Boo! Did I scare you? Happy October 1st! Wrote this Fourtris two-shot a couple weeks ago in September when I was getting into the spooky spirit. It was originally going to be a one-shot, but it was so long that I split it into 2 parts. Anyways, I'm honestly feeling super festive this fall, and I'm so stoked for Halloween. As it says in the summary, this is inspired by the Halloween aura of "Thriller" by Michael Jackson, aka the most iconic Halloween song ever. I had it playing on repeat while writing this fic. I hope this two-shot gets you into the Halloween spirit if you celebrate, and if you don't, I hope you can still enjoy a new Fourtris story.

Disclaimer: I don't own Divergent

Tris POV

"Trick or treat!" I hear the young voices cheer from downstairs. I groan and cup my hands with my ears, trying to focus more on my notes for my biology exam. I would have listened to music to drown out all of the noise, but evidently it distracts me more from the content. Ugh.

My mother and father tell the children to be good this evening before sending them off and then the door shuts. I have about another 30 seconds of peace before the next group comes so I use it to absorb as much information as I can about the Polymerase Chain Reaction.

I'm on edge, anticipating the doorbell ringing, and my foot taps incessantly as I try to remember the steps. It's honestly rude of teachers to give us exams the day after Halloween. I need another piece of candy, I decide. Hopping up from my desk chair, I stroll over to the window where my candy bowl is kept. My mouth waters for a twix so I fish through the bowl to find one. When I look up, I let out a high pitched scream and nearly jump out of my skin.

Two figures are balanced on the tree right outside my window wearing very creepy masks. Their bodies shake, and through the window I can hear the laughter that's emitting from them. And it's very familiar laughter. My fear subsides and turns into anger as I fold my arms and glare at the two figures.

The shorter one takes off her mask and reveals herself to be my best friend, Christina. She's still howling from laughter and then I see her phone positioned in her hand. Great, she got this on camera. The taller one removes his own mask and I look into the familiar eyes of my good friend, Uriah Pedrad. He's also in hysterics, so much that he almost loses his balance and falls off the tree.

"Tris! Let us in!" Christina calls out, knocking on the window.

I look back nervously, hoping my brother or my parents don't hear them and pull the window open, ushering them into my room. "If my parents catch you here, I'm dead." I warn them before shutting the window behind them.

Christina grabs a lollipop from my candy bowl, "Yeah, yeah… we know how to maneuver the strictness of Andy and Nat by now."

I roll my eyes at her nicknames for my parents.

Uriah picks up my notes and makes a face. "Really? This is what you're doing on Halloween night?"

"You're in that class too, Uriah… have you even studied at all? The test is tomorrow?"

He waves a hand, "Studied a bit at school today. Can't be held responsible for my academic performances when they put a test the day after Halloween though."

I sigh wistfully. If only my parents were that lax. I know they just want me to do well in the future, but it's a little bit exhausting watching all my friends live their best lives when I have strict parents. Since Halloween is on a school night this year, going out was out of the question. I didn't even bother asking my parents if I could do something tonight because I already knew what their answer would be.

"So…" Christina grins mischievously at Uriah, "We're here to jailbreak you. And before you say anything, we have a foolproof plan. Your parents are going to be handing out candy for the rest of the night, and we can crawl out of the window. We'll have you back before they even notice."

I bite my lip. This is risky. My parents could come up at any moment to check on me, what if something happens when I'm out and I can't get home on time? Also I do have that bio test tomorrow. "I dunno, Chris."

Uriah grabs my shoulders and forces me to look at him. "Tris… now is the time to act. You need to live your life on the edge! I guarantee you that you'll do well enough on the test tomorrow and it'll probably be curved anyway because no one is getting perfect scores the day after Halloween."

I already know that I'm going to give in, I always do to these two. I sigh, "Fine… but wait… where are we going?"

"Well, you've heard of my brother Zeke," Uriah says.

"Oh, the infamous Zeke. I have indeed heard many stories," I quip. While Christina and I have been friends since childhood and our families know each other well, Uriah just moved into our town last year. His father passed away a while ago so I've only met his mother. His brother Zeke is a sophomore at Columbia College Chicago but I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him yet, though Uriah always tells lots of stories about him. Apparently he's a lot like Uriah in his silly and boyish behavior, but he also has a paternal side to him that he had to adopt when their father passed away. Uriah doesn't seem clouded up with grief as I would expect someone to be after losing a family member. In fact, his good mood is often infectious. Before he came along it was just me and Christina, but he fit into our friend group pretty well. It's surprising considering he's a guy, but ever since he moved here our junior year, the three of us have been inseparable.

"He's hosting a Halloween party at his apartment. It's going to be really fun!"

"A college party, Tris. With hot college guys." Christina's crazed look tells me that this seems like a once in a lifetime experience to her and that I have to go. I've never really been to a party before, no less a college one, so I do feel a bit nervous… I can already predict how socially awkward I'm going to be. But something in me is desperate to defy my parents and actually have some fun on Halloween for once.

"Okay… I'm in…"

Uriah and Christina both look shocked. Clearly they were expecting more of a fight and I can't blame them. I was too.

Christina grins and pulls something out from under her coat. Her makeup kit. "Okay, well… you can't back out now… and guess what? We have matching costumes planned amongst the three of us…"

I'm going to regret this.

Tobias POV -1 hour earlier-

"Tobias, just please come," Zeke groans out from the other end of the phone. "It's going to be sick."

I run my towel through my hair one last time before tossing it in my gym locker. "No, Zeke. You know how I feel about parties."

"Yes, yes. I know. Waste of time, too crowded, don't like people. I've heard it all before!" I have to admit, Zeke's impression of my voice isn't half bad.

"So, why did you bother asking me?"

"Because all you do is brood in your room. And whenever I throw parties you just go to the gym for the whole night. It's concerning… I'll bet you're at the gym right now, huh?"

"Yeah. Is there a problem?"

"I understand the fascination with working out, dude, I really do. But you live and breathe the gym and you go twice a day at least. Amar tells me that he's had to replace 3 punching bags already from your damage."

I shrug, picking at my nail. Better a punching bag than a real human being. "I'm not going," I tell him once more, glancing at myself in the mirror. My hair still glistens from my post workout shower, and my black t-shirt stretches tightly across my chest. I turn sideways to examine my arms which have gained lots of strength from my time at the gym these past 4 years, but still, I feel unsatisfied. No matter how strong I get, I'll always feel like the afraid little boy, hiding in that closet.

"Okay… if you don't come… I'm in deep shit," Zeke tells me.

"And why's that?" I ask, irritation flaring up inside me. I feel as if I'm always cleaning up Zeke's messes.

"So… don't freak out. Maya is coming, she agreed to be my date. But only on the condition that I would have someone for her friend…"

"And who's her friend?" I ask, knowing where this is going.

"Nita," he answers meekly. I sigh a little. Nita and I dated for a couple months last year, but it was clear she was more attached than I was and our personalities didn't really match. She was a nice girl, we just weren't right for each other and I never felt like she would understand me. We had completely different interests and lifestyles but after I dumped her she wouldn't leave me alone. Kept calling me and dropping by to speak with me.

Zeke knows all of this, and knows how I feel towards Nita. But of course, he exploits her feelings toward me just to get some action. I should just let him rot and let Maya get mad at him, but as stupid as he is I still love him and I get upset at the prospect of Maya humiliating him at his own party. You tricked me again, Zeke.

I sigh, all I have to do is talk to Nita for a couple hours. It shouldn't be too hard, except for the fact that I'll be leading her on. Hopefully she's gotten the message that I'm not interested by now, though, and she doesn't have any expectations. I'll just have to establish that it's friendly from the start. "Fine, man. You win. But you owe me."

"Oh, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!" He calls out, and I jerk the phone away from my ear, cringing.

"Yeah, yeah," I grumble, stepping out of the locker room.

"You gotta pick up a costume, though," Zeke tells me.

I groan now. Dressing up for Halloween has always been something I felt too old for, even as a kid. And I never really celebrated anyways. "Really?" I ask.

"Really," he responds, "Can't have my roommate showing up to my costume party, not in a costume."

"Okay… I'll pick something up," I tell him, remembering that there's a Halloween store a block down from the gym.

"You're the best. And don't fret. Tonight is going to be fun!"

"Yup… letting you go now…" I say monotonously before hanging up the phone.

I look up and am startled at the sight of Amar, the gym manager, observing me from 3 feet away. I try not to let it show on my face. The whole gym is decorated for Halloween, with spiders and ghosts and cobwebs. There's a bowl of candy set up in the front.

"Candy? At the gym?" I ask Amar.

He merely shrugs. "We get trick or treaters as well, Tobias."

"Mmm…" I say.

He continues appraising me. "You were quite invigorated on the bags today… your knuckles were just healing from your last incident." He nods a head towards my split knuckles and I hide them behind my back.

"Well, I didn't break anything this time, did I?"

"I suppose not," he responds back evenly. This is typically how our conversations go.

"Great talk then," I say after a few more beats of silence.

"Was that Ezekiel I heard on the phone with you? Halloween plans tonight?"

"Yeah, he's throwing this… party thing," I grumble.

"Ahh," Amar says, "Well have fun at this… party thing. Happy Halloween, Tobias,"

"You too," I reply, heading towards the exit. On my way out, I stumble straight into a cobweb. Seriously? Who puts a cobweb right in front of the door? I rip the remnants off of me hastily before marching out, hearing Amar's warm laugh behind me.

The Halloween store is crowded, no doubt because it's Halloween. I usher my way past teenagers and other large groups of friends, sticking out like a sore thumb. I spot some men's costumes and decide to start my search in the corner. I don't want anything too flashy.

As I make my way over there, I hear a familiar laugh. It sounds like Zeke's, but if you've met his little brother, Uriah, then you know it's his. I glance up and see him a few feet away in the mask aisle with another girl. She's tall, but still shorter than him with dark brown skin and short curly hair.

May as well go and say hello. I catch pieces of their conversation as I walk up.

"Going to be scared shitless-" the girl says.

"Make sure you get it on video," Uriah tells her.

"Hey, Uriah," I nod my head at him and when he sees me his face lights up.

"Tobias! What's up man?"

"Nothing much… just picking something up for your brother's party tonight…"

"No way… you're going to that? This officially just became the coolest party ever." I roll my eyes at this. Uriah tends to over dramatize things. "By the way, this is Christina," he gestures to the girl standing next to him. She waves to me and I nod my head at her. "Christina, this is Tobias. Zeke's roommate."

"So… what brings you guys here?" I ask, awkwardly. Maybe I shouldn't have approached Uriah, considering my social skills are lacking, but I do have a soft spot for him.

"Just buying scary masks to scare our friend with tonight. We're gonna climb up to her window and stare in until she notices us. She'll freak."

I all of a sudden feel very bad for whoever this poor girl is, especially when I see the creepy masks that they've chosen. If someone pulled this prank on me I'd be more shaken up than I care to admit.

Christina must notice my horrified look because she laughs, "It's okay. She'll love it. She has a good sense of humor, and then we'll make it up to her by sneaking her out and bringing her to Zeke's party."

"Sneaking her out?" I ask.

"Her parents are super strict and don't want her celebrating Halloween… especially if it's on a school night," Uriah tells me. Well, there's something I can relate to. Memories of me wanting to go trick or treating as a child and Marcus scolding me for being self indulgent flash through my head. Hopefully this girl's parents aren't as awful as Marcus though.

"I'm worried about if we'll actually be able to get her to come, though. Tris isn't too fond of parties and she's not really one for social interaction," Christina muses. Another thing this Tris girl and I have in common, then.

"It's okay. She'll give in. She always does," Uriah says confidently. "And… I kind of want to bring Marlene too…"

My ears perk up at this. Zeke has told me about how Uriah has been pining after this one girl -Marlene- for the past couple of months at school and how he's never seen Uri like this, especially not after their dad passed. "Marlene, huh?" I grin.

"Shut up, Tobias," he tells me, his ears growing pink.

"Text her and ask her, then," Christina says, sounding bored. She must hear about Marlene a lot.

"I'm… scared… what if she says no?" he whines.

"Well, you never know until you try," Christina responds.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll… think about it… come on we gotta get to Tris's. See you tonight, Tobias!" Uriah nods to me, flashing his white teeth and I say goodbye to him and Christina.

I spend the next few minutes browsing for a costume, and then I finally find it. I grin, shaking my head. This is perfect. Maybe tonight won't be so bad.

After I pay for my Halloween costume, I walk back to the gym parking lot to get my car. When I flick on the radio, I instantly recognize the song playing. It's Michael Jackson's "Thriller".

I feel something in my chest swell, and I turn the volume up, nodding my head along to the beat as I drive off. For someone who claims to dislike Halloween, I sure have gotten in the spirit. I find myself actually getting excited for tonight.

Tris POV

"Oh… my… god…" I say, looking at all of us in the mirror. "This is insane…"

About half an hour ago when Christina had begun laying out different makeup stuff on the floor, I had asked them, "What's our costume?"

Uriah had replied, "Scary."

"But scary isn't a costume," I had said.

"Now it is," he told me, grinning.

I never knew how skilled Christina was with makeup until I look at all of us in the mirror now. She emphasized all of our under eyes by using some powder to make them look dark. She dusted white powder all over my face so I look even paler than I already am, meanwhile for her and Uriah's darker skin tones she applied a shimmery gold substance. After that, she made it look like we had various injuries and wounds. We all sport black eyes, gashes across our cheeks and necks, and Uriah even made his lip look bloody. Speaking of blood, there's a lot of it. Fake blood of course, but we have it caked all around our mouths, as if we just finished eating human flesh. Christina then put some red dye on our teeth to make it more believable.

After makeup we went to the actual outfits. Underneath Uriah's jacket he was wearing a white collared shirt and black pants. Christina made his shirt look tattered and ripped and bloody as well, before revealing her own dress, which was also a white color with ruffled sleeves. With my and Uriah's assistance, she made that look pretty ragged and caked with blood, and I even had the idea of sprinkling brown and black eye shadow over it to make it look like she had just climbed out of a dirty grave.

Then she went through my closet, trying to find a suitable dress that I would be okay with ruining. With reluctance, I gave one up to her, only because of how cool I thought it would look with my whole costume. It's a poofy black dress that is a bit small on me as I bought it a couple years ago. The tightness of the dress and it's spaghetti straps are a bit too revealing for my taste, but I go along with it because Christina insists everyone will be too focused on my face to notice.

Fake blood or dirt wouldn't show up on this dress because it's so dark, but Christina just told me to leave it how it is. She said that my makeup made me look haunting enough, and the dress makes it look like I was buried in a coffin like this. Only to come back from the dead.

Looking in the mirror, I see she was right. I do look quite haunting, with my pale skin and hair that contrasts against the black dress and violent makeup.

"I told you scary was a costume," Uriah says, grinning at our reflections.

"We look uh-ma-zing," Christina grins. "Now the hard part… getting back down."

Nervousness infiltrates my belly now. We could easily cause a ruckus and my parents could figure us out… but what the hell, we're in too deep to go back now.

Uriah heads out the window first while Christina and I pack up her makeup supplies. "You go down next," I tell her, and she nods.

I get my room into order, and then shove two pillows underneath my comforter before shutting the lights off. If my parents come in it'll just look like I've gone to bed early. Hopefully they don't examine the body under the covers too closely if they do. I can hear their happy voices greeting trick or treaters as I make my way over to the window. Christina and Uriah are already on the ground, looking up at me.

"Get my shoes, will you?" I ask, tossing the heels that Christina crammed me into down to them. One of them hits Uriah in the head and he yelps in pain.

"Oh, nice catch," I tell him, rolling my eyes before swinging my legs over the ledge, giving my room one last look. I grab onto the tree that's right next to my window and ease myself down, praying that my feet have a tight enough grip that I won't fall.

"Damn, Tris, nice undies," Uriah pipes up. I hear Christina smack him on my behalf and I grin. Uriah's so much like a brother to me that I know he doesn't really mean it in a perverted way.

All is well, until my hands brush by an indent embedded in the tree and I begin to lose my balance. I shriek a little as I start falling backward, my arms waving in the air. I think I'm definitely going to break a bone or get a concussion, but then Christina and Uriah are right underneath me, creating a safe net with their arms.

They are, quite literally, friends who will catch you if you fall. I laugh in disbelief at myself, and they're both panting heavily, our breaths intermixing as they ease me onto the ground.

"Holy fuck, Tris," Christina says wide eyed, handing me my shoes.

"She's always been a clutz, what can we expect?" Uriah asks. I glare at him as I cram my feet back into the uncomfortable heels, and then take a second to breathe in the fall air. The moon is full and I hear the delighted voices of trick or treaters echo around the neighborhood. I shiver a little as the wind bites at my bare shoulders, this is Halloween.

Many little kids gawk at us as we tread over to Uriah's car that he parked down the street. It's an old beat up pickup truck, so we all cram into the front, me in between Uriah and Christina.

"Tris and Christina, you'll have to get up in about 5 minutes," Uriah tells us as he starts up the car.

"What? Why?" Christina asks.

He looks over to us and grins, "Because I'm picking up Marlene and she'll want to sit next to me so you'll need to make room."

"Uriah!" We both exclaim happily. Uriah's crush on Marlene is no secret, it's all he talks about in fact, but damn, he actually asked her to come tonight?

He looks very proud, "It's no biggie. Texted her asking to come while I was waiting for you guys to get out of the window, and she instantly responded with yes. Said she would even ditch her original Halloween plans for this one."

"Uri, that's amazing!" I pat him on the shoulder excitedly. "I'll make sure to push her into you on the drive over…"

He laughs, and flicks on the radio and all of our smiles grow when we hear what song is on. Michael Jackson's "Thriller". I instantly turn the knob up as Uriah veers out of my street. Yep, this Halloween is going to be unforgettable.

Tobias POV

I stand stoically next to Zeke as he lets guests into our apartment. The party is starting now, and some spooky music with a synthesizer blasts from our speakers. I already added Thriller to the queue, excited to hear it again. Maybe I'll actually dance. "Zeke, these people better not ruin our apartment," I mutter to him, eyeing two girls dressed as mermaids who already seem to be drunk by the way they're screeching and stumbling.

"Oh, will you lighten up a little bit? It's a party."

"I'm already helping you out with this whole Nita and Maya thing, I don't want to be cleaning up the entire apartment tomorrow as well," I mutter.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll just get Uri and his little high school friends to help me," Zeke says, grinning.

"Oh yeah, I ran into him at the Halloween store."

"No shit? What'd he say?"

"He was with another girl… Christina," Zeke nods like the name is familiar, "They were buying masks to prank their other friend with… Tris," Zeke nods again, "And then they said they were gonna try and sneak her out to the party. Uriah also mentioned something about that Marlene girl."

Zeke grins, "He must be bringing her, then. See that's like 4 pairs of underage hands that I can exploit by making them clean up for me."

I roll my eyes.

"Still can't get over your costume, though," he gestures to me.

I shrug, "I saw it and I instantly knew…"

"Never thought I'd see the day when Tobias Eaton applied makeup."

"The costume doesn't work without any," I say flatly. I could care less about the "makeup, no makeup" rules… I've never been one to wear it casually, but I don't care if other guys do. Besides, I'm secure enough in my masculinity to where I can handle putting some on for a Halloween costume, Jesus Christ.

"Well, Maya just texted saying her and Nita are almost here… do you think she'll be turned on by your costume?"

I shrug, really not interested in what turns Nita on.

"You my friend, are impossible to have a fun conversation with."

I just shrug again, and he groans in frustration.

"Tobias! Zeke!" A familiar friendly voice shouts out, and I look up to see our friend, Will, walking down the hall towards our apartment. Will was in our dorm freshman year before we moved off of campus. He's a pretty laid back, smart, and cool guy. He shakes his shaggy blonde hair out of his eyes, "Good to see you guys."

I tilt my head as I appraise his costume. "Harry Potter?" Zeke and I both ask in unison.

"Yep, I'm a proud Ravenclaw," he gestures to the Ravenclaw emblem on the corner of his sweater and his blue tie. Although I'd never admit it, growing up I was a huge Potterhead, the books offered me a sort of sweet distraction from all the terror I faced as a child. I was kind of envious of Harry though, as I had been locked in places far tinier than his closet during my childhood and I never got a Hogwarts letter as my escape. For a while I was actually certain that one would come when I was 11, and I even started packing my bags in preparation. So foolish of me. As for my Hogwarts house, though, I've always identified with the Gryffindor.

"You are…" Will blanks, looking Zeke up and down, trying to figure out what the hell his costume is. I don't blame him.

"Oh, come on," Zeke waves his trident in the air, "I'm Poseidon. God of the sea."

Will cracks a smile, "Sorry man. I was just distracted by your rippling abs."

Of course, Zeke decided on a costume in which he would get to be shirtless. You might honestly think he'd be a male stripper, looking at his flashy trident which could be a prop and the bright blue board shorts he wears. Top it all off with the golden crown on his head and you've got a perfect costume for a themed bachelorette party.

Zeke smiles, "Apology accepted, then."

"And Tobias!" Will turns to me, his eyebrows raised, "I'll admit… you never struck me as the dress up for Halloween type but Frankenstein? It's quite fitting actually."

I lift a shoulder, "I'm a fan of the book and it is Halloween."

"You got good makeup skills bro," he comments, and Zeke nudges me. I glower at him. I didn't want to go too extravagant with the green face paint and other supplies they provided in the costume, so I watered down the paint. It's a washed up green color on my face now, almost grey, and I spiked my hair up to reveal my forehead, like Frankenstein's is. I then used their makeup kit to give the illusion of a cut on my forehead, though that was a bit hard and it's a little sloppy. For my outfit I wear a dark grey shirt with a dark green blazer and dark green pants.

"Thanks," I say evenly, "Have fun."

Will nods and says his thanks, clapping both Zeke and I on the shoulder before heading in. "Love that guy," Zeke says after he walks away. "Ooh, and look. The ladies of the hour have arrived." He gestures further down the hallway and I spot Maya and Nita approaching, arm in arm.

Maya wears a pink dress that cascades to the floor, and she has a tiara sitting on her head. Her eye makeup is done with rhinestones and glitter and I can't help but be impressed, it must take a lot of detail to do that. I look over to Nita and it's a little hard not to stare. Not necessarily in a perverted way, but just because she sort of has everything on display with her… revealing nurse's costume. Zeke whistles under his breath and nudges me, "I think I did you a favor man." I step on his foot and he yelps out in pain.

As Nita approaches closer, I try to keep my eyes trained on her face and not what lies below her neck, pushed up for everyone to see.

"Ladies," Zeke says, gesturing them in.

Maya crosses her arms haughtily. "What are you supposed to be?" She sneers at Zeke, and I almost cringe. I've never really liked Maya. I met her last year when Nita and I dated because they're good friends, but I've found her to be bratty and insolent. However, in Zeke's words, she is a "hot piece of ass" and he's been trying to ask her out for some time now. I guess she finally caved. My best friend deserves better, though.

Zeke's face drops in surprise, but he masks it quickly with his typical "happy go lucky" act, "I'm Poseidon. God of the sea."

Maria just shrugs disinterestedly. I can already tell she's going to be horrible company tonight. "Cool, I guess. Wanna get me something to drink?"

"Yeah, baby. Let's go," Zeke escorts her into the apartment and now I'm standing alone with Nita.

"Hey," I say.

"Hey," she practically purrs back. "Like my costume?" She gestures down to her body and I allow myself one more glance over before averting my eyes.

"Yeah. Really nice."

"You look cool, though. Are you like… a biker?"

"Um… no, I'm Frankenstein."

She just continues to give me a puzzled look.

"You know… the monster…"

"Oh," she wrinkles her nose up, "Isn't that sort of a kid's thing?"

"No, he's from a classic novel written by Mary Shelley. The character was so iconic that he started being portrayed in modern media and those included more kid friendly portrayals."

She blinks once and I internally sigh. Like I said, Nita and I just didn't have much in common. I wonder why she kept hanging around me after our break up, because it's quite obvious to me that we're not compatible at all.

"Why don't we get something to drink?" I ask, gesturing to the kitchen.

She smiles at this and links her elbow with mine, "It's good to see you. It's been a while."

"Yeah, what's been new with you?"

She starts going into this whole monologue about the drama amongst her friend group and how Maya is jealous of their friend Julia because she's the first person in the group to get engaged, and Julia has been cheating on her fiance for a few months now and no one knows how to tell him, but their other friend Annika is about to, considering that she's always had secret feelings for Julia's fiance. The whole thing could be straight out of a soap opera honestly, but this is typically what conversations with Nita are like. I nod along, discreetly checking the clock every few minutes. Maybe this night isn't going to be as fun as I thought.

Tris POV

"Uriah! Slow down!" I shriek, jostling into Christina once again.

Marlene laughs nervously from my left, and next to her, Uriah just pushes harder on his gas pedal. I warned him not to show off too much for Marlene tonight and to just be casual and chill, but he took that as me saying 'drive like a maniac just to look cool for your crush'.

"I'm just looking for a good spot now," Uriah says as he makes another jerky turn.

"Oh, please do not tell me you are parallel parking," Christina says, wide eyed.

"Okay, I won't tell you then," Uriah replies innocently.

"Uri. You suck at parallel parking. There's a parking garage right there, we should just park there," I insist, actually fearing for my safety now.

"And pay the fee? No way. Plus, it's a far walk from my brother's apartment."

Marlene lets out another nervous laugh and I grimace. She's been mostly quiet this entire car ride over, but she does look radiant in her orange butterfly costume. It's incredibly juxtaposed with me, Christina, and Uriah's death and gore theme, though. If Uriah doesn't stop acting like an ass tonight he's gonna lose her interest.

"Right here," he says, all of a sudden veering close to the sidewalk. Miraculously, after backing in and out a couple of times he makes it, though he's much too close to the two cars that are on either side of him. Whatever, it works. I've been checking my phone like madman for any "where are you?!" texts from my parents, but I haven't gotten any yet. Still, I don't know if my anxiety will ever calm down tonight. Maybe this was a bad idea.

"See? I did it!" He insists, giving Christina and I a pointed glare.

"Maybe try to do it without killing us next time," Christina huffs, opening the door on her side and jumping out. I slide out next to her and watch with a small smile as Uriah gently lifts Marlene out of the truck from his side.

We make our way up to the apartment building and take the elevator up, my heartbeat increases as we go higher when I realize that I'm actually going to be attending a party. When we get to the right floor it's obvious which apartment is Zeke's, it's at the very end of the hallway and it's the one booming with life. The door is slightly ajar, an open invite to anyone who wants to come in I guess. Uriah leads us all, with his hand on Marlene's lower back.

As we approach, Christina gives me an excited look and I try to reciprocate. To calm my nerves, I think of my costume. I look like a whole different girl right now, so I can be a whole different person here.

The room is filled with a smokey substance when we get in and it's chilly. I spot some Halloween decorations up and some spooky music plays from the speakers. I hope they play Thriller later. Everyone is dressed in costume, some people decided to go scary like my trio, some decided to go sweet and sparkly like Marlene, and then there is everything in between. I'm instantly hit with the stench of alcohol and sweat and I crack a grin. This is Halloween, I think again.

Christina is already looking around eagerly, no doubt trying to find some eye candy. "Oh, there my brother is," Uriah gestures to a young man who looks just like him, though he's a few inches shorter, leaning against an armchair. His arm is wrapped around the shoulder of a very pretty girl who is dressed up as a princess of some sorts. She wears a small pout on her face whereas Zeke smiles easily and chats up several people around him. It's obvious he has Uriah's natural charm and charisma as well.

"Damn, Uri, your brother has abs," Christina comments.

"What's his costume?" Marlene asks softly.

"No idea. Probably something dumb, though."

"I think he's Poseidon," I say, eyeing the trident that rests on the wall beside him and the crown on his head.

"He literally just chose a costume where he'd get to be shirtless," Uriah comments.

Zeke then sees Uriah, and his face lights up and he waves us over to his group. At first I begin to walk over timidly, but then I remember what I was thinking about being a brand new person at this party so I straighten my back and lift my chin up.

The two Pedrad brothers greet each other with a series of slaps on the back that look a little bit painful. "You guys look scary," Zeke comments, gesturing to me, Uriah, and Christina.

"That's the whole point," Uriah grins wickedly, "this is Christina and Tris," we both nod politely at Zeke who returns the gesture. "And this is Marlene."

"Ah, the infamous Marlene," Zeke shakes her hand and Marlene begins giggling. Christina and I both shoot each other amused glances because Uriah's now getting exposed. Speaking of Uriah, he's shooting his brother an intense death glare.

"As you probably know, I'm Zeke, and this is Maya," he gestures to the pouty princess who doesn't even acknowledge us. The rest of the people who Zeke was chatting with have scattered off by now.

"I have to go to the bathroom," Maya huffs before getting up and storming off.

"What's up with the bratty girl?" Uriah asks Zeke once she's out of earshot.

Zeke glowers at his brother, "She's not bratty."

"Zeke. Come on. You do not want to spend your Halloween with a girl like that. Back me up guys," Uriah looks to all of us. We timidly nod at Zeke. I've only seen one interaction of theirs and I can already tell that she's a handful, but I'm also not dumb. She's very attractive which is probably why Zeke is putting up with all her shit. To get her into bed tonight.

"Tris!" Zeke shoots me a wide smile, desperate to change the subject. "Did these guys prank you good?"

I furrow my eyebrows. How did he know about that? Did Uriah tell him? I shoot a curious look at Uri, who looks just as confused as to how Zeke has come by this knowledge. "Zeke, I didn't tell you about that."

"Oh, yeah. Tobias told me of your little run in at the Halloween store, and how you guys were picking up masks to prank Tris."

I raise my eyebrows. Who's this Tobias fellow and how does he know who I am?

"Well, it was priceless!" Uriah exclaims, "Christina got a video. She'll show you."

We all look to Christina, who now has her attention set on something completely different than this conversation. I follow her line of sight to see her intensely staring at a boy, a cute boy, who is dressed in a Ravenclaw costume. Well, Christina did always have a thing for nerds. This boy is staring right back at her, and he raises his red solo cup towards her before downing it. I've never seen Christina speechless, but here she is, stuttering and blushing.

"Christina," I say amusedly, "Uriah was talking to you."

Christina's attention snaps back to us and by now everyone has gotten wind of what just happened. Zeke is smirking, "His name's Will. He's a pretty good guy… I could introduce you if you're interested."

"Oh, please," Christina says, jumping up and down.

"Okay, wait. I wanna see the Tris video first."

Christina sighs and fishes her phone out of her pocket for Zeke. As he watches it he almost doubles over in laughter. "Holy shit, her face is priceless."

I don't request to see the video, because I don't even want to know, but it has the other 4 people in my group in near hysterics. I shake my head.

"Okay," Zeke says to Christina once they've recovered. "Let me go introduce you to Will."

Christina looks at me anxiously and I do my best to give her an encouraging smile as she walks off. I already know he's going to love her, most guys do.

"Monster Mash" begins playing and Marlene shrieks, "I love this song!"

Uriah smiles at her and opens his mouth, presumably to ask her to dance, but then his eyes shoot to mine. I know he feels bad about me basically third wheeling now, but I want them to have a nice time. "You guys go dance! I'm gonna grab something to drink," I say kindly.

Uriah gives me a very thankful glance before pulling Marlene onto the dance floor and I watch them for a few seconds with a small smile on my face. Uri deserves to be happy and it seems like Marlene makes him so.

After checking my phone again for any texts from my parents, I enter the kitchen where there are several beverages stacked and begin sorting through bins of different drinks, trying to find something non-alcoholic. As excited as I am to be at my first real party, I don't think I want to drink just yet.

As I'm fishing around, I can't help but overhear a conversation. There are only a few people in the kitchen area right now, and this girl is being the loudest. "-and then Annika told Sophie about what she was planning on doing… which is so fucking dumb, because Sophie is the last person in the group that you could trust, right?"

"Mhm," a low and gruff voice responds, sounding incredibly bored.

"And then as expected, Sophie told Julia about this… and her and Annika got into this huge bitch fight. Like hair ripping and everything-" I tune out the rest of the words that this girl is saying, feeling oddly bad for the guy who has to listen to her drone on and on.

I allow myself to sneak a curious glance up at the pair. The girl who is talking is gorgeous, with caramel skin and thick wavy hair. She's wearing a very… revealing nurses costume, but hell, if I had her body I would probably show it off too. I feel foolish for feeling uncomfortable in my dress now. The young man who she's talking to is tall, with dark hair that is spiked high up, as if he did it on purpose. I almost want to snort at how ridiculous the hairstyle looks but then I realize it's a part of his costume. His greenish/grayish face paint, and the cut on his forehead, along with the clothes he's wearing… he's Frankenstein. I suppress a smile and wonder if he's actually read the novel or if he just knows who Frankenstein is because of pop culture references.

Looking at his current company, though, I suspect it's the latter… but then feel bad for assuming things about a guy I don't know. A closer examination of the pair reveals that they're both incredibly attractive. The girl, with her curves and symmetrical face and perfect hair, and the boy with his stature and jawline and muscles.

As the girl drones on the boy's eyes drift to mine, they're a deep blue color. As if he couldn't get any more attractive. I must be giving him a look of pity, because his lips stretch out into a sad smile and he shakes his head a little bit as if to say "please save me".

I'm shocked this guy is even acknowledging me, so my hand slips and I knock a bin full of cans to the floor, startling the few party goers in the room. Fuck.

The nurse shoots me a dirty look and I mumble apologies as I bend down to pick everything up. A couple seconds later, I see a large tan hand also scrambling to assist me and I look up to come face to face with Frankenstein. He shoots me another smile and helps me get everything back in its place.

"Thanks," I mumble, rubbing the back of my neck after we get the bin onto the counter again.

"It's no problem…" His voice is deep and rumbling. Pleasant. "Sorry for uh, distracting you…"

"You didn't distract me," I say quickly. Too quickly. Thank god for all this makeup, I hope it covers my blush.

He just laughs and shakes his head, before walking back to the nurse. What the hell, Tris?

Tobias POV

Nita is going on and on, brushing her hand on my shoulder suggestively and batting her eyelashes at me. I remember what I was thinking earlier about establishing that this was only friendly from the beginning, but now I just feel like a douchebag. How do I subtly let her know that I'm not interested?

I hear some commotion in the living room and Zeke's happy voice so I crane my neck to see what's happening. It appears that Uriah has arrived. He's dressed up in black pants and a white collared shirt that's tattered with blood and his facial makeup has him looking bloody and bruised. There's a pretty girl next to him with golden hair who is dressed up in an orange butterfly costume. I almost want to laugh at the contrast between their costumes, and based on the way that he's looking at this girl, she's Marlene.

I see another familiar face come up behind him, Christina from the Halloween store. She's dressed similarly, same makeup and a bloody white dress. I wonder if their costumes are specific or if they were just going for a horror look.

Next to Christina is a tiny blonde girl. She's far shorter in comparison to the rest of her group, and her costume and makeup are similar to Christina and Uriah's in the sense that it has a "horror" theme, but she looks more haunting. Her dress is black and her makeup is dark as well, which juxtaposes her pale skin and blue eyes. She's holding herself in a way that demands attention, and she's receiving it. I notice a few guys in the party eyeing her. This must be their friend, Tris, the one they wanted to scare. I'm a little surprised, though, as Christina and Uri made her out to be a timid and shy girl… but the girl I'm looking at seems as if she's not afraid of anything.

"Tobias?" Nita asks, snapping her fingers in front of my face.

"Hm?" I turn back to her, and feel heat creeping up my neck. I was staring. Staring and admiring Uriah's tiny high school friend…

"Oh, you're so cute… anyways as I was saying…" She continues her rant that should've ended about 15 minutes ago. Just kill me now.

I don't dare take another look back into the living room… I don't know why I'm so embarrassed, I'm a naturally observant person… but something about staring at this girl feels wrong. Not creepy per say, but just like I'm doing something that I shouldn't be doing because it's so intriguing. I'm not someone who usually gets intrigued.

I hear "Monster Mash" start playing and sigh. I'm not usually one for dancing, but I suspect that sometime on the dancefloor would be better than enduring another minute of Nita's word novel. I'm about to tell her I need to use the bathroom, when she walks in and all of a sudden I don't feel like moving anymore.

I try not to stare at the soft curve of her hips or the dip of cleavage that is visible through her tight black dress. I know I'm only 19, and the youngest she could be is 17, because Uri and his friends are seniors this year… but still, staring at a high school girl like that feels off. I find myself subconsciously hoping that she's 18 though. Knock it off, Tobias, it's not like you're actually going to talk to her.

When she starts rummaging through the beverages, I avert my eyes, not wanting to be caught staring by Nita or her. I try to seem as absorbed as I possibly can in whatever Nita's saying, even giving her an "Mhm" after one of her sentences.

If the girl, Tris, has noticed us by now, she's probably overheard the boring subject matter that Nita is discussing. She probably thinks I'm a brainless idiot for hanging out with someone like Nita. But why do I care what she thinks? Still, I can't help but wonder if she thinks my costume is lame… or if she even knows who Frankenstein is… I hope she does…

I allow myself to glance back quickly at her, just to see if she's still there, and I'm pleasantly surprised to see that she's already watching me. Her face is clouded with sympathy, probably feeling bad that I have to endure Nita's monologue. Maybe she doesn't think I'm a brainless idiot!

Before I know what I'm doing, I give her a small smile, that basically says "get me out of here".

Her eyes widen a little bit, shit, did she not want to have a secret eye conversation with me? And then her hand collides with one of the drink bins, knocking it to the floor. Well, fuck.

Nita cuts off from her rant and shoots the girl a not so kind look, and I sigh, shaking my head. I should help her at least, considering that it's my fault. As I make my way over there, I can feel Nita's eyes shooting daggers into my back.

Bending down next to Tris, I assist her in picking up the drink cans and tossing them back into the bin. We make eye contact face to face, less than 6 inches away from each other now. Her blue eyes widen in surprise and her mouth parts a little. I can see some red dye on her teeth that gives the illusion of blood, as if she just ate human flesh. Whoever the makeup artist was for her and her friends really went all out, damn.

I shoot her another quick smile before helping her haul the bin back up onto the counter. She rubs the back of her neck almost embarrassedly. "Thanks," she says softly. Her voice is lower than I would expect it to be, lower than most girls.

"It's no problem," I reply, trying to sound as casual as possible. "Sorry, for uh… distracting you…"

Her eyes widen and I swear I see a blush creep up her neck. Well, I didn't mean distracting in that way… but she seems awfully embarrassed now, so maybe… "You didn't distract me," she insists quickly. My suspicions are confirmed.

I have a feeling I'll be seeing more of this girl, Tris, tonight, so for now I just let out a laugh, shaking my head and walking back to Nita who looks less than happy. I couldn't really care about that right now, though. I'm just excited to see where the rest of the night takes me with her…

Was that a cliffhanger? Sorry to leave you hanging… but hey! Fourtris finally met! Part 2 should be updated soon. I hope this put you into the spooky spirit.