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-Rosie is bouncing Salazar (who is 13 months old) on her knee.

Rosie: Who's a happy baby? Who's a happy, bouncy, baby?

Salazar: :)

Rosie: Who's a happy, happy bayyy-byy?

Salazar: :)

Rosie: -kisses Salazar's nose- Precious baby. Sweet baby.

Tom: Stop cooing.

Rosie: I will coo if I want to coo.

Tom: He's not an infant anymore, Rosie.

Rosie: He's babeh.

Tom: He doesn't need to be coddled.

Rosie: Bay-beh.

Tom: -rolls eyes-

Rosie: Who's a happy baby? Happy, happy, baby? Can you say me? Or maybe Momma?

Salazar: :)

Rosie: -kisses his nose again- My baby.

Salazar: Mama.

Rosie: :D!

Tom: D: Say Dada.

Salazar: Mama.

Tom: Dada.

Salazar: Mama.

Rosie: Baybeh.

Tom: He's already turning into a mother's boy. :I

Rosie: Yes.


Salazar: Mama.

Rosie: Yes, baby?

Salazar: Upsies?

Rosie: You wanna fly with Iris?

Salazar: Upsies please.

Rosie: Okay baby. Iris?

Iris: -comes out from Rosie's front pocket then kisses Salazar's cheek-

Rosie: Take Salazar flying, and be careful, okay?

Iris: We will!


Salazar: Books?

Rosie: No more books, time for night night.

Salazar: Books?

Rosie: No more books, time for night night.

Salazar: Mama?

Tom: No. Mama needs to go night night. It's time for night night.

Salazar: Daddy?

Tom: Yes, I'm going night night, too.

Salazar: Night night.

Tom & Rosie: Night night.


Rosie: Aww, look Sally! Look at the bunnies outside.

Salazar: :?

Rosie: Aren't they cute?

Salazar: :I

Rosie: Super duper cute.

Salazar: Cuter than me?

Rosie: Awww, nothing's cuter than you!

Salazar: :)

Rosie: But they are pretty gosh darn cute.

Salazar: :I


Tom: Rosie?

Rosie: Yes, love?

Tom: There's another dead rabbit in the yard.

Rosie: Oh gosh. Wonder what's killing all the critters.

Salazar: :)

Tom: -stares at Salazar-

Salazar: :)


Salazar: :)

Tom: Huh.

Salazar: :)

Rosie: Something wrong, dear?

Tom: He's definitely my son.

Rosie: ? Was that in doubt?

Salazar: :)


Tom: Salazar, would you like to go hunting with me and your uncles?

Salazar: Hunting?

Tom: For sport.

Salazar: What are we hunting?

Tom: All sorts of creatures.

Salazar: Okay.

Rosie: :( Isn't he a bit young for that? He's only six.

Tom: I don't think age will stop him, dear.

Rosie: :?

Tom: He'll be fine. He should know how to clean up at least.

Rosie: Um, okay. If you're sure.

Tom: Very.

Salazar: It's okay, Mama. I want to go.

Rosie: Okay, sweetie, I won't stop you. For tonight, do you wanna help Mama make another potion?

Salazar: Yes.

Rosie: Aww. I love spending time with you, my little cutie patootie.

Salazar: :)

Rosie: -kisses Salazar's nose- So precious! Isn't he such a sweetie, Tom?

Salazar: :)


Salazar: :)


Tom: Ha.


Rosie: Baby!

Salazar: Mama!

-Salazar runs to Rosie and hugs her tightly-

Rosie: Did you have fun hunting?

Salazar: Uh-huh. :)

Rosie: I'm so happy you had fun, my sweet baby. It wasn't too—er—you know? Bad for him, right?




Rosie: Right?

Fenrir: He is definitely Tom's son.

Fredrickson: Very alike, those two.

Booboo: :)

Rosie: :) Um? Was this in doubt?

Salazar: :) I wanna go again, Mama.

Rosie: I'm glad you had that much fun, my dear boy.

Tom: We'll go hunting again next weekend.

Salazar: Okay.

Rosie: Oh. Um, I found another rabbit—

Tom: I don't think you'll find any more, dear.

Rosie: Oh? Okay.

Tom: Right, Sal?

Salazar: Right. :)

Rosie: What am I missing here?


Rosie: Baby Sally—

Salazar: Yes, Mama?

Rosie: Wanna go shopping with me?

Salazar: -hurries over to Rosie- Uh-huh.

Tom: :I

Rosie: What's wrong?

Tom: He didn't want to go with me.

Rosie: He's mama's little boy.

Salazar: Yeah.

Tom: :I

Rosie: Maybe if you were more affectionate? :P

Tom: I am plenty affectionate.

Rosie: When's the last time you two hugged?

Tom: :I

Salazar: :I

Rosie: Sally, do you wanna hug your daddy?

Salazar: No.

Tom: :I

Rosie: Do you wanna hug your mommy?

Salazar: Yeah. :)

Tom: Brat.

Salazar: Yeah. :)


Rosie: Um. Tom.

Tom: ?

Rosie: It happened again.

Tom: That's vague.

Rosie: We aren't naming them Salazar two and Salazar three.

Tom: Them—wait, again? I don't remember us not using—Oh. Right. The masquerade at Malfoy's.

Rosie: Yeah.

Tom: And you said them.

Rosie: Yeah, according to the spell it's twin boys.





Tom: I'm going to miss sleeping.

Rosie: Me, too.


Rosie: Sally, how would you feel about having some younger siblings?

Salazar: :I

Rosie: Sally? :(

Salazar: :I

Tom: Mini Rosies.

Salazar: :) That sounds wonderful.

Tom: Mm-hmm.

Rosie: :)?



"Thanks for coming by, Professor," said Lily as she ushered me inside. She smiled adoringly at me. "It's so wonderful to see you again. Oh my gosh, you're huge!"

Rosie giggled. "Lily, you saw me last week, and you have to stop saying that every time you see me."

"Every one said it to me when I was pregnant with Harry, I feel like I'm owed that right," she said with a giggle of her own. "Harry's been asking for you."


"Yes. I guess he really took a shine to you."

"I must say I adore him as well," Rosie said softly. "May I see him?"

"Of course. He's in his playpen in the den. I'll prepare my notes, when James comes back home we can head out."

"Wonderful, dear."

"Do you need help getting up the stairs?"

"I'm ten months pregnant, Lily, not disabled."

Lily winced. "Twins at ten months… Ahh I do not envy you."

"Sal came early, and now these kiddos want to show up late," Rosie wyrly chuckled. "Hopefully they'll be less of a handful than their older brother."

"Salazar always struck me as a polite boy."

"In company," she said. "Tom thinks he's a budding psychopath, though."

Lily laughed, thinking Rosie was joking.


"Hello my lovely Harry," Rosie cooed, picking up her darling baby twin. The three-year-old looked up at her, bright emerald eyes sparkling.

"I missed you," he said.

Rosie blinked. "Come again?"

He smiled. "Hey Rosie."

"Harry?!" She squeaked. "Harry as in—"

"Your twin brother? Yep. Hi, Rosie."

"OH MY GOD!" Rosie nearly screamed.


"EVERYTHING IS FINE, TAKE YOUR TIME LILY!" She shouted back, panicking. "Harry—Harry what is—what are—"

"Well you left all your notes behind," he said. "We decided we wanted to see what your new timeline would be like when we died. Hermione and I tweaked around the formula then applied it so when we all died we'd come back. We chose the toddler stage for ease of transition. I know Neville's back already—he was at my birthday—but I haven't gotten in touch with the others yet."

"Who? What? Oh my God."

"Me, Neville, Hermione, Theodore, Luna," Harry began to tick off. "Draco, and maybe some others. Not sure, I died first. Say, could you get in touch with Hermione, Luna, and Draco for us? It's kind of hard in these circumstances."

"Yeah—" Rosie stared at my brother. "You died?"

"Experimented with alchemy solo," he sighed. "I know. I know. Dumb move." Then he perked up. "Do you want memories of my grandchildren? They're adorable."

"Yes please," Rosie whispered. "This is amazing."

"Yeah," he said with a smile. "Neville's pretty happy to experience life with actual parents. Luna's deadset on saving her mom. Hermione did it out of academic curiosity, but I think she'll still have fun. Theodore came because he's still soppily in love with 'Mione. Draco's got plans of his own, but I think he just really wants a chance to rule Slytherin himself you know?"

She chuckled. "Yeah… Oh gosh. Oh, my darling Harry, I have missed you so much."

"I missed you, too Rosie," he said with a smile. "I've heard a lot about your life so far from others, but I really want to hear it from you."

"Of course, Harry. I'll see if I can babysit you this weekend—with the others—and we'll… we'll tell you all about it."

"At your place?"

"Yes," Rosie said. "Is that okay—?"

Harry beamed. "So I'll get to see the unicorn farm Tom bought you as an engagement present?"

"Oh no."

Harry giggled cutely. Since he was a baby it was extra adorable. "Oh, by the way… one more person came back. Before me."

Rosie blinked. "Who?"

"You can't guess? He said he was going to try to fool you for as long as possible."

"Who would—PADDY?!"

"Professor Slytherin!" cried out Lily. "I'm hurrying back, I hope you're okay and your water didn't break."

"It—" Rosie looked down. "Huh. Wow."

Harry stared down at her lap. "What timing."

Because Rosie's water had indeed broken and she was about to have her second and third kiddos.

But this time, it looked like all of her family would get to be around.


The Slytherin Family -

Tom M. Slytherin - Minister of Magic for the European Wizarding Community.

Rosie L. Slytherin - Professor at Hogwarts, retired political activist for the Worgen Party.

Salazar U. Slytherin - Born 1975, December 1st. Followed closely in his father's footsteps, and looks almost exactly like him, except he has Rosie's eyes & her curls. Given a runespoor familiar when receiving his first Hogwarts letter, and later Sorted into Slytherin.

Leo E. Slytherin - Born 1983, August 1st. Looks exactly like his mother, and has a cocky & mischievous nature. Given a red & white occammy as a familiar when receiving his first Hogwarts Letter. Sorted into Gryffindor.

Lynx O. Slytherin - Born 1983, August 1st. Looks exactly like his mother, has a cold & mischievous nature. Given a red & white occammy as a familiar when receiving his first Hogwarts Letter. Sorted into Gryffindor.


Rosie's Second List In New Timeline:

1 Graduate from Hogwarts (again)

2 Stop WWII

3 Make a werewolf country.

Note: accidentally turned Germany into werewolf country in my efforts to rebuild.

3a Step one: Kill Hitler & associated Nazis.

3b Step two: Start a quiet cult offering people the ability to turn into fluff babehs

3c Step three: encourage cult propaganda

3d Step four: Slowly turn the mass population into secret fluff babehs. Note: do not let the other magical communities become aware of what's going on until it's too late. The Muggle population cannot know either—all turned fluff babehs must sign a secret contract that will last until plans are complete.

3f Step five: When over 70% of the population has become fluff babehs openly show the magical community

3g Step six: Revel in the panic and chaos for a while as other countries become scared of you.

3h Step seven: Rename capital Gilneas. Become Queen of Fluff.

4 Become Queen of Fluff.

5 Use the threat of werewolves taking over the world to help Tom unite the European magical communities into one big community.

6 Then ally Fluff Country with the European Magical Community that Tom will inevitably take control of.

7 Now united, take over North America (through diplomacy & blackmail, we want to avoid death as much as possible), and invite the African Community into the alliance. Move on to forge alliances with South American, Asian, and Australian communities depending on political climate. We want to avoid all out war, use cunning and wits to secure it without needlessly taking lives. Note: this will take centuries, but that's okay. Perks of not aging.

8 Once all Magical Communities are united, it's time to merge non-magical with magical.

9 Invent hex-tech—magic and science combined!

10 Find a way to infuse magic into non-magical humans in order to turn them into Muggle-borns

11 Make the world pro-magic & pro-equality.

12 Establish House-Elf protection laws (and enforce them).

13 Start up a dragon country. Note: Russia has volunteered to become Dragon Country. They requested I help make were-dragons and I think that's an awesome idea.

14 Become Mother of (were)Dragons.

15 Teach at Hogwarts. Preferably whenever Harry goes there. :) Note: Dumbledore graciously let me take up the DADA post as soon as the previous instructor retired. I got to teach the marauder generation!

16 Adopt Dumbledore into the family. Note: Some resistance in the beginning, but I won in the end. He is Uncle Dumbles.

17 Invent the following specifies through breeding:

17a Thundering Cloud Serpent

17b Voidlings

17c Dream-Eaters

17d Revenant

17e Were-cats (official name is WIP)

17f Were-foxes (official name is WIP)

18 Establish fantasy druidism


20 CAN FANTASY DEATH KNIGHTS BECOME A THING?! Note: dementors can turn into revenants which in turn can become death knights. Booboo is the first death knight.

21 Find out if it's possible to open a portal to hell to summon demons

21a Find out if it's possible to fight demons in hell

21b Fight demons in hell with Booboo Note: Accidentally befriended some demons and inadvertently created an entire section in magic dealing with demonic magic. Demons throw the best parties.

22 Find out if it's possible to visit other magical worlds

23 Start a family

23a Three kids at least.

23b Note: Tom is putting his foot down that at least one son has to be named Salazar. I'm fighting for it to be a middle name because oh my god noooo.

23c Note: Tom will not let me pick Booboo as the godfather :(

23d Follow up note: I won the battle. Booboo is a godfather. But that child's first name is Salazar now. Forgive me, son.

24 Visit other magical worlds with Tom.

25 Enjoy life. :)



Ngl, I thought about stretching it out a bit more to end it on my birthday on the 13th, but birthday month seemed good enough. :)

Hope ya'll enjoyed this story I wrote to cope with isolation.

Their babies are budding little psychos. Tom could not be prouder. Rosie loves them regardless. Salazar is 100% the overprotective big brother and they are all mama's boys.

Harry & co dotes on them in Hogwarts.

Also: Tom took home the basilisk from the chambers. It guards their family home and is named Basileus again. He and Iris are cuddle buddies.

I might one day update this again with more bonus scenes. I'd like to end one story on chapter 69 hahahahaha.

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