Alternate title: I Felt the Knife in My Hand (And She Laughed No More)
Content warnings: Sort-of character death and mentions of blood.

I started on this fic before I started getting into Among Us (read: in September), so I might rewrite this prompt in an Among Us AU in the future.

On a fateful day in April 2020, Natalia logged on to Hypixel to play her favourite minigame, Murder Mystery, since school had been cancelled for her. For the first year the new mode, Double Up, had been introduced, she had been apprehensive about it all, but after watching her new favourite YouTuber, HisSpookyHighness, play it with his friends, she had decided she'd join a game and see how everything went.

She got co-Detective on her first time around, alongside a player called bl00dl00st. She tried her best to protect other players by trying to lead the murderers away from the Innocent players, but when she checked the tab list — wait, are those usernames HippocraticNOPE and neverdieagayn?! My favourite— SPLAT!

Oh, she got hit by a throwing knife, and a golden one at that. Her fellow co-Detective eventually got into a sword-versus-bow battle with neverdieagayn, but eventually fell off the map into the Void. The murderers then proceeded to annihilate the entire rest of the game. Welp. It could have been worse. At least I died at the hands of the one(s) I admire the most.

Two days later, Natalia's YouTube notifications pinged right as she was about to have lunch — HisSpookyHighness had uploaded a new video! It was titled, Bloodbath in the Library! ft. HippocraticNOPE, Bl00dl00st, Macareyna.

Some of those names sounded… quite familiar. She recalled seeing two of those usernames during that fateful game, and Macareyna had showed up for a video last week — a Mythomagic battle.

Despite the video's short length of about five to six minutes, she decided to click into the video to see what shenanigans her favourite YouTubers caught themselves up in this time, and to a lesser extent, to see if she made it into the final cut of the footage.

"Today we're playing Murder Mystery with… Will, who's here next to me—"

"Hi, y'all!" A blond man popped up on the facecam.

"—his friend, Clarisse—"

"What's up, suckers—" an almost masculine voice rang out.

"—and my sister, Reyna."

In her webcam, she raised her hand in a salute. "Happy to be back, mano."

They clicked into the Murder Mystery lobby and chose the Double Up gamemode. "In case y'all don't remember, we have two detecs and two killers and not just one," Will explained.

The four engaged in some more small talk — Clarisse's channel apparently covered military statistics and historical events, and she was only staying for the one game — before the countdown to the start of the game began.

The screen then split into two, as two screens showed the same word in bloody red, "MURDERER".

The first one to die, funnily enough, was Reyna.

"Ciao, Reyna!" Stab!


3 minutes and 6 seconds into the video, Natalia saw someone familiar. Her player avatar, with her dark brown skin tone and rainbow sweater, was standing still for a moment, before Will's golden throwing knife hit her in the back.

Just after murdering her, Clarisse seemed to be talking about someone called Chris buying them raspados on his way home that day on her webcam, while pulling her bow back to shoot at Nico in-game, but then she accidentally jumped into the Void while hopping between platforms.

Nico and Will then proceeded to slaughter the entire rest of the game, ending the round with 1 minute 12 seconds left on the timer, with the help of swiftness and invincibility potions.

"¡Ay bendito!" Reyna exclaimed in her mini-screen. "GG, I need to go, Her Ladyship is calling, see you later!" Then her screen blinked out. Clarisse also left in the meantime, saying that her one-game quota for the day — since she had a project due the next day — was up.

Meanwhile, the two young men were staring at each other without saying a word, until Nico broke the silence.

"Did we just—"

"Yeah, I think we did."

Will tackled Nico into a hug and planted a kiss on the other's lips. "You did amazin', sweetie."

"I never knew the blood and pixels of the innocents looked so good on you, firefly."

Eventually, the facecam video cut out and the outro started playing, with a note from the editor that the couple was 'too busy complimenting each other' to notice that the cameras were still rolling, so they had to cut it out for them.

Natalia scrolled to the comments section and a lot of the contents seemed to be either gushing over the two young men's relationship (in the stereotypical shipper sense or more respectful comments), complaining that they didn't get to see more of them… or asking Reyna to step on them, whatever that meant. Oh, and "like if you watched this in 2020" comments. She honestly didn't care about any of them, other than the respectful relationship-related comments. She decided to type in her own thoughts on the video.

Natalia Palencia: Hi! I'm NataliaPGames from the round, Will sliced me in half with a throwing knife at 3:06. I never thought I'd get to play with my favorite YouTubers two days ago! I love your content and congrats on the win!

Mano - Puerto Rican Spanish slang, derived from hermano, i.e. 'brother', refers to a friend as close as a brother, similar to broki
Raspados - Arizonian slang, i.e. 'snow cones' in Spanish
¡Ay bendito! - Puerto Rican Spanish slang, roughly translates to 'OMG' or 'awww (man)', usage is very flexible

This was very much inspired by Minecraft Hypixel Murder Mystery videos I have watched :)