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The Chapter 1: The Return

Sophia hated the noise and the fuss. Mostly though, she hated herself. She had cried in front of Hebert. She had faltered and failed to become the Predator that she want- No that she was. Even as the Paramedic moved her head to the side to get a better look at the bruising, she couldn't believe her own weakness in the face of such a pathetic-

"Sophia, I need you to tell me what happened." Looking up at the older heroine, Sophia let out a low growl.

"I got my ass kicked that what happened. By a fucking fresh trigger no less." There was no way she could tell the truth and the best part about being a Ward, she was their inside girl. Who were they going to believe? That pansy Greg?

"Well I'm glad your fine, it looks like they tried to strangle you?" Sophia glared into the eyes of Miss Militia, glad it wasn't fucking Armsmaster. Sometimes it felt like he was more machine then man. And that he had some silly ass truth detector. She wouldn't push it past a pansy ass Tinker.

"Yes, can't believe such a little bitch like her could give as good as she gave. Names Taylor Hebert. Bullied little nerd, some girls stuffed her into a locker. When I heard about it I headed over to check it out. Ya'know, do my job? Next thing I know the locker door blows off and I'll slammed against the wall before she takes off. Surprised she didn't leave a trail of bodies in her wake. Girl screamed school shooter." Smirking a little, she couldn't wait for her report to cycle through. Looking to her side Sophia could see Emma giving her testimony to a couple of PRT agents.

"You're lucky that she didn't do worse. Trigger events have been known to go bad. I'm glad though that you did such a good job." Placing a hand upon her shoulder, Sophia did everything she could not to out right hiss at the older heroine. Those fucking eye smiles, acting like she was some little kid who couldn't handle a simple, pathetic worm like Hebert... Just like how she did. Brushing the outstretched hand away, she stood. Pushing past the protesting paramedic.

"I should check on my friend. Then, I want to help hunt that bitch down." Only for a firmer grip stopping her.

"No, no hunting down the new trigger. Yes she was violent but this can still be handled quietly. You'll go home, do your homework. Be with your friend. We will handle this. And maybe, you'll have a new Ward that you can mentor." Sophia had to hide the flash of disgust at the very idea.

"Fuck that, Hebert isn't worth our time. Just you wait, if she was willing to attack me, she'll attack the rest of us as well." Prying the offending hand off her once more, she made a beeline for Emma. Never noticing the look of concern and confusion that Miss Militia aimed her way. Nor the serious look of contemplation as the older heroine turned to the Paramedic. And as Sophia walked to her red headed best friend, she didn't see the PRT agent that walked out of the school, a small knife in a evidence bag.

— — —

The street lamps in their neighborhood were in an obvious state of disrepair. And as Danny Hebert passed another flickering light he could feel his anxiety rise. His heart thumped in his chest as if for the first time in years, as the icy grip of grief thawed due to worry. Worry for his daughter, worry that he couldn't help but feel he should have felt before.

He had received a rather impersonal phone call at work just a short while ago. Claiming that there had been a Parahuman incident at Winslow High school and that his daughter had gone missing in the head count. The first thought that struck him like lightning on a clear sunny day was what if she had died, if they couldn't find the body. But then he realized that that was foolish. The call would have been far more severe.

This caused him to call out, and jump in his old beat up truck and head further into the city. First heading towards the school but... Some parental instinct must have kicked in. Half formed memories of Taylor looking miserable when he came home. Taylor hated school. Why would she stick around if there was an attack. At first he thought to go to the library, she loved it there and had found peace and solace as a child there.

But as he came to the intersection, instead of making a left towards downtown, he made a right towards their home. Why wouldn't she come home? It's where he would go to check on her.

When it hit him, it was where he would go to check on her.

The engine roared as he hit the pedal, rushing to hide his guilt, to stem his worry. He had to calm himself in order to avoid peeling into his own drive way, as his sense of dread grew. The lights where off, though it was later in the afternoon and the sun still shone, he reasoned with himself. He couldn't imagine what would happen if he was wrong, what if she wasn't there. He would have... he would have failed.

The door knob turned without the need for the key, relief and hope crashing down upon him like an ocean wave in the winter.

"Taylor!" Her named echoed in the grim darkness of their home. His eyes roving as he suddenly realized how dark it was. The curtains covering the windows. Annette always enjoyed the sunshine. His hands twitched in distraction as he was answered.

"Father, I'm in the kitchen." Her voice, Danny could almost weep, thank god he was right. That he wasn't a fail- a fool, that he made. The. Right. Choice.

Rushing into the kitchen, not even hanging his keys or removing his boots, not thinking of mud that still clung to them from the dock yards.

But what greeted him was not his daughter but the ghost of Annette. Long dark hair that fell down the back of the kitchen chair like night fall. High cheek bones, absent of the baby fat he could have sworn was there just this morning. Full lips, set in a severe expression of near harsh serenity. Eyes that seemed to draw in what little light there was in the room. A body suit that seemed nearly organic in the way it hugged her form and a scarf that was wrapped comfortably around her neck. Gold inlays that almost seemed to glow.

Was this even Taylor or had his demons risen to give form to some amalgamation of his dead wife and daughter.

So distracted by his observations he barely even noticed as he dropped into the chair across from her with a dead weight. The thump echoing in the room as the silence stretched.

"W-what..? Taylor what happened to you?" He had to know, what had changed. Though as the silence stretched the obvious conclusion reared its ugly head with a world shattering certainty. Taylor, his sweet girl that he couldn't even remember the last time he actually spoke too, was now a Cape.

He sunk into his chair at the knowing look she leveled at him, his facial expression must have said it all.

But before he could go off on another tangent, Taylor stood, his eyes locking onto her own, and where before there was a knowing serenity, now emotional wavered tremendously. His chair crashed to the group and the table shoved out of the way.

"D-dad..." He held her close, so goddamn close, his littlest of girl. His wife's Little Owl.

"It's okay. It will be alright. I promise you. It will be alright." He hugged her, afraid that she would slip through his arms with her new found power but it was almost as if unseen strings where cut. Where before a grown woman had sat before him, her composure was gone and his daughter was back. There weren't any tears, but the way she relaxed into his arms made him feel more like a father then he had in years.

— — —

Warmth. It felt so warm to be held. She wondered when the last time someone had hugged her was and came up blank. For all the eternity she had spent in the Void, returning to her world, to her home. It felt like nothing had happened. It had taken a supreme force of will to maintain composure as she entered the dusty house. How the shadows deepened even in the bright of day.

How could her home be repaired, if even her house was so enshrouded by despair.

But a comforting surge filled her, a reminded of why she came back here despite the risk. A father would want to see their child. No matter the circumstances. Umbra had made that quite clear. And now that she was here, now that her father was before her, his arms wrapped around her. She relaxed, letting years of stress and stoicism fade away.

"Oh dad... I'm home." She finally whispered into his shoulder, waiting for his reply, she felt the shudder that went down his spine.

"Welcome home, Little Owl..." "Welcome home, Isaah..." And for a moment time and space distorted, a moment out of time, a father and son. Separated by the battlefield, finally home at last. Both too stoic, to hardened by the battles they have fought. Both physical and personal to put into words their heart. But this much they could do. This was how they said...

"I love you Dad." How Umbra longed to tell his son that, how by his own hand he would never hear them again, nor say them. Taylor would not make that mistake. She would not surrender her family.

Her Father pulled back from the hug, his eyes searched her own for a moment before he gave her such a brittle smile. Oh Void, where they so very broken. But it took a little work, some hope and faith and she would rebuild her home. Starting with this house, with her father and herself.

"I love you too. Taylor, I'm so sorry. I know I haven't been there. That I haven't been the best. But I want you to know. I love you so very much. So please... Tell me what happened to you." That was a question Taylor had come to fear answering, not because she didn't want him to know. But how on earth did she explain?

Pulling away, she put some distance between them as she thought.

"I was being bullied. Ever since mom died, Emma... she betrayed me. Found a new friend, she had changed..." Telling her father of the last two years of her schooling was... Hardly therapeutic, so much as it was bringing up a particularly dark part of her past. Even now, having confronted Sophia and ignoring Emma's presence nearly altogether. By the time she had reached the locker, she was seated again and her father was pacing angrily, punctuating her tale with the odd expletive much to her amusement. Finally she fell silent for a moment, her father turning to her as if to ask if her tale was over.

"Then came the Void. Something happened in the locker they trapped me in. I think I might have triggered with a power... But I'm honestly not sure as to what actually occurred. Other then one moment I was trapped in a metal case, filled with waste. And the next, I was in-between..." How did one explain the space between worlds. The opposite of reality. The utter, should crushing silence. The lack of foundation itself.

"I floated, I existed. If barely in the space between worlds. The darkness so black, light had never touched it. Silence so strong my thoughts thundered like bombs." Taylor looked down at her hands, not particularly proud.

"I know I went insane. I lost myself, everything I was was erased in the void. But, I had found peace. I had come to terms."

— — —

Danny stood still in the center of his kitchen, the overhead light flickering, no doubt in need of replacement. The tale of bulling and abuse had thrown him into a tittering rage, learning that Emma was the ring leader. That Alan's little girl, who was almost as much a daughter to him as Taylor... Oh Annette would have murdered her and then Alan. Zoey, Emma's mother, would have helped. But once she spoke of the Locker. Of the... Void? He calmed, a stillness had fallen over him like a shroud. Because what had happened to her.

Taylor had died. That was what it sounded like. She had died and existed in some purgatory. Danny had never been particularly religious. His mother had dragged his father and himself to mass every Sunday. But he had stopped once he left home and Annette, well she was an atheist through and through. She had always claimed Earthly concerns where the only thing we should care for. The afterlife was for the dead. But here Taylor was. Speaking about this Void. About the loss of herself.

"Taylor... Did you..." Danny couldn't even bring himself to say it. Did you die? The thought echoed in the terrified silence of his mind.

"Yes, I think I did. Maybe not in body, as it was still there. With me in the Void. But I think my sense of self was gone for a time. Until I heard moms voice..." Oh that made everything much better. Nothing like Annette talking to her daughter in the afterlife. God, what was his life, the life of his daughter.

"And that's how I found him. Umbra, the Dax." And from the shadows, in the corner behind Taylor, stepped further a being taller then himself. What could only be described as a suit of power armor, made flesh walked forth and stood at his daughters side. A ragged scarf, similar to Taylor's wharfed in a nonexistent wind. Golden inlays and spikes crowned its shoulders and elbow, outlined and topped its helm. And at its hip was a sword that shouldn't have fit in the kitchen but defied reality itself. It's gold hilt shining with a light all its own.

Danny stayed rooted in place, a primal fear keeping him still, as if a predator form humanity's darkest nightmares had suddenly appeared before him. And slowly the tale of a war hero was imparted to him. Betrayal, politics and experimentation. Of torture and the final death of a son. Danny had watched as... Umbra's fist clenched the hilt of the sword and suddenly he understood. This was a father much like himself.

"And after the Void, after the two years before hand. I understood. I saw the torture, his fate and the intertwined fate of his son. And so I reached out and I stood by him. He would not be alone. And suddenly..." She looked so sad in that moment before she smiled, like the sun parting the clouds after a storm.

"I wasn't alone any longer. He was so very similar but different enough that we didn't just merge and become one. No, instead we reached Transcendence." Having said that, he watched as Taylor stood and walked into the massive set of armor. Golden light spilling across the kitchen as she merged with it, with him. And where before the armor seemed lifeless, stoic in its purpose, the movements were more lively. And after a moment he realized that the way it stood reminded him of the way Taylor had stood up from her chair minutes before.


And just like that, the little world they had made in the kitchen was shattered. Danny growled beneath his breath before shaking his head. Eyeing the armored form of... Umbra, of Taylor.

"Let me handle this and then we can pick back up. Maybe make some dinner. I know I had some pasta laying around somewhere round here..." Danny murmured as he exited the kitchen and headed for the front door.

What he had expected when he opened the door, he honestly hadn't a clue. But seeing fucking Armsmaster standing in full kit, making the humble entrance to their home almost seem small, was not even on the list. Goddamn it.

"Is this the Hebert Residence, I'm looking for Taylor Hebert." Of course he was, taking a quick look behind the armored hero Danny quickly noticed that only the man's iconic motorcycle was parked out by the street. Luckily no army of foam toting government agents. That was something at least.

"Yes and May I ask why?" Lame but honestly. Middle aged Union rep versus super hero.

"I'm going to assume you're Daniel Hebert. Sir, your daughter is wanted by the PRT for question in a case of Parahuman Assault. Please surrender her at once." Ah well, at least he was straight to the point. Time to stall.

"First, on what grounds and you've better have a goddamn warrant. Last I checked you couldn't just take a minor without her parents or a representative. Hell I'm not even sure you have a leg to stand on." If Taylor had indeed appeared in the locker, which he was thinking likely, and Emma or one of the other girls was near by. Yeah, he was honestly kind of shocked she wasn't wanted for murder.

"Sir, she is only currently wanted for questioning. However if you can not provide her into PRT custody, where a suitable representative can be found, then I'm afraid she will be facing charges of Parahuman Assault. Destruction of public property, fleeing the scene of a crime and assault of a minor." Danny felt his eye twitch and ground his teeth. If those weren't trumped up charges, then call him a gasoline covered scab. He'd be happy to light the match himself.

"Now see here, I don't care if your a goddamned super hero. How dare you threaten my daughter. If she's needed for questioning we can make a damned appointment and we'd be happy to come in with a lawyer." Trying to poke Tinker armor in righteous paternal fury was not the smartest thing he's ever done but watching Armsmaster back up a step in surprise was probably the best thing to happen to him in years. Maybe Danny still had it.

"Now unless you have a warrant, my lawyer will be in contact. Now good day sir!" Slamming the door in the face of Brockton Bay's most powerful hero, the leader of the local Protectorate no less. Damn, but if he didn't feel proud of himself. Fuck him and his assault of a minor, as if Taylor wasn't a minor herself.

Hurrying back to the kitchen, he found Taylor still armored up, her hand on the back door.

"Taylor! What are you doing?!" He would have rushed towards her if she wasn't currently a head taller then her was with a sword that he could spoon.

"Dad, I need to lay low for a little while. The PRT are obviously after me. Most likely to recruit, by force if needed, if the list of charges I heard was any indication. I can't stay here." Her hand turned the door knob, the chill January air stirring the stale kitchen air.

"Taylor, no. You may not be a Parahuman as classical described but what if it's for the best? Are you just going to do what, go on the run? How does that help you?! What about..." What about me, he wanted to say. Finally they were speaking. He knew the truth, the world had never felt clearer and already she was going to leave again.

"Dad... I'm just going to get out of here for a bit. I have the house number and the number for your office. Maybe... Maybe get a cell phone. I can call one of those as well. But dad, you've seen my eyes. How I look older. Umbra. What do you think the PRT is going to do, they're going to pressgang me into joining and I..." She what, didn't want to join, surely there was a way to avoid it. She didn't need to fight, she didn't need to become a public servant by gun point or court order. A good lawyer, surely. But that required time. Time the PRT was most likely not going to give them.


"PRT, Open up Mr. Hebert, we have a Warrant to search the premise for a Parahuman Suspect!" Damn them, Danny thought. But she was right. He could get ahold of the Union lawyer and find someone to represent them. But if she got taken in now, they'd have her before the judge in no time. It's be just like that Shadow Stalker girl, or that one boy from Seattle. Forced into the Wards as punishment for their crimes.

"Taylor, I love you and I'm so very proud of you. I'll have a lawyer in no time, I'll get a cell phone tomorrow-" He grunted as golden light filled the kitchen once more and a human Missile struck him in the chest in a hug far too strong for his little girl.

"I love you too dad, I'll be in touch. We have a home to rebuild. And it will be better together." Eyes as dark as the night sky but lit up with all the stars in the sky, stared at him in determination. He had never felt so proud.

"Go, stay safe. Find somewhere to bunker down. I'll handle the cops. Your mom wasn't the only one to get in trouble back in the day." A shared smile, a flash of golden light and the click of a door. His Little Owl had flown the coop. The dogs of the law on her tail. Or they would be. But first, he had some stalling to do. And as a negotiator, there were few better then him at doing so.

— — —

January in the North East Americas was a chilly affair. If there wasn't snow, then the air at night could flash freeze ice. The moon hung in a cloudless sky, the stars hidden by the city's lights.

The view of the open bay from atop the old church steeple was one of pure delight.

Taylor Hebert sat upon the massive cross that stood vigil over the small abandoned church, her hair fluttering behind her in the frigid breeze. Though after the touch of the Void, the touch of true night, the cold crisp winter air was barely felt.

Perhaps it was the views of the worlds from their perch but high up, with the entire world spread out before them, something just felt right. As if height could get her closer to the Void once more, an itch that she felt needed to be scratched now that they existed among reality once more. In this place, Taylor felt she could easily wait the night to fade and for the sun to rise once more into the sky. Contact her father in the morning and perhaps return home? No, law enforcement here would have set a watch for her.

Taylor watched as another car passed lazily by, the street curving with the hill. What a strange place that people where up all hours of the night, even with how cold it was. She didn't fear being caught, even on such a bright night, she and Umbra faded so very easily into the night.

The roar of a motorcycle broke the stillness of the night. Startling her for just a moment, Taylor could feel Umbra shift, his hand now upon his sword. As the roar grew closer, a light lit up the road. Until what was obviously a retrofitted old World War Two bike came into view.

Uh, Taylor thought, perhaps her previous thought was ill timed.

Standing atop of the cross, Taylor fell to the earth, Umbra falling just behind her. Landing, fist to the ground, golden light engulfs the area as she merged with Umbra. Standing, the massive armored warrior strode forth. Hand on the hilt of their sword they walk amongst the grave stones of the church's cemetery, approaching the gate that led to the main road.

Miss Militia met them there, having parked her motorcycle further back, no doubt so it wouldn't get damaged if this confrontation led to violence. Taylor did not think it would. Much of the legend surrounding the Heroine told of a steadfast and stoic warrior. The perfect Solider, but under the hardened front of a warrior, lay a woman of a motherly nature. Caring for children across the city. Famed for her charity actions as one of the original Wards.

No, this woman, Taylor felt, she could work with. And so, framed by the light of the moon. Tenno and Parahuman met, not in desperate battle, with hands on the hilts of their weapons but with neither side intent to draw.

— — —

Hannah gripped the handle of her motorcycle, patrolling the area around the Hebert's residence after the presumed escape of Taylor Hebert. She had disliked the decision to place Armsmaster at the forefront of the investigation while she dealt with Sophia and the clean up at the school. They had a young, bullied and very likely traumatized fresh trigger, no doubt running to their parent for safety. And Colin in his efficient way had to use the stick rather then the carrot to speak to the girl. Going so far as to rally up the father who had to be shoved aside before PRT troopers searched the premises. From what she had been told they had found evidence that Taylor had fled, most likely out the back door. However they weren't able to gather much more before the DockWorkers Union lawyer had shown up and hustled them out, alongside several other members of the Union who had trickled in.

So here Hannah was, deep into the cold night of the American north east, hunting a teenage girl with powers who showed far more restraint then most teens who had just gained powers would, as if Taylor was a hardened villain.

But at the end of the day, as the saying went, hers was not to reason why. Pulling at her American flag scarf, pulling it tighter around her face, her radio beeped.

"Miss Militia, over."

"Sightings of strange activity at the old cemetery church near Captain's Hill has been reported. Possibly our target. You're closest, please investigate." Colin's clipped tones echoed in her ear, turning down the nearest intersection as the GPS on her cycle's dash blinked with a new destination.

"Copy Armsmaster. ETA two minutes." The old church wasn't very far and under the light of the moon she found her way to the small cemetery that over looked the docks. Deep trees framed the gates, the small chapel and the tall cross that adorned its highest point done up in chipped white paint. Head stones littered the field around it, protected by old rusted iron wrought fencing.

Hannah's bottle green eyes spotted movement atop the cross. A tall figure, scarfs whipping in the frigid ocean breeze. Before it jumped off and fell to the back side of the church. Whipping her cycle around, she cut off its power and hoped off. In her hands a small pistol formed, before she placed it in the holster at her hip, her hand never leaving it. Ready to draw.

Passing through the gate Hannah was finally able to set her eyes upon the cape that had strangled Sophia earlier that day. And instead of a young teen age girl, she found a prepared warrior. One hand on the hilt of what she could only assume was some sort of Japanese styled sword. Black, near organic metal covered the armor's form. Grey scarves wrapped around her shoulders and arms, another at their waist. Golden inlays upon her crown, golden spikes at their shoulders, elbows and shins. No visible eyes, in fact the armor seemed almost, organic with the way it shifted its weight in its heels. A Case 53?

"Taylor Hebert?" She finally asked tentatively, after the two didn't close the distance any further. The armored form shifted again, its left heel moving back. In preparation for an attack?

"Isn't it impolite to ask a Cape their name?" To Hannah's surprise a harmonic mix of male and female answered her. The male voice deep, an accent she had never heard before resonating forth. The female voice not a teenage girl but a woman's.

"Normally, however I'm sorry to say but the events at Winslow was... quite public." The PRT and the PHO board admins were already deleting any mention of her name, but several people where yelling the events load and clear for all and sunder to hear online. One in particular was the slightly infamous Void Cowboy.

If she, Hannah, was expecting a reaction she was disappointed. The armored cape merely stared at her, as if daring her to continue.

"Please, Taylor. You're only wanted for questioning. We only want to know what happened and why you attacked a classmate. I know that... Trigger events can be traumatic, there are protections for those who become violent as a result. And the PRT will be able to help. You can join-"

"Miss Militia, I have the upmost respect for you. But I shall not being joining the Wards" The disconcerting mode of speech aside, the answer was not... unexpected considering that she had slipped out the back earlier and fled her home to avoid them.

"I understand you're afraid, but being a cape on your own, the odds aren't good. Please I don't want to see another dead teen on the street, or worse. Another cape pressed ganged into the Empire or worse the Merchants." Hannah pleaded, please listen. She had seen the horrors the gangs forced upon young capes they forced into the fold. And even with this hyper advanced armor, Taylor was just one person.

"They can try. Your concern is misplaced. Please, just leave me be. Allow me to return to my father and I'm sure we will cooperate when we aren't at each other's throats." Hannah let out a sigh, miss Hebert was not being unreasonable, nor was she acting as a danger to the public. She wasn't under orders to arrest, only to find and approach Taylor.

What could have been said, or what could have been done never came to pass. A bright light suddenly shone upon them, turning, her gun pulled out. The sound of a sword being drawn.

"Taylor Hebert, you are wanting for the questioning of the events at Winslow High School this afternoon. Please surrender quietly and it will look better for you." Armsmaster stated, coming over the fence, his motorcycle's brights lighting up the cemetery court yard like the bright of day. Hannah could have groan, things were going so well. Colin was a good man, a bit of a glory hound but he believed in justice. But he was terrible with people and did what he felt was best for his career. And getting another Ward under his belt and no doubt being egged on by the director, was no doubt the cause of his actions.

"I refuse. I have done nothing wrong. Not only was I the victim of an assault but I left the school peacefully after defending myself. My father and I would be happy to meet with you in the presence of our lawyer." Hannah was impressed, for a fifteen year old, miss Hebert was able to remain an impeccable level of calm in what should have been a stressful situation. Hannah, her gun still out, looked to her superior.

"No, you attacked a fellow classmate with what is obviously your Parahuman power. Surrender, if what you say is true then it can be proven once you are in custody." Hannah slowly circled towards her fellow Hero. Ready to support him, even if she didn't support the actions taken. She believed in the rule of law and knew that if Taylor surrendered or was taken in, the truth would win out. She had to believe, or so she told herself as she watched Taylor slowly shift into a more defensive stance.

"I will not state it again. I refuse. Leave. Me. Be." The male echo of her voice coming out even more strongly nearly taking over towards the end. With the sound of mechanical servos, Armsmaster's Halberd extended from his back, into his palm. Hannah snapped her gun up, but not pointed at Taylor. The handgun transforming into a confoam launcher as she raised her arms into the position.

"Taylor please..." Hannah tried one last time. However it was for naught as Armsmaster suddenly charged forward, his halberd whipping out, bolts of electricity arced up and down its blade. Realizing that she had no choice now, she fired a round. Hoping that it would connect and this could be solved more peacefully back at base.

However to her surprise, Taylor bent low and suddenly took on a blue hue, before a frightful howl exploded forth. Accompanied by a wave of blue energy which flowed across the cemetery. Hannah rolled to the side but as the wave of ghostly blue energy was omnidirectional, it washed over her. The com foam grenade she shot out, faded from existence as it passed through the energy wave and once the wave reached her...

Hannah's entire world erupted into dissonance, her grenade launcher crackling. Fading in and out of existence, unusable, incomplete. Her powers faded, and just like that everything changed. Her eyes rose up and saw that Armsmaster's armor sparked, locked into place, his halberd lay in pieces as if it fell apart at the seams. What...?!

"Power Nullifier!"

— — —

Ability Used: Radial Howl- Unleash a vicious howl that stuns enemies, and strips Sentients and E̢̼̼̠͙̟̺̣̖̐̐n̨̩̯̖̗͓̐ͭ͆ͮt̢͎̳ͭͥȉ̲͕͖͞ṭ̦͓̗̤̱̓͒͆͟i̸̜̼̩͆͆eͦͣ̋̂͏̞͔s̨͚̻̖̆̿ of their defenses.