew what they were but Vadim's warning seemed reasonable enough, and she didn't want to find out what would happen if she let it slip she wasn't from this world.

James looked back over at her and Yang and hummed for a moment "Id say sometime around seven, tomorrow morning kid. But knowin' her if you're really some big deal she'll double-time it back here before too long." He smiled reassuringly and handed both of them two of the plastic cups, filled with the light orange Mango juice.

Ruby took the offered cup and started sipping the tangy sweet drink. While Yang places hers next to her on the floor. "Thanks, I guess. For getting us away from that Petterson creep."

He nodded and stepped back "No problem Kid. We weren't just gonna let the Admiral's dogs drag you off. Now get some rest, I'll see about finding you someplace to sleep."

Yang nodded curtly, while James turned and stepped out. Leaving them alone again in the deserted gym.

James sighed as the door slid shut behind him "So Cap. Ya gonna tell me what's so important about these girls or what?"

Vadim's helmeted head shifted slightly to look at him "Is for Comrade Summer to decide Sergeant. All you need know is that she wants them safe."

He sighed, his shoulders sagging slightly "Right. I'm gonna go see if any bunks are open for them to use for t'night. Oh, and did ya know anything about their SIN not working?"

Vadim shook his head again "Maybe EMP from lab fried civilian implants. Does not matter right now."

James hummed as he turned to walk down the hall, eyeing Vadim, not satisfied with his answer but knowing when to leave the captain alone. Heading down the hall he went to look for an open squad bunk the four girls could crash in long term until the Lieutenant Colonel arrived. Whenever that was supposed to be.

Atlantic Ocean, thirty minutes from New Eden safe zone, eight hours later.

An up-armored black gunship sped through the purple storm clouds and arcing lightning strikes of the Melding storms around New Eden, its normally sleek hull covered in extra armored plates to help it survive the cursive clouds that covered the planet.

In the troop compartment of the gunship, Summer paced around in circles, the tubes on the back of her armor barely missing the bulkhead of the compartment as she turned and strode down the length of the ship once again.

"Ma'am, calm down, whatever's bugging you I'm sure the Colonel has it under control." said one of the newer Ares pilots under her command, the man, or kid for that's what he really was, wore an assault frame and held a large rifle across his chest.

Summer turned ready to give the kid a piece of her mind before she caught herself and sighed "Yes I'm sure he does, that doesn't make it any easier for me, alright?"

He nodded and went back to whatever he was doing before. Summer turned and went to the back of the gunship and looked out the small window in the rear door, looking out into the dark turmoil outside the ship.

She could still feel the wavering emotions from her daughter, they were becoming clearer as they got closer to New Eden. Now she could tell in more detail what sort of emotions she

was feeling, quickly ranging from sadness to joy than to disbelief all in a matter of seconds. She wanted to be there for her Little Rose. 'Damn this gunship, why can't it go any faster!?' she thought to herself for the tenth time since she got on, back in Moscow.

"Thirty seconds to the Wall people, strap in and pray to god for me." The pilot's voice filtered across the speakers mounted in the rear compartment.

Summer quickly walked over to her seat and strapped in. She always hated this part, the dense build-up of Melding storm clouds around New Eden was strong enough to eat a lighter armored gunship in seconds. Much less her battleframe. Or gods forbid her Aura. Shuddering slightly at the thought of getting stuck in the middle of the Wall had always scared Summer since her first trip outside of New Eden. Not even her impatience over getting home would cause her to pressure the pilot now.

The gunship shuck and began to rattle as it broke the vail. The dense alien storm clouds causing the gunship to shake as it slowly banked around the low hills to avoid any unwanted attention. The thunder and lighting outside was constant and near-deafening even inside the airtight troop compartment, the flashes of lightning illuminating the compartment through the viewport in the rear hatch, completely overpowering the LEDs that would normally light the ship.

As fast as it started, it was over. The gunship settled and flew straight and steady once again, the warm yellow-orange light of the unfiltered setting sun replacing the harsh purples and blacks from beyond the Wall filling the cabin as they passed the Arclight.

The intercom hummed to life with a pop of static "And if you look to your left you'll see the HMS Arclight, whose glorious captain got us all into this mess instead of allowing us to simply evacuate when we had the chance. And to your right, you'll see the beautiful sandy beaches of South America in all their glory. I hoped you enjoyed flying air Accord today, we know you have no other options but we got you there alive. Next stop Copacabana City." The pilot snarky commented as they banked to the right, true to her word heading right for the tropical city on the water.

Summer sighed a breath of relief and being back where it was safe. Before she could enjoy it however she sat up and began undoing her crash harness and grabbing the extra kit she'd stored in the cabin with her, she wanted to be off the gunship and moving to the Ares base as soon as they landed.

Standing in front of the door, Summer watched as the gunship came in low across the shallows and coral forest to the north of the city before it came to a stop and gently turned until she could see the city proper. Its white brick and plaster outer wall and its similarly built buildings.

As the hatch opened and retracted back into the gunship's hull, Summer was already off. Taking a short running start before jumping and igniting the boosters in her armor, leaving the rest of her team by the gunship. Jumping across the low building, making sure only to land on hard surfaces and not any of the thatch roofs, Summer quickly came to the cites central plaza. Touching down near the large brazer that lit the square in the dimming light she quickly spun around before rushing to the stairwell that led down to the Ares base.

Not stopping at the security shield as it dropped for all but a matter of seconds to let her pass, she rushed towards the back of the compound. Passing the younger and inexperienced Ares pilots as she went, leaving them confused why such a high-ranking member of the program would be there, and why she was in such a rush.

Turning a corner blindly Summer threw herself around it before her vision went black as she ran headlong into something. Falling to the ground she brought a hand to her head and rubbed it softly, stars in her vision and the start of a mean headache. Before her frames, auto-injectors pumped morphine into her.

"Oh sorry about that Ma'am, I didn't see ya there." Looking up Summer saw one of the newer faces to her Outfit, Sergeant James holding his hand out for her with an apologetic look in his eye.

Taking his hand she quickly stood up and shook her head. "No it was my fault, I was in a rush and didn't look where I was going." taking a second to find her footing again she immediately grabbed him by the chest rig and held him close to her face. "Where is she? You got her right? She's safe?"

He looked at her shocked for a moment before he nodded "Y-Yes Ma'am, Vadim and I got em out of the Hospital right before Accord Intel took em off to the Arclight."

Summer gulped and wavered for a moment, 'Them' meaning it was more than just Ruby on Earth. Looking back to James she spoke Tersly "Where are they?"

James pointed over his shoulder "Down the hall. Vadim's watching 'em to make sure no on-" He's cut off as Summer shoves him to the side and continues rushing down the halls of the small base before she spots the large frame of Vadim standing outside a bunk room.

Coming up to the door she simply nods to the large Russian man, who simply nods back. Before running her hand across the door's control, opening it she rushed in and immediately stopped in her tracks.

In front of her were four young girls, she didn't know the monochrome pair, although the white-haired one looked familiar. But she instantly recognized her two daughters. "Girls?"

The four girls looked up at the soldier that just barged into their room. Their opaque visor hiding their face. Moving to ever so slightly stand between her and Ruby Yang glared at the unknown intruder. "Can we help you?"

Summer bulked, confused for a split second before she remembered her helmet and reached up to remove it. With a click and a hiss, the helmet's seal broke allowing her to pull it off her head. Her red-tipped black hair falling to just below her shoulders, kept in a clean ponytail as her wide shining silver eyes and pale skin were exposed to the crisp airconditioned room. "Hey, girls…"

Blake and Weiss still stared at the women with apprehension, still not sure they could trust this woman regardless of who she may be. But Ruby and Yang stared at her open-mouthed and eyes wide. "M-Mom?" Yang said breathlessly.

Ruby slowly stood up and walked over to her. Reaching up she hesitantly touched Summers chest plate, as if testing that she was really there, and not some figment of her imagination.

Summer sighed and let a small smile creep its way onto her face "Yes my little Rose… I'm real... And I've missed you every day I was gone…"

Ruby's eyes filled with tears before she threw her arms around her mother and began to cry. Summer went down to her knees and held Ruby in her arms. Careful not to crush her with the added strength of her battleframe, she gently planted a kiss on the top of her head.

Yang stood there in shock for a moment, looking between the other two members of her team then back to her sister and mother embracing each other. Summer looked up from Ruby and spotted Yang looking unsure and held her armored hand out and waved her over, a gently reassuring smile on her face.

Yang sputtered for a second, wanting to believe this but worried it could be some trick or something worse. "How… Why… just how did you…" she tried and failed to say something before her eyes faded to a dull blue and tears welled in them, just the same as Ruby's. Taking one step then another she quickly threw herself into her Mothers arms and allowed herself to break in her Mother's embrace. Years of pent-up emotions and heartbreak spiling out between all three of them.

"I'm here girls. I'm here..."

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