Attention dear readers this is not originally my fanfiction. Kantai collection: Genesis was created by Nekoreku, however I have adopted it. I hope you enjoy it.

Location: Somewhere in the southern Ocean

Everything seemed to be normal on island. Two people were walking on an island. They were walking on the sandy shore . The First look like a teenager. She pale long hair and skin as white as snow. she had mismatch eyes. The left eye was blood red and the right eye was deep Blue. She appeared to be wearing a black trenchcoat with a grey scarf and a large hat. She appeared to have gaint tail with massive head with turrets attached on it and a scythe was in her hands . She appeared to be keeping eye on a smaller girl .

The smaller girl had brown hair a deep blue Naval Uniform and wore a tie and seemed to be running. The older girl sighed and yelled at the other "Hey Split. Slow down your to fast !"

The small girl called Spilt turned back and giggles"Oh come on. Is that so Elena!"

Elena groaned in frustration "Ugh could you slow down!"

"Come and catch me," The smaller girl dashed off behind a bunch of rocks . Elena left eyebrow twitch in Annoyance.

"I swear one of these ti-," Elena started to say when a scream pierced the sea breeze air.


Elena runs to where the smaller girl went. She sees Split in shocked. The girl grabs her and started shaking her. "Split what's wrong," She merely pointed in direction of the ocean.

Elena looks at the said direction and her jaw just

drops. There was a body of young girl. She looks about the same age as Split. The said girl wore a white sailor uniform with a blue skirt. she had black hair, but the girl was in bad condition. She had burns and bruises all across her body. Her clothes were burnt and torn . She also appeared to wear a rigging but it was heavily damaged.

Elena kneeled down and pressed the girls neck . "She's alive !" Elena grabs the girls and puts her on her back. She looks at Split who was still shocked . "Hey! Split snapped out of it! We have someone who needs some help!" Elena shouted. That snapped Split out of her shocked state and she nodded her head.

"Yea.. yeah, let's bring her to the base," she said and began walking. Elena followed her. The duo walked into the forest of the island. After a few minutes of walking.

They came into a large cave. They went inside. Split came to a stop and pushes a hidden lever. A small doorway opened and they went inside. They came to a stop again at a hatch disguise as a rock. Split opened the hatch and Elena went in along with the girl. Split went after her and closed the hatch.

At the bottom of the hatch was a large hallway with a large metal door at the end. Split pressed a few buttons on a hidden keyboard. Elena looks at Split.

"Did you deactivated the traps?" she asked. "Yeah," Split replied back. Both of them walks to the door and walked inside. It was a small room with a few buttons. Split pressed on of them and felt the room going down.

Split glances at the girl "Hey Elena I think the girl is a shipgirl like me,"

"I agree with you. The rigging she has is similar to a destroyer's and yours," Elena said.

"What do you think happened to her?"

" Probably she was in battle with them," Elena glowed for a moment. The smaller girl gupls.

"So from which nation do you think she is?"

"I have no idea," Elena answered as they stopped descending and the door opens up and showed it was large hall filled with people doing various things. Elena started yelling. "Hey! I Need Help. We found Someone on the beach. She's probably a shipgirl, and she's in a very bad condition!" she shouted. A group of people in white labcoats approached them with a hospital bed.

"Put her here. We'll take her to the infirmary!" said one of them. Elena nodded and places the girl on it and looks towards Split.

"Watch over her. I am going to the commander to tell him about what happened. I'll come to you after I'm done," Then Split gave her a salute. Elena smiles and started walking towards the admirald office.

Fubuki felt a throbbing pain and also felt poked. She slowly opened her eyes and sees a brown haired girl poking her. The brown hair girl smiles. "Hey Elena she's awake," the girl said.

"Really Split?" A second person came into and looks extremely pale like an Abyssal... Abyssal. "AAAAAAAARRRGGHHH an Abyssal!". Elena flinched back and tries to calm her down. "Hey, hey please calm down! I am not gonna Kill you. If I was your enemy I would have already done so," the one named Elena said.

Fubuki calm a bit down but was still nervous. Split looks at Fubuki. "Hey what's your name?" Fubuki instantly saluted her.

"I am the Japanese Special Destroyer Fubuki. Nice to meet you,"

"Nice to meet you Fubuki. I am also a destroyer". Fubuki blinks and looks at Split.

"Really which kind of destroyer are you?" Fubbuli asked.

The brown hair girl smiles and gave a bow. "I am the destroyer Split of Yugoslavia," She nervously waved at the other destroyer.

Elena glanced at Split. "Hey Split get the commander. tell him she's awake," she said. Split nodded and went outside. Elena looks at Fubuki. "I am Elena by the way,"

"Nice to meet you Elena-san but why are you helping humans? I thought you were mortal enemies of humans?"Fubuki asked.

The Abyssal sighed. "Well I am not technically an Abyssal. I am an Abyssal human hybrid. My dad was human. I don't wanna talk about it," Elena said. "Oh," Fubuki said and decided to drop the subject.

Suddenly Split came in followed by a large negro man. He was bald and wore a black uniform. Elena turned around and saluted. "Commander," she relplied.

"At ease soldier. I came to talk the girl," the man said. Elena nodded and stepped aside.

The man walks forward to Fubuki. "Your the Special Japanese destroyer Fubuki correct," She nodded. "Good. I am Solomon Farren . Commander and leader of Genesis . It's a pleasure to meet you and can you recall anything before you end up here?" he asked Fubuki in a calm tone.

"Well I was in a night battle but I think I was knocked out and ended up here," He nodded. "Uhm, Commander Solomon where am I and what is Genesis?"

"Well I am going to tell you some stuff that's very secret. So don't tell anyone. Ok," Fubuki nodded. "Genesis is research organization and we knew that the Abyssals existence before attack," Fubuki eyes widened.

"If you knew they existed why didn't you warn the world?" Solomon sighed .

"It's complicated. When we first met the Abyssals. We made a peaceful contact. They aren't monsters but intelligent beings like us . Heck even a few joined our organization,"

"But why did they attack us?"

"Well blame the CIA for that one. I didn't know how they found out about the Abyssals, but they did and kidnapped the Abyssal Queen. She was never heard from again. The CIA said that the Abyssals were an enemy of man and some other garbage. Her sister and subjects overreacted and declare war on humanity in retaliation. We were able to head underground before they attacked our base. There were some Abyssal that were with us stayed . We were like comrades to our Abyssal allies. and they fought off hostile Abyssal attacks. We fought alongside them,"

"Wait how were you able to fought off using conventional weapons. They are useless against the Abyssalsb"

Solomon chuckles. "I told you we're a research organization right,"

"Yes," Fubuki said.

"The thing is our main research is in weapons and new sources of energy. I won't go in much detail but we developed mecha's suit , Androids, mech's , exoskeletons, biological weapons just to name a few," Solomon said

"Oh," Fubuki replied listening to ever word the man said.

"Well we decided not to contact the many governments because we didn't trust them and would take our research," Fubuki continued to listen. "But we decided to observe the world. Than the next thing we knew. Japan developed Shipgirls and the next thing we knew the major countries did the same. We try to do the same and it was a success but they are from various minor nations,".

"Really from which nations?" Fubuki asked.

"Well they range from Chile, Finland , Poland and so on. We also have shipgirls from nations that don't exist anymore from Yugoslavia, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire and the Qing Dynasty. They aren't as powerful as the major ones but they still give a fight anyway. We do our best to save other humans. We send aid and supplies to the places that are completely undefended and is in worse shape. Well do you wanna explore the base?" Fubuki nodded.

"Well than follow me," he turned around and head out the door.

"Come in Fubuki," Elena said and stretch her hand out towards her. Fubuki grabs her hand and Elena helps her our of the hospital bed.

They went outside along with Split. "Elena, Split give her a tour I got work," Solomon said.

"Yes, commander !" they both said in unison When they got outside Fubuki was stunned it was massive hall with grey walls and there were people.

"Aaaah so cool!" Fubuki said in aw.