Submission dated 9/30/20

author: FireCracker

Archive? You'd better.

Warnings: Dark Multiverse Influence

Pairings: (Implied) Barry Allen (Flash II )/ Wally West (Flash III)

This snippet takes place during Flash Forward #3 where Wally is ambushed by a vampiric Barry Allen from Earth-43.

A Moment in Time

Wally sensed it a microsecond before he felt it. Speed wave energy, but dark and corrupted. A clawed hand swiped at his shoulder, barely a blur. Only his super enhanced reflexes saved him from a serious wound.

"Greetings, fleshling."


"A previous life." the undead apparition smiled with sharp fangs. "Your scent is different. You are not of this earth."

"That's right." Wally gathered his wits as they ran. The bleak version of his mentor was unnerving despite not being his Barry. "I'm on a mission to investigate and remove dark multiversal matter that intruded on this plane."

The thing looked at him in hunger. "And how do you propose to take it?"

"That would be telling." Wally tapped the small bulge in his belt that contained the mystic wand. "Why are all the heroes here vampires?"

"Sssss. I will honor you with an answer before you die. Batman had a plan to take on Dracula and his legions. His idea was to fight fire with fire, so to speak. He created a toxin to level the playing field. The JLA agreed to test it. However, it turns out he lied about having an antidote. The team has been fractured since."

"That makes no sense. At least on my world, Bruce would never use an approach so risky and stupid."

Another hiss. "He thinks to be a vampire lord, but Superman and myself plan a coup. An event for another day. Once we are freed from needing humans for sustenance, the game is on."

"But how-"

"You have more immediate concerns." the thing licked its fangs. "Slow down and I'll make you one of us."

"Think I'll pass!" Wally cleared a bit of space. "I didn't come here just to die." He zig zagged.

"Ah" the demon Barry smiled. "My Wally loved a good chase too. But the reward was always sweetest once I would catch him."

I don't even want to know. Wally kept maneuvering with the vampire hot on his heels. For what seemed like eternity they raced back and forth through bleak city streets riddled with debris and rubble. He decided to try a diversion.

"What happened to your Wally?"

Barry snarled, his face a twisted mask. "There is a self styled vampire slayer running about. I've made it my mission to kill him once he's out in the open. He destroyed my Wally and will pay."

Wally tried to keep the thing talking. Despite his enhanced speed he was finding it difficult to gain distance from the vampire.

"If my plan is successful everyone should return to their previous state. I just need time. Will you help?"

Another sinister smile. "Yes, I'll help." With blinding speed the vampire grabbed Wally by the arm and pulled him near.

"Time to be reborn!"

"No!" fighting a brief surge of panic Wally managed to drag his feet, killing their momentum. They rolled over and toppled to the ground. Wally popped up first and resumed their race.

Just need some space to form a plan!

The vampire recovered quickly and was after him again. "Come to me, Wally. I will give you a loving welcome to your new life!"

Damn, sonofabitch is fast. Wally mused as he kept going.

"Embrace me! I will bring you home."

"Don't think so, fangs!" Wally dashed to the park, his mind racing. Let's see. Nearby transformer? Risky, I could set up a charge-

Before he could grab a cable from a nearby power pole, Barry closed the gap and gripped his bicep. A powerful move snatched him backwards.

Wally cried out in pain. "GAHHH!" The vampire's touch was like burning ice. Barry's other hand grabbed him in a chokehold. He couldn't break free.

The strength of this thing is unreal. He thought silently as he struggled. The vampire ran, holding him up effortlessly. Wally noticed they took a turn towards a graveyard.

"" he twisted in the choke hold.

"There will be pain, Wally. And then pleasure. I will be gentle."

"Don' me any favors."


They entered an unmarked crypt. Wally winced in dismay. Great, a free horror show.

Barry carried him over to a granite slab. Wally looked around and noticed the crypt was set up like a high tech safe house. Equipment, furniture and beds.

"What is all this?" he coughed, still in the choke hold.

"You will rest here." Barry released him and set him on the slab. "In three days we'll be a family again and I won't run alone. Never again!"

"You're insane!"

"No." Barry removed his hood. "Wally." His tone was hypnotic. To Wally's amazement, Barry looked completely normal. The crimson eyes were now the same shade of brilliant blue he remembered. The fangs were gone.

Wally edged up, rubbing his neck. "I won't fall for this deception, Barry."

Barry shook his head, easing forward. "I'm not a monster, Wally. That's why I brought you here."

"Stay back!" Wally put out a hand. "I don't want to fight you but if necessary I will."

"I didn't bring you here to fight. You mentioned a way of returning everyone to normal."

Wally blinked in confusion. "What? You brought me here against my will, basically to eat me alive!"

"Crudely put, Wally." Barry reached out a hand.

"Don't touch me."

"Just grip my hand a moment, please." Barry nodded, his features open.

Jade eyes narrowed in suspicion. "If this is a trick-"

"Hmf. I don't need tricks. Grip my hand, I said."

Slowly Wally reached out and took the offered hand. It was warm.

"What the hell? Your touch was ice earlier."

"When I use the speed force it now reverses all energy polarity in my body. The result is the cold you felt."

"So if you aren't using your powers-"

"I feel like a normal human. Discovered it soon after the...after I had changed."

"I've never met a vampire that could be trusted. Well maybe one, but he was a scientist."

Barry cocked an eyebrow.

"Ok, ok. But my reason for being here is the same. I can reverse the dark multiverse energy."

Barry sat on the edge of the slab. "You haven't explained how."

"Keep your distance, please. I'm not an idiot."

"You're so much like my Wally." Barry's tone was muted, soft. "And yet different."

"And as my Barry would say, let's stay focused here." Wally insisted.

Ha!" Fair enough. Did you come to this world alone?"

"A temporal overlord sent me. Long story, but I'm here to reverse anything that's changed the time stream."

"I see."

"What's the deal with this setup in a crypt? You vamps can't stay in regular housing?"

Barry almost appeared angry. "What do you think? It's not as if we can just mingle in the general population. They are food, Wally. There's no way to lie about that. However, Bruce has analyzed a substance that may eliminate our need for human blood."

Wally glared. "And you kill people."

A pause. "No...I just take what I need."

"What about the others?"

"If you mean the rest of the JLV, yes, some of them kill. Superman does for pleasure. He isn't the only one, though."

"Are you going to help me here? I'm asking you again."

"I'll do anything you want, Wally. Anything."

Wally didn't like the tone. "I'll be heading downtown now. Don't try to stop me." he swung his legs around on the slab.

"Wally." Barry intoned, his voice hypnotic. "Look at me."

"Sorry. I refuse." the redhead turned away. "Not a sucker, sorry."

"I love you so much."the voice sounded inhuman once more. Wally stood, shielding his face.

"I'm out of here!"

"No." in a millisecond Barry stood directly in front of him. "Lower your hands and look at me, I said."

"I said no."

Barry laughed. "You plan to run with your hands covering your face?"

Wally turned away from the voice. "I'll manage. I've learned a few tricks with the speed force."

"As have I." Barry's voice was silk. He whispered in Wally's ear. "Hold me."

Wally felt...something break in his head. "The hell I will. Back off!" Impulsively he shoved Barry away.

"Am I beautiful, Wally? You often said so."

Shocked, Wally realized his mistake a split second too late. Bright blue eyes were crimson red once more. Barry held out his arms.

Wally felt his mind haze. "No...I...can't..."

"Your blood smells so sweet." Barry purred, edging closer. "When I first tracked you down, I knew. Once you rest, we will be together again and hunt the night forever."

Wally was stuck in his feet. Thoughts jumbled into an incoherent mess. His expression went blank as Barry embraced him. Almost mindlessly he stumbled backward onto the slab. Flaming red eyes held him in place.

"No more games." Barry hissed, diving for Wally's throat.


Wally was undreaming, somewhere between sleep and wakefulness. He felt ice cold and burning hot all at once. Reality was all noise and purple haze, bright sound and sharp shape. Perception twisted into deep shade. His senses were now acute to the point of pain. Stabbing agony made him scream, then moan in delight. He was warm and safe, floating sweetly in blackness. A loud pulse thumped in his veins, throbbing his ears.

Wally opened his eyes slowly, red lashes fluttering. Barry slept at his side, an arm draped over his thigh.

No. his mind raced in denial at what happened. He glanced down, stripped to the waist. There were wounds on his wrists and biceps. A deep bite mark over a nipple had swollen. Instinctually he felt his neck, a cold pit forming in his belly. His fingers came away red. Blood slowly seeped down past his collarbone. Worse, the wand was gone.

Angry, he shook Barry awake. "What the hell have you done to me!"

Barry rolled over and yawned, long fangs on display. "Good evening, Wally. I trust you slept well."

"Go to hell."

Barry smiled. "Calm yourself. Come to my arms."

Wally was transfixed by those eyes, warmth washing over his brain. He slid down into the embrace. "I..."

"Shh" Barry quieted him, biting his throat once more.


Wally had no idea how long he was out. He felt weak and wonderful at the same time. It was like nothing he'd ever experienced.

He edged up to a sitting position. The cold of the slab no longer bothered him. Glancing around, he wondered at the brightness of everything. Even stillness had sound.

"Are you still afraid?" Barry asked suddenly.

"No...I feel really good. But everything's so bright. Even the air has sound."

"The speed force allowed you to perceive these things. Now you sense them as well. It will take some time to get used to."

Wally lay back down, closing his eyes. "What have you done, Barry. Have you turned me?"

"No. However, we are bonded."


"We are blood." Barry hissed intensely. Despite his vampiric state he was stunningly handsome.

Wally stared. Why am I perceiving him like this? I never...thought this way before.

"We will reach heights of ecstasy such as you've never known. You have no idea."

"I don't." Wally held his ears. "A pulse. It hurts my ears, I feel it like heartbeat."

"It is our shared heartbeat. Your new perceptions haven't callibrated to the speed force yet. Give it time."

"I'm...I feel like I'm drugged. I should break your neck for what you've done!"

Barry rolled on his back, a display. "Then do it, Wally. I won't resist."

"You think this is funny?" enraged, Wally grabbed the vampire. He tried to strangle Barry...but couldn't. It was as if something invisible stopped his hands.

"Omg. I can't." green eyes went wide with shock. His hands were shaking.

"We will never be enemies, Wally. No matter what you say."

"You've messed up my mind!"

Barry sat up, a serious expression on his face. "I love you."

"I'm not a damn slave!"

"I don't want one. You misunderstand."

Wally swung his legs around on the slab to sit. "What's to understand? You wanted to kill me. So what changed your mind?"

"After examining your wand and its properties I determined that you deserve a chance to try your plan. If I were to turn you now you'd never leave."

A pause. "There seems to be some of 'my' Barry in you."

"Glad you noticed."

Wally thought that over. "So what's this bonding business?"

A soft hiss. "I took your blood."

"Is that why I look like a pin cushion? What's the difference?"

Barry yawned again. "The difference is that you didn't drink from me. That would turn you after three days. You would be properly reborn."

Wally touched his neck again. It was hot, throbby. "I feel so wonderful." his eyes closed briefly.

Barry continued. "I can track you anywhere in the multiverse, Wally. You'll never be rid of me."

The redhead felt dreamy, sleepy. "Maybe I don't want to be."

Barry kissed his ear. "I sense your thoughts. You will sense mine."

Wally ached, his mind a fog of need. He presented his neck. "Please, Barry."

Barry plunged into red sweetness as Wally moaned blissfully.


True to his word, Barry was willing to let Wally go. He'd cleaned up and reformed his damaged uniform from the speed force. The vampire even fetched him a large meal at a nearby store.

"Are you almost ready to go?" Barry sat cross legged on the slab in his red garb.

Wally adjusted the wand. "Yes. Hopefully my mission will be a success."

Barry watched him intensely, eyes flaring crimson again. "Then best of luck, Wally."

They locked eyes in silence.

"If I don't see you again Barry I hope you have peace."

The blonde cocked his head. "There is no peace for my kind."

"Then this is goodbye."

Barry smiled slowly, showing his fangs. "Wally, one day I will come to you and finish what has only been postponed. And on that day, you will be mine forever."

Absently Wally touched his neck again before leaving in a blur.

Barry went over to his workstation and pored over some notes. "I need to check the vibrational frequency for Earth 0."