SCP is part of the Public Domain, all files are not using any YouTube videos but it is encourage that you can listen to any SCP readers videos if you wish. Also, this won't have the 'best' reactions, but I'm trying my best. Also some chapters will be shorter than most.

A classroom like room with light grey blue walls, nine desks line the room up and one at the front. A projector hanging over a wall with it's screen at the front of the room. The desk in the front is occupied with a laptop, a black mug and a woman in a lab coat. The woman has white skin, black hair and blue eyes while wearing black trim computer glasses, she checks her watch for the time when a flash of light came above.

Nine individuals fell on the floor, eight of whom wore the same school uniform while the other had a black dress on. They all slowly get up while also noticing both their surroundings and the additional member or group in the black dress case. Before things can climb further in confusion the woman at the desk spoke.

"My name is Doctor Xion Warlock, Dr. Xion will be fine. I am ordered by the lead researcher of the project, Dr. Grim Warlock to play fills of SCPs to the nine of you. Now, any questions?" After Dr. Xion spoke a hand raised up. "Yes?"

"What's an SCPs?" A silver eye girl asks.

"SCP stands for Secure, Contain, Protect. We secure anonymous objects around the world and are contained in a facility. After that we protect either the anonymity of the world from it. Next?" Another hand raise. "Yes?"

"Okay, so why are we being shown this?" The blonde mane girl asks.

"Because you aren't from our reality, so seeing your reaction to these events will give us some data." She looks at everyone before speaking again. "Alright, so we'll work on seatings. Ruby, Jaune and Salem will take the front row. Weiss, Blake and Pyrrha will take the middle row. Finally Yang, Nora and Ren will take the back row."

As everyone takes their seats, Ruby walks up to Salem. Salem looks a lot like Jaune except for wearing a black dress with a widow showing a bit of cleavage. "Hi, name Ruby Rose." Ruby reached out her hand.

Salem looked at it and took it. "Salem… You wouldn't happen to be Summer's daughter?"

"You know my mom?" Ruby asks in surprise.

Salem gives a light chuckle. "You could say that."