AN: Hello again my friends! another Worm story. This time, not a one shot. Or at least I don't plan it to be.

Recently finished The Sacrifice in Warframe, and instantly thought of Taylor and the Locker. And making her a Tenno connected to one of the more interesting warframes in the game. At least, lore wise. I'm still planning out the actual story, as this prologue is merely the result of a inspiration lightning strike. Let me know if you enjoyed.

I obviously do not Own Worm or Warframe.

Prologue: The Void.

It... It was a Void. The space between, the space beyond. The other half of reality. An all encompassing emptiness, that tore at the edges of her mind.

After the Locker, after Emma... This was heaven. She clutched at the emptiness, she held close to the silence, she sundered her sanity and gave it all for naught. And in this Void, in the light between worlds, Taylor Hebert found peace.

The trouble of her past was nothing before the Untime she now existed in. The cutting words, swallowed by the silence and her wounds made meaningless by the empty.



Her mother's voice? Perhaps she had died... The Locker her final moments, peace finally brought by this Void. Was this Heaven, would she meet her mother again?

"We took our greatest, volunteers or not, and polluted them with these cultured reagents. They transformed..."

A mans voice, was this not heaven, where was her mother. What did he mean, they transformed...

"Their skin blossomed into sword-steel. Their organs, interlinked with untold resilience. Yet their minds were free of the Infested madness. Or so we thought."

Taylor shook in the Void. Trying to grasp the meaning behind the words that were being fed to her across time and space. Slowly, she exerted her will. And the Void blossomed before her...

"We had created monsters we couldn't control. We drugged them, tortured them, eviscerated them... We brutalized their minds... but it did not work..."

Taylor gasped as the words echoed in the silence, her finger tips digging into her palms. Just. Like. Her. Fury untold broke across space and time. It did not work, just as she did not fold under Emma, just as she had stood tall against years of abuse, even as it's weight slowly dragged her into the abyss.

Her vision blurred, crackling and distorted. Slowly memories that were not hers began to play across her mind. A hideously beautiful man, sat beside him/her, his/her son standing near by in an obvious fit of anxiety. The more she listened to the man, the more she was convinced he was a monster. The fact his voice was the same as the one speaking to her earlier. She agreed with the man strapped to the table by the betrayer. This monster should die.

Slowly she watched as she/he was taunted, as their fate become more and more clear. As the Infestation grew within him/her. As she/he began to lose control of themselves.

With a force of will she thought long stamped from her by Winslow, Taylor pulled her self free from the... Dax, the war hero that discovered treason and paid the price for it.

She stood there, before the tree, the moon hanging high above, sundered by the Void.

"And it was not their force of will - not their Void devilry - not their alien darkness... it was something else. It was that somehow, from within the derelict-horror, they had learned a way to see inside an ugly, broken thing-"

Taylor didn't understand, not truly what this Ballas was speaking of. Of derelict-horrors, of Void Devilry, even of her will, which had been so eroded by Winslow. But she knew of the Peace found within the Void. Of the healing, the blissful silence and acceptance she found of herself and her fate. She turned back to the room and looked at the tortured Dax. At a true hero, who even before a Villain as bad as any other on Earth Bet, fought back with furious intensity.

Reaching out...

"And take away its pain..."

"We return this memory to the Void and find peace in our emptiness." She/he spoke and the Void shattered.

There was once a Locker. In a high school called Winslow. It was a cesspool in a cesspit called Brockton Bay, located on a Earth called by its inhabitants, Bet. In this world there were people with Powers, bestowed upon them at the moment they broke. These powers broke them further, though they could not comprehend it.

This sad world was broken, touched by foulness beyond its kin, shattered further each and everyday. There was no peace, and Hope has been slaughtered before the people's very eyes.

This was where she came from. In this place was only a broken world, not a broken system or a broken galaxy. This world untouched by the Orokin and their misshapen beauty. Their arrogance.

Once he served them faithfully, in awe of their splendor, he had proven himself on the fields of valor. A hero he was called. Seeing this Earth Bet through the eyes of his Tenno, he knew that his kind was few and far in between. This was a world where children suffered, adults blind to their ruin.

This world was dying as surely as the one he witnessed after the fall of the Orokin, May they be blighted in their shame.

Slowly the old Dax knelt in seiza and bowed his head.

"I know it doesn't look like much. But... It's home." Her voice, his operator. His Tenno, his star-child.

"And like any home that has fallen into disrepair, someone must make an effort. I saw many things in the Void. I saw others working tirelessly to free debtors from those in the Corpus. I saw clones break from their conditioning and fight against their Queens. I saw... The Tenno. My brothers and sisters." He looked up and saw her stare at the sapphire jewel before them. The peace that had enveloped them wavered within her gaze.

"They fight a losing battle, however they have turned the tide, even with the New War nearly upon them." She turned to him and he watched as her lips twitched upwards.

"And as they do, there are those like them who fight a losing battle to rebuild our home." She held out her hand towards him. And as the stars as witness, in the void in-between worlds. They reached Transcendence.

They would fight. Most likely they would die. But as he knew, he would rather die with his boots on the ground, covered in dust and the blood of his foes then to surrender. There was peace in this Void. But back in reality, a Hero was needed. Hope needed to return and they would bring it forth.

Metal groaned under a new force. Heads turning were before they had studiously ignored. A trio that had once lingered in hunger not unlike rabid beasts before a kill, now stepped back in shock.

The Locker shuttered, not once, not twice but thrice. And as the door shattered, the howl of the Void echoed down corrupted halls. The air rushing to fill the space as gantlets, dark as night grasped the sides. Slowly it pulled itself free, the being made of twisted, black metal. Gold inlays shining like the stars. A helmet without a visor, black scarves whipping in the rush of air.

With a snap, the Void closed, the suction pulling the air in around them like a gasping breath disappeared. And without that suction, the armored figure shot forth, sliding lightly down the hall before making a near perfect three point landing.

"The f-fuck?!" Sophia Hess cried, her hand reaching for a weapon that was not their. Her eyes flaring with a fury born of fear, locked on the near majestic figure that could only be one person.

"Hebert... Emma we need to move. I think that little freak actually Triggered." The armored figure tilted its head up, the space where an eye would be cocked in their direction. Sophia watched as a hand fell upon the hilt of the sword it wore upon its waist. It was long, nearly as long as the Cape was.

But to Sophia's horror, Emma stay rooted to her spot, eyes wide even as her friend tried to pull her away. Hands shaking, eyes wide, the red head stared in disbelief.

"Emma..." A voice raised, deep and dark as the night. It echoed, almost in stereo with both a male and female voice. And Sophia could hear, Hebert in it, even as she didn't recognize the male side. Her suit, perhaps?

Realizing that Emma wasn't going to move, Madison already having fled with the rest of the students, Sophia stepped forward. She was a predator, and this little work was a prey. No matter her fancy armor, she could ghost through it and stab her in the heart. That'd show the little freak her place. For who was she to think she could trigger and gain powers?!


Sophia's eyes caught the gleam of bared steel and couldn't help but step back at the open threat now displayed. What powers did she have, was this armor? Was this who she was now? Could this sword get her in her shadow form? Fear gripped her heart, which only made her rage more.

Dashing forward Sophia cried out, taking hold of the small knife she kept just in case, and stabbed at Hebert. Only for that war cry to turn into a whimper as pain radiated off her back, which had been slammed against the wall. The cheap plaster cracking from the force, the blow so swift that her power never even had a chance to snap on.

Sophia stared at the empty void that was the black helmet before her, inches from her face. It's powerful arm, pressed against her throat, the golden curved spike at its elbow digging into the wall on both side of her neck, holding her in place.

The world stopped, Sophia holding the gaze where the eyes should be on her prey turned predator. Waiting for the blow to come that would end her, that would prove her weak and even as she scream in defiance within. Her true nature came through, without. Tears formed in her eyes as she looking into the black void and it stared back.

"We accept this memory and move beyond its reach..." The harmonic voice of woman and man echoed around her. What...? What did that mean! Sophia gasped as she fell to the ground. Hebert's armor form having stepped back, looking down at her from its towering height. Grasping at her throat she however kept her eyes on her foe, waiting for what might happen next. Events moving too quickly for her to fully parcel.

Golden light filled the hall and from within the armor, another form split off. Long dark hair, a body fitting suit, a face covered by a black scarf, with golden lining. Hebert.

Hebert looked down at her, eyes unreadable, deep was the emotion they held, until they calmed and the tall girl merely shook her head.

"Lets leave this place before it's filth stains out spirit anymore then it already has." Sophia watched in silent shock as Hebert turned her back on her. The armor following until it over took Hebert, blinding the hall way in gold once more before it faded into the shadows.

"Fuck. Fuck!-" Swears filled the air as Sophia slammed her fist into the ground until she bled, Emma watching on in stupefied shock.