One Wild Night

A/N: Here we are at the start of a new round, this time going with Old Yorky herself, Yorktown.

Part One – Don't drink the blue stuff

I put my hand in front of my face as the light from the sun started to beat down on my closed eyes, no sooner did I get that done then someone kicked my boots as they tell me, "I said we're here Commander."

Running my hands down my face before I stretch and yawn, opening my eyes I blink several times, I see empty water. Standing I look at the lieutenant that was in command of this launch and before I can even ask, out of the corner of my eye I see a blue flash, then a shadow cast over this launch. Spinning around to look out the porthole I see what looks like an old Sims class destroyer, the number 412 was on the bow.

Looking back to the lieutenant I was about to ask when I hear a thump on the rear deck, causing me to turn and I see this girl with platinum blond hair and cat ears in what I could only call a French maid outfit. I was at a complete loss of words; she pushed past me and spoke to the lieutenant while gesturing at me, "Is that the new Commander?"

"Yeah, that's Commander Stennis." She tells the cat girl, I see the cat girl's ears twitch slightly before she turns to face me and look me up and down with her blue eyes before she tells me, "Get your stuff, I'm not going to wait long for you."

She pushes past me again and jumps up from the launch to the deck of the destroyer. That was when the lieutenant shoved a folder into my chest before she handed me my duffle bag as she said, "Best get going Commander; I don't think she's going to wait long."

Once I was on the destroyer I found a cabin to sit in and start going over the folder I had been given. As I'm reading in-depth about what I'm about to be taking on, the door to the cabin opens up and that cat girl walked in without knocking a scowl on her face as she asked me, "You're not a pervert are you, Commander?"

I was puzzled by this and I responded with a questioning tone, "No?"

"You don't sound so sure." She says to me, getting her hands on her hips.

"No, I'm not a pervert. Where is the crew?" I ask her after I got over my initial shock of her question; it didn't prevent me from being stunned by what she said next.

"I don't need one, I'm kansen and we're on me." She says, looking at me like she expected me to know this.

I'm speechless, I had heard rumors about kansen during the war, but every action that they had been rumored to be part of was wrapped up in secrecy, and their victories were handed to other groups and fleets. This puts me in a difficult spot of trying to figure out how I got tapped for this position then; the promotion to full commander had meant that I had to move on from being a squadron XO. I had even transferred to surface warfare to make it easier to find a slot; at least I thought I ticked that box?

I catch her ears flatten out backward as she starts to tap her foot and she asks, "Well?"

"Well, what?" I ask. I think I might have missed her asking a question.

She makes a noise of annoyance before spinning and leaving the room as she tells me, "Forget it, clearly it wasn't important to you."

Sitting back a bit in the chair I give off a sigh and start to read more on the file I'd been given while I start to wonder if I might be in the wrong position now. Before I know it, it's gotten dark, but I know we've been moving at high speed, it's been a rough trip. I get out of the cabin and head out to the deck, as I get out there I see 412 standing beside the forward five-inch gun, her ears twitching like she's listening for something.

It's so noisy out here that I don't know how she could hear anything really. I cup my hands and call out, "Hey 412, where are we going?"

"Hammann, my name is Hamman, not 412!" she yells back at me.

Letting my hands down I think about what she just said, clearly I just messed up calling her by her hull number; I guess they prefer to use their ship names. I move forward to stand beside her and ask, "So where are we heading?"

She twists slightly to look at me and rolls her eyes before she asks, "Didn't you read up on your assignment?"

Sighing I admit to her, "I only know what was in the file I got on the launch."

She turns full around and looks at me, with a stunned look on her face before she chides me, "Are you serious? How the hell did an idiot like you get this assignment then?"

I shrug and tell her, "I checked a box when I offered a transfer of career path when no squadrons had an opening for a CO."

"Oh for..." she trails off before sighing and pointing back below decks before telling me, "We'll be at the port by oh-six-hundred, might as well get some sleep Commander."

With not much choice I head back below decks and try to get some sleep on a bumpy ride. Not that I had a good sleep, but if being a combat pilot taught me anything it was sleep when you can, where you can, however you can.



I'm startled awake by a massive shake of my rack and the voice of Hammann yelling at me, "Hey! Wake up, we're almost there!"

Getting up out of the rack I see her with her hands on her hips, her right foot against the side of the rack letting me know that she kicked it. I run my hands down my face as I tell her, "I'm up, I'm up."

I hear her stomp off as I stretch and head out to the deck to really get an eye full when this port comes into view. Once I'm up by the forward five-inch gun I see Hammann pointing off the starboard bow just as I see something on the horizon. Putting a hand over my eyes to shield them from the sun I heard the rumblings of what sounds like an old radial engine, I twist around just in time to see the belly of what looks like an old F4F Wild Cat pass overhead. As it passes over us I whistle before I say to Hammann, "I'd love to get at the controls of one of those. I've only ever seen them in a museum."

Beside me, Hammann makes an irritated nose before she tells me, "We're not museum pieces, we're living breathing people."

I twist to follow the flight plan of the F4F watching as it gives a wide bank around to pass over us again just before it dips its wingtips and heads off. Once the F4F is out of sight I turn to Hammann and concede her point, "You're right; I didn't mean to offend you, Hammann."

She folds her arms across her chest and huffs out at me, "Yeah, right. You're just another idiot commander sent to watch over us."

Giving off a sigh I want to ask her about that, but I get the feeling that it'd be a touchy subject right now and I'd be better off earning her respect first. I look to my right and see that she has binoculars in her hand as she tells me, "Here."

I take them and bring them up to look off into the distance, I can make out what looks like a village or town, a bridge, and what looks like a busy navy port. I was about to ask about the village and Hammann answers the question before I can even ask it, "We get paid, it gives us a place to spend it, most of it is automated and supply ships arrive once a month to stock the town."

"Huh." Was all that I could think of saying, it was starting to look like I might be less of a line officer and more of a military governor of a small colony.



It was a few hours later before we pulled alongside a dock and another ship that looked just like this one, but with the number 409 on it, I was going to ask about it as I caught something silver out of the corner of my eye. Turning to face what I spotted, I see a tall, beautiful well-endowed woman in a navy blue and white dress, dark stockings, and a blue rose on her chest. My escort bonded off her hull and launched herself at the woman as she called out, "Yorktown!"

Watching how she hugged Hammann and asked her "I saw you getting near the port, how was the trip?"

Hammann squeezed Yorktown tighter before she said while gesturing at me, "I got our new pervert."

Pinching the bridge of my nose I sigh before I counter what she said, "I am not a pervert."

"Then you're just an idiot." Hammann countered, turning her head to look at me as she stuck out her tongue.

Yorktown removed herself from Hammann's grip before she snapped to attention with a salute and spoke with what sounded like good drill practice, "Lead ship of the Yorktown class aircraft carriers, Yorktown."

I return the salute and step down the boarding ramp as I say back, "Commander James Stennis, a pleasure to meet you."

She relaxed quickly and reached for my duffle bag as she asked, "Do you need a hand with that Commander?"

Slinging the bag over my back, the weight ever so familiar and I shake my head and ask, "Can you direct me to ADMIN so I can get my rack assignment before I try to find the port office?"

Yorktown looks to Hammann and tells her, "I've got a few things to take care of down here, could you take the Commander?"

I'm surprised when Hammann nods and starts to march off without a word of protest, when I look to Yorktown she just shrugs and smiles before she motions with a hand that I should follow Hamman as she was starting to get rather far ahead.

As I catch up to the catgirl she says to me over her shoulder, "Don't even think about it pervert, Yorktown will not be your plaything."

I press my lips together before I chose a tone of voice to try and cow her a little, "Listen here, I am not going to be referred to as any of the following; idiot, pervert, stupid, or moron. I am your Commander, failing to recognize that will have consequences, am I understood?"

She rounded on me, hands on her hips, leaning forward a little as she challenged me, "Yeah, like what?"

With a sigh, I pinch the bridge of my nose and run through my mind what could be a humiliating job for her. Once I had an idea I looked up and met her gaze as I said, "I'll have you doing nothing but hauling scrap and garbage for the rest of your days."

"You wouldn't." she said to me, her eyes going a little wide, ears twitching.

"At this point, I would." I tell her as I keep walking towards what I think is the building we were heading too.

She hurries around in front of me her hands up as she tells me, "Alright, alright. I'll stop with that Commander. Anyways the ADMIN building is up ahead, they can give you a map to use while you learn the base."

"Thanks, you're dismissed." I tell her as I push open the door and head inside.



Morning came fast for me, by the time I had my kit squared away yesterday I thought it'd be best if I take time and really finish reading that file and look over the notes and logs from my predecessor, thankfully he'd been diligent about taking notes, at the same time kind of alarming at some of the things he jotted down. Very few times in my life have I ever been truly disgusted by another human, but this man, well no wonder Hammann kept calling me 'pervert' or asked if I was one. This Commander White had an unhealthy fascination with some of the destroyer class kansen, when I pulled the files on some of the names to put a face to the names in the notes, I honestly felt sick to my stomach.

As I push open a door that should lead to my office, I pick up on two things very quickly, first is the smell of roses, the second being that this isn't my office, this must be the office for my secretary. I enter it slowly and start to look around I see a couple of picture frames on the desk and a vase with some blue roses in it. Behind the desk and to my right I see another door, on the left wall I see a doorway that I can hear the sound of someone humming away in there and that was when my nose picked up the scent of fresh coffee being brewed.

I take a moment to walk around the side of the desk to look at the pictures, what I see makes me tilt my head to the side, I see a collection of three young women sitting on the side of a road, two of them have long silver hair and blue eyes, while the one in the center has long pigtails of blond hair and bright green eyes. The blond has a huge smile on her face and is waving at the camera.

The second picture has one of the silver-haired women from the first one, sitting with someone I do know, Hammann, the two of them are sitting in what looks like a café. Just as I put down the picture I hear a voice say to me, "Oh! Good morning Commander, would you like some coffee?"

I look up and see a silver-haired kansen, the one that I saw at the docks yesterday, she's also in the pictures, and sadly I'm having trouble with her name at the moment. She gives me a sad smile before she says, "It's alright if you don't remember me, Commander."

That was when it finally came to me; I snap the fingers on my right hand as say, "Sorry about that Yorktown, I've been reading a ton of reports and seeing a lot of names."

She relaxes a little as she puts her mug down and picks up the photo frame with the three women in it and she says, "If you get the chance Commander, you should spend some time getting to know my younger sisters, Enterprise and Hornet."

I try to change the subject a little as I ask her, "So, why are you in this office? I hadn't put in a request for a secretary yet."

She gives me this smile like she's not going to tell me the whole answer as she walks back into the side room and comes back with a mug of coffee for me. As she hands it to me she says, "True, you haven't. But I volunteered for it to help you get used to the base."

Giving her a smile I take a sip of the coffee, it is good coffee and I tell her, "Thanks for that, anything I need to know?"

She shakes her head from side to side while she walks to the door behind her desk and said, "Not at the moment Commander. If a problem comes up, please leave it to me, you need a little time to get settled in."

As the door slid open, I saw what looked to be a nearly empty office; just the basics were in it for a command office, but the view, oh the view! I walk to the window and look out at the harbor. I could see destroyers, cruisers a couple of battleships, and one aircraft carrier. Pointing at it I ask, "Who's that? She's such a beautiful ship."

I look over my shoulder at Yorktown as she comes over and looks out to see the hull I'm pointing at, a smile on her lips as she tells me, "That's me, Commander."

"Oh." I say and clear my throat with a cough, suddenly feeling very awkward.

"It's alright Commander, but I would like to maintain a superior-subordinate relationship." She says to me, folding her hands behind her.

I give a nod, it was a reasonable request, as I answer, "That shouldn't be a problem Yorktown, sorry if I made this awkward."

She nodded and headed back out the door, stopping to look me over before she said, "Commander, there is a formal event starting to be planned to welcome you to the base, I should have more details later this week."



I was surprised how fast they were able to get the event booked, planned, and ready to be executed, like I've seen flight ops briefings that took longer. As I walked into the officer's wardroom, I was impressed at seeing all of these kansen in what looked like formal wear. I'd learned over the last month that most of the kansen on this base were very attractive, at least the ones that looked more like adults, I wasn't one to look at the destroyers and a some of the cruisers.

I looked around and felt like an endangered animal in this room; girls were always such a pain to understand. As my eyes scanned the room, I spotted a silver high ponytail tied with a black ribbon and a black evening gown. Along with here was another woman with silver hair and another with blond, the one with the high ponytail turned and saw me, smiling and waving me over to her.

Once I got there, she reached over to the table and took a flute of a blue bubbly liquid as she said to me while gesturing at both women, "Two things Commander Stennis, firstly, these are my sisters, Enterprise and Hornet."

The blond raised a glass of the blue liquid as she said, "Nice to meet ya, Commander."

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Enterprise nod her head in agreement, I was about to say something when Yorktown said, "Second thing; you're late to your own party. That means you need to catch up."

I was going to protest, and I noticed that she picked up a flute herself and slammed it back, I looked to Hornet who had a stunned look on her face, and so I shrugged and matched Yorktown, slamming one back, followed quickly by a second. It was kind of sweet, bubbly, and with a strong white grape flavor.

I looked to Yorktown and saw her grin at me, pouring me a third; that was when it hit me, this stuff was strong. I watched as Yorktown took two bottles with her and started to make her way to the balcony, I followed along as out of all the kansen here, I knew her better and felt comfortable enough to talk to her.

When I got out there, Yorktown was leaning against the railing, drinking right from the bottle; she looked at me and said, "This is good grape juice."

I laugh, it was technically correct, just missing the steps about fermentation and carbonation. I raise my glass and say, "To good grape juice."

We both drink.

As I bring my glass down she fills it back up, I look a little puzzled and she asks, "It's not like we're kissing."

Fair, but I had to admit it was starting to get hard to think, this was strong stuff. She taps me on the arm and says, "To not kissing!"

We both drink.

I blink a couple of times, this stuff was really starting to take hold and she poured me more, my words started coming out slurred as I said, "To being underappreciated!"

We both drink, again.

After the fifth or sixth toast like this, I don't recall the rest of the night.



I hear a loud beeping, repeating itself over and over, it sounds like someone is beating my head with a sledgehammer, I reach to my right, since I usually wake on my left side but know I put my phone on the right side of my bed to force myself to get up. What I touch is soft, almost pillow-like, and warm. I open an eye and see that this room doesn't look like my bedroom; I see flowers by the window. I roll to my right side slowly; my head is pounding so hard, I really shouldn't drink that stuff again. As I complete my roll to the right, my eyes go wide and my heart rate goes through the roof. I'm nose to nose with Yorktown, just as I hear her groan and say "Oh my head."

I hold my breath as her beautiful blue eyes open; go wide when she sees me, in unison, we both slide backward and off the bed on opposite sides. I look down and see that I'm naked, I try to will my memory to fill in the gap from last night, but nothing is coming. From the other side of the bed, she stutters out, "Co…Co…Comander?"

My head is pounding; I close my eyes and lean my head against the bed as I ask her back, "Yorktown?"

"Are..." she pauses and takes a breath before continuing, "you naked?"

"Yeah, are you?" I ask back.

"Yes, maybe all that happened was we shared a bed?" she asks, I can hear the hope in her voice at that.

I see the wastebasket beside me and I lean it over to look in and I sigh before telling her, "Based on what I'm seeing in the wastebasket, I don't think so."

I hear her gulp as she asks, "What do you see?"

Taking a breath to center myself before I let her know, "I see a used condom and wrapper, it's the brand I prefer."

She's quiet for a long while before she gives a sad sounding laugh and says, "So much for being professional."

Putting the wastebasket back, I look around the room and see my clothes from last night scattered on the floor. I feel bad for not having a memory of this, let's see if she does. "Hey, Yorktown, do you remember anything from last night?"

"Umm, I remember drinking the grape juice on the balcony and toasting with you, but after five or six of those…" she stops talking, almost like she's trying to force her memory to fill in a gap, she says, "I've got nothing. What about you?"

"I've got nothing after the same five or six toasts." I confirm to her, I'm a little disappointed if I'm honest about it, she looked smoking hot last night in that dress.

"That's good; it means we can forget this happened." She says from the other side of the bed.

That kind of hurt, but if that was what she wanted it wouldn't be right for me to force the issue. I look at the floor and see my phone, finally! I reach for it and turn off the alarm, from the other side of the bed I hear her tell me, "Can you not look for a little bit? I'm going to get on some underwear and a shirt. Then you can get dressed and try to sneak out of the dorm unnoticed."

"Sounds good, Yorktown… let's try and be professional come Monday, I'll understand if you want to be reassigned from being my secretary." I did my best to keep the disappointment out of my voice.

After a few minutes of hearing drawers open and close, I hear her get back into her bed and she lets me know I can get dressed and head out. It doesn't take me long to get ready, I look back at her in her bed, the blankets pulled up around her with her back to me, I feel kind of bad about ducking out like this. I put my hand on the handle and say to her, "Yorktown, for what it's worth, I'm sorry that things turned out like this… This isn't something I'd normally do."

She waves a hand at me like she's telling me to go, I sigh and twist the handle, just as I start to step back the door flies open and smacks me right in the face. I cry out in pain, dropping my jacket and holding my nose, from the bed I hear Yorktown ask, "Commander, are you okay?"

From in front of me, I hear Hammann demand, "Commander, what are you doing in Yorktown's room?"

I sigh and remind myself to never, ever, ever drink the blue stuff again.



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