I had several people ask me to write an OC, since the world doesn't have to revolve around Taylor, and decided to repurpose one of my favorite OC's. This is more of an experiment than anything so please feel free to leave comments. Also, no beta on this so expect me to edit out all the embarassing grammar mistakes when I get home from work.


So there are two simple primary facts about becoming a parahuman and thus gaining a superpower that one must be made aware of. Fact one, you have to experience and endure the worst moment of your life, and fact two your power will do absolutely nothing to solve the issue that caused it to manifest, and quite likely will only make matters worse in the long run.

Me? I gained my power when I was a brat from San Francisco visiting relatives in Japan, then Leviathan showed up and threw down with Lung resulting in the mother of all Kaiju battles that ended with the entire island I and my family were on to sink into the ocean.

Thousands of years of history, gone, just like that at the whims of a monster as Kyushu's sole surviving defender watched on in horror as his home was sunk beneath the waves, and the Beast of the Sea sauntered off leaving devastation in its wake.

As a current denizen of the shit hole known as Brockton Bay I can honestly say I hate Lung as a person. He was a criminal that exploited the downtrodden and powerless, peddled drugs to those too weak to handle the reality of their miserable lives, and was involved in the sex trade to an extent that it made me a bit queasy.

He was also the wrathful dragon that gave his all to kill the monster that murdered my family; sure he failed, but he had fought till the point that the land below him was quite literally washed away by the sea, and I could respect that.

He was still a dick though.

All that being said while my power set was the near definition of a grab bag, it really made me consider how situational many capes abilities were and how they manifested into something almost useful. Myself, I could sense everyone around me in a hundred yard radius, could teleport nearly anywhere with a thought, and for some reason I could see in the dark. That last one still confuses the hell out of me but regardless it didn't really matter since I gained my custom tailored search and rescue powers after I knew for a fact my family had died when our hotel collapsed under Leviathan's waves.

Nothing quite like blinking out of a crumbling building to the screams of your terrified little sister just to appear on the roof of the adjoining skyscraper to watch the sea rush in and kill her, your parents, and thousands more while being pelted by freezing rain and hurricane class winds.

Not traumatizing in the slightest, really.

That all being said and done, I survived.

I ended up living with my grandfather, my sole surviving family member, in what I can only consider to be the armpit of the northeastern United States which was at least tolerable, yet I could not help but grimace as I approached my 'School'.

If one were to ask why that had air quotation marks, it's simply because even though I was a brat at the time I attended school in San Francisco, and had gotten to see schools in Japan.

My American school was…eh, mildly lack luster since we were all oblivious little kids who took it for granted, and the school I saw in Japan was so clean it almost seemed sterile yet was obviously efficiently teaching the youth of tomorrow.

Winslow High School though was the very definition of an inner city dumpster fire ready to be lit off at any moment, gods above and below how I hated this place. Gang tags on the walls, drug sales in the locker rooms, indifferent uncaring facility, and constantly stewing racial inequality.


Taking one last drag off my cigarette I raised my combat boot clad foot and rubbed the butt out on the heel while flicking it to the lawn to join the hundreds of burned out stumps already gracing the winter dead grass. Exhaling the smoke I passed a group of Fourth Reich wannabes who all sneered at me while I did my best not to roll my eyes at their pathetic little racist antics.

Sorry assholes, you do not have shit on an Endbringer, and are thus about as intimidating as an ill tempered yapping three legged terrier. Thus your inability to not comprehend you are supporting an ideology that was defeated and beaten into the ground more than half a century ago is not my problem.

Then one of them snarled out, "Yeah you keep walking chink."

I stopped mid step, and felt my ire rising as I turned to glare at the skinhead who was suddenly not looking so confident as his buddies shuffled a few steps away from them.

It was kind of ironic in a mundane way; I was an intellectual introvert with a tendency to be low key manipulative in order to remain unnoticed by the masses at large, yet no matter what I was constantly called out for being Asian. Which, I admit offended me on multiple levels, I'm fourth generation American mother fucker, this land is my land as much as it is yours you goose stepping shit heel.

I walked forward a few steps and grinned up at the Nazi fuck, "I'm sorry, what did you just say?"

He looked nervous and glanced at his buddies, they looked equally nervous and I had to resist the urge to giggle, ah to have a history of violence to precede your reputation, priceless.

"I, umm…I…"

I reached out a hand and he flinched back as I gently patted his cheek while replying in my most kindly yet condescending tone, "That's right, nothing. Remember that in the future. Or Else."

Turning I walked away from the Nazis and couldn't help but feel the flush of pride as the ABB wannabes near as one smirked at me and nodded in respect. Sure I had no intention of joining that flesh peddling asshole Lung's gang, but the fact that I had gained said gangs respect without being pressured to join pleased me.

Sue me, I'm human.

Walking through the tarnished halls of the dilapidated high school I was soon at my locker and quickly spun the lock to open it; shuffling through my stacks of books, candy wrappers, and the chibi Miss Militia figure my best friend bought me I grabbed my necessary notes and slammed the door shut.

"Hey Keiko! How was your Christmas break?" Blinking I turned to see my only real friend standing there smiling at me, and I couldn't help the urge to pull her into a tight hug that she happily returned. Releasing her I pulled my books tight to my chest and smiled wanly at the taller ravenette whose smile was far too fragile looking for my taste. The traitorous ginger bitch better not have tried….ugh don't go there Kirigaya, that path leads to bad things.

"Honestly it was boring as hell Taylor, grandfather made me go out to some weird ass shrine that I think was built off of the knowledge of bad anime. Still I…, heh, no nevermind it sucked, how about you?"

The beanpole thin girl shrugged lightly, "Dad forgot I existed, again, I cried into my mom's blanket while watching Princess Bride a lot, and kinda dealt with a low key dread coming back here all while knowing I couldn't get ahold of you to talk me down from a panic attack."

I winced at that, my grandfather was old school as hell and refused to let me have a cell phone which was just aggravating considering I had one when my family was slaughtered. Taylor was in much the same way; her mom had died in a car accident because she had been texting and driving about a year before I met her.

Her dad had taken the incredibly intelligent and rational route of coping with this by denying his teenage daughter in Brockton Bay a cell phone for her safety.

If anyone where to ask, I was not overly impressed by her father's decision making process, there was a reason I gave her a couple cans of pepper spray for her birthday.

"Well," I began ,"at least the bitch trio hasn't bothered you recently, yeah?"

Truthfully, I wondered on that one because it just did not fit their MO. Barnes and Hess detested me with a passion yeah, mostly because I didn't blindly believe their smear campaign on Taylor when I was enrolled at Winslow and actually tried to get to know the girl. To be blunt, at this point, she was about as fucked in the head as I was, but she still remained a good person where as I would have handled the harassment and betrayal in a manner that Carrie would approve of.

I didn't know why Barnes had betrayed her, I didn't know why Hess hated her, I just knew that I was far scarier than either of those idiots and did my best to comfort my nerdy, significantly more socially awkward than myself friend.

She let out a tired, humorless laugh, "Yeah there's that at least. Hey I'm gonna go hit my locker and I'll meet up with you in History ok?"

I smiled and nodded, "Yeah, see you there."