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Prologue: From Nothing

I have a question for you… what is Death?

Throughout all of history, many have attempted to find their own answers to this question.

Christians, as well as other religions, believe that death is just the beginning of something new - for better or worse. Once your life ends, you are judged in Purgatory to decide whether you go to heaven or hell depending on your actions and morals.

Buddhists believe that once your life ends, depending on your actions and unfinished, your spirit will be reborn on a higher, lower or the same existential plane you started… a bit confusing to take on face value but I wonder if this extends to all sentient beings.

Atheists believe that there is nothing beyond the material plane and all there is an infinite void. It's a very gloomy and dark way of thinking but that's what they believe in, so who am I to judge?

But I think they were all onto something.

My memories are a bit fuzzy, but I vaguely recall crossing the street one day and the next thing I knew I was here.

Stuck in this… void.

An abyss with no end in sight.

No time, no space, just the nothingness to keep me company… and it's driving me mad! I cannot stand being alone like this!

I want to talk about something.

I want to talk to someone.

I want to be with someone.




Sorry about that, this happens from time to time. I've been here for so long that I don't even know anymore.

The desire to live, to feel something, anything! The burning wish to walk the Earth again - to be a person again - can drive you insane! The feeling of wind in my face. The warmness of being hugged by another. The satisfaction gained from eating a good meal. Such basic needs can escalate to absurd levels if it's pushed hard enough. But I realize that will never happen…

Because I'M DEAD!

I am just a soul who retained its individuality, a program without a vessel to execute it. I've wondered this void for what feels like an eternity and as evident by my little episode earlier, its having an impact on my sanity, but the fact that I don't possess a body made things even more traumatizing. This newfound "immortality" of mine was nothing short of torture all because fate has a sick sense humor, and that's saying something because I don't believe in fate! At one point I've considered killing others to make me feel something new, but luckily I've got over that.

Though technically I wasn't alone... there was something here with me.

I couldn't really describe it, but it looked like a crack.

An ethereal light was emanating from it, giving the void a "purpose". I was beckoned to get closer like a moth to a flame. As I reached closer, I thought "maybe this will help me… maybe it'll give me the peace I so desperately crave." I reached out and "touched" it. I suddenly became bathed in its light, seemingly becoming one with it.

Next thing I knew, I became one with the void… with everything!

I could see all possibilities! Every action, every inaction! All of the "what ifs" and "what nots", as well as the past, the present, and the future of every reality!

The Root of All Things.

It was like looking through a record, an archive so vast yet at the same time there's only "Emptiness". It doesn't have a name because it can't be defined by a name. The power was so overwhelming, I felt like I was going to drown, but I pressed on; I needed to know more! Yet even with all of this power… it still can't grant me my wish.

"My life was spared."

My ears perked up at the sound. Who said that?

"My life was saved, so I'm not going to die that easily!"

I can hear him… maybe, just maybe he can help me...

"I have to live and fulfill my dream, and I can't do that if I'm dead!"

I reach out, trying to get the voice to notice me. To help me, to free me.

"I'm not going to die in a place like this…"

Power begins to flow into me… I feel a connection.

"From someone like you, who kills people for nothing!"


"What the!?" I hear another voice before blacking out.

Author Notes

Here it is, the prologue to my rewrite. Being stuck in the void for such a long time can drive anyone crazy, especially when you don't know just how long you've been there for. But before that, there are some things that I need to say here. One: the first 6 chapters of this story will remain mostly the same but with a couple of changes, like extra dialogue and more context. Two: I'm not going to put my friends in this one; turns out it's a bit difficult coming up with dialogue for them. Maybe I'll do one next time. And three (and I feel like I should have said this from the beginning): this is more or less an X-over story where the MC pulls out powers and items from other franchises because of his "otherworldly" knowledge (i.e. anime and games).

To be honest, I got caught in my own hype that I started to derail from my original idea, and it got harder to write more as I keep going. After seeing all of your comments I realized that there needed to be a change, and this is the first step. I wanted to create a good and entertaining story where characters go fight against their personal struggles, and come out on top in the end.

I began to look for a viable story, and I think I've found something.

An anime/manga called "That Time I Got Reincarnated into a Slime."

I became very interested in the skill "Great Sage" allowing the main character to perceive and process situations beyond normal as well as analyze and assess opponents. I thought the MC did something similar when he would "die" and started to move on his own; using abilities that the MC wasn't aware of.

I then went to look up for further inspiration and found an author called The Dark Wolf Shiro, and I loved their gamer stories, so I thought about doing something similar but with a creating twist.

Anyways, I hope you all like this experimental rewrite. Leave a comment/review and tell me what you think.