"Barney this bear and bird keep collecting things around my house!" Fred Flintstone pointed out to his best friend for the cavemen were watching the titular animal duo go about their business.

"I don't know Fred; they just seem to be looking for a collection to be part of!" Barney laughed while fixing up the swimming pool in the yard.

Banjo and Kazooie continued on about grabbing the stone age objects with googly eyes that were placed around Bedrock for the bear and bird named after musical instruments paused and noticed the various cave people and prehistoric animals looking at them oddly.

"Err Kazooie you sure this wouldn't be out of place for us?" Banjo asked while adjusting his backpack.

Kazooie began pecking her buddy on the back of the head. "Come on Banjo, like we're out of place given where we're at."