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1. Conflict

Trent was stumped. He honestly had no idea why he'd invited Duncan along to his recording session with the Drama Brothers. The punk hadn't gotten along with Harold, Justin, and Cody in the past, yet he was suspiciously eager to join them anyway.

No matter what ideas the bandmates suggested, Duncan couldn't help but disagree and added his own opinions. For some odd reason, Trent found himself agreeing with the majority of his boyfriend's blunt statements.

"Why are you agreeing with Duncan?!" Harold asked Trent in disbelief. "He knows nothing about our music!"

Cody, however, figured it out almost immediately. "Oh... I see what's going on now..."

"Same here." Justin looked at the punk with utter disgust. "You're the Yoko to our Beatles."

2. Caught

There were many things Trent despised about Duncan, but the one thing that irked him the most was that they both had something in common: their love of music. It also didn't help that they both preferred to play the guitar.

Somehow they found a way to argue about that, too - the main dispute being their preference for electric or acoustic guitars. As expected, Duncan was adamant that acoustic guitars were, in his words, "trash". However, during one fateful day, Trent unexpectedly entered the guys' cabin only to find Duncan sprawled out on a random bed, casually strumming his acoustic guitar.

"Duncan? Is that my guitar?"

The troublesome teen instantly froze as Trent called his name. His blue eyes fell upon the musician's as he abruptly set the guitar down beside him.

"Dude, it's not what you think!"

3. Antics

"I'm bored out of my mind," Duncan complained, plummeting down next to Trent on the Dock of Shame. "We should pull a prank on Harold."

Trent looked at the punk with a raised brow. "Uh, no, we shouldn't."

"Alright, then," Duncan replied, rolling his eyes. "We'll annoy Chef instead?"

"No, Duncan."

"Can we at least steal Beth's glasses and watch her look for th-"

"No," Trent interrupted, chuckling this time. A smile was now visible on his face. "You're an idiot."

"And you're really boring," Duncan retorted, playfully nudging him with his elbow. "Why do I like you again?"

4. Swear

Since Trent rejected all of Duncan's potential prank victims before, the delinquent decided to prank him instead.

"Look, Trent. I'm sorry, okay? I won't steal your guitar pick again."

Trent briefly scanned the Duncan up and down, feeling unsatisfied with his apology. "You swear?"


Trent felt as though he was about to explode from anger as Duncan burst out laughing. He wiggled his unibrow and smirked with success, which only aggravated Trent further.

"I stand by what I said before: You're an idiot."

5. Morning

Duncan managed to let out a tired yawn as he entered the craft services tent. After collecting his breakfast, he made his way over to the table and sat across from Trent, who never bothered to acknowledge him. He would always have the same dumb look on his face as he ate his stupid eggs.

Speaking of eggs, Duncan looked down at the taller teen's plate to find nine pieces. Typical, he thought. He wanted to steal a piece just to spite Trent, but as he reached his hand out...

"Don't you dare."

Duncan paused and looked up to see Trent already glaring at him. He sighed dramatically. "You're no fun, Elvis," he jeered, causing Trent to scoff at the nickname.

Nevertheless, Duncan grudgingly obeyed and retracted his hand. He honestly had no idea why Trent was so bothered by his pranks. Why couldn't Music Boy understand that it was his way of being endearing?

6. Attention

"Trent, bro, you've gotta eat the broccoli, or you're OUT of the challenge," Chris warned.

The other contestants just stood there, watching the scene unfold in front of them. Horrifying memories of being force-fed broccoli suddenly flashed through the musician's mind and his body trembled in response.

"Y-you can't make me eat that! My dad's a lawyer!" Trent raised his voice in an attempt to threaten the host.

"Dude, I thought your dad was an accountant?" Duncan asked. His out-of-the-blue response caused everyone to stare at him with confusion. Realising his mistake, Duncan awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck. "What? I pay attention..."

"A little too much attention," Chris cackled at the delinquent's expense, before turning to the cameraman. "Did you get that on camera?!"

7. Dwell

Duncan grunted with frustration as he sat at his team's usual table, using his trusty knife to carve something onto it. No one else was around, so he was forced to inwardly battle against his most recent, confusing thoughts.

Shaking his head, Duncan suddenly laughed to himself. He already knew the answer to the question that kept popping up in his mind - after all, it was so obvious. He definitely did not have feelings for Trent.

Trent was a psycho whose head was longer than the Empire State Building. His green sneakers were as bland as his personality, the enormous cleft on his chin looked like Owen's butt, and his half-lidded smile was infectious- Wait, what?...

No... No, no, no!

He was a walking cliche that reeked of perfection... NO, WAIT!

Now feeling irritated by his conflicting thoughts, Duncan snapped out of his trance and looked down at the table. He groaned as he noticed that he had subconsciously etched Trent's name onto the table.

"Well, shit."

8. Trouble

Normally, Trent wouldn't be caught dead in a place like detention, but he had done some questionable things and was forced to attend. He opened the door to find five students already inside. He couldn't recognise four of them, but he did notice the fifth person: his pathetic excuse of a classmate, Duncan. Said classmate was currently leaning back on his seat without a care in the world. He was chewing on a pen out of boredom, and his legs were propped over his graffiti-covered desk. With a quick glance, Trent noted that Duncan's red converse shoes were just as tacky as the rest of his outfit. He truly was a punk wannabe.

Duncan's mouth fell agape as he noticed Trent, and the pen fell to the floor. "Elvis, what are you doing here? This isn't the music club!" he mocked.

Duncan's jokes were just like flat soda - bland and unwanted.

"Your jokes aren't funny."

"Wow," he said, placing his hand over his heart, "you almost hurt my feelings."

What an idiot, Trent thought, glaring at the rugged teen. He couldn't believe he had to spend the next hour with him... and the other four people, whoever they were.

9. Nine

It all happened so fast. At first they were chatting about their favourite bands... and then some flirty remarks were exchanged, which eventually turned into a make out session. Trent quickly broke the kiss to take his shirt off, and then returned his attention back to Duncan, his lips searching for his tongue.

"Alright, campers, get your butts over to the main lodge NOW," Chris' voice boomed through the campsite intercoms. "It's time for today's challenge!"

Just like that, reality had hit them hard. Trent pulled away from Duncan, inwardly hating Chris for ruining their moment.

"We should go," he sighed with disappointment.

Duncan was, naturally, against the idea. "Two more minutes," he mumbled, moving his attention over to Trent's neck, swirling his tongue and leaving marks that would need to be covered with his shirt later.

Trent tried to disagree, but he tilted his neck instead, allowing him to continue. "We can't be late."

At those words, Duncan slightly pulled away and stared at the guitarist for a brief moment. He had another suggestion. "... Nine minutes?"

Trent blinked at the mere thought, feeling incredulous. Was Duncan being serious right now? There was no way he was going to agree with him because of the number ni- Actually, that could work.

10. Jealous

A worried sigh escaped Trent's lips as he walked away from Duncan. Their conversation was going well until he mentioned Courtney, again, for the eleventh time. Soon enough, Duncan caught up to the musician and banded his hand around his wrist, yanking him back.

"Why did you walk away just now?" Duncan asked. He then contemplated a certain possibility. "Are you jealous?"

Trent looked down at Duncan's hand for a moment before shaking his wrist free. "No. Well... I mean... maybe?" He honestly had no clue.

Duncan suddenly laughed and Trent felt like all his problems in the world had vanished. "You can have Courtney, man," he said. "I've noticed how annoyed you get whenever I mention her name."

"No, that's not what I..." Trent stopped himself from talking further and smacked his forehead, feeling distressed. "Forget it..."

Trent couldn't figure out what was going on or why he was acting like a blubbering mess. All he knew was that he felt like he was drowning in a sea contaminated with misery, and there was no one who could save him.

Maybe, just maybe, he was the idiot in this situation.

11. Fixation

"He thinks he's so cool because he has piercings," Trent complained, rolling his eyes. "His face annoys me even more... like the way he glares at everything. How about this, Duncan?! Try acting like a normal person!"

Justin groaned, showing his obvious disinterest as they both strolled around the campsite. "You've been talking about Duncan all morning!" he finally snapped.

Trent was stunned by his bandmate's unexpected reaction. "I have?..."

"Yeah, you have," Justin confirmed, feeling exhausted from the torture he had to endure. "I think I'm about to get an ear infection! Can we talk about my modelling portfolio instead?"

12. Guilt

"I can see Harold! He's coming this way!" Duncan blurted, alerting DJ and Geoff. As usual, the infamous Killer Bass trio were planning to humiliate the beatboxer with their pranks.

"Alright, let's hide," DJ chuckled, ducking behind a nearby bush with a rope. The other end was tied to the bottom of a tree.

Geoff followed, although he held a camcorder in his hands. "Make sure you distract him," he told Duncan.

The punk watched with anticipation as the tall figure in the distance came closer. He was prepared to distract the lanky dweeb, but... he never appeared. Instead, Trent showed up, which admittedly caught Duncan off guard. Looks like he'd been focusing on the wrong person.


At the mention of his name, Trent's green eyes flickered over to Duncan as he walked by. Duncan attempted to warn him about the rope, but it was too late. DJ had already pulled it tightly and the musician fell onto the muddy ground with a painful thud.

On instinct, Duncan headed over to Trent and held out his hand to help him up. "My bad. I thought you were Ha-"

Trent interrupted Duncan by angrily slapping his hand away. He got up from the ground and observed his muddy clothes.

"You did that on purpose!" he snarled. His tone was laced with hostility. "You're an idiot!"

For once in his life, Duncan knew it would be best to keep his mouth shut. All he could do was frown as Trent walked away from him.

13. Tease

"I'm sick of having our dates at this stupid camp," Duncan grumbled, kicking the ground in complete boredom. "When this season is over, we should do something normal, like... watch a movie at the cinema."

"Yeah, but there's a problem. We don't like the same movies," Trent noted, having most of his attention directed at a German magazine. There was an article about the Der Schnitzel Kickers, which piqued his interest.

"Okay then," Duncan grinned, suddenly coming up with an evil idea. "We should go to the circus."

That seemed to grab Trent's attention. He suddenly slammed the magazine shut and looked at Duncan in horror. "Have you lost your damn mind?!"

Right on cue, Duncan burst out laughing at Trent's response. Duncan already knew they couldn't go to the circus together since there would be a mime waiting for Trent at every corner. Damn, it was so easy to get a certain reaction out of Trent, and he truly loved it.

14. Different

Duncan couldn't help but snicker as he witnessed Trent wander around the Playa in a bizarre outfit. His white turtleneck, matching jeans, and round sunglasses made it seem like he stepped out of a 90s boyband music video.

The guitarist huffed as the obnoxious laughter filled his ears. "Laugh all you want, Duncan, but the fans love this outfit."

Duncan checked Trent out before replying. "Isn't it too hot to be wearing a turtleneck?"

"I didn't realise you were the weather man," he sneered.

Duncan blinked. Apparently Trent thought his pickup line was an insult. "Are you really that dumb?"

Clearly there was no point in this conversation. Trent didn't even know why he felt the need to approach Duncan in the first place. "No, I'm not. You're just an idiot," he scowled, now deciding to leave. "Next time I see you, it'll be in Hell."

"Can't wait for the date, Elvis."

15. Revenge

"You know what, Duncan? I've had it with your pranks," Trent said through gritted teeth. He didn't appreciate having vinegar-filled balloons being thrown at his head.

"What are you gonna do?" Duncan teased, approaching Trent and gripping his hips, pulling him closer. "Serenade me to death?"


Trent roughly removed Duncan's hands from his sides and grabbed his phone. It didn't take long for him to find what he needed. Duncan's smirk immediately faltered when 'My Heart Will Go On' began to blare through the speakers. Images of Celine Dion filled the delinquent's mind and his arms were suddenly covered in goosebumps.

"Okay, stop! I'm sorry!"

16. Injured

It was common knowledge that Trent had a tendency to get injured. Actually, it happened so often that Duncan began to wonder if he was an actual pain magnet or not. As expected, he somehow ended up hurting himself earlier, and Duncan was currently stuck helping him limp over to the campsite's infirmary. As he readjusted his shoulder to support Trent's weight, Duncan couldn't help but wonder: Why was he the first person to offer assistance? To be honest, he wasn't quite sure.

A loud groan suddenly snapped Duncan out of his thoughts. He looked over at Trent who was still holding onto his shoulder for support as they limped across the campground. The delinquent couldn't help but laugh at his misfortune.

"You're an idiot..." Trent muttered, wincing in pain.

"Says the guy who tripped over a rock."

17. Resist

Trent felt his stomach drop as a pair of hands grabbed his waist and shoved him over to the wall. He wasn't surprised to see Duncan towering over him, his hands now placed on either side of the wall to prevent any means of escape. His lips curved into his usual bullshit smile, causing Trent to close his eyes for a moment... before snapping back to reality.

"Can you stop doing that?!" He tried to sound annoyed, but failed. "I don't like it."

Duncan scoffed at this. "That's funny. You know actions speak louder than words, right?"

Trent was puzzled. Noticing this, Duncan pointed his finger down. Trent's gaze followed along and was horrified to find that he had been subconsciously grinding his hips onto Duncan's crotch.

"I'm not even doing anything," Duncan revealed as Trent continued. He removed his hands from the wall and held them up in defence.

Although the feeling was euphoric, Trent forced himself to stop and leaned against the wall for support, inwardly cursing at himself.

18. Obsession

"Yo, yo, it was only a joke, eh!" Ezekiel squirmed as Duncan held him by the collar of his tattered hoodie.

"If you make fun of Trent's nine thing again, you're a dead man! Got it?!"

In a state of panic, the farm boy anxiously nodded as beads of sweat dripped down his pale face. Ezekiel was obviously harmless but Duncan still had the urge to prove to everyone that he was tough. Also, he believed that only he was allowed to make fun of Trent's number nine obsession. But... if anyone found out that he was threatening Ezekiel in order to defend his boyfriend, then they'd automatically assume he was as tough as a marshmallow.

Damn you, Trent.

19. Drunk

"Are you kidding me?..." Duncan groaned, lazily checking the bedside clock, "It's 2AM."

He had been rudely awakened due to someone randomly pounding on the boys' trailer door. He groggily got out of bed and looked around to see if any of the other guys were awake... Nope. Owen, DJ, Justin, and Harold were all sound asleep.

Opening the door, Duncan expected it to be either Chris or Chef pulling a prank, but he was surprised to see that it was actually Trent. He was silently slouched by the door, looking at Duncan with a tired expression plastered on his face.

"Uh, you know you already sleep here, right?" Duncan joked. "There's no need to knock, dude."

In response, Trent began to mumble something incoherently, which confused the delinquent. Upon closer inspection, Duncan noticed that his eyes were blotchy, his hair was unkempt, and he reeked of alcohol.

"Are you drunk?" he asked with a raised brow. Trent had just faced a rough breakup with Gwen, so he was likely mourning the loss of their relationship.

"Y-yeah..." Trent slurred. He suddenly held his arms wide open and stumbled over to Duncan, pulling him into a drowsy hug. "I couldn't stop thinking about you, so I came here... Shhh..."

Duncan couldn't help but frown to himself, realising that Trent was obviously talking about Gwen. He probably assumed this was the girls' trailer.

It all made sense to him, until Trent said something else.

"You're still an idiot..."

Despite the insult, Duncan was amused, and his frown morphed into a warm smile. It turns out Trent was talking about him all along.

20. Music

Trent always spent his weekends working at the local mall. Everyone knew he had a passion for guitars and songwriting, so it was only natural for him to have a part time job at the music store. His shifts had been going slow lately, but there was one particular customer he always looked forward to seeing.

"Hey, Duncan," Trent greeted, approaching said customer in the Country Music aisle. Due to being a regular customer, they ended up exchanging names a few weeks ago. They were roughly the same age, but they didn't go to the same school because Trent would've noticed Duncan's green mohawk roaming around the corridors. He also wore a choker around his neck and had enough piercings to make a prudish grandmother faint. All in all, he was the walking definition of Punk Rock. Speaking of which...

"Why are you standing in the Country aisle?" he asked with a light chuckle.

"Because I wanted to see if you would notice," Duncan admitted. "And you did." He grabbed a random CD from the shelf and cringed as he inspected the cover. After placing it back, the delinquent exited the aisle and wandered around the store. Trent couldn't help but follow him.

The only weird thing Trent noticed about Duncan was that he seemed to dodge the music store standees like they were land mines. Later, when Duncan attempted to leave, Trent couldn't help but ask another question that came to mind.

"You always visit the store," Trent noted, "but you never buy anything... Why?"

A wry smile appeared on Duncan's face. "I thought it was obvious... but I guess you'll have to find out next weekend."

And with those being his final words, Duncan left the store, making Trent look forward to their next encounter.

21. Blackmail

"We should steal some snacks from the interns," Duncan suggested with a smirk.

As Duncan expected, Trent, the party pooper, was against his brilliant idea. "I don't think so."

"I didn't want to do this, but... you leave me no choice."

Duncan suddenly grabbed a photo from his jeans pocket and shoved it in front of Trent's face. It was a close-up, uncensored image from the time he went skinny dipping with the Drama Brothers. Of course his attempts at blackmail were going to work. After all, he was a professional at conducting criminal activities.

"Why did you have that photo in your pocket?..."

Okay, maybe not.

"Th-That's not the point, Trent!"

22. Marathon

Confusion was written all over Trent's face as Duncan attempted to put on a movie. He made himself comfortable on the couch as he quietly observed the dark room. The large television screen was the only source of light.

"When you said you wanted to have a marathon, I didn't think you meant this..."

After pressing the Play button, Duncan headed over to the couch. He casually laid his head down on Trent's lap before replying, "Your taste in alien movies suck. We're not leaving this couch until we watch every. single. movie."

Trent's eyes then lingered over to the large pile of alien movie DVDs on the coffee table, and he could've sworn his soul left his body. It seemed like they weren't going to be moving anytime soon, but at least there were plenty of snacks to enjoy.

23. Forward

Trent basked in the glory of having some peace and quiet as he strummed a familiar tune on his guitar. However, his alone time soon came to an end when Duncan appeared and sat across from him. Much to the musician's surprise, Duncan randomly grabbed his calloused hand and began to inspect it carefully.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Trent stammered, feeling intimidated by the unexpected contact. He couldn't help but notice that his hands were rough yet oddly warm at the same time.

"Is this your dominant hand?" he asked.

Why did Duncan ignore his question? Anyway, Trent nodded in response. "Yeah. Are you right handed, too?"

"No, I'm ambidextrous," Duncan revealed. A flirtatious smirk then appeared on his lips, which caused Trent to look at him in disbelief.

Trent was taken aback by this revelation, knowing exactly what Duncan had meant. He suddenly came to his senses and pulled his hand away from the punk's grasp.

"I... uh..." To put it lightly, he was speechless.

24. Hypocrite

"Uh, dudes..." Geoff began, his eyes scanning the fancy room, "What are we gonna do?!"

After defeating the girls in the gruesome eating contest, the guys were looking forward to their weekend at the spa resort. However, they were dumbfounded once they discovered Chris' silly prank. They should've known he would've left only three beds between five people.

"I think I should get a bed to myself because I won the challenge for us... and I also ate a lot of beans this morning..." Owen admitted with a sheepish smile. Not wanting to risk a possible earthquake, the other guys allowed him to sleep on his own.

DJ and Geoff eventually agreed to share a bed, which left...

"Okay," Duncan said, grabbing some pillows and throwing them onto the only remaining bed, "we'll make a wall down the middle," he told Trent.

"I'm cool with that," Trent shrugged, adjusting the pillows to his liking. Soon enough, a fluffy barrier formed down the middle of the bed.

Once he laid down on his side, Duncan peeked over the pillows and glared at Trent. "Make sure you stay on your side, or you're dead," he warned.

Despite his threat, Duncan woke up to a real shock the next morning. He realised that he had somehow landed on Trent's side of the bed and was lying on top of him... Luckily, Trent was still asleep, so Duncan swore to take this secret to his grave.

25. Idiot

"For fucks sake, Trent! When are you going to realise that Gwen doesn't want you back?!" Duncan snapped, trailing behind the guitarist. He then attempted to change his demeanour in order to not look bitter. "I mean, I don't care... I'm just stating the facts."

At that moment, Trent abruptly came to a stop and turned around, almost causing Duncan to crash into him. "You know what, Duncan? I think you do care."

"... Alright, I guess I do," he confessed, feeling a lump form in his throat. Why was he beginning to feel nervous? Deciding to ignore the foreign feeling, Duncan rolled his eyes as he thought of Trent's predictable response. "Let me guess. You think I'm an idiot?"

"No," Trent admitted with the same half-lidded smile that Duncan loved. "I don't think that at all."

A/N: I love prompts/drabbles and really wanted to practice, so here we are! Drunk (#19) was my favourite prompt. Also YES, the title of the fic is a reference to Trent calling Duncan an idiot several times on the show.

Fun Fact: Trouble (#8) and Music (#20) were supposed to be separate one-shots but I changed my mind and added them here instead. Notice how they're pretty much the only AUs?

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