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Title: A New Start On Life

Theo and Stiles get some alone time finally in this chapter.

Theo and Derek had dealt with getting the two dead alphas out of the house. They had called Scott and Stiles after they had found a place to burn them. It was when the four of them were there in the woods that Theo let his eyes shift from their natural color to red. He told them what happened. He figured it was better to say it when was just the four of them than in front of everyone. He knew that Isaac was still holding a grudge over Erica and now Boyd. It was always an uneasiness between the two of them. Theo knew that Isaac would be Scott's other partner in crime if he wasn't there. Some times Scott did do things with Isaac, but it was fine with him. Even now when he was an alpha he wasn't going to care one way or another.

"You said you didn't know who turned you." Scott said.

"I didn't, not until they showed up after they did it. I had a guess since I asked, but he could have done it for all I knew." Theo said waving at Derek. "He wanted me in his pack last year. We might not see eye to eye on most everything, but I was almost dead." Theo reasoned. "I didn't say it at the hospital when I woke up because it meant nothing though. I didn't owe them anything and they only wanted their freedom."

"You and your heart are still getting you into trouble." Stiles groaned. "Really though, the alpha twins, baby, he's grouchy, but Derek would have been better as your alpha." He stated.

"I wasn't going to be a pawn Stiles. We know how he went nuts last year turning people. I wasn't going to be the new shiny toy he got to add to his collection." Theo said. "Now, this alpha deal, I don't care about status so as far as I'm concerned you're still the alpha." Theo said looking at Scott. "So bro, what shall we do?"

"I think Stiles should take you somewhere for the rest of the weekend. I don't want to see the two of you until Monday." Scott said. "I'll deal with telling the others about what's going on. Just make sure he sleeps." He added.

"I'll make sure he gets plenty of rest." Stiles said with a smile on his face.

"I was talking to Theo." Scott put in before he walked off with a smile on his face.

"Try not to howl, we already know the two of you don't know how to be quiet." Derek said in an annoyed voice before he followed Scott. They had already said they would deal with the house in getting the blood dealt with.

"Hey," Stiles called out, but before he could have any kind of come back Theo covered his mouth with his own.


There was no need to worry now about an inhaler, Theo's heart condition, or any other health problems. Theo was a werewolf now, an alpha to boot, which Stiles knew Theo didn't want that part, but he was alive which was all that mattered. However, as they continued kissing all of those thoughts flooded away too. Stiles let out a moan when Theo lifted him up. He wrapped his legs around Theo's waist as Theo started walking him backwards.

Somehow they made it to Theo's truck without crashing into anything. It didn't take them long to get undressed. It took longer to pull their selves apart from making out to do so. Theo tossed the blanket he had for times like these at Stiles before grabbing the lube. It had been weeks since they had tried having sex. If Theo was right it was the day that Stiles had pulled him out of his pity party moment. He hadn't felt like it and Stiles never pushed him on it. He knew that werewolves had plenty of stamina so he'd have to make sure that Stiles got some rest.

Once they were both on the back of the truck Theo started kissing Stiles again. He was on his right side moving his hand over Stiles' cock. Stiles was the one that had to push back for air because Theo could go longer without it now. When Stiles had pulled back Theo didn't stop kissing him, he moved to a different body part though. He started his way down Stiles' neck gently nipping at his pulse.

"Just no trying to turn me into a werewolf, mister." Stiles moaned out when Theo's tongue swiped over one nipple and then his teeth caught it.

"I love you as you are Stiles, I'll protect you from anyone that tries to hurt you." Theo said after he gave Stiles' other nipple a turn.

Stiles let out a gasp when Theo's teeth gently moved along his stomach down to his cock. He arched up begging for more needing to feel Theo's mouth on his cock. Theo wasn't denying him either. He wanted to give Stiles what he hadn't really been able to as well. There was no holding back on giving, but he didn't let his full werewolf strength out. He had to remember to be careful with Stiles now. He'd been the fragile one until now.

"I love you the way you are too, if I didn't mention it. Not that I hated you being human, but I hated the you were dying part." Stiles said, but most of it came out as a babbling mess. Theo barely understood a word of it. Theo was doing wonders to his body after all so he wasn't connecting his brain and mouth.

When Theo took Stiles' cock into his mouth, words weren't even coming from Stiles. Only sounds that really were only that, sounds. Theo couldn't help smiling as he swallowed Stiles down. He didn't have a gag reflex they knew, but he'd never been able to hold Stiles' cock like this. He sucked vigorously at the hardened member When he came back up his tongue circled it along with flicking the tip along the slit. Theo wasn't going slow like he usually had to. He was moving at a pace that was making Stiles' dizzy watching him.

Stiles wasn't going to be able to hold on either. Theo had slicked up his fingers as well, which were now playing with his hole. Stiles relaxed letting out a moan of pleasure when Theo's finger finally slipped into him. He didn't know if he was going to be fucking Theo or he was going to be getting it. Theo always liked opening him up even if he was the one taking Theo. Stiles loved every second of it too, especially now that they didn't have to be extremely careful.


Theo didn't let Stiles off when he thought he would, he stopped the orgasms that had built up three times. It was on the fourth that Theo gave in and let Stiles cum filling his mouth up. Theo drank every drop of it not letting any escape. On the last bit he went up capturing Stiles' mouth kissing him as he fed him his cum. Stiles wrapped his arms around Theo as their tongues battled. When they broke apart Theo rested his head against Stiles' with a smile on his face.

"So you want to fuck my newly alpha ass or do I get to have you?" Theo asked sucking a spot below Stiles' ear.

"Up to you, but please decide now. I don't think I can wait long." Stiles replied letting his head fall back for more access.

Theo moved back taking the lube pouring some onto his fingers. "You can have me, we have the rest of the day and all night for you." He stated.

Theo knew that if he let Stiles do this then he'd cum in no time. He was already on the edge as it was from drinking Stiles down. It always made him horny when he got Stiles off. Theo groaned as his fingers moved in and out. He didn't want to take too long or he might cum trying to prepare his self. Once he knew he was ready he laid back giving Stiles a smile.

He loved Stiles and they didn't have to let go of each other. He'd made his peace with dying even though he hadn't wanted to. He might not believe, but he'd never stopped Stiles when he'd been asking for help every night. Stiles was the reason he'd gone to Ethan and Aiden in the end. The fact he wanted to live and be not only Stiles' boyfriend, but his husband one day. He'd always played Stiles' game of name our kids and pets.

When Stiles pressed against Theo it brought him back to the present. He reached up pulling Stiles down kissing him. In the same moment Stiles started pushing into him. It felt right, almost perfect like it always did. They both moaned as Stiles continued to move forward. Their kiss deepening as Stiles bottomed out so he was flush against Theo. He didn't pull back out though. He waited kissing Theo for all he was worth. When they needed air Stiles moved his mouth down to Theo's neck.

Once Stiles was ready he pulled back and thrust forward in a slow pace. He didn't want to go fast even if he now could. All he wanted was to love Theo like they had always done when he'd been up for it. Their hands and mouths finding each other as Stiles continued to fill Theo. They weren't going to last, but neither cared. The only thing that mattered was that moment.

Stiles could tell that Theo was the same even if he had been turned. The only difference was he wouldn't die from the health problems he'd had. Theo was meeting Stiles with each thrust he made. They finally started picking up as their climax got closer. The moment that Theo came Stiles was right there with him, both crying out for each other. Stiles moving in and out in quick sharp thrusts unloading as he struck against Theo's prostate. Theo spraying them with his cum letting out a sound that was close to a howl, but Stiles stopped him not needing someone to come looking.


After another two rounds Theo and Stiles were laying on the truck with Stiles snuggled into Theo's side looking up at the night sky. It was only a week until the full moon, the eclipse to be exact. It was going to be a strange first full moon. Theo didn't care though, all he wanted to do was stay right where he was with Stiles. He knew they couldn't forever, but at the moment he could live that dream.

"If I never told you, thank you for all you did for me. It couldn't have been easy dealing with knowing I probably was going to die." Theo said moving his hand over Stiles' back.

"The worst moment of my life was when dad said you were only surviving on the machine." Stiles said kissing Theo's chest. He laid his ear above Theo's heart listening to it beating. "I was serious when I always said I wanted to get married when we turned eighteen. So don't go thinking that is gone now that you're not dying." He added poking Theo in the side.

Theo laughed tightening his hold on Stiles. "I agree, no weaseling out of it, baby. We can always have Athena be our ring cat." He joked which got him another poke.

"I love that cat, but I'm sorry she is not carrying our ring down the isle. She almost ate your pills once, she'd eat the rings." Stiles grumbled closing his eyes.

"We got another year or so to plan it. Right now I say we go to sleep and worry about that tomorrow. We wake up we can go back home." Theo said knowing that it was going to get colder out so they couldn't stay all night in the woods.

Stiles nodded glad that they had the second blanket. However, Theo was like a big furnace now all nice and cozy warm. "I love you Theo Raeken, future Stilinski." He said in a sleepy voice.

"Love you too, Mieczyslaw Stiles Stilinski, future Raeken." Theo said chuckling when Stiles poked him for using his full name. Not many people knew Stiles' full name, but he did. He'd written it down in his notebooks plenty of times with a heart around the name and his.

Things were going to change, but all that mattered in the long run was they were together. They would get married one day, have kids, more pets, who knew they might be running the town after they went off to college. At the moment the two fell asleep holding onto each other.


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