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A lifetime of memories

Chapter 17th

Using his key given to him by Olivia. He was able to open the door in the semi darkness of the living room. She had mention that Noah was going to be staying over at the neighbors for the evening. So nothing was going to stop him now with talking or anything else matter of fact.

He had taken off his jacket with placing it onto the coat rack he had found. He than headed for her bedroom with knocking on the door to let her know he was here. She was half asleep when he walked in with a smile and two bags filled with goodies.

"I am glad you're here Elliot. Did you get the division up and running as of yet?" She sat up with asking with a smirk on her face.

"One week. However I talked with my boss and he said that I have six weeks vacation on whether I will be able to take it with telling him that I was getting married." He said with a kiss to her lips.

"I have six weeks as well Elliot. So it can work out to our advantage. However I would assume that your boss will get someone to take over until we get back from our honeymoon." She said with a smile and the smell of the food in the two bags.

"Where would like to go for our honeymoon?" Stabler needed to asked since there is no problem for when it comes to the funds with his parents having left him a diary to use whenever possible.

"I always wanted to go to Hawaii and swim on those beautiful beaches and get a tan. I have been trying for years to get one living in the city." She stated with emotion.

He chuckled. "How about a small wedding with our friends from both precincts with another couple with Amanda and Dominick wanting to get married as well with her answer was yes with his proposal?"

"It sounds like a great idea Elliot. I will talk with them over the phone about it."

"Now enough talk let's eat before I get into the main dessert of the evening." He makes mention with making her blush slightly.


One week later at the Ramon Catholic Church down the street from her apartment. Everyone was gathered inside with a guest list of 100 combined to watch the double ceremony between Amanda/Dominick and Olivia/Elliot.

Both brides had worn laced white dresses with short veils since everything was done quickly. Though both males will be wearing Tuxedos for the special ceremony with Father Jerome to proceed with the vows. Fen was standing next to them as per requested. Noah was sitting in the front with the neighbors sitting next to him since he's going to be staying with them for two weeks.

Bridesmaids were chosen for the ceremony. As music was being played throughout the entire church with a chore singing in the back. It was just lovely all together. There were two reporters from the local tv stations doing a report on the double wedding and the story behind the two love affairs happening.

Once the two Amanda and Olivia walked down to stand side by side with the rings ready to be placed on. Father Jerome was going to keep it short with the vows with each Amanda and Olivia facing their future husbands to say the following...

"Olivia and Amanda do you take your husbands for all eternity throughout your marriage of love, sickness and health?" He looked at the two ladies to answer in unison...

"We do." Amanda and Olivia smiled at their future husbands...

"Dominick and Elliot do you take your wives for all eternity throughout your marriage of love, sickness and health?"

In unison: "We do." They said with the audience chuckling slightly as with Noah.

I must say I am rather overwhelm to see these two couples entering into a union of in the eyes of god. I will pronounce that both couples are now married in the eyes of god. Now please place your rings on before I say that your now man and wife."

All four of the rings have been placed on the couples waiting for the kissing to began. "God bless one and all you're married and you may kiss your brides."

There was applause from everyone inside the church along with throwing up rice and flowers into the air...

There lives were starting up anew with going to Hawaii and Florida for both of the couples. Olivia was thrilled having been feeling really well since getting out of the hospital. Elliot mention in her ear during the small party before leaving for their flight to Hawaii for two weeks. "Now we can try to make a baby while we are in Hawaii."

"You think?" She said with the start of their new lives...

P.S. There is a continuation of a new story with those two couples while they are on their honeymoon coming soon.

The End