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My Princess Academia

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: The Exam

Star Butterfly was the princess of the magical land of Mewni. She wasn't the usual kind pf Princess in that she often fought monsters. But a tradition of her family was when the princess reached the age of 14 she would be given the royal magic wand.

And today was the day of the ceremony. She rode in on a unicorn which jumped through the window. And she was excited to receive the wand.

Her mother Queen Moon was holding onto the wand which took the from a golden scepter with a sky blue heart shaped gem on top.

"Now Star. This wand a big responsibility! If the wand falls in the hands of evil, the universe could be destroyed." Said Queen Moon.

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" said Star.

She took the wand and it transomed to one that was lavender in color with a round section, in the middle of it was a yellow star shaped gem and on the sides were white wings.

"Don't worry said Star… I can totally handle it." Said Star.

Less than a month later… part of the kingdom was on fire thanks to Star misusing her magic.

Once the fire was put out Queen Moon and her husband King River spoke to Star in the throne.

"Please mom! Please! Please! Please! Don't send me to Saint Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses." Begged Star on her knees.

St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses was a horrible school that rebellious princesses when to become the standard princess everyone thought of.

"Star calm down… I talked it over with your father and we discussed a possible alternative." Said Queen Moon.

"Tell me Star. What do you know about the Earth Dimension?" asked King River.

"That it's called Earth…" said Star.

Queen Moon sighed.

"Many years ago, when I was younger than you, a man appeared. As it turned out he had come to Mewni no using Dimensional Scissors but rather another way." Said Queen Moon.

"What? But how?" asked Star.

"You see on Earth, humans have developed abilities known as Quirks. And this man's Quirk allowed him to transverse dimensions. It was thanks to this man and my mother that Mewni and many countries on earth began diplomatic relations." Explained Queen Moon.

"What does that have to do with anything." Said Star.

"Due to quirks. There is a profession called Heroes. All throughout the world there are schools where people can learn to be heroes." Said Queen Moon, "Next month there will be an exam for the best school in the country of Japan. If you get in then you will attend that school instead of St. Olga's."

"All right! That should be easy peezy." Said Star.

"Star! You will be at a disadvantage. You learn subjects you have never studied in order to pass." Said Queen Moon.

"Also you'll be a year younger than everyone else." Said King River.

Queen Moon sighed.

"What? She had to know." Said King River.

"All right! I'll study! I'll study like I'll never before!" vowed Star.

And over the course of the next couple of weeks she studied her butt off.

But soon enough it was the day of the exam.

On the day of the exam their servant Manfred used the Dimensional Scissors.

"Call me when you're done with the exams." Said Manfred.

Star nodded as she went through the portal which appeared right in front of the school causing several would be students to jump at the suddenly appearing portal which quickly disappeared.

Star marveled at the H shaped building.

"All right! Hopefully I'll get in and avoid going to St. O's." said Star.

As she entered the building she saw a boy with very curly green hair trip. She was about to grab her wand to stop him from falling but she saw a girl with shoulder length brown hair run over and stopped the fall by touching him and making him float.

"Oh wow!" said Star as she saw the two talk, "I think I'm going to like it here."

The first part of the exam was the written one which was very difficult for her. She had hoped she managed to pass it.

Afterwards was the orientation for the practical side.

"All right! Welcome to the practical portion of the Exam! Everybody say hey!" yelled the presenter who was a blonde man with a crazy hair style.

"HEY!" Yelled Star.

Almost everyone in the room turned towards Star who started pouting at their reaction.

However the presenter look very happy for a split second before saying "I like your energy little listener!"

Star beamed at this.

She also overheard someone saying nearby "It's Present Mic! I listen to his radio show every day!"

"All right! It's time to explain everything"! said the presenter who named Present Mic, "We going to have a mock battle in a hip urban setting."

There were three type of faux villains that they would be fight, each one they would be able to get a set of point from. Either one, two or three.

They would also be divided into 8 groups so not everyone would be in the same testing site.

"All right!" thought Star, "Unlike the written exam this is going to be easy"

While she barely knew anything about the subjects in the written exam, fight was something she could do quite easily. She was very skilled in fighting.

"Excuse me!" called out one of the other hopeful student.

A spot light showed on a very tall boy with dark blue hair and glasses.

"I noticed on the info packet there are four faux villain not three. Did a institution such as UA make a big mistake?" He said.

He then turned to the curly haired boy that Star saw at the entrance.

"Also you with the curly hair! Will you stop mumbling! It's distracting all of the other students!" he said.

Star stared at the boy.

"What a jerk…" she thought.

"That's a great question number 7111." Said Present Mic, "There is a fourth villain however it is worth no points and it more of a distraction than anything else."

"I see... thank you." Said "7111" and then sat down.

"All right… now a quote from Napoleon Bonaparte." Said Present Mic.

As he was giving the quoited, Star looked at the piece of paper and it showed she was going to testing site B.

"Now to lead you in our school Motto!" cheered Present Mic, "Go beyond Plus Ultra!"

Star smiled at this.

"I really hope I get in…" she thought.

She made it to the buses and got on the right one that took her to testing site B.

She was looking around and the other hopefuls.

That was when she saw the brown haired girl who caught the boy at the entrance.

That was when she saw that the curly haired boy was also there and looked to be approaching the brown haired girl.

However that was when "7111" stopped the boy from approaching her.

"Stop it… she's trying to prepare herself." Said "7111", "You shouldn't interrupt her!"

Star scowled and decided to jump in.

"He was probably trying to thank her for earlier." Said Star.

"What?" asked "7111".

"I saw at the entrance he tripped and that girl helped him! He's probably just returning the favor!" said Star.

The curly haired boy looked at Star unsure what to say. It had been a long time since anyone came to defense on anything.

"Is that true?" asked "7111".

The curly headed boy nodded and 7111 sighed.

"I apologize! I shouldn't have assumed things!" said "7111" bowing to the curly haired boy.

"It's all right!" said the curly haired boy nervously.

Before any more could be said however.

"Go! Go! Go!" yelled Present Mic.

Everyone was confused.

"There's no Countdowns in real battles! So go!" yelled Present Mic.

"Go luck Fluffy Head!" cheered Star saw she ran through the gates.

"I can't believe it!" he through, "I talked to two girls today!"

He didn't even talk to Star..

He also didn't talk to the other girl…

As Star ran through the fake city.

"Halt! Hero!" yelled a robot with a 3 painted on it.

"That must be a three pointer!" said Star, "Rainbow Fist Punch!"

A rainbow covered fist erupted from her wand and punched away the robot.

"All right! Three points!" cheered Star.

She began to take out quite a few more robots.

At one point she saw a blonde boy wearing a strange belt suddenly clutch his stomach.

A fake villain was about to attack him.

"Dagger Crystal Heart Attack!" called out Star destroying the robot.

"Merci." Said the boy who seemed to recovering.

"No problem!" said Star running off.

Meanwhile in a control room a group of teachers were watching.

However they were watching Star in particular at the moment.

"So it looks like the princess is doing good job so far." Said one of them which was a hero dressed like a cowboy wearing a gas mask.

"Is a good idea to even let her in?" asked another hero wearing a space suit.

"It really depends on the results of her written exam." Said the principal who was a small white creature who was either a bear, a mouse or a dog, "She is at a severe disadvantage because I doubt she has learned anything that was on the written portion before be given the ultimatum to take this exam."

"Wait… Ultimatum? What did she do?" asked a female hero and torcher dressed like a dominatrix.

"She set the kingdom on fire with a rainbow." Explained the Principial.

There was an award silence among the teachers.

"What?" asked a very thin skeletal man.

The principal chuckled at that reaction.

After all if Star passes the exam and becomes a student it should be interesting for sure.

After a while and the teachers talking about the other hopefuls. The principal told them that was time for the final test.

Back in testing site B, everything began to shake.

Star gaped at the site before her.

It was a gigantic robot with a zero painted on it.

"That's the zero pointer!" yelled Star in shock, "If I'm not getting points no way am I going to fight that!"

She along with many other students, including "7111" ran away from the gigantic robot.

However the brown haired girl was trapped and the curly headed boy noticed.

Both Star and "7111" both watched as the boy ran towards the robot, then jumped into the air with a mighty leap. Then with a shout of "SMASH!" he punched the robot really hard.

The robot was wrecked due to the super powered punch.

However so was that boy.

It was clear that his limbs were completely shattered by the attack.

Star watched in horror as he fell back to earth.

Her wand glowed ready for a spell.

However much like before, the brown haired girl managed to catch him while falling. She slapped his face and stopped him from falling.

Star breathed a sigh of relief at that. Though the girl started to vomit a lot after letting the boy down .

"Oh right! The exam!" said Star remembering the fact that there was a still an exam going on. She'd worry about the boy later who was using his good arm to try to crawl somewhere in desperation.

However Present Mic's voice called out.

"Time's up!"

Star sighed.

"I'm sure I got enough points." She said.

He looked at the curly haired boy who was now unconscious due to everything.

"I really hope he got enough points." She thought, "He saved her from getting crushed…"

"7111" also looked at the boy, thinking about how he ran into save the girl despite everything.

That was when he realized something about the exam. Because sure heroes fought villains but part of the job was also saving people.

Thankfully due to the school's nurse the Curly Haired boy was fine as her quirk allowed someone to be healed very quickly.

She went back to Mewni and waited a week to hear back with her results.

During that week she was nervous, after all she knew she did a good job on the practical exam… it was the written exam she was worried about.

During that week she did talk to her best bestie Pony Head, who was indeed a flying unicorn head.

Her real name is Lilacia, but she hated her name so she just went by her family name.

"If you get into that school you better show me pictures of muscular guys" said Pony Head.

"What?" asked Star blushing.

"I looked into that Dimension and the hero job. There are a ton of buff hotties who are heroes! And you better share pics of your new classmates!" said Pony Head.

Star sighed at her best friend.

After the week was up however Manfred showed up with a letter from UA.

"The letter from UA is here"! said Manfred.

Star was told and grabbed the envelope.

Both Queen Moon and King River watched her open the envelope. However it wasn't a letter.

But rather a strange disk.

That was when it suddenly started to glow and an image of a very muscular blonde man appeared.

"I am here! As a projection!" yelled the man.

"What the!" yelled Star.

"Who is he?" asked King River.

"I am guessing that someone asked who I am, I am All Might! The number 1 hero of Japan and the Symbol of Peace! Not only that but starting this year I will be teaching at UA! Now to get to Princess Butterfly's results. Thankfully you barely passed the written exam. While it wasn't the highest score it was high enough that if you passed the practical exam you would get in." said the projection of the hero named All Might.

"Really?" asked Star.

Queen Moon looked proud, as much like Star she knew that her daughter would pass the practical exam.

"Now… in the practical you got 49 villain points! Which would have gotten you in on your own!" said All Might's projection, "However if that's all we were grading you on…"

"What?" asked Star.

That was when he turned on a screen showing that boy that Star saved.

"You see to would be wrong to ignore a person helping someone! Which is why there was a secret metric. A panel of judges determine how many points each rescue would receive! And by saving him you earned an additional 10 points." Said All Might's projection, "Earning 59 points! And earning your place… welcome to your hero academia!"

The project ended.

"I got in! I got in!" cheered, "I don't have to go to St. O's!"

She hugged both her parents in joy.

"Now Star I expect you be on your best behavior in this school." Said Queen Moon.

"I know! I know…" said Star, "It will be fine."

Both queen Moon and Kind River sighed at this.

It would still be a couple months before then. But still… she got into the UA hero course. And little did Star know was that her going to that school would change both her life and the kingdom forever…

Next Time: After going through some preparations, it's time for the first day of school! However her new homeroom teacher makes them undergo a Quirk Assessment test. And the person getting last place will get expelled! What will happen? Find out next time!