Pewter City Museum

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Jessie's P.O.V

A few days had passed since we caught a beedrill for the boss. We were currently sitting down getting ready to have lunch. I looked at Bert to see what he was making for lunch today.

'I wonder who taught him to cook because his food is really good. The boss sure packed his bag with a lot of food. Wonder if he and father have a close relationship' I thought.

"Earth to Jessie," A voice said. I then looked up to see Bert looking at me with concern.

"Sorry did you say something?" I asked blushing at how close his face was to me.

"Yeah, here your soup, and how about instead of trying to get Pikachu today we check out the Pewter city museum. I think we may find something interesting there that my father might like," Bert said heading me my bowl.

"Thanks for the food and that sounds like a good idea what exactly is there that the boss would like?" I asked.

"I believe they're called fossils of extinct Pokemon," he replied.

"That does sound like something the boss might like," Meowth said.

"So let's eat then we do check it out," Bert said.

"Sounds great," James said. "By the way Jessie why we're you spaced out?" James asked looking at me.

"Nothing I was just thinking," I quickly replied. James looked at me confused. While Meowth gave me a knowing smiling. He obviously knew I was thinking about Bert.

"Thinking about what?" Bert asked looking up from his soup and at me.

"Just stuff," I said quickly looking away so Bert didn't see me blushing.

'I seriously need to stop blushing. I can't let him know that I think he handsome. He probably doesn't feel the same way.' I thought focusing back on my soup.

"Okay if you say so, but if something bothering you then tell us," Bert said.

"Bert right you can always tell us if something wrong," James said.

I nodded and finish my bowl of soup.

"Well looks like everyone is done now so let's clean up then continue heading to Pewter city it only a little bit farther," Bert said standing up and collecting the empty bowls.

Third's P.O.V

After a couple of minutes of walking, Bert and the others finally arrived at Pewter City.

"Where here we should put a disguised so nobody notices that were Team rocket," Bert said pulling out a set of casual clothes for everyone to put on.

"Great idea Bert. This plan is definitely well better than looking for the twerps," Meowth said grabbing one of the sets of clothes.

"It really is Bert you should come up with plans more often," Jessie said also taking one of the sets of clothes.

"Hey I can come up with plans just as great as him," James said crossing his arms.

"Shut up James! Just put you the outfit on!" Jessie said hitting James on the head.

"Hey!" James said rubbing his head.

"Okay. Everyone relax and put the disguise on. Jessie go ahead and find a private place to change. We wait here," Bert said knowing she wouldn't want to change into her outfit when guys around.

Once everyone was all changed they headed to the museum.

"Here is the museum, guys," Bert said by pointing his finger towards the museum. Jessie, James, and Meowth looked at the building in awe. It was large and looked like a historical building.

"Wow!" James said.

"Wow indeed. You can learn many things in this museum. I believe my father will be interested in Ancient Pokémman told them." Bert told them.

"How do you know so much about the museum?" Jessie asked.

"Yeah I'm wondering that too," Meowth said.

"My mom took me here a few times," Bert replied."Anyway, let's go on inside."

Bert, Jessie, James, and Meowth were now inside the Museum. The place looked really big. There were many historical artifacts displayed. But they decided to annoy those objects and focus on the fossil. They noticed a tour guide heading to the fossil section about to give a tour.

So they quickly walked over there to hear what the tour guide had to say about them.

"This is the artificial skeleton of pre-historic Pokémon called Aerodactyle. It is believed that Aerodactyle is one of the most feared creatures millions of years ago. Also, it is a rock and flying type Pokémon, so it flew freely in the sky." A female guide explained.

"That one scary-looking skeleton," Jessie said hugging Bert for comfort.

"Relax Jessica it just a fossil. It not like it just going to all of sudden come to life. I have heard about people researching a way to bring them back to life but I don't think anyone found a way to do it yet," Bert said as he hugged her back to help her relax.

"Actually, there are scientists who can revive fossils," The guide said which caught the attention of Bert and his teammates. "In Cinnabar Island, there is a professor who created a machine that can revive any fossil Pokemon. He did it before and it was successful.

"A machine that can revive fossil Pokemon. Come here was a good idea the boss will love this," James whispered.

"I agree," Meowth whispered.

"I'm going to contact my father. You three can stay here and learn more about them if you want," Bert said leaving the group.

Bert walked out of the museum-going to find a good private place to contact his father. When he noticed the boy named Ash walking out of the gym with an injury Pikachu and a depressed look on his face.

'Looks like somebody lost a gym battle,' Bert thought.

When Bert found a private place he opened his bag and pulled out his laptop and waited for his father to pick up.

After a few minutes, his father appeared up on the screen.

"Well if it isn't my son," he said. "Why did you call did you catch a new Pokemon for me today?" He asked.

"No, but did find out something you might like my father," Bert replied smirking.

"What is it, my child?" Giovanni said petting his persain head.

"A professor on Cinnabar Island created a machine that can revive fossil, we just learned about it at the museum Jessie, James, and Meowth are still there to gather any information I might have missed," Bert replied.

"I see that will be useful. I will have one of my executives look into it," Giovanni said.

"Alright I should go meet back up with my teammates," Bert said.

"Wait son I want to ask you something," Giovanni said.

"What is it, father?"

"How do you feel about Jessica?"

Bert's eyes widened not expecting his father to ask that question.

"Well, she interesting to be around. I enjoy being around her."

"She just interesting not else?"

"What were you expecting me to say?"

"Nothing. You can go now," Giovanni said with a sigh.

"Alright talk to you later," Bert said getting ready to end the call.

'I was hoping he would say she was beautiful. I only team him up with her hoping he would fall in love with her. I try everything to get the boy a girlfriend so he wouldn't be so lonely with me always working. Yet he didn't like any of the girls. I was hoping she was his type. Maybe she is he probably just needs more time to get to know her,' Giovanni thought as the screen with black signaling his son ended the call.

After Bert put the laptop back in his bag. He saw his teammates heading his way.

"Hey," He greeted.

"Hi Bert," Jessie said.

"What the plan now?" Meowth asked.

"How about we eat dinner and call it a eat and tomorrow we trying getting Pikachu again," Beet said digging in his bag for tonight dinner.

"Sound good," Everyone said as Bert grabbed containers of Pokemon food for the Pokemon food. Then took out sandwiches and rice balls for dinner.

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