(At School, Coop and His classmates were waiting for the teacher, Miss Brannigan)

Lorne: Hey Catboy. Their is going to be a new student join us today.

Coop: Okay.

(Miss Brannigan came to the classroom)

Miss Brannigan: Sorry I'm late.

(Miss Brannigan went to her desk and sat down)

Miss Brannigan: Okay Class, we have a new student join us today.

(They heard a knock on the door)

Miss Brannigan (Looking at the door): Come in!

(The door open and it was Fiona)

Miss Brannigan (Looking at the students): Class, This is Fiona Munson. She moved to bootsville and now she's here.

(Miss Brannigan Looking at Fiona)

Miss Brannigan: Would you like to introduce yourself.

(Fiona looked at Miss Brannigan)

Fiona: Sure.

(Fiona looked at the students)

Fiona: I'm Fiona Munson, I love to draw, soccer, cooking and hang out with friends.

(Miss Brannigan Looking at Fiona)

Miss Brannigan: Good speech. You sit between Coop and Dennis.

(Fiona sit between Coop and Dennis)


(Fiona was at her locker, getting her stuff ready for Science, Coop approach her)

Coop: Fiona.

(Fiona looked behind to see Coop)

Fiona: Coop.

Coop: You have been transfer to this school.

Fiona: Yep.

Coop: I was wondering if you want to sit with me at lunch with Dennis, Millie, Lorne and Harley.

Fiona: Sure.

At Lunch

(Fiona sit at Lunch with Coop, Dennis, Millie, Lorne and Harley)

Lorne and Harley (flirting): Hi Fiona.

(Fiona giggled)

Dennis: We're so lucky to have Fiona with us.

Millie: Yeah. I have to agreed.

Coop: So Fiona. Did you and your parents moved to bootsville like next door.

Fiona: Yes. My auntie Munson wanted to start a new life without you and your friends because she got tired and Moved out of Bootsville to another city. So me and Parents moved next door to you and Dennis.

Coop: Awesome!

Dennis: I have to agreed. That means we can see each other anytime.

Fiona: Yep.

Millie: We have to eat. Lunch is almost over.

Coop: Oh right.

(They ate their lunch)

After School

(Fiona Parents can to pick up Fiona)

Rachel (Roll the window down): Fiona! Time to go home!

Fiona: Okay mom!

(Fiona went to her parents car and Looked at her friends)

Fiona: Bye guys!

Coop, Dennis, Millie, Lorne and Harley: Bye Fiona!

(Fiona and her parents drive off with their car)

The End