Alternate title: Hey, Brother

This is intended to take place a year or so after ToA ends, which would be 2017 in my timeline.

Content warnings: Mentions of death, digital piracy and zombies, and spoilers for Train to Busan for those who haven't seen it yet. And also mentions of Hong Kong politics.

To my AUctober readers: I did mention piracy in this fic, but it's not the one you might expect. Enjoy this, nonetheless.

"So, what am I being invited to?"

"Something called a 'movie night'," Meg replied, leading Lit to the cabin which apparently housed the children of their common divine mother, Demeter, then stepping off onto the porch, mumbling about an allergy towards oaks.

Someone inside the cabin screamed a flurry of something that didn't sound like English or Ancient Greek, but judging by their tone of voice, it was something inappropriate for kids to hear.

A dark-haired head poke out of the doorway. "Hi," they (she? The person looked like a girl) greeted. "I don't think we've met before. Miranda, head of the Demeter Cabin. Sorry about Billie, she's just a little stressed out right now. Something about elections."

"I told you, I just got the news that the next Chief Executive is going to be CY's… what do you call it? Right hand woman, yeah! How can I not be stress?"

"You don't live in Hong Kong anymore!" Miranda turned back to shout.

"My dad and my friends still live in Hong Kong ah, dipsh!t!"

"You stop swearing at our siblings and the phone screen and I'll let you pick the movie this time."

There were a few moments of silence until Billie sighed, "Okay, okay. Sorry, and can I ask Apollo and Aphrodite Cabin to come too?"

"I heard Kayla's on duty in the Infirmary tonight and Valentina's visiting her family. Austin's recording a new video for YouTube."

"Then ask the comrades."

"Comrades?" Lit furrowed his brow.

"They're out of town tonight. Something about Underworld business," Miranda reminded her sister.

"Yau mo gou choi?! The expert on zombies is not he-ah?"

"Zombies? Like the ones we fought at the Roman Camp?" Meg commented from outside the cabin.

"It's caused by a virus this time, not some crazy Roman emperor-king-I-don'-know that came back from the dead."

Inside the Demeter Cabin, eight bunk beds lined both sides of the cabin. The floor was, for some reason, made of grass and a huge oak tree grew in the centre of the cabin. Miranda asked him to put his belongings in one of the empty bunks (he picked one next to the window on the eastern side). He explained that he was their technically-ancient half-sibling who was brought back from the dead by Gaea and turned his back on the Triumvirate to help Apollo, who saved him.

Billie picked up a silver laptop on the other side of the cabin and seemed to be scrolling through some menus, clicking on the touchpad every now and then until she crowed out, "Found it!"

The name of the file was 'four-picture-words-that-Lit-couldn't-understand.mp4'. "I'm sorry, but what movie is that… in English, maybe?"

"Oh, uh, Train to Busan."

"Just for the sake of knowing," Miranda questioned, "did you get that legit or—"


"So you pirated it."

"My friends say it is a good movie — and also the only way I could watch movies when I was young, I never had the money to afford tickets or DVDs. Dad and I could only search on Google and YouTube and hope for the best."

There was a moment of silence. "Fair enough," Meg acknowledged. "Can we watch this outside? I don't want my allergies acting up inside."

Almost two hours later, Miranda was bawling her eyes out at the ending of the movie. Meg had curled up into a ball, but was still eating the remnants of the dried garlic roasted peas in the bowl, her brown eyes staring intently at the laptop screen. Billie was muttering something under her breath, likely in whatever language she was speaking in earlier.

And Lit was in deep thought. The main character of the movie started out as a selfish salaryman, but eventually learnt to be more selfless and sacrificed himself to protect his daughter and a pregnant woman he first met during the train ride. Even though the main character wasn't egotistical, it still reminded him of Apollo's journey last year — he had gone from self-absorbed god who thought the world revolved around him (to be fair on that last part, he was the sun god), to someone who had learnt and grown from his experiences and, according to Apollo's recounting of his journey the last time he visited the Waystation, actually did try to sacrifice himself to save others. And who would Lit be in this whole narrative? Would he be one of the teenagers on the high school baseball team? He definitely wasn't brave enough to be the tough and selfless man (on second thought, Jason Grace would really fit that role), nor kind or innocent enough to be the pregnant woman or the little girl.

"You'd be Lit," the voice at the back of his head answered. "The zombie apocalypse in South Korea isn't your story. Don't compare — you're living your own story right now."

Hong Kong's Chief Executive was C.Y. Leung in 2012-2017. Under his administration, Hong Kong went through the National Education controversy (2012), the Umbrella Movement (2014) and the "Fishball Revolution" (2016), as the locals call it. He was succeeded by the current Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, in 2017. Both of them are highly unpopular with the general populace, as I know of.
'Comrade', when used in Chinese, now indicates either someone who is part of the Chinese Communist Party within party members, or the more popular slang meaning of LGBTQ people. So when I say, "Oh my gods, they were comrades", you know who Billie was referring to here.
'Yau mo gou choi' ("有冇韭菜?" - literally "are there [Chinese] leeks?") is a funnier way to say 'yau mo gau cho' ("有冇搞錯?" - literally "is something done wrong?", meaning "are you kidding me?"), especially for a child of the agriculture goddess. It's a family inside joke of sorts.
I've always had the thought that Billie, with such a 'girly' image in canon, would actually be more tomboyish than most canon-frolickers would imagine, and that she likes zombie movies.
And did I maybe possibly imply Lityerses and Apollo having communication after Tower of Nero? Yes, I outright said it. Does it mean it's a shippy moment? You decide for yourself.

I really hope you enjoyed this late-night post as much as I did writing it and watching Train to Busan. It's an epic film and I highly recommend it (trigger warning for blood and death and many other things though).