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Chapter 38: My New Wand

It had been a few days since being let out of the hospital. Iida of course had the worse of the injuries and don't go back to his internship.

The others did go back briefly.

Though there was also some bad news for Tenya, one of his arms had some nerve damage. Which was the main reason why he went home to recover.

The day before they were to return to school Tenya decided to visit Star .

He had to talk to her about everything that happened.

He took a breath to knock on her door.

Star was surprised when he arrived.

"Oh hey Tenya…" said Star .

"Star we need to talk." Sighed Tenya.

"Yeah that makes sense." Sighed Star.

Both of them entered the castle.

"So…" said Star.

However before the much needed conversation between friends could commence. Suddenly Star's wand began to moves around on its own.

"Oh no not again!" said Star.

"What?" asked Tenya.

"It's been acting weirdly since I blew it up." Said Star.

"Wait what?" asked Tenya.

It bounced all around the castle.

At one pointed it nearly took of both her and Tenya's head but they ducked in time.

They followed her wand all around the castle.

That was when they got to her room .

For some reason the book had caught the wand it but both the book and the wand were flung into Tenya who was sent flying into Star's closet.

"Hey you okay?" asked Star.

"I'm fine…" said Tenya getting up.

The closet was massive, it was a room in of itself.

And it was really messy.

Star tried to open, but the door wouldn't budge.

"The door's stuck." Said Star.

"Is there another way to open it?" asked Tenya.

"I usually use my wand but… it's stuck in there." Said Star .

"Would you mind if I break down the door?" asked Tenya.

"Go ahead I can always fix it." Said Star.

She heard his engage activate as he tried to kick down the door but it didn't work.

"All right! I'm going to try Recipro Burst!" he said /.

"Okay!" said Star.

She jumped away from the door. And there was a huge boom from her closet.

"Are you okay…" said Star.

"The injuries seem to be minor…" said Tenya on the other end of the door.

"That's good…" said Star, "Also don't go snooping in there while you're there… that's my secrets closet."

"Don't worry I will not." Said Tenya.

She began to try to open the door.

That was when Glossaryck came out of the keyhole of the door.

"What are you doing?" asked Glossaryck.

She screamed at the little blue man that was her magic teacher.

"Uh hey Glossaryck." Said Star, "My wands locked in the closet."

"I am in here too." Said Tenya.

"And Tenya… also my spell book. Basically all my stuff. I want my stuff." Said Star.

"Have you tried the nob." Said Glossaryck.

"That's what I've been doing." Said Star.

She then ran over and tried to attack the door with a sword, but it didn't work.

"Anything?" asked Star.

"No still locked." Said Glossaryck.

Glossaryck went back into the closet through the keyhole .

"Are you Glossaryck?" asked Tenya.

"I am… and you're the idiot who went after a seral killer you couldn't handle." Said Glossaryck.

"Can you please not bring it up?" asked Tenya.

"Fine… but do you know how to help Star get you out of here?" asked Glossaryck.

'Of course…" said Tenya.

"All right! I tell you what to do… are you listening?" asked Glossaryck.

"I am." Said Tenya.

"To find the chunks in the hobo stew, find her secret. That's your clue." Said Glossaryck.

Tenya was confused.

"excuse me?" he asked.

"Goodbye." Said Glossaryck who went to back out the door.

Tenya sighed.

"I shouldn't betray her trust again… but if I must…" he sighed.

Though part of him was relived he could clean up the mess of the closet which had many things there in like the hand plants, Izuku's left over hair and a flaming rainbow.

Star counited to try to open the door when Glossaryck once again popped out of the lock.

"Why don't you use magic?" asked Glossaryck.

"Can't my wand is locked in." said Star .

"Do you want to know the hard way?" asked Glossaryck.

"yeah… what's the hard way." Said Star.

"You've done the hard way." Said Glossaryck.

"Are you sure.. I'm pretty sure I'd know if I'd done the hard way." Said Star.

"All right let me explain… the lesson is in my eye!" said Glossaryck.

As it turned out both of them were pulled into a world inside his eye. And both of them were in front of a bubbling cauldron.

"Imagine this cauldron is the universe. And this spoon is your wand." Said Glossaryck holding up a spoon.

"No my wand isn't a spoon, it's a wand." Said Star.

"It's a metaphor Star." Said Glossaryck.

"No it's a wand…" said Star.

"Fine it's a wand." Said Glossaryck as a the spoon was a replaced by a replica of Star's wand.

"Now you're getting it." Said Star.

"Now the wand can only skim the surface of the hobo gravy watery and brown. But if you want the chunks you got to dip down." Said Glossaryck putting his hand into the stew and pulling up chunks of meat, "Get it?"

"Nope." Said Star.

They were back in Star's room.

"Okay you can do magic without your wand you just have to dip down." Said Glossaryck.

"Oh yeah… I did do that during the fight with Stain." Said Star.

"I know." Said Glossaryck, "Do you remember how you felt when you did that?"

"No…" said Star, "Just panicking over the fight and how he was going to kill my friends and the fact that I couldn't move."

"Okay… that is a good point…" said Glossaryck, "Just try to focus on that…"

"Okay… sure…" said Star.

Glossaryck disappeared back into the closet.

Star sighed and grabbed a laser kitty.

She tried to burn a hole with the cat.

But it didn't work and burned a hole in Glossaryck's hand.

"You got to dip down! For the chunks." Said Glossaryck;.

He went back into the closet.

"How you doing my boy?" asked Glossaryck.

"I shouldn't really be surprised that Star has this much of a mess in a closet." Said Tenya.

"Yeah… you're going to have so much fun with that the future." Said Glossaryck.

"What?" asked Tenya .

As time went on, Star tried many things to open the door by tossing things at it and other things .

At the same time Tenya want rough many things and realized that most of the things in her "Secrets" closest weren't really secrets but were rather stuff that she just dumped in there and claimed it was a secret.

Though there was problem where she tried to get termites to eat the door but they ended up going into the closet and bit Tenya instead.

Since nothing worked… she decided to call her mom.

"Call Mom!" said Star.

"Calling mom." Said the Mirror.

And Queen Moon showed up on screen.

"Hello Star." Said Queen Moon.

"Hi mommy!" said Star.

"What did you do?" asked Queen Moon.

Star tried to come up with excuses but then came up with the reason.

"Tenya's locked in my closet and Glossaryck wants me to dip down to get him out…" said Star.

"Dip down… I didn't dip down until I was 19." Said Queen Moon.

"Oh ho! Something I beat you in!" said Star.

"Wait… did you dip down already?" asked Queen Moon surprised .

"Yeah… it during the fight with Stain." Said Star.

"You dipped down during that fight?" asked Queen Moon.

She looked at Star it was an explosions that was both surprised yet not surprised.

After all she was fighting to protect her friends from an outright serial killer.

Of course she would Dip Down, protection of another was the most power method of dipping down.

Queen Moon took a breath.

"It will take everything you have, but try to remember what you felt when you dipped down." Said Queen Moon.

"Everything I have…" said Star.

"Wait… I think you're getting the wrong idea." Said Queen Moon.

"Oh no I got…" said Star, "Later…"

Queen Moon sighed as Star hung up.

And so Star gathered pretty much her room and put in a catapult.

"You want everything… I'll give you everything." Said Star.

She launched into the wall.

Inside Tenya had managed to get everything sorted out.

"All right! Now to see if any of these are the secret I am looking for." Said Tenya.

That was when the whole closest shook as she launched everything at the wall and destroying his organization.

Tenya gaped at what happened.

Both of them were shocked.

And laid on opposite sides of the door.

"So… how are things on your end." Said Star.

"Not good." Said Tenya, "I need a break after you ruined my progress."

"You need a break?" asked Star, "To deal with a mess?"

Tenya blushed when she said that.

Star sighed.

"I'm just a skimmer though… skimming through the hobo gravy." Said Star.

Tenya remember that was the clue that Glossaryck had given him and sighed.

"I can't give up just yet." Said Tenya.

That was when he noticed a shelf he had hadn't seen before.

He looked at the items.

And one of them was a book.

He opened and saw it was written in Star's handwriting.

"Star… do you have a little book in here?" asked Tenya.

"Little book?" asked Star.

"Chapter 1… Mom's a poophead." Said Tenya.

"Mom's a poophead?" asked Star, "No! that's not the thing! That's not the thing!"

Tenya's eyes winded when she said that.

And he realized that it was the thing.

He knew he really shouldn't betray her trust.

But it was the only thing that could get him out of the closet

He read through the book as Star begged him to stop.

That was when he got to chapter 11.

"Chapter 11: My Thoughts on Tenya…" read Tenya.

Outside her eyes glowed, as did he cheek marks as she started to float.

An ethereal key appeared in the lock and unlock the door.

The door opened and Tenya saw Star.

'I did it! I did!" cheered Star, "I'm not a skimmer! I'm a dipper!"

She then walked over, grabbed the book and whacked him with it .

"Sorry! But don't read my journal." Said Star.

Tenya prodded to bow .

"I'm sorry Star! I shouldn't have betrayed your trust again!" said Tenya, "I'd understand if you were still angary with me."

"I'm not angry with you anymore." Sighed Star.

"You're not?" asked Tenya.

"No." said Star.

"Why?" asked Tenya .

"Because I'd be a hypocotyl if I was." Said Star.

"What?" asked Tenya.

"When you guys got kidnapped… everything went right out the window for me…" said Star, "I knew it was dangerous, and I wasn't sure what Toffee would do… but I knew I had to save you…"

"Star…" said Tenya.

"Yeah… so you can understand why I can't be mad at you." Said Star.

"but you're not a hypocrite…" said Tenya.

"What?" asked Star.

"You weren't thinking… you had a time limit and you knew that our lives were in danger." Said Tenya, "I made a calculated move and went after Stain despite all of the warnings…"

"But what if I brought the heroes then…" said Star.

"He would have tried to kill us right away if you had brought in heroes." Said Tenya.

Star blinked and sighed.

She knew he was right… if she had brought Ryukyu or another hero there was a chance the second he saw them he would push the button.

"Star… I'm not upset about the kidnapping." Said Tenya, "And I know the others aren't either."

"Yeah…" said Star who smiled at him, "I needed to hear that…"

Tenya blushed a bit at that smile.

"So you're not angry with me…" said Tenya .

"I think everything balances out." Said Star.

That was when the Glossaryck came out of the closet (not that way). He checked the wand saw that it was having weird problems… namely the Milhorse was processed after taking over the duties of the wand.

"Well your wands broken. But give it a whirl." Said Glossaryck.

That was when suddenly there a green sparkly explosion that created a new tower as part of Star's castle and made her room a mess of green sparkles. And it covered both Star and Tenya.

"Star…" said Tenya.

"Yeah you can use my shower." Said Star.

After getting cleaned up and helping Star clean her room .

Tenya left.

Of course the two said byes for the day.

"Once I again… I am so sorry for breaking your trust." Said Tenya.

"Stop apologizing." Said Star.

"Yeah…" said Tenya blushing a little.

"I'll see you at school tomorrow." Said Star, "It will be fine."

Tenya nodded.

He walked away from the castle. As he walked away he couldn't help thinking about Star.

She had helped him so much before the Internships and forgave him… granted he nearly died at the hands of her enemy for her to do it… but still…

He could have lost her friendship… her bright smiles, her heart cheeks… the way… she… did certain things.

He took out his cellphone and called the hospital that his brother was saying at.

Thankfully his brother was now healthy enough for phone calls.

"Hello?" asked Tensei on the other end.

"Tensei… are you busy?" asked Tenya.

"No… I don't have any appointment for the rest of the day." Said Tensei.

"I need some advice." Said Tenya, "And I don't know if I can turn to our parents…"

"Sure what is it?" asked Tensei.

"How if you have a crush on someone?" asked Tenya blushing.

Tensei was surprised on the other end.

But yes… the tow had patched things up thankfully…

And it was thanks to patching things up that Tenya realized something about himself and the feelings he had for his friend.

Next Time: It's the first day from internships... and the first hero class is going to be easy for Star... that is until she discovers that Cloudy is acting really, really weird... and she needs it for class... and things only gets worse from there... What will happen. Find out next time!

A/N: Yep! Tenya... has a crush on Star... If anyone complains I would like it point out that I've seen stories where he's paired up with Mei... who is just as wild and terrifying as Star if you think about it... but I hope you like it...