Bold – action within speaking form

Italics – flashbacks

"…" – talking

'…' – thinking

Bold/Italics – change of scenery

Bold/Underline/Italics – more emphasis when someone says something or something is realized by another person

Underline/Italics – minor Japanese words used within the story (also, lazy to translate XP)

Disclaimers: This is a crossover between Sailor Moon and One Piece. I do not own these two shows. Sailor Moon is written by Naoko Takeuchi in manga form and aired as a series by Toei Animation and TV Asahi in Japan and by Kodansha Comics in North America. One Piece is written by Eiichiro Oda and aired as a series by Toei Animation in Japan and by 4Kids Entertainment in 2004 before Funimation took over in 2007 for North America.

AN: Hello everyone. ( ・ω・)ノ I know. I know. You are all thinking… Another fanfiction story even though I didn't finish my Sailor Moon/Danny Phantom crossover and my Super Sentai stories? (・・;) But, this idea will NOT go away from my mind.(◞‸◟)So, might as well write a prologue for this newest story idea between these two Anime shows, yet as a side note, this WILL be my first time using One Piece in a story. (-。-; I'm not going to be following any timeline with Sailor Moon and One Piece though. (^^;) So, please bear with me with this prologue. I am going to finish my first two stories first. So, this story is put on HOLD. (^^ゞ Anyways, here's the prologue for this story: The Princess & The Pirate. ^ω^ Enjoy~! o(_ _)o

Once a beautiful kingdom, now a ruined one, and all because of the evil darkness called the Negaverse. It was supposed to be a happy occasion, the marking of an engagement that would entwined an alliance with Earth and the Moon. Yet, as the Negaverse struck, the only known survivors were the Queen of the Moon Kingdom and the Silver Alliance and her two faithful cat advisors from the planet Mau. The Queen of the Moon Kingdom/Silver Alliance gathered all of her strength and brought forth a blinding silver light that eliminated the Negaverse for good. She, however, fell onto a column once her energy left her, panting for air. "Queen Serenity," shouted a female voice as a black cat and a white cat ran over to her.

"Luna" said the now known Queen Serenity, "Artemis."

"Yes," said the two.

"The Silver Crystal can bring peace into the world when used by someone with a pure heart." said Queen Serenity, "But, when it is used by someone with an evil heart, it immediately becomes a frightening weapon."

"That's enough," said the black cat, "Please don't talk anymore."

"With the power of the Silver Crystal," said Queen Serenity, "I was able to destroy Metalia and her forces. However, I can't go on without my precious daughter."

"Queen Serenity," questioned the white cat.

"Princess Serenity and all of the other Sailor Guardians," said Queen Serenity, "May your future lives on Earth be filled with love, kindness, and hope."

With that, Queen Serenity lifted a small crystal-like orb from her hand, leaving it to float. The small crystal, known as the Silver Crystal, floated before lifting itself up into the sky. The crystal shone once more in silver light before slowly encasing everyone, especially the surprised Queen and the two cat advisors, in a bubble that floated towards the sky. Queen Serenity smiled before finally saying, "This is my final wish. Live in peace and happiness."

"Mama," cried out a child-like girl's voice.

Footsteps could be heard running down the hallway before opening the door to a child's room. There, in front of the door, was a woman who had long silvery-white hair that was up in two odango (dumplings). She also had kind and worried silver eyes and was wearing a white silk pajama dress. Looking for any signs of danger, she relaxed when she saw there was none. She looked at the bed that had a big stuff bunny sitting in one corner, as if it was protecting its precious owner. Said owner was a little girl of six who had mid-shoulder layered golden blonde hair and wearing a matching pink with clouds pajama set. The little girl had tears in her crystal blue eyes as she tried to hold back her sobs. The woman walked into the child's bedroom and sat to the side before pulling the little girl to her side. "What is the matter, my sweet little bunny," questioned the woman.

"Mama," sobbed the little girl, "I had a bad dream of ruined buildings and you dying."

"Oh, my sweet little bunny," said the woman who pulled the little girl closer, "That is just a bad dream. You know that we are alive and well within our floating kingdom."

"I-I know, mama," sobbed the little girl, "B-But, i-it felt real."

"Dry your tears, my little bunny," said the woman, "And do not worry. Nothing will get to us. Do you know why?"

"B-Because," hiccupped the little girl, "Of the S-Sailor G-Guardians?"

"Exactly, my little bunny," said the woman, "Now, since it is morning, would you like breakfast before we meet with some special people?"

"Special p-people, mama," questioned the little girl.

"Mhm," said the woman, "Someone who will play with you."

At the word play, the little girl started to bounce up and down on her bed in excitement. She didn't really have any friends her age, besides her best friend named Hotaru. The woman laughed joyously as she told the little girl to get ready for the day. Once the woman left the little girl alone, the woman wasn't surprised to see her faithful and most trusted guardian friend in the halls. This guardian friend had knee-length dark green hair with some in a bun and the rest hanging down freely. Looking into red eyes, the woman gestured for her guardian friend to walk with her. "How is the hime (princess)," questioned the friend.

"She had a dream of the destruction of the Silver Millennium," sighed the woman.

"Do you believe the hime is remembering, Queen Serenity," questioned the friend.

"I.. don't believe so, Setsuna," said the now known Queen Serenity, "The Ginzuishō sent all of us to live a fulfilled life, except that my precious little bunny is the same age as Saturn. She isn't even the same age as the Inners or the Outers."

"Well, the Ginzuishō has always worked in mysterious ways," said the now known Setsuna, "Maybe it wants what's best for Serenity-hime."

"I guess," sighed Queen Serenity before saying, "Now, my dear friend, shall we see if our esteemed guests arrived yet?"

"You are not thinking about that, are you, my Queen," questioned Setsuna.

Queen Serenity smiled mysteriously as she walked down the hallway towards the throne room while Setsuna sighed in exasperation. It would be a while before their guests arrive to their kingdom after all.

- Somewhere Where Water Is Everywhere –

"Jīchan (Grandpa)," said a child-like boy's voice, "Where are you taking us?"

"Yeah, Ojī (Gramps)," echoed two other child-like boy's voice.

"You brats, shut it," said an old man's voice, "You'll know when we get there."

There, sailing on the waters, was a standard Marine ship. This ship looked like a cruiser-like vessel that has three masts, two with two sails and one with a lateen sail, along with the Marine symbol and name painted on the sides. On the Marine ship were various people dressed in the standard Marine outfit. However, there were four people who stood out. One was a tall, tanned, broad-chested, muscular old man, named Monkey D. Garp, and had a beard and a scar over his left blue eye. The other three were three boys. The first boy, Ace, was ten years old and had curly black hair, black eyes, and childish freckles. The second boy, Sabo, was the same age as Ace and had round eyes, a missing tooth, and short curly blond hair. The last boy, Luffy, was seven years old and had short, messy black hair and a scar with two stitches underneath his left black eye. Luffy was complaining about being out at sea with his Jīchan of all people when he could be exploring while Ace and Sabo glared at Garp. They also didn't know why they were dragged into whatever Garp wanted to show them, but they couldn't do anything since he easily picked all three boys up with one arm before heading to the ship they were now sailing in. "Land Ho," called out one of the Marines.

"Now, brats," said Garp, "I want you three to be on your BEST behavior."

"Why," questioned the three boys.

"You'll understand once we get there," said Garp as the ship docked.

Once the ship docked to what the three boys knew as an unknown island, the Marines, Garp, and the three boys were greeted by a tomboyish woman who was wearing a sailor outfit. This outfit was mostly navy blue with her front bow being yellow. They all would have thought the person in front of them was actually a boy, but the outfit and wearing a golden hoop on both earlobes and lipstick on her lips told them otherwise. This woman also wore long, knee-high, high-heeled navy blue boots. Yet, the telling of the woman was her weapon at her hip, a sword that was sheathed in jewels and a golden handle. The said woman looked at the group before looking straight at Garp. "You Garp," questioned the woman in a sharp tone.

"Yes," said Garp, "And you would be…?"

"Uranus," said the woman, "And that is all you are going to be getting."

"I see," said Garp who kind of deflated by the answer.

"And these three," questioned Uranus.

"My grandkids," said Garp.

"This way," said Uranus, "Your… crew will have to stay on the ship while you and your hesitant voice grandkids sharp tone used again come meet the Queen."

"Queen," exclaimed Luffy in awe.

"Yeah, squirt," said Uranus with a smirk, "Who did you think you were going to meet today?"

"Bwahahaha," laughed Garp awkwardly, "I didn't really tell them anything."

"Of course, you didn't, you old man," grumbled Uranus before clasping her hands together, "Anyways, let's go. The Queen is waiting."

With that, the three boys and Garp followed the mysterious Uranus. The four found out that where they were was just the port, but when walking deeper, they still didn't reach the actual palace until much later.

- At The Palace –

Finally, after a thirty minute walk, Uranus and guests arrived at the palace. The Palace, unknown to the Sailor Guardians besides Pluto and the Queen, was a replica of their lost home from the Moon Kingdom. Garp and the boys could see tall pillars of white as they continued to follow Uranus to the throne room. Luffy almost stopped when he heard a girl's giggle from somewhere, but he was pushed in the back by Ace with Sabo looking at Luffy curiously. Once all five finally found the tall doors to the throne room, Uranus pushed the doors open with one hand and gestured for them to go inside. There, the three boys stared in awe at the pretty woman who was wearing a white dress with a bow on the top, a gold crescent brooch adorning the center of said bow. "Queen Serenity," said Uranus as she knelt down, "Presenting Monkey D. Garp and his three grandchildren."

"Thank you, Uranus," said Queen Serenity gently, "I do believe that Neptune is waiting for you. Please send in Venus so that she may escort the little boys to my daughter and Saturn."

"Of course, your highness," said Uranus as she stood up and left through another door to the right.

"Now then," said Queen Serenity, "As Uranus told you, my name is Queen Serenity Tsukino IV. May I know who the World Government has sent towards my kingdom and I?"

"coughs Of course," said Garp, "My name is Monkey D. Garp, one of Marine's vice admirals. The World Government has sent me to see if you are a threat or not."

"I see," said Queen Serenity, "My kingdom has always been floating. However, sometimes we would land in a deserted water way so that my daughter can experience the waters. Is that a bad thing?"

"O-Of course not," said Garp, "I-It's just that your kingdom suddenly appeared, and we had no way that you were one of these floating islands, like the ones in the Grand Line."

"I'm sorry to interrupt, your highness," said a female voice, "But, you have called for me?"

Everyone turned to see a new female appear. She was wearing a similar outfit to Uranus, but her main color was orange while her back bow was yellow and her front bow a navy blue. She also had one stripe on her collar while her feet were in orange heels with ankle straps. Everyone could see that she had blue eyes and blonde hair, her hair being down with a simple red bow in it. Queen Serenity smiled at the newcomer as she used one of her hands to beckoning for her to come over. Said female walked into the room and knelt down in front of Queen Serenity, showing her respect. "Yes, Venus, I have," said Queen Serenity, "I have three boys here who will be going to my daughter to play. They do not need to stay in a stuffy room like this one while the adults discuss things."

"Of course, your majesty," said the now known Venus as she turned to the three boys, "Hello boys. I am Venus, and I will be taking you to where my hime is."

"A real life Princess," questioned Luffy with awe.

"But of course," said Venus with a wink.

With that, Venus ushered the three boys out of the throne room. Garp looked apprehensive as he watched his grandkids, two not by blood, leave with a total stranger. Queen Serenity, however, vouched for her Sailor Guardians being wonderful people and will protect his grandchildren well. With that notion, Garp turned back to Queen Serenity and both started talking about what the island was, who actually lived on the island, and so forth.

- With Venus & The Three Boys –

"Venus," exclaimed an excited girl's voice.

When Venus ushered the boys out, she took them down another long hallway until they arrived at a large green field that were filled with all sorts of flowers. The boys could see two little girls playing tag with each other, not really worrying on dirtying their clothes. One girl had short dark purple hair and violet eyes while the other had mid-shoulder layered golden blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. The one who called Venus was the blonde haired one as she ran over and hugged Venus' legs. Venus gave a gentle smile before patting the little girl's head. She then turned to address the three boys. "Boys, please meet Princess Serenity Tsukino V," said Venus as she hugged the little girl closer to her, "And the other girl is Tomoe Hotaru, Serenity's best friend."

"Hello," said the now known Hotaru shyly.

"Now, boys," said Venus, "Please introduce yourselves."

"Hello," said Ace, "Names Portgas D. Ace."

"Names Sabo," said Sabo with a grin, "Nice to meet you."

Both boys chuckled inwardly when they were granted with a, though clumsy, curtsy from the two girls. They thought the girls looked kind of cute, but they would voice that out. When everyone turned to the last boy, Luffy looked at all of them before looking straight at the Princess. There, he saw the prettiest girl ever, with her shiny golden hair and her dressed in a pink shirt and jean overalls with a crescent moon at the left corner. Luffy, blessed his little heart, never knew how to filter out what he wanted to say and just went with the flow of things. So, it came to quite a shock for everyone present when he said his introduction. "Hi," said Luffy, "My name is Monkey D. Luffy! I'm going to be King of the Pirates, and you! points at the little Serenity Are going to marry me and become my queen!"

"Baka (Idiot)," bemoaned Ace with Sabo sighing.

As for the girls…

"EH," exclaimed Minako with the two girls looking at Luffy in confusion.

"Shishishi," laughs little Luffy with a big grin towards little Serenity.

AN: Ugh, my head. o(_ _o) At least, this is out of my head and I can focus more on my other two stories before coming back to this one. (⌒_⌒; You can see that I changed things for this story, especially EVERYONE being reincarnated. (^^)v You can also see that this is a Luffy/Usagi fanfic story that I am going to try to create. (^^ゞ My first ever One Piece/Sailor Moon crossover! (^~^) Please be kind as I come up with this story after my other ones are done. m(_ _)m Happy reading and see ya in THIS story after I finish with my other ones! |∀・)ジ