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Name: Bert Sakaki ( Giovanni Japanese name was used as the last name)

Age: 17 (Jessie and James are the same age)

Brithday : February 17th

Pokemon partner: Undecided but maybe Cubone.

Family :

Father (Giovanni)

Mother (Ami)

Friends: Jessie, James, Meowth, Mondo, Mondo's ditto

Likes: Pokemon, Jessie, helping people he cares about, Meowth, electric type Pokemon,

Dislikes: Being called a girl for his long hair, James flirting with Jessie, seeing Jessie hurt, Ash friends

Region: Kanto

Hometown: Viridian City

Crush: Jessie

Eye color : Green

Hair : Long light blonde hair

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The Beginning

Third-person P.O.V

Bert Sakaki is a 17-year-old boy with long straight light blonde hair and green eyes. Bert is also the son of Team Rocket's leader, Giovanni. He was sitting in of a bedroom reading a book. Bert sometimes wished his father could spend more time with him," Narrator said.

A knock was then suddenly heard on the bedroom door.

"Come in!" Bert said.

The door opened to reveal Drill Sergeant Viper the head of the Rocket Academy.

"What brings you here Viper?" Bert asked closing the book he was reading and focusing his attention on Viper.

"Your father wants to see you, Bert," Viper said.

"I understand did he say what he wants to see me for?" Bert asked. "He not making me join the Team Rocket Academy. I told him that the place is so boring," Bert said flipping his bangs out of his face.

Viper chuckled. "It only boring because you know the place inside out. Anyways come on your father waiting inside of his office."

"Alright coming," Bert said grabbing a Pokeball off his nightstand. Inside of this Pokeball was the very first Pokemon he got and the only one he has so far. It was given to him by his mother on his 10th birthday a month before she died.

Viper nodded and walked out of the room, With following behind him.

Bert's P.O.V

'I wonder what father wants with me,' I thought following Viper to father's office.

Once we arrived at the father's office. Viper knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" Father asked.

"It Drill Sergeant Viper and I brought Bert," Viper replied.

"Come on in Viper and bring in my son," Father said.

"Alright come let's go inside," Viper said opening the door. I nodded and follow Viper inside.

When we walked inside the room. I saw my father wearing an orange suit, sitting at his desk, with his number one partner Persain laying down on the ground next to his leg.

"You wanted to see me, father?" I asked.

"Yes my son," father said looking at me. "I assigning you to partner up with a girl named Jessie in the Team Rocket Academy."

'So he brought me here because one of the girls needs a partner.'

"Okay," I said.

"Sir what about the boy James. That you just told me to pair up with her before you sent me to get Bert!" Viper asked.

"I still want her pair with James, but I also want my son to pair up with her for other reasons," Father said.

"Can you tell me why I'm also paired up with this girl if you already found her a partner?"

"Nope if I told you then you wouldn't do it," father sated. "Now Viper if you would please take my son to meet his two new partners."

"Yes sir," Viper said bowing. "Come on Bert let's go meet your partners."

"Coming," I said walking out of the office with Viper.

'If he told me wouldn't do it. What is he doing that I wouldn't want to do if he told me what it was.' I thought following Viper.

Jessie's P.O.V

I was standing by the terrace of the Team Rocket school watching the sunset, and thinking about what Cassidy said about nobody wanting to team up with me until Drill Sergeant Viper appeared.

"Jessie you're to get your gear and report to the center for team training exercises," Viper said.

"You mean you found me a new partner?" I asked.

"Yes, it sure wasn't easy," Viper said. "Allow me to introduce you to James," he said turning a directing his hand at a boy with shoulder-length and lavender hair leaning against the wall.

"Listen up James I hope you're good because I'm not going to carry you," I said to James.

"Mm no one's carried me since my mama," James said.

"Funny and confident let's just hope you can back it up little guy," I sated.

"You'll have to excuse Jessie, she has a history of not getting along with her partners," Viper said.

"Maybe she just hasn't met the right one yet," A silky voice said.

"Right I also like for you to meet Bert," Viper said directing a hand at a boy with long light blonde hair that goes past his shoulders, bright green eyes, white shirt, black leather jacket, black tennis shoes, and black capris.

When the boy looked at me it seemed like my heart was pounding and that my face was on fire. I couldn't seem to take my eyes off the boy. He almost seemed like he wasn't real.

"Bert here will also be your partner," Viper replied.

'Wait I have two partners,' I thought snapping out of my daydream of how good looking that Bert boy looks.

"Well Bert I hope you can handle yourself just like James," I said.

"Oh don't worry. I know this place inside and out you don't need to worry Jessie," Bert said crossing his arms.

"That right he does. You see Bert here is actually the son of the leader of Team Rocket. His father made him pair up with you," Viper explained.

'So this is the son of the leader of Team Rocket. I did hear people talking about how the leader had a son. This boy is going to be interesting to work with I guess.'

"Well, then Bert. I hope the son of the Team Rocket leader really does know how to handle himself."

" You a sure are one feisty female. That's for sure," Bert said smirking. "I like that. This is going to be an interesting partnership. I hope you are just as interesting as her James." Bert said turning to look over at James.

"I don't know what you consider interesting Bert," James replied. "But I don't I'm boring but I don't know what you consider boring. So I believe it up to you to decide if I'm boring are not."

Bert chuckled. "Okay, your confidence and that attitude of yours sure is intriguing."

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