To Earth

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Warnings: Spoilers for Dragon Ball Z episode 11, Mentions of killing and death

Today's Special (I don't own this)

Anticipating the Meeting

Looking for the sun to shine again

Longing to feel the tingles that come with a touch

Seeking the security of being in arms tightly tucked

Imagining the passion of your kiss

Wanting to feel a belonging

Needing to be needed

Desiring forever

Waiting for you to come to my door

Dreaming of the magic once more

~ Cathy Ann Cravens

{Third P.O.V.}

Far away from a burning city, deep in the jungle, were three warriors.

"Raditz stinks." a bald man grumbled to his companions.

"He's a complete disgrace." the shorter black haired male agreed, munching on a claw of one of their cooked victims. "How could he let himself be beat by men with such low power levels."

"I don't know." The first man replied.

"Well I don't know about either of you. But his name always reminded me of a rat. Guess he turned out to be weak as one as well." The only women in the group laughed.

"Maybe we should go teach those earthlings a lesson." The tall man suggested.

"Oh shut it Nappa." The women snapped. It was bad enough that they were nearly extinct, but as weak as he may have been. They just lost another saiyan, which as much as she hated to admit, he was. She then turned to her brother. "But on a rare occasion. I do agree with Nappa. Maybe we should go to Earth and teach those ants a lesson about how strong a real saiyan truly is."

"Na, Atena. It would just be a waste of time." the black haired man said, in between bites. "But then again I am curious."

"Ah, are you thinking about what Raditz said, Prince Vegeta?" Nappa questioned.

"We already finished this off, and it does seem interesting. It also isn't like he's expecting us back for another 3 years. The trip from here to Earth should be about a year. So yeah. We have time to spare, and we can make it. So I say we go check them out, isn't like we have anything else to do." Atena maps out the timeline

Vegita chuckled. "My thoughts exactly sister. Those dragon balls have caught my attention as well. Just think of the possibilities. If we can get our hands on those 7 dragon balls. Then we can wish for anything we want. Anything at all. So I say that it is worth making a little trip." Vegita smirks as he stands up, Nappa standing up and following him as well. Atena on the other hand stayed sitting.

"You kidding. Yeah, lets go." Nappa nodded.

Atena smirked, "Well with that decided, I guess our next course of action is determined. So I say let's stop wasting anymore time and just get on with it." Atena then stood up and walked the short distance to their pods, Vegita and Nappa trailing behind her.

But before they stepped into their pods, Atena shot the two men a firm look, "Also, the boy. No one touches him."

Vegeta matches his sister's gaze, but eventually sighs, muttering something about saiyan women and their maternal instincts.

"Fine. But if you fail to train him into a proper saiyan. Then he's useless, and dead. Got it." The prince tells his sister.

Atena reluctantly nods.

Once inside, their respective pods, the three set their coordinates for Earth, and turned on the sleeping gas that would knock them out for the trip, shorting it for them.

As her mind started to succumb to the sleep, the last thoughts in Atena's mind. No. Her gut was anticipation.

Her beast prowling her mind restlessly.

For what, she did not know.

Was that on Earth,

A certain Saiyan was unknowingly waiting for her.