Author Notes : This is my first ever SUV for reading...Thanks for reading...

A lifetime of memories

Captain Olivia Benson was bored out of her mind sitting behind her desk finishing up the last of her normal routine of paperwork. Her mind was beginning to wonder of years ago for when she was just a detective and her partner was Elliot Stabler.

It's been a long time since she had remembered him. Even though a few months ago she was told that Stabler was back to work at another precinct after getting over the death of his wife and three children.

Getting over four deaths was extremely hard. When herself had suffered a great deal with being raped, shot and a number of injuries. Even her own therapist Doctor William R. Tunnels advised her to take some time off. She had done this last year with a two week vacation to Florida to relax.

She needed to shake off her memories of those days with her partner Elliott after he decided enough was enough with working for the precinct and getting away from Oliver Benson. He wasn't able to commit to her with a wife and children in the foreground of his life.

22 years working for this particular precinct had left her with a number of memories. There was a phone call coming into the office on line one. She didn't know what it was all about at eight o'clock at night and she needed to go on home to her son Noah...

She answers the phone..."This is Benson how can I help you?" She will say tirely over the phone listening to the voice.

"Olivia this is Amanda Rollins we have a situation three blocks away from the precinct. We need you and others to help search for a missing girl having been raped. We don't know who exactly is the person had raped her. Eye witnesses had stated that a man dressed in man around maybe 30 years old with long hair. Dominick and Tutuola had gone after him with no success with ducking into an alleyway. Are you able to come Olivia?" Her friend will asked over the phone.

"Sure. I am coming now Amanda. Let them know I am on my way." And with that she hung up the phone gathering up her things and most of all her weapon. She had checked it to make sure the barrel was filled with bullets in case she needed to use it.

Walking out of her office and closing the door. She went looking for her vehicle inside the underground parking lot to moving inside to start up her car and warning it up. However when she had looked into the rearview mirror, she was able to see some sort of a ghost looking too much like her former partner Elliot. She had shut her eyes for a moment before opening them again to find nothing there at all.

She moved off quickly with heading on over to the street given by Amanda. There were yellow banners all over the area with the police authorities searching the region. Moving under the banner after parking her car across the way with locking the door with her remote.

She saw Amanda and Dominick talking to each other over not finding nothing so far with the search. When Captain Benson walked over to them she had asked for a update before moving away to search for herself with the temperatures dropping for the first of October 2020 and with the Coronavirus still going on in the city. She had managed to grabbed a mask left in her coat pocket.

She was alone as she began to head inside the alleyway near a grocery store. It was lighted due to the fact the owner was protecting himself with attacks and robberies. Olivia had taken out her weapon checking through the trash bins and any type of large boxes to find nothing. However walking a little more towards the back to enter into another alley. She heard a noise sounding like crying of a eight year old girl. Maybe in her mind she was thinking that maybe it was the rape weapon.

Olivia pulled out her cell phone giving her location with Amanda answering. She didn't bother to talk all that much in order to search for the rapist. She found the young girl shivering in the corner as she waited for Amanda to show up running with Dominick.

Olivia cried out to have them take care of her while she went looking for the rapist on a run. "Olivia! You can't be going on your own?" She screamed out while Dominick covering her further with his jacket. "We need to call for a rape kit and get her to the hospital. Along with finding her parents in the process."

"Dominick I need to go find Olivia before she gets herself hurt in the process." She had to say with worry on her mind and demeanor.

"Go ahead I will take care of the girl and everything else. However we will need to talk later about about things." He will have said that has been on his mind ever since she had the baby.

Olivia continued to walk briskly with looking for the rapist. When all of a sudden he heard a noise coming around from the entrance of the alleyway. "STOP ALREADY THIS IS THE POLICE." She will scream out with her weapon in her hand and shaking slightly.

However the rapist didn't stop what he was going to be doing with pulling out his own revolver. Turning slightly to check for the police woman's presence. She fired quickly to miss him. While Amanda had heard the shots racing...

She had gotten to the scene too late when the rapist had the upper hand on her with firing two shots with one into her stomach and the other her right shoulder. Olivia cried out loud before firing and nicking the rapist into his left shoulder to get away.

It was at this point she had a great deal of pain and living her past of memories...Her hand lifting up was the feel of her partners face Elliot Stabler. She didn't wish to die with leaving her son Noah and all of her friends from over the years...

she was remembering the time when the captain her told her that Elliot had turned in his papers to leave the precinct to get away from her and the pressures. She had moved out to head for the locker room to begin falling to pieces.

Amanda Rollins was frantic when she saw Olivia with two bullet wounds into her body. Reflex told her right away to take out her phone to call for an ambulance and Dominick letting him know the situation. She needed to do something with the blood seeping out of her body. They needed to hurry with getting her to the hospital...Amanda's heart was racing as with seeing Dominick running wondering what was happening to the young girl. "Dominick it looks bad. I have already called for an ambulance." As she was shaking like a leaf with moving into Dominick's chest with her hand filled with blood.

"Did she say anything?" As Amanda and Dominick tried with using something to tie off the vein in her stomach..and hopefully slow the bleeding in her shoulder...