I don't own Doctor Who, I wish I did, believe me. I also hope you enjoy this story - I had originally planned on writing something else and it evolved into a story where the Doctor is bashed. Please enjoy and let me know what you think.

Master Home Truths.

The first things Yaz saw the moment she entered the TARDIS were Ryan and Graham, who were looking anxiously at the Doctor, who was the other thing she noticed. The Doctor was hunched over the TARDIS console, her expression dark and expressionless. Yaz looked at the woman she had grown to trust and love at the same time worriedly; the Doctor had been acting strangely for a while now, ever since the Master appeared with the Kasaavin. She had been growing obsessive, her mood seemed darker. Oh, occasionally she would be her usual bubbly, smiling self, but then it faded, and her darker mood appeared again. Sometimes the Doctor would go off, on her own, leaving Yaz and her friends behind.

It had gotten worse ever since that business with the Judoon and Ruth, who happened to be a version of the Doctor herself, a version whom the Doctor didn't even know about. Yaz didn't understand how that was possible, and at the same time, Yaz, Ryan, and Graham had met an old friend of the Doctor's, Captain Jack Harkness, who had told them about the Lone Cyberman.

Yaz didn't know a thing about the Cybermen, none of her friends did, but the Doctor and Jack were taking them seriously. But instead of worrying about the Cyberman too much, the Doctor was focused on finding the Master and she didn't even seem concerned about who Ruth was.

Yaz made a face as she thought about the Master, who happened to be an old friend of the Doctor before something had happened, and now they were at each other's throats. How did that happen?

She shook her head and went to Ryan and Graham, who turned worried looks her way before turning back to the Doctor.

"How long has she been like this now?" Yaz asked.

"I dunno," Ryan whispered. "We got here a few minutes before you turned up."

"Has she said anything?"

"Nope, not a dicky bird," Graham sighed.

Yaz looked on at the Doctor, who was muttering to herself under her breath now. Suddenly Yaz had decided she had had enough. She didn't care anymore if she overstepped her bounds, she didn't care if the Doctor got angry with her. She wanted answers.

She walked away from Ryan and Graham, who both tried to stop her but she stepped out of their grasp. She wanted answers now and quickly.

Yaz walked closer to the console cautiously, wondering if the Doctor would notice her, but she didn't. The fact angered and worried her even more.

She leaned against the console, staring at the Doctor as she did for a moment while she ran through her mind what she wanted answers to. Finally, she opened her mouth, "How is he your friend?"

The Doctor jumped at the sound of her voice, swinging around and jumping at how close Yaz was to her. The fact the woman hadn't even noticed her being so close angered Yaz even more. "How long have you been there?"

At that question, Yaz became angrier than before, and she decided to lash out. "Only a minute. I wasn't going to press you, but I am getting pissed off with you not telling us what's going on, so I've decided to take the law into my own hands," Yaz folded her arms. "How is the Master your friend? He tried to kill us; a friend doesn't do that," she emphasised the word friend, not bothering to add what she felt was obvious, but she decided to go for it anyway, "and friends do not treat their so-called fam like retarded shit."

"Yaz-," the Doctor's expression darkened.

Suddenly Yaz had had enough.

"No! For weeks now, you've been pushing us away, to find that bastard who was planning on wiping out humanity, and you won't tell us why. You refuse to tell us more about Ruth, and who she is. On top of that, you don't seem to be bothered about this Lone Cyberman; you're just focused on the Master. Why?"

The Doctor didn't say a word, she looked at the console with that now familiar dark, brooding stare. Suddenly Yaz turned and faced her friends before she turned to the Doctor.

"Take me home, Doctor."

The Doctor swung around, shocked. "What? Yaz-!"

"No," Yaz shook her head, gazing at the Doctor with disgust. "I'm done asking questions. I no longer care; I've had enough of your condescending reluctance to talk. Just set the controls, then you can find the Master all you like. If you want to treat us like shit, well I want no part of it. I only hope it was worth it!"

The Doctor deflated with every word. "Yaz, I-."

"I don't want want to hear it. I don't care anymore. I am done with you, I am done wondering what kind of mood you will be in. Whether we're going to have your usual attitude or this new brooding image where you refuse to talk when it's clear you'd rather not have anyone around while you look for that arrogant sonofabith," Yaz spoke over her just as Graham and Ryan walked over to flank her, making it clear to the Doctor whose side they were on. The moment she realised that the Doctor visibly deflated even more.

Yaz swallowed in sadness at what she was doing with her friends. But she was just so tired of having to walk on eggshells while the Doctor went on obsessing herself on the Master, and not even trying to open up to her friends. At this point, Yaz would hate to do this to the Doctor, but she was so tired of it that if the Doctor wanted to be alone… well, that was fine by her. She had been considering her future for a long time. She wanted to have a great career, and while she knew her time in the TARDIS had given her a great deal, such as confidence boosts and showing her the wonders of the universe, she didn't want it to take over completely.

"She's right, Doc. The way you've been acting… you've been driving us away, and I doubt you've been aware of it. Hell, considering how socially inept you are, I'd be amazed if it even crossed your mind," Graham added to show where he stood. The older man looked unhappy, but he was staring with the kind of steel he'd worn since that mess with Tzim-Sha.

The Doctor's face was a picture; it was slack and pale, shocked. It was the shock of someone honestly unaware of how their behaviour was perceived. The moment the expression appeared on the Doctor's face, and she realised what it meant, Yaz wanted to slap her. She couldn't understand how someone so old could be so inept at understanding how people's minds worked. It was as if the Doctor lived in a dream world where only she existed, well if that was true, well she didn't regret her decision to demand the Doctor take them home.

"You can't have it both ways; you either want us around or you don't. Now set the controls, take us back to Earth if you're gonna be like this, then you can fuck off, and obsess over the Master then; chances are you'd forget we'd told you to leave us at home, and come back to find out where we are while forgetting why we told you to take us back." At that moment Yaz could have kissed Ryan; in fact, she probably would when they got back to Earth.

"No, y-you can't go-," the Doctor's voice was shaking, her expression horrified as she realised what she had done, but Yaz shook her head and stared at her in disappointment.

"What did you expect, Doctor? You treat us like shit, you go off on your own, you obsess over a psychopath who tried to us all, including our entire race and you don't tell us what's going on, what did you think was going to happen? Are you really that ignorant of human behaviour that you felt we would just do as we were told like brainless puppets?" Yaz asked. If there was one thing about the Doctor she had noticed was she had problems understanding human culture and behaviour, and it got her stared at, but she smiled as if she were looking at animals in a zoo. Yaz had never really bothered thinking about it, but now it made her wonder if that was how she saw humans, as animals at a zoo to be gawped at.

The Doctor reacted as if she had just been slapped. "You….you think I see you as…puppets?" She whispered aghast.

"I'm beginning to," Yaz whispered. "Just like I'm beginning to think you see us like zoo animals to be gawped at when you talk stupid and let your mouth run away from you."

"And you didn't seem to care when I talked to you about being frightened of a cancer relapse," Graham pointed out, his own disappointment and disgust visible on his face.

"What?" Yaz and Ryan yelled.

The Doctor was shaking her head desperately, tears welling up in her eyes. "Graham, it wasn't like that-."

"No, but you could have helped," Graham interrupted her, looking at her with anger which she hadn't even known he'd had bubbling under the surface. The Doctor stepped back, even more, upset than before.

"Why, what did she say to you, Gramps?" Ryan demanded, looking over at Graham with concern.

The older man sighed and looked at his two younger fellow travellers. "I opened up to her about my fears of my cancer returning, saying that although my checkups said I wasn't gonna get it back, the fear was still there. I told her this after that mess with Zellin and Rakaya, and she said something about saying something reassuring back to me before she went over to the console, saying she was going to pretend to get some work done."

Yaz turned back to the Doctor, who was biting her lip nervously as she realised she had made a big mistake. "Take us home, Doctor," she demanded, deciding not to bother saying what was on the tip of her tongue. "You clearly don't care about us, or our problems since you'd rather care about what you want."

"That's not true-!"

But Ryan made an angry hand gesture, his voice raising with every syllable that came out of his mouth. "Enough's enough. You're not gonna tell us what the Master said to you, nor are you gonna tell us why you've been off for weeks, so why not just send us home so then you won't have to put up with us!?"

The Doctor shook at the volume. In her mind, the Doctor went over everything she had done since they'd met the Master. If there was one thing about her personality she had quickly discovered shortly after her last regeneration, it was her desire to keep secrets. It was a holdover from her previous two lives; ever since her eleventh self had been hunted down by the Silence which culminated in that complicated temporal mess at that damn lake which made her hide from the universe, which hadn't worked, she had told fewer people her secrets or what was on her mind, and it had passed onto later lives.

She looked down, realising she had done it again. She had three amazing friends and she had thrown it away, and she had hurt them all by not speaking to them, or in Graham's case seeming to care for them when a few lives back she would have done. She had thrown it all away, and for what? At that moment, the Doctor decided to come clean. Actually, a little voice in her mind was telling her to tell them the truth and stop hiding things from her friends, but she didn't know if it would work, but she decided to go for anyway. An idea came to mind.

The Doctor sighed and walked heavily over to the console. She walked around the controls, throwing switches and pressing buttons and moving levers while the TARDIS seemed to accelerate before it landed with a bump. The Doctor sighed heavily and walked to the door and threw it open. She stood there for a few minutes before she looked over her shoulders.

"Come on, then," her voice shook like she was about to break down crying.

Fighting the urge to hug the Doctor despite her recent stupidity and her ignorance of their feelings, Yaz was resolved in her feelings now would be a great time to go. She and the others were expecting to find themselves in the square outside the block of flats where Yaz lived with her family, but the sight which met their eyes made them stop in their tracks.

They were not on Earth - that was obvious, although the twin suns in the burnt orange sky was a major giveaway in itself. The TARDIS had landed on a rocky plain showing a massive, futuristic city built on two levels; the lower level of the city seemed to be built along the same architecture of a wheel separated by spokes while the second level was akin to a futuristic castle. But it was all in ruins, the buildings had been partially demolished and then incinerated, the city was shattered and the flames seemed to be everlasting with showers of ash falling to the ground like obscene snowflakes.

"Oh, my god!" Ryan whispered as he gazed at the ruined city as he tried to take in the devastation. "What happened?"

"Where are we?" Graham inquired almost fearfully. All three humans turned to the Time Lord who'd brought them here except to Sheffield in 2020, and they were stunned by what they saw when they looked at her.

The Doctor wasn't even looking at them, instead, she was gazing at the destroyed city with an almost emotionless look on her otherwise expressive face, but the way she shook and her fists were clenched in suppressed rage at the destruction around them made it clear she was boiling with emotion.

"Doc?" Graham almost reached out a hand to touch her shoulder, but he stopped himself. He'd gotten her attention though because she turned around with an almost dead stare in her gaze.

"Well, come on then," she croaked. "Let me show you around."

"Hold on," Yaz blocked her path. "Where are we?"

They didn't expect the Doctor to laugh scornfully.

"Oh, come on, work it out! You've wanted to come here ever since I told you about this place!" The Doctor snapped irritably.

The penny dropped for all three humans, and they looked around the ruined landscape and the devastated city with growing horror and then back at the Doctor. Suddenly they understood; her dark gaze, the time she spent slaving over the console with a closed-off expression on her face, the bite to her voice every time she answered their questions, each time she closed off whenever they asked her more about her past, the anger in her eyes whenever she spat the Master's name…

"You mean, this is….?" Ryan looked around with horror.

"This is-?" Graham gasped.

"Welcome to Gallifrey, or what's left of it," the Doctor stepped around them and walked to the edge of the cliff the TARDIS had landed on. "I remember seeing this city when I was a kid. The light from the suns refracted rainbow light when it struck the mighty glass dome that topped the over the city. Now it's gone; the Master did the job the Daleks never managed."

"The Master did this?" Yaz hissed in horror, filing away the mention of the Daleks for later.

The Doctor's voice was hollow. "He did. When we met him last, in the 40s, he told me Gallifrey had been pulverised, nuked, and burnt. In the message he left for me, he admitted he was the one who'd done it, but I'd already guessed it was him. No-one besides me and him knew where Gallifrey was, as it was put in a pocket universe to hide from the rest of the universe after the Last Great Time War; a war between the Daleks and the Time Lords which ripped the universe to bits, only for it to be put back together again only for it to happen all over again until I ended it all and believed I'd wiped out the Time Lords before discovering I'd put the place in a pocket universe."

Yaz licked her lips at what she'd inadvertently done. Not only had their nosiness and desire for answers wrecked their relationship with the Doctor, but they had also made her reveal something personal. When the Doctor had begun showing this bad mood, Yaz and the others had just thought the Doctor was throwing a tantrum, but now they realised it was more personal than that.

God, what had they done. Not only had they forced the Doctor to reveal this horror show, now they knew what the Master had done, and it was horrifying.

She was about to open her mouth to apologise, but the Doctor had just set off. "C'mon then," she called over her shoulder. "You want to look around, don't you? Find more questions you want to ask me?"

Yaz bit her lip, hearing the spite in the Doctor's voice. But this time she didn't rise to the bait. How could they after what they had done, intruding on something personal, but if the Doctor had just told them what was wrong, then maybe they could have helped her.

She shared a horrified, guilty look with Graham and Ryan, and she saw they were feeling the same shame, but they silently followed the Doctor into the ruined city of the Time Lords.


Graham was having a hard time believing what was going on; when Yaz had lashed out at the Doctor, he had been horrified, but he had to admit she had a point in lashing out at her. The Doctor had been unbearable lately, and while Graham himself wouldn't have done the same thing, he would have put the Doctor in her place.

But he hadn't imagined anything like this. When O had revealed himself to be the Master, one of the Doctor's own race and had a twisted plan to wipe out the human race, Graham had developed a strong dislike for him. Now it was mutating into hatred. Graham and the others hadn't understood what it was about the Master which had driven the Doctor to obsess about finding him, but now he knew why.

A part of him wondered if the Doctor wanted revenge. It would be something about the woman who had told him if he had tried to murder the bastard who'd murdered Grace she would kick him out of the TARDIS.

Meanwhile, they were walking through the city of the Time Lords. Everywhere they looked was desolation; chunks of rubble littered the floor while there were burn marks everywhere, lights which had somehow survived whatever madness the Master had inflicted on his own world were flickering in their sockets, and there were long since burnt out corpses on the ground.

More than once they'd vomited at the sight of the corpses, but the Doctor, who had clearly seen it all before, moved on. None of the three humans knew where the Doctor was taking them, but Graham dearly hoped they stopped soon. The Time Lord city, while ornate, was like walking through that old dwarf city in the Fellowship of the Ring.

But this place…

There was something about the Time Lord city which rang as funny in Graham's mind, and as he looked at the statues of robed figures with weird crests and weird hats standing around at various corners. Graham didn't like to think or speak ill of the dead, but he realised the Time Lords had clearly thought very highly of themselves and seemed to be overcompensating for something with those statues.

The Doctor eventually led them to a large pair of double doors and she pushed them open.

"Whoa," Ryan gasped.

Graham looked into the enormous room. It seemed to stretch for miles, and it was full of statues showing various people, but then something weird happened with the statues. They seemed to glow for a moment before the statues reformed to show the face of somebody else.

"What is this place?" Yaz asked

"The Hall of Renegades," the Doctor stepped into the room, and realising she wanted them to follow her, the trio of humans knew they didn't have a choice so they followed.

"What's the Hall of Renegades?" Ryan asked.

"It's a museum dedicated to renegade Time Lords, members of Time Lord society who wanted more out of life than what they had. You see, life on Gallifrey is pretty routine, with lives of duty and ceremony and politics. The Time Lords main agenda was to observe the events of the cosmos and not get involved with them. But there were some people who wanted to use their powers to go out into the universe and do whatever they wanted. The Time Lords back on Gallifrey set this place up as a memorial to us and to educate other Time Lords to not see us renegades as heroes or people to look up to," the Doctor looked around the statues, but because they couldn't see her expression they didn't know what she was thinking.

But Yaz spotted something she had said. "You said 'us' are you a renegade Time Lord?"

"Yes," the Doctor didn't even deny it or add any witty questions to go with her reply. "I am a renegade, and proud of it. I told you I stole the TARDIS and ran from home, and I've been travelling ever since."

"And all these statues," Graham looked around the hall, "they're renegades as well?"

"Yeah," the Doctor nodded, looking around herself, turning on the spot before leading them on.

"Do you know them all?" Yaz asked.

"More than enough."

"Hold on, is that the Corsair?" Ryan called.

The Doctor, Graham, and Yaz went over to join him. Ryan was standing in front of a statue showcasing the dark-haired female incarnation of the Corsair they had met before they'd run into the Master.

"That's the Corsair, alright," the Doctor nodded, a smile on her face as she fondly looked at the statue. "Now there was a Time Lord who knew the value of life, not living day after day for thousands of years, watching life roll by.

As if waiting for the Doctor's confirmation, the statue glowed and the Corsair they knew changed into a tall man wearing pirate garb much like the Corsair had, only he was taller and had a roguish smile which put Yaz in mind of Han Solo.

"Who's that?" Graham asked, staring at the statue in surprise.

"That's the Corsair as well. The statues use the same basic chameleonic circuitry of a TARDIS which changes their outer shape so they fit in with their environment and they're linked to the Time Lord so they copy the incarnation down perfectly," the Doctor explained.

"And regeneration changes your faces….to this extent?" Graham was bewildered. They knew the Doctor had talked about being a white-haired Scotsman, but this-

The Doctor scoffed. "You would be amazed about what we can turn into," she said.

The Corsair's statue changed again, this time showing another female version of the Corsair. Yaz tilted her head as she looked at the Corsair's new incarnation; she had noticed something about them, the way they looked, the way they held themselves. The pirate garb was a must be for this particular Time Lord, but in all of the Corsair's lives they had a roguish, devil may care smile that bordered on smirk on their faces.

This Corsair was replaced by a tall man wearing what looked like an admiral's uniform from the 18th or 19th century, but then the next Corsair appeared. This one was another man, a big handsome man with short, crisp dark hair wearing a dark leather overcoat over his own pirate clothes over his massive arms which looked like he could probably crush a car.

And then the statue just dulled.

Yaz turned to the Doctor. "Why has it dulled?"

The Doctor sighed sadly. "Two lives ago, I encountered a message beacon sent by the Corsair. He'd gotten trapped in a bubble universe. When I got there, I found out there was an entity called House who consumed on the energy generated by TARDISes. The Corsair's TARDIS was drained of energy and he was killed. But it's worse than that."

"How can it be worse?" Ryan demanded. He had liked the Corsair even if she had caused a lot of trouble for them all.

"Wouldn't you call it worse if the entity had servants who had been hacked and torn apart and required replacement body parts from passing passengers and people who'd accidentally fallen into the bubble universe so many times there wasn't anything of them left, and two of them received from the Corsair one of his arms with his trademark tattoo while the other one received the spine and one of the kidneys?" The Doctor countered, her voice and expression dark and furious.

"I think I feel sick," Graham actually looked queasy.

Wrong thing to say. The Doctor swung around so fast, a look on her face which made Graham actually step back at how vicious she looked.

"How do you think I felt? I got my hopes up, believing I was the last of my kind only to receive that message cube belonging to a friend who had more sanity than the Master, only to discover he was dead and his body used like Frankensteins' monster!" The Doctor closed her eyes and shook her head to stop herself from shouting anymore.

"Why didn't you say anything to the Corsair when we met?" Yaz asked.

"It had already happened to me; in any case, if I had told the Corsair, it would still happen at some point. That's how time travel works, Yaz," the Doctor said before she gave the Corsair's statue, which was now cycling back through their lives again, a longing stare before she moved on. She didn't go too far as she stopped by a statue showing an old-looking man with a bald head and a thin white beard wearing a long dark overcoat.

"Who's he?" Yaz asked.

"His name's Astrolabus. He was one of the pioneers of the Time Lords. Charted the meridians of time before he went mad, and he began travelling the universe to plunder its treasures. He was one of the first renegades. I met him when he'd reached the end of his lives," the Doctor moved off before the statue could show Astrolabus' regenerations.

Ryan caught sight of another Time Lady, this one a redhead with a jacket with exclamation marks on her jacket. "Who's this one?" He asked.

The Doctor joined him and waited until the statue glowed, the new incarnation showing a blonde-haired woman wearing a jacket jumper over a pair of cargo pants. "I think...this is Berenyi," she looked at the statue base where those familiar weird circles of the Time Lord language were displayed. "Yeah, this is Berenyi. I never met her often when I travelled, but I know her by reputation. She's a Designer."

"A Designer?" Ryan was confused at what that was, and he wondered if it had anything to do with interior design, although he doubted it.

"A time-travelling mercenary or just a traveller who alters time around established events. Banned by the Time Lords because of the damage it can cause, but it's still practiced in the universe. C'mon, Berenyi's not the person I wanted you to see."

As the Doctor moved off, Yaz, Graham and Ryan all shared a look, and they quickly made to follow the Time Lord through the statues which kept glowing and changing as they moved through their regenerations. Ryan was staring at the different lives the Time Lords represented by the statues had amazed by the diversity of people they could become.

Suddenly the Doctor stopped. "Now," she whispered, "that's one face I never wanted to see…"

Yaz stepped around her, and she saw this Time Lord was tall and thin bordering almost on gaunt with sandy white hair and good cheekbones while he wore dark clothes. "Who is he?"

The Doctor took a deep breath. "He's known as the Eleven; the eleventh incarnation this Time Lord had."

"He's named after a number?"

"All of his lives were, it makes it easier for people to tell the difference between their personalities."

Ryan turned to her in surprise when he heard the pure dislike in her voice. "What did he do?"

"Want the list? This particular incarnation tried to unleash the power of the Dark Universe over this universe, joined with another group of renegades destroy the universe, tricked me so I would take him to a planet which held the tomb of an ancient Time Lord pioneer believed to have discovered regeneration and he unleashed a race of vicious predators who devoured our regeneration energy once he'd worked out how to pass it on to other races so the predators would eat them just to save himself."

The Doctor took out her sonic screwdriver and pointed it upwards, and they saw just as the statue began to glow, signifying another regeneration a screen. The sonic screwdriver enlarged a holographic screen over the Eleven's head and it showed the Eleven running down a corridor that the humans wondered if it was a space ship or a space station. They'd become good at telling the difference from space corridors to planetary corridors.

The Eleven opened his mouth and spoke, "Once again you've put us in peril. You really are a woeful disappointment!"

Yaz frowned, wondering who the Eleven was speaking to, but then the Time Lord opened his mouth again. "I'm with Four!" He said, and Yaz listened in astonishment; before the Eleven's voice had been with a slightly posh accent, this new voice was harsh, more sneaky. "This is why you shouldn't have stolen the Ravenous off me! One of my other selves, a thief, so disappointing!"

And again, when the Eleven spoke it was like he was speaking with a different voice, this time it was older, frightened. "And now we're dead," the Eleven whimpered. "Well done!"

"We're not dead!" The Eleven spoke in what seemed to be a normal voice, and Yaz wondered who he was talking to and who those voices belonged to as well. "We are leaving!"

"Hold on, what the hell is going on?" Yaz demanded while the Doctor paused the recording. "Who is he talking to?"

"His past lives. Regeneration is dreaded among Time Lords because of the uncertainty of what will come out of it, but that's only the start," the Doctor looked gravely at her friends, and then looked sadly at the Eleven although it was marred by that look of disgust and distrust. "When a Time Lord regenerates, he or she receives a new face, but a new personality based on the original as well. In my mind, my previous personalities are locked up, but they're there. Some Time Lords, like the Eleven, can't do that for some bizarre reason. Those voices you heard were some of the Eleven's previous lives; the Four and the Nine, specifically, and I think I heard the One. Their personalities are crammed inside the Eleven's mind, and they can speak independently through the Eleven."

"And since he's got ten other personalities on top of the one he has already-," Ryan trailed off as he realised the implications.

"Madness. The strain of having to cope with so many minds and voices talking at once inside his head and not even allowing him the decency of making his own way in life has driven the Eleven, and many of those before him, completely insane," the Doctor shook her head. "It's called Regenerative Dissonance. Each time a Time Lord who suffers from it regenerates, the new body has to handle the personality of the previous incarnation speaking and thinking through them, and on it goes until the twelfth and final incarnation."

While the humans were reeling from that information and what it implied, the Doctor triggered the sonic screwdriver again.

"How?" One of the Eleven's past lives demanded with a whimper. "The Ravenous brought us here, and they've gone!"

"The Master's TARDIS, remember?" The Eleven panted as he regained control as he neared what looked like a bank of computers with an open door. "It's still here!"

"The Master was there?" Ryan demanded.

The Doctor just nodded as she watched silently as the Eleven ran into this version of the Master's TARDIS and he ran to the console, and he began flicking switches and pushing buttons urgently; whatever was going on, the Eleven clearly wanted to escape it. "Now, where to go, where to go….!" He whispered urgently as he began to set the controls before a woman appeared, followed by two men.

"I'll tell you where to go," the woman said in a Scottish accent.

Yaz blinked at her outfit and her appearance, reminded vividly of Mary Poppins, only this woman made the whole appearance sinister rather than motherly.

Meanwhile, the two men were completely different in terms of age and appearance; one man was an old man with neat silver-white hair and an urbane beard and was in a dark suit, the other was a tall man wearing a black leather overcoat with sunglasses, but all three of them had a commanding aura.

"Hi there," the man in leather with sunglasses smirked darkly as he spoke with an American accent.

"Good day," the older man said in a British accent which would have been welcoming if he wasn't looking with contempt at the Eleven. "Well, isn't this nice?"

"Did somebody, perhaps, want a lift?" The woman asked while she sneered at the Eleven, who was looking at them all in surprise.

"Three of you?" He asked in a disbelieving voice while his other selves let him get on with it.

"Yes," the woman seemed amused. "You wait all day for a Master and, you know."

"They're the Master?' Graham asked although he wasn't disbelieving; now he had seen what regeneration did, he had a good idea these were some of the Master's previous lives.

The Doctor nodded. "Oh, yes. They're the Master's past lives. Let's see what happens next."

"Well, well, well," the Eleven laughed, although all three humans and the Doctor knew it was forced and he was clearly rattled by the presence of the three incarnations of the Master being in the TARDIS all at once. "What an opportunity! The Eleven and the Master, Masters. Together."

"Oooh, bad move, Eleven!" The Doctor flinched.


"You'll see in a moment."

"Did your plan just fail spectacularly, by any chance?" The old-looking Master asked mildly, reminding Graham uncomfortably of Grace whenever he had done something he wasn't meant to and she was trying to discover exactly what it was.

Unfortunately, Graham missed what the Eleven said at first before he got over his memories of Grace, for the moment to listen.

"Why sabotage me? I gave you your immunity-."

"But I didn't trust you, funnily enough," the old Master pointed out.

"Can you honestly say you weren't planning on killing us when you were done?" The female incarnation of the Master demanded with hands-on her hips while she stared at the Eleven with an evil glint in her eye. Something about the glint told Yaz this was one version of the Master who was more vicious than most, but she knew she was probably wrong especially after seeing what the O version of him was like.

The Eleven's voice became more wheedling as he realised the position he was in. Yaz realised while this Time Lord might have done terrible things himself, he knew the Master was likely his equal and wasn't one to mess with. "Well, obviously, which I now realise might have been a mistake-."

"You're damn right it was," the sunglasses-wearing incarnation of the Master spoke in his American accent; Yaz looked at that quieter, more solemn version of the Master, comparing him to the one she knew, and she realised this one was probably more lethal as well.

"For all of us!" The Eleven added, making what he sounded like he was finishing a sentence but had been interrupted. "I mean, we could have ruled the universe you and I. Yet here we are, fleeing a doomed space station. This is what comes with not cooperating."

"It's not like you usually listen to us," one of the Eleven's past lives spoke up, but the Eleven quickly shut that incarnation up before the others could start.

"This isn't the time, Four!" the Time Lord spoke urgently before he looked up into the faces of the three incarnations of the Master.

However, the three Masters seemed intrigued by what the Eleven had just said. "What are you suggesting?" The old-looking Master asked, gazing at the Eleven curiously.

"A partnership," the Eleven went on, although now he was masking some of his surprise the Masters seemed to be taking his idea seriously at all. "If we work together, you think the Doctor can stop us, hmm? His two greatest enemies unified …he wouldn't stand a chance!"

The Doctor facepalmed. "Bad idea, Eleven."

"Ah, it's tempting!" The old-looking Master said, glancing at his other incarnations for their input, but they looked like they were in total agreement with their other-self.

"It is!" The American sounding Master said, a smirk on his face.

"There's a lot we can achieve," the female Master agreed.

"Then do it," the Eleven growled. "Join me! Make the universe fear our names!"

"Very well," the old Master said.

"Why not?" The American sounding Master added.

"Beats working for a living. I'm in," the female Master said.

Of course! The woman, the Time Lady who kidnapped Helen from Parrak! It wasn't the Rani. It was Missy! The Doctor realised as she watched the scene, the events nagging away at her mind. She hadn't seen the female incarnation of her old friend during that mess with the Ravenous, and as she hadn't paid it any thought when she and her friends were nearly stranded in 2020, to say nothing of the events of the Time War. Now it was all coming back to her, and now she was seeing this sequence of events so much was becoming clearer to her.

Meanwhile, the Eleven was laughing, although the quartet watching could see he was unable to believe his luck. "Excellent! Excellent! You won't regret it. Now…get me out of here."

The Doctor couldn't help but think the Eleven was being stupid. Either that or he had his own plan in mind for turning the tables on the Master, but while it may have worked for one incarnation, she couldn't see it working for three of them. In any case, the Master had been insulted by the Eleven, how the deranged Time Lord had referred to himself as one of the Doctor's greatest enemies. In the Master's sick mind, there was only one major enemy, and it wasn't the Eleven.

That Time Lord was doomed.

"If you insist," the old Master's reply was mild, and he took out an old fashioned revolver from behind him and he pulled the trigger before the Eleven could react.

The Eleven cried in pain as the bullet went into his body, and he nearly collapsed on the console. The humans jumped, but the Doctor, more than used to the Master's ways, barely reacted.

"That's for leaving me to die in Artron's tomb!" The old Master added.

The Sunglasses wearing Master pulled out a weapon of his own, and so did the female incarnation.

The Eleven cried out again as the American sounding Master shot him with a laser blast. "That's for plotting to kill me out there," he said mildly.

The Eleven wheezed again as he was shot by the incarnation the Doctor knew as Missy. "And that one's just for fun," she added like they were on a beach playing volleyball.

"The Doctor already has a greatest enemy, he doesn't need another," the Old Master waggled a finger mockingly at the Eleven as he lay on the floor of the TARDIS before he and his other male incarnation both worked to shove the Eleven out of their TARDIS where he landed on the ground, gasping and wheezing from his injuries.

Missy threw him something which reminded Yaz and Ryan of a watch strap. "I'm not totally heartless. Have a Vortex Manipulator. You might need it."

With a smirk, Missy went back into the TARDIS just as the Eleven was coming back to himself, just in time to watch the TARDIS dematerialise.

"No," the Eleven called weakly. "No! Wait! No-," with some effort the Eleven was able to get back on his feet and he tried to run to the TARDIS, but he couldn't. "Come back."

But it was too late, the Master's TARDIS was gone.

Ryan turned to the Doctor. "What's going to happen now?"

"I think we're about to watch the Eleven become the Twelve," she replied.

"Did that go as well as you'd hoped?" One of the Eleven's previous lives asked while he gasped and panted from the pain he'd just taken.

The Eleven groaned. "Oh, shut up, Four!"

Graham shook his head. It was really disconcerting to see and hear the Eleven talk to his other selves like this, and he wondered if the same would happen if the Doctor suffered from the same condition.

When the Eleven opened his mouth, another incarnation spoke in a sly, vicious voice. "Oh, I don't think you're going to say that again," the incarnation said gleefully, "I think its time someone else tells you to shut up for a change."

While the past incarnation spoke to the current incarnation, a glow Ryan recognised from the first night he and his friends had met the Doctor appeared all over his exposed skin. "Hey, you glowed like that, Doctor-."

"I would," the Doctor interrupted.

"What's happening?" The Eleven whimpered.

Another incarnation spoke. "Oh, what do you think?"

"Oh, great. Does that mean we need to find more space in here?" Another past incarnation spat sarcastically.

"No, no, no," the Eleven whimpered before he started searching his pockets, muttering to himself. "It must be here somewhere."

"What?" Yaz blinked in thought as she heard that new incarnation; it sounded more vicious to her, more deranged.

The Eleven was still searching frantically for something in his pockets. "Artron's brainprint. If I can use it…heal myself…..," suddenly he realised he couldn't find what he was looking for. "It…It's gone!" he wailed in horror. "The Masters, they stole it!"

"Another thief?" One of the Eleven's past lives, one they'd heard before spat derisively. "You can't trust anyone!"

The Eleven himself seemed to have resigned himself to what was about to come, and he stood there, leaning against a wall, the glowing increasing in intensity. "Oh, oh, then…I'm dead."

As if in sympathy although it didn't sound like it, one of the Eleven's past lives bubbled to the surface. It sounded like a more dignified man this time despite his undertone sounding very much like the Eleven. "You've had your shot. Time someone else had a chance."

Defiance returned to the Eleven, and he began shaking his head. "NO!"

An incarnation they hadn't heard before spoke, this time Yaz felt this one was perhaps more genuinely sympathetic than other versions of the Eleven had been. "I'm sorry to tell you this, but it's over."

Something about that apology set the Eleven off. He shook his head. "I'll never be free of you!" He screamed, even though all the voices of his personas were trapped in his brain. "I'll be trapped with your voices forever!"

"Yes, you will," a new voice joined the chorus, and Yaz and the others realised it was the Eleven speaking this time through the Eleven, although how that worked they didn't know. "It's the end."

The Eleven clutched his head with his glowing hands as if he wanted to finally rip his incarnations out of his brain forever. "ENOUGH, Eleve- Wait, wait, that was me!" He whispered in horrified realisation, seeing for himself everything he was trying to do in denying the regeneration was futile.

"Yes," mental Eleven sadly agreed. "Goodbye, Eleven. Time to see what it's like on the inside."

The glow of the Eleven's body increased, but he still tried to fight the horror of what was happening. "No! I -!"

Suddenly the Eleven screamed as his body was engulfed in an explosion of light and energy. Through the rush of energy surging through from the Eleven's body, making him scream.

"What the hell was that?" Graham demanded.

The Doctor sighed. "Regeneration. It always does that. C'mon, we're not there, yet."

Turning around the Doctor walked off, followed closely by the others who had just seen their first Time Lord regeneration. The Doctor led them past numerous statues - occasionally she would stop and look at them curiously before she marched on, Yaz and the others following closely. In the end, the Doctor led them to a large section of the Hall of Renegades. Yaz, Ryan, and Graham looked around finding a collection of five statues. The Doctor held out her hands like she had when she'd greeted her friends in the TARDIS when they'd first stepped into the ship.

"The Deca. A small group of Time Lords who wanted to change things at home, but didn't work out. Eventually, they became renegades," she said.

Yaz noticed the Doctor spoke of this Deca fondly and yet at the same time with worry. The Doctor led them to the statues. One was showing a little man with a bald head and faintly villainous features before he glowed and changed into a white-haired man wearing goggles. Nearby was a statue wearing the face of a woman with arrogantly beautiful, haughty features with big brunette hair and wearing futuristic clothes.

"Who are they?"

"That," the Doctor pointed grimly at the woman, "is the Rani. She is or was - I don't know which - a brilliant but nasty scientific genius. More imaginative and more daring than the Master."

"Oh, well, can't wait to meet her, then," Ryan said sarcastically.

"And him?" Yaz pointed again at the man near her. The statue had changed again, a couple of times in fact she realised, to a tall man who was more chubby and more weathered, with dark hair and a dark moustache.

"That's Drax. One of the good ones, I think," the Doctor said although she smiled at the statue.

"You don't sound too sure, Doctor," Yaz pointed out.

"Well, he conned me once; he and his other selves created a temporal paradox where they would all band together, and make me steal the device which would allow them to break the laws of time so then they'd meet themselves," the Doctor explained.

"What would happen if you met yourselves without it?" Ryan asked.

"Have you ever blown up a paper bag with your breath?"

"Er, yeah," Ryan said uncertainly.

'Did you pop it? That's what happens, a massive blast of temporal energy. It's even more hazardous when something goes wrong, like a past self dying ahead of schedule, which would mean all the other future selves wouldn't be there in the first place," the Doctor moved off, and she scowled at the sight of a statue showing the figure of a man wearing, of all things, a monk's habit. Yaz wondered what had made the Doctor moody about this Time Lord. He didn't look too harmless, with his chubby face and steel blue eyes.

"Who's he?"

"Mortimus, sometimes, well the time referred to as the Meddling Monk. He's a time meddler, he travels through time in his TARDIS and changes history."

"What, like that Krasko bloke?" Graham asked.

"Yeah, except the Monk wouldn't likely have done it because he didn't like the colour of Rosa's skin, Graham. No, he would have wanted to improve history; I can't see him going about changing history the way Krasko did." The Doctor looked at the statue with a strange mix of sadness, regret, and anger. "The Monk left Gallifrey fifty years after I did, and when I met him he was trying to change the outcome of the Battle of Hastings in 1066. I stopped him, but I also sabotaged his TARDIS; I removed his dimensional control so the interior of his ship would shrink. It would be easy to bypass, but it would take time for him to fix. Next time I met him, he tried to get revenge on me, but at the time I was on the run from the Daleks; they were building a temporal weapon and I'd stolen an important part. The Monk tracked me down and he sabotaged the lock, but I sorted that out, and he came after me again. He was forced against his will to work for the Daleks, but he was forced to run away. At the same time, I stole the directional unit from the Monk's TARDIS and installed it in my own so I would arrive on the planet I needed to get to stop the whole thing; the Monk, from what I later learnt, had become trapped on a planet of ice. Later on, in my seventh life, the Monk captured a powerful entity, and he used its powers to create alternate timelines so he could get his revenge. He was stopped, and she took him away to punish him, but he escaped somehow and regenerated."

As if in sync with the Doctor's little explanation, the Monk's statue glowed. The new incarnation was just as chubby and rotund and bald with an insincere smile as he wore a grey suit with a pink-red shirt and bowtie.

The sight of this version of the Monk, made the Doctor scowl.

"What about this one?" Graham asked worriedly as he saw the Doctor scowl with the same intensity as she always did whenever the subject of the Master came up.

"This version of the Monk manipulated one of my companions into leaving me and thinking I didn't care while working for the Daleks to invade Earth and wipe out humanity with a number of viruses while spreading those viruses through the universe. At the same time he was an accomplice to the murder of millions of people, just so he could steal the artwork of the human race, all the time lying to the companion he'd manipulated the Daleks were there as medical missionaries sent to help the human race while he made sure she never discovered the truth," she spat.

"WHAT?!" The three humans screamed.

The Doctor nodded. "The way I heard it, the humans including one of my other companions, and…. Susan and Alex," she got the names out with a shudder in her voice, "mounted an attack on the Dalek works in North America, where they'd install the space engine which would allow the Daleks the means of directing the planet anywhere in the universe. The Monk switched off the jammer they were using, allowing the Daleks to find them and kill them all. But then he switched it back on."

"Why, why would he do something like that?" Ryan spat in outrage.

"I don't know, Ryan. Like with most other renegades, the Monk uses a logic which is hard to understand. Thanks to the Monk, Tamsin, Lucie, and Alex, and millions of people were murdered by the Daleks, all because he wanted revenge and was out of his depth," the Doctor actually spat on the ground in front of the Monk's statue, which was glowing as a new incarnation, this time showing a man with a large, ridiculous moustache. She licked her lips, nodding as she came to a decision. "Susan… Susan was my…granddaughter. She travelled with my first incarnation, and she left and married and had a child with a good man."

Yaz clapped a hand to her mouth.

"My god. I'm…I'm sorry, Doc," Graham didn't have the words, and personally, the Doctor didn't want to hear it. The wounds caused by the simultaneous deaths of Tamsin, Lucie and Alex still ached. In any case, these three weren't going to stay with her for long anyway, so why worry?

The Doctor sighed and moved off to the final two statues. One of them showed a young man wearing a long white and black robe, the other showed a tall, thin old man with a hawkish face and white hair wearing Victorian-style clothes.

While the man wearing the robes changed to a tall man with dark hair flecked with grey sporting a beard dressed in black, the Doctor's eyes fixed solely on the old man.

"Who are these two?" Yaz walked closer.

The Doctor didn't reply until the statue glowed, and the old man was replaced by a short man with a stereotypical Beatles hair cut, with a whimsical expression on his gentle face, although his eyes were pools of intelligence bellied by his too large battered frock coat and check trousers which looked almost threadbare.

"This is my statue," she whispered, then she gestured to the statue next to it, "and that… that statue belongs to the Master."