Come Hither

Upon The Cast

Disclaimer: This was born in part thanks to the awesome crew at the Lauriver Discord and is something of an AU regarding Merlance after the whole Cyrus Vanch issue. Also makes use of that infamous 1x18 'Come Hither' look of Laurel's towards Oliver.

Had Tommy known how things would turn out by the time he left Laurel's apartment after getting her home, he more than likely would have kept his mouth shut. But alas, he didn't. "Man, I wanna kick that Hood guy's ass so much right now." Muttered Tommy unhappily.

And apparently loud enough for Laurel to hear as she shot him a look. "Excuse me?"

He looked at her and winced when he realized she heard him. Especially with that unhappy look on her face! "Uhh, well, its just that the Hood is the reason you got kidnapped by that guy. And I almost lost you because of that." Tommy told her.

Laurel couldn't help but gape at him in shock as it was highly clear to her that her boyfriend had gotten a very WRONG impression! Even pulling away from him before speaking. "First of all, it is NOT the Hood's fault I was kidnapped by Vanch, Tommy."

"He had one of his arrows! Of course it was!" Argued back the former Merlyn Heir.

"Only BECAUSE I had asked the Hood to look into Cyrus Vanch, Tommy! And that alone doesn't mean he managed to find out we're connected!"

"Did you happen to ask him to do that when you were supposed to be 'working'?" He asked suspiciously and air quoting the word 'working' and ignoring the last part of her sentence for now.

"That WAS work!"

"Oh please, that was no where near the case and you know it. You've always had a thing for the bad boy types and he's definitely one of those."

Laurel could easily hear the bitter jealousy in his voice but it paled in comparison to the rising anger she was feeling inside of her over his words. "Is that right? Considering I've only done that with you and Ollie, you hardly have a case, Tommy." Countered back the Lawyer and feeling insulted by him.

"Then why'd you go to him when you were supposed to be with ME!?"

"I already told you! I went to him because of Cyrus Vanch! That man is a monster and didn't deserve to be back out on the streets! So I thought the Hood could do what the Police couldn't since he can go places the Law can't. And yes, I may have lied to you but I had damn good reason and not because I knew you would have a problem with it. But because I KNOW the Hood is about helping people just like I am!" She told him.

"He's a Goddamn murderer, Laurel! And how do you know he didn't tell this Vanch guy you were looking into him? Huh? We don't know shit about this guy!"

Laurel narrowed her eyes at the man in front of her, wondering how on Earth he could have such a low opinion of someone he's never even met and only heard about in the news. "I may not like some of his methods, but he's doing things to actually help out and not because it makes him somehow look good or that it'll get him something in return. And considering he went out of his way to help with the Declan situation and with Joanna's brother, THAT'S how I know he didn't go to Vanch. And being the kind of monster Cyrus Vanch is, I wouldn't be surprised if he had an inside person in the Department so he could be aware of things."

Strangely, Tommy felt insulted by her words about doing something just because it'll make them look good and or get something in return. "I think you're just lying to yourself and that's gonna get you killed, Laurel."

"If it means I'm helping someone else then so be it. Because that's the kind of person I am and you knew that when you got into this relationship. I will ALWAYS choose helping others, Tommy. Whether its by going to the Hood or in some other way to do it." Laurel declared strongly and passionately.

Hoping it would get through to him but becoming dismayed when it didn't. "I, I can't accept that, Laurel. For too damn long I've always felt second best, in the shadow of everyone else and I NEED to be put FIRST."

It was HIS time! Laurel could only stare at him with pity and sadness in her eyes. "Then I guess we know where we stand with one another. I care for you but I refuse to put aside everything that I am just to make you feel better about your place in life." She told him honestly.

Tommy reared back as if he'd been slapped hard in the face. "You… You're serious? You're really gonna choose some murderous whackjob over me? Over our relationship?" He asked in incredulous anger.

Laurel sighed and shook her head. "No, I'm choosing my job and helping those who need it, not him. And its disappointing that's what you automatically go too, Tommy."

He stared at her for a long minute, hoping she was going to reveal at any second that she was only screwing with him. But when nothing happened, Tommy felt hurt and even more anger. "Then I guess I'll pack some of my stuff and come back for the rest later."


This is such bullshit! Thought Tommy to himself as he moved past her and to the bedroom to get a few of his things before leaving.

Laurel remained firm as he did this though on the inside, her heart was breaking while a voice inside of her was going 'I told you so' where Tommy Merlyn and a relationship with him was concerned. And once he was gone did she finally allow herself to cry.

Several Weeks Later

Several weeks later would pass after Laurel and Tommy's break up and in that time, Tommy would temporarily move in with the Queens as Oliver continued his work as the Hood and getting Verdant ready with Tommy's help. In addition to that, Oliver would also start to date McKenna Hall but the relationship would unfortunately come to an end thanks in part to Helena Bertinelli's return while the club had also finally opened with rousing success. Tommy had also found out about Oliver's double life and this had also unfortunately caused a few issues but this time between the two long time best friends. Even leading to Tommy accusing Oliver of doing it just to have Laurel's attention focused on him and that had gotten him a black eye from the archer in return. Leading to Tommy to get his own place, even if it wasn't the best considering it was in the Glades but he'd make do for the time being.

Something Malcolm wasn't happy about once he learned of his son's living arrangements and tried to do something about it. Only to succeed in further alienating his son and for Tommy to end up leaving Starling City altogether as he was just so damned tired of everything at that point. Everything, including Joseph Falk's actions, would culminate in Oliver showing up at Laurel's later on in the night after Verdant had closed for the night as he hadn't been able to get the look Laurel had given him before she left out of his head. Originally having shown up at Verdant to return something of Tommy's only to finally learn he wasn't even in the city anymore and being incredibly happy when Oliver had told her he didn't want to live on that island anymore. Making her think in the process that he might have felt like he was in a dream that he didn't want to wake from or was just afraid he'd somehow end up back on Lian Yu.

And once he finally realized neither was happening, breathed a sigh of relief and realized that he could in fact, move on. "Ollie?" She asked in surprise with a small case of bed hair and wearing short shorts and t-shirt.

Though still feeling a little irritated at having been woken up at 4 in the morning but also confused yet happy with his being at her door. "Hi. I uhh, I know I'm here really late and I'm sorry for that but ever since you left Verdant I've just been unable to get that 'Come Hither' look you gave me out of my head and again I'm so sorry for waking you up. But I just had to come."

Despite herself, Laurel couldn't help but smile at her ex and his rambling, even feeling a fluttering inside over the fact he couldn't get a look from her out of his head. "I had no idea you could ramble. But I find it really adorable, Ollie." She told him somewhat teasingly.

Earning a scowl from him in return as she let him come inside but before he could even protest that he's NOT a rambler or adorable (as such a thing is not befitting a Vigilante such himself) Oliver found himself being soundly kissed by her. "But I'm also happy you took note of that look and chose to follow through."

"You are?" Oliver asked and was unable to keep from smiling widely.

"I am. Some like my dad would say this is a horrible idea but after Tommy, I realized you are IT for me, even if I did try to deny it at first."

Now she would admit that her mom showing up did bring up some issues for her where Ollie's concerned but Laurel thought that maybe those could be worked on with him by her side so that they could finally move past things once and for all. Oliver was beyond happy with her words and passionately kissed Laurel so strongly that it took her breath away. And what happened after that was no one's business but their own.

Author's Notes: May folks have enjoyed! Hopefully a couple hours of sleep didn't ruin this for anyone.