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"WHAT!" Marinette looked at Tikki panicked "I thought the only other missing miraculouses are Hawkmoth's and Mayura's" "That is what Master Fu told you he does not know about this miraculous" Marinette looked at Tikki in shook "WHY DID YOU NOT TELL HIM" Tikki looked at her " This miraculous is more powerful them me or Cat Noir's miraculous we try to keep it a secret it's power is strong enough to tempt even the kindest people that is why I did not tell you." Marinette looked offended "Tikki I would never do anything like that but what about the owner of that miraculous could she be a possible threat?" Tikki thought for a second before she spoke " I don't know they probably are a threat we should try to take their miraculous but they may fight back." Marinette looked confused "If they were good why would they fight back?" "Marinette what would you do if someone tried to take me?" Marinette smiled at Tikki "Well I would never let them ohhh I get it." Tikki looked at Marinette "They are not like Alya or Nino or any of the other miraculous holders besides you and Cat Noir they are probably friends with their Kwami and want to protect them." Marinette thought for a second "Ok we will talk to them and try to figure out their intentions and when they want to they can join us if their intentions are good." "Lets hope that Hawkmoth does not know about this miraculous." "Yea that would be bad if he found out their was a miraculous more powerful then ours."

(With Hawkmoth)

"Norro you are telling me their is another miraculous more powerful then Ladybug's and Cat Noir's and it is near us" Norro looked up scared "Yes master" Hawkmoth looked at Norro annoyed "and you didn't tell me." Norro looked down "Yes master it is far to powerful you wouldn't-" "I NEED THAT MIRACULOUS IT CAN HELP ME GET LADYBUG AND CAT NOIR!"

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