This is a bit dark, but well... Keiko has a very...interesting outlook on teaching those she loves life lessons in the most efficient manner available.

Also Taylor's reaction at the end seriously made me giggle and I wrote the damn thing.


I did my best to present a happy smile as I reached down and took Taylor's grasping hand into my own while gently breaking her grip from my wrist. I then took a knee and pulled her outstretched palm to my chest just above my heart as I met her frenzied gaze evenly, "Heyya sweetie, how're you holding up?"

Tears gathering at the corners of her eyes, and then my nerd threw her free arm around my neck and pulled me into a hug while sobbing into my shoulder.

Ah...that good then.

She cried for about five minutes, which, you know, all things considered I understood. Gaining Parahuman powers was not something to take lightly; the simple fact that Sophia Hess, AKA Shadow Stalker knowing this being a parahuman herself, willingly pushed a civilian into experiencing her own personal hell to the point she snapped and triggered kinda said a bit about her character.

Listening to my bestie's crying, I felt zero regrets for offing the murderous Ward, good riddance to psychotic bitches.

Eventually Taylor pulled away and wiped her nose on the back of her forearm before falling back onto her hospital bed, still sniffling while muttering out, "They tried to kill me."

I winced at that while nodding slowly, "Yeah...I don't think that was the initial intention but yeah that really was what the end result boiled down to. Things are also unfortunately more complicated now that you sort of...Triggered."

Taylor sat up and stared at me with wide terrified doe eyes, "I didn't just hallucinate that?!"


Crawling up into her bed I let her curl up around me and rubbed my hand up and down her back as she trembled into my side, letting out a random sob every now then.

Sophia Hess was very lucky I had already murdered her, because this right here? It was grounds for me getting creative on the psychotic bitch in vengeful retribution.

I found it darkly amusing that my Grandfather would approve of that thought process, vindictive old bastard had a positive influence on my upbringing after all.

Eventually Taylor whispered out, "What are my powers?"

At that question I pulled her closer and approximated something resembling a shrug before replying with, "Dunno sweetie, sometimes powers are in your face no questions asked what you're in for. Other times you have to play with the training wheels and figure it out at your own pace. Though there are a few things you need to consider before you actually start flexing your power."

She took in a tired breath at that, then nodded slowly as she met my gaze, "Such as?"

At that I grinned wickedly earning me a concerned frown from my friend, smart girl.

"Presentation my dear, presentation."

Taylor cocked her head to the side a moment then slowly stated, "I...don't follow?"

My grin turned into a smirk as I raised a finger while stating, "One mo' dear," then I popped away and back within seconds. Tossing my new burden on the bed before my friend I took a moment to find amusement in her panicked reaction. It was the little things in life after all.

"Jesus Keiko that's a fucking gun!"

I grinned in return, "Close dear that is a pistol. Now, tell me what you can about it."

Eventually Taylor calmed down enough to actually examine the pistol, then met my gaze with an annoyed glimmer in her eye.

Oh, this was going to be delightful.

"It's a handgun."


"It looks like it is mostly made of plastic."

"The frame yes, the slide and internals are mostly metal though."

"It looks...modified? I guess? I mean I can't tell for certain I'm not an expert or anything."

I nodded quickly at that, "It's heavily modified actually. I'm small, I hate to admit it but I'm gonna be lucky if I level out at five foot even and reach anything above 110 lbs before puberty ends. So I had to trick that bitch out to fire it correctly without greatly effecting my accuracy with potential recoil and all that."

Taylor stared down at the Glock 19 on the bed before her, then glanced up to meet my gaze while muttering out, "What does this have to do with presentation?"

Smirking I took the pistol in hand, jettisoned the magazine tossing it on the bed and racking the slide to make sure the chamber was clear, then twirled it on my finger lightly while jauntily stating, "Observe."

Then I blinked to Taylors side, stuck the pistol to her head, and pulled the trigger.

Dead silence followed the click of the striker pin hitting the empty chamber.

Eventually I dropped the gun to the side table, and Taylor turned her head to meet my gaze wide eyed with an obvious hint of fear, I could only grin sheepishly and shrug, finding it very difficult to not break down as I gathered my wits to continue on with my explanation. I'm not going to lie, I think I went overboard here but the point needed to be made.

"What does the world know about the Rogue known as Blink?"

Taylor had tears gathering at the corners of her eyes, and I felt a bit like I was dying inside, but the fucking point needed to be made.

Eventually Taylor gathered herself, then muttered out, "She saves people from monsters."

I nodded slowly at that then sat next to her, and I cringed when she jumped as I took her hands, but felt something resembling hope as she relaxed a few moments later.

"And if everyone knew that the girl that saved innocent people from monsters could pop into their bedrooms in the dead of night and double tap them in the skull and get away with it without any repercussions? What then Tay?"

Taylor remained silent, and eventually I sighed while shaking my head, "Sweetie, presentation is everything if you want to be a cape and a Hero at that. I'm not trying to freak you out, I just want you to know how easy it is to be presented as a villain if you don't control your own PR and YES, it is that important..."

Taylor was silent for well over five minutes, then she scooted further into my side while dropping her head on my shoulder muttering, "You're really scary you know that, right?"

I snorted at that, then shrugged lightly, "My girlfriend has mentioned the fact in the past."

Taylor was silent a moment, then shot up shooting me a glare that honestly had me freeze up in terror, "WAIT! What girlfriend!?"