"What a story right?"

"What a silly prince!"

"What a silly mermaid!"

Parra and Noya cackle grotesquely, dangling on their strings before the curtain.

"People are so stupid."

"You can't have your cake and eat it too!"

"You know how the story goes from here right?"

"Yeah, you don't even need to play the game to know!"

"Long story short, the mermaid turns to seafoam!"

"And the prince becomes a rich man!"

"Oh but here's a kicker!"

"He falls in love with the sultan's daughter and forgets all about the mermaid!"

"What a twist!"

"But then she dies!"

"Oh but he remains rich doesn't he?"

"Oh yeah, totally. He doesn't really even care about finding his author to revive his princess actually. He just hunts nightmares because they give gold."

"Well, upgrading and evolving weapons is expensive."

"And now he's back with his old savior in this world, scrambling for a chance to meet their makers?

"How will this play out?!"

The two met in a small grove of bamboo by chance. He had just left a rather pigsty luncheon with the Three Little Pigs after they devoured just about everything. She had just ambled on, lost after parting with Kaguya. He heard her familiar song of sorrow and woe. She heard the jingling coins against the lamp's surface when he approached. Their eyes met.

But by now... they were strangers.